The Enforcer Ch. 06

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Bbc Blow

This part continues right where the last ended, if you have not read it, I strongly urge you to do so. I woke up with Maya on my left and Candy on my right, thinking how great my life was. They were both still sound asleep, hugging me closely. I could feel their love, and I basked in my own love for both of these wonderful women.

I lay still waiting for the two to wake. Maya was first and casually looked at me as she opened her eyes and said: “I can’t remember waking up beside a man. Actually now that I think of it, you are the only man I don’t mind being naked beside.”

I smiled and said: “I have never woken up between two women that I loved; I have woken up between two women I have made love to, but I have never really felt love for them.”

Maya looked at me a little puzzled and said: “I have not even kissed you, and we certainly have not made love, so why do you say you love me?”

I smiled and replied casually: “I may never get to touch you, I don’t even care. I love Candy and she loves you. Seeing you two together I have fallen in love with you, regardless of what happens between us. I love you because you make Candy happy. And when Candy is happy, I am happy. That and you two look so nice together I can’t help it.”

Maya smiled and said: “Well that’s a first for me, but I am starting to love you too, and the only reason I can find is that you accept my love for Candy.” She looked at me and said: “Mind you, you have such a gentle touch, and a kind heart, that I could see myself falling for you. Heck, I have to say I am physically attracted to you.”

I replied with tenderness in my voice: “I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was very attracted to you, and I would most definitely make love to you if you asked.”

I felt Candy move a little and heard her say: “Stop playing guys, I know you would both love to fuck, just admit it already.”

Maya and I blushed at Candy’s bluntness, Maya spoke first: “Candy, show a little tact. I have not made love to a man, ever. I have had boyfriends, and have fooled around, but I have never permitted a man to take me.”

I spoke up next: “Candy, you must remember that we are not all bikers and that we are not all sex crazed maniacs.”

Candy looked at me and teasingly said: “I am a sex addict; you can both vouch for that.” We both nodded, “And I can tell you that you’re also both sex machines. You try to hide it, but neither of you can keep your hands off me.”

Maya and I blushed again. Maya looked at me and said: “I am willing to admit it, I love to make love to her and I am pretty certain I would enjoy making love to you also.”

I smiled and said: “I will admit it, I need to make love four times a day to be happy. And yes if you want me, I would make love to you until you asked me to stop.”

Candy piped up and said: “Now that that is out of the way, will you two fuck already? I don’t want any barriers between us.”

Maya looked at me and said: “Well I was thinking about it, but this is kind of sudden. Oh well, Vinny do you want to be the first man to make love to me?”

I smiled and said: “I would be honoured. When do you want me to make love to you?”

Maya smiled and said: “I was thinking we could shower together, and then see where things led us. Candy can even participate if she wishes.”

I replied: “I would not have it any other way.”

Candy smiled and said: “Cool! I am so ready for this, let’s get to it.”

Maya and I smiled as Maya said softly: “We need a few minutes alone. You want us to make love more than we want to, let us shower together then you can join us, ok?”

Candy was a little disappointed, but smiled as she said: “I will be waiting for you here.” Maya and I headed to the shower; both of us naked, we did not meet anybody on route. We walked into the bathroom and as I closed the door, she said: “Fuck, she can be hard to stomach at times.”

I looked at Maya lovingly and said: “She is special, but she means well.”

Maya’s eyes filled with tears as she said: “I love her, but if she does not layoff a little I may not be able to stay. I am starting to get annoyed with her already.” I moved to Maya’s side and hugged her close as she laid her face on my chest. She cried a little while I softly stroked her hair trying to comfort her. Maya quickly stopped crying and looked up, her eyes met mine; admiration filled them as she said: “You know, I have never before felt comfortable in a man’s arms, well except my father’s, maybe.” She moved my face to hers and placed a gentle kiss upon my lips.

I held her close as she pulled away and said: “I never thought I would be able to say this to a man, but I feel good being around you. I can see why Candy loves you so much.”

I hugged her close and said casually: “Let me massage you a little while I wash your back. I am certain you’ll feel a lot better after a shower.” Maya nodded as we opened the curtain and climbed in. I turned on the water, setting the temperature, before activating the shower head. Soon the water Kemer Escort hit our skin, a little on the cold side for Maya who let out a yelp, and moved closer to me. I shielded her from the water, being quite indifferent to its temperature.

She looked into my eyes and said: “Doesn’t the cold water bother you?”

I held her close and said: “I was a boy scout, I really don’t mind. I have showered in colder water, and bathed in glacial streams; this is nothing to me.”

Maya hugged me close and said: “How can such a tough guy as you have such a gentle touch?”

I smiled and said: “I have a locksmithing licence. You have to have a gentle touch to pick locks or safes, and I am very good at it.”

Maya looked at me questioningly and said: “How the hell did you get into that?”

I smiled and said: “I will have to explain it a later time; it’s a long story.”

She hugged me close and said: “Ok, for now, but you have to promise you will tell me more about yourself at some point, I am very curious now.” I nodded. The water had warmed up and Maya moved back into the now comforting stream. I began to gently massage her shoulders; quickly all the tension in her muscles faded and she began moaning softly as I continued my ministrations. I picked up the soap and started lathering her up. Remaining on her back, I reached her firm cheeks and slowly soaped them up, not feeling any reluctance from her, I washed them slowly.

I moved my hands down her legs, soaping them up thoroughly and when I reached her feet she turned so I could do the front of her body. Gradually I made my way back up, avoiding her exposed sex. I spent a long time washing her tender nipples, and she smiled and moaned, her face filled with lust. I asked: “May I do between your legs?”

Maya smiled and said: “You don’t need to ask that, of course you can.” I smiled as I moved to a kneeling position and soaped up my hands. My left moved slowly to her pussy, soaping up the outside with loving tenderness. When she began to slump a little I moved my right hand behind her and let my index finger trace down the crack of her ass. She shivered slightly as my finger brushed her rosebud. I moved my other hand to her pussy, slowly introducing my soapy fingers into her soft folds. She shivered and sighed deeply as I soaped up her outer labia.

Maya started to grind her groin into my left hand as I delved further into her depths. My soapy fingers explored the shallows of her pussy as I brought my index finger back to her rosebud and making certain it was still soapy, I applied pressure to her anus. She gasped at the unexpected contact but slowly she relaxed herself and my finger started to slide into her body. Her hands went to my head, playing in my tangled hair. I looked up, meeting her eyes, and saw her face filled with lust as she smiled at me. I returned to the task at hand and with subtle and loving attention my finger plunged further into her rectum.

I found her engorged clit and rolling back its sheath, I lovingly teased it with my tongue, enjoying the mild taste of her unique secretions. Before I realized it Maya was cumming violently. I held on to her as her body convulsed and shivered, and just as quickly as it has started it ended. All strength gone from her body, Maya fell limply against me and as her knees folded I slowly lowered her body as I rose. When I felt her supple breast rub against my shoulder I removed my right hand from her ass and grabbed a hold of her small frame, supporting her as I stood up, bringing her back to her feet.

Maya, too weak to support herself, tried to raise her head. Seeing her distress, I moved my left hand to her chin, aiding her effort. Our eyes met and she quietly said: “That was amazing Vinny.” Then she kissed me passionately. As our kiss went on I felt her body tense up and as she shivered. Her strength returning, I felt her weight shifting back to her legs as the passion in her embrace increased. She broke our kiss; once again able to stand on her own she moved her lips to my ear and whispered: “I love you Vinny.”

We hugged closer. I could feel our love growing and could only hope Candy would be able to understand, but I hoped she could, letting the thought pass. Maya asked with tenderness: “Do you want me to wash you now?”

I held her close and said: “That is a very big task, but if you want to wash my back while I do my chest, I would appreciate it.” Maya smiled and moved behind me. I softly added: “If you want to wash my cock after you’re done I could save it for you.”

Maya gleefully responded: “God do I ever! Don’t you dare touch it!” She teasingly slapped my ass to add strength to her point as she said: “If you even dare to try and clean it I will kick your ass so hard your children will feel it.” We both laughed at the absurdity of a tiny little girl, less than a third of my size, threatening me.

I coyly replied: “I am sorry, please don’t hurt little old me.” Maya slapped me for being silly, but continued giggling as she Kemer Escort Bayan began to lather up my back. I worked on my massive arms and chest as she made her way down to my ass. She aggressively groped my cheeks as she washed them thoroughly; she even teased my asshole with her index finger, probing it gently. I bent forward slightly to be able to wash my thighs, which inadvertently giving her better access to my ass. I was a little surprised as her finger probed ever more deeply; it surprised me even more that I was actually enjoying the feeling.

I let her toy with my rear passage while I finished washing my legs; Maya even had the nerve to insert two fingers into my ass and I could not help getting harder as she continued to explore me. My thoughts lingered on the implications of me enjoying this as Maya said: “I am glad to see that this type of simulations works as well on men as it does on women.” I looked back at her surprised, she giggled and said playfully: “Your expression reminds me of Candy’s when I first played with her ass.”

I replied: “I thought she would have been hesitant for anal play after what Snake did to her ass.”

Maya smiled as she said: “She was, but I have brought her so much joy using her ass that she is almost addicted now.” I yelped as I felt Candy moving three of her small fingers into my rear passage. She demurely said: “I am certain I will get you there soon too.”

I stood back up and said: “The hell you will.” She spread her fingers in my ass and my cock twitched at the feeling, as I replied softer: “Ok, maybe, but if you ever do that to me in front of the guys you’re dead.”

Maya lovingly said: “Now why would that happen?”

I smiled and teasingly said: “That’s easy; Candy and I make love in front of the boys once in a while. I am certain she will drag you into that soon.”

Maya was aghast as she said: “Never! I can deal with you watching, hell I want you in the action, but no way is she going to turn me into an attraction!”

I smiled and said: “I thought the same way, but we both know Candy gets what she wants, and we’re both too smitten to not give in.”

Maya sighed and solemnly replied: “I hate to admit it, but you’re right.” She removed her fingers from my ass and turned me to face her as she hugged me close. “Vinny, how did you fall in love with such a brat?”

I held Maya close and said: “Same reason as you, I am sure. It’s her innocent charm.”

Maya laughed as she said: “Yep! That’s what got me too.” We hugged closely as she said: “You are so much more my type than her.” She looked at me with softness in her eyes as she continued, “I am really looking forward to losing my virginity to you.”

I lovingly replied: “I am also looking forward to it; I have really fallen in love with you.”

Maya smiled as she said: “And I have fallen in love with you too.” We kissed deeply; Maya moved her hands to my engorged member, smiling as she wrapped her hands around it: “Let me clean you up, then we can make love, I have always wanted to know how such a big thing would fit in my small body.” She lathered up my cock and balls, going quickly, it was not unpleasant, but it was obvious she wanted to do something other than play with it. She was really anxious to make love and it showed.

Maya rinsed my cock off quickly and moved, positioning my cock to her virgin pussy. I moved my hands to her hips as she was about to thrust me deep into her body and she looked at me questioningly as I said: “Maya, I know you’re anxious to feel me in your body, but I am sizable and if tried it right now it would be both unpleasant and harmful to you.” She looked at me worried, “I can fit in your body, and I will make love to you fully, but please let me set the pace. It will feel a lot better if we take it gently.”

Maya’s eyes pleaded as she said: “Vinny, fuck me hard. I want to feel a man inside me, and I don’t care if it hurts.” She grabbed my hips hard and tried to impale herself on me, I was gentle but steadfast as I held her body in place. She looked at me hurt and said as tears welled up in her eyes: “Why won’t you want to fuck me?”

I picked her up by the hips, moving her pussy over my cock. I brought her close to my body and hugged her as I said: “I love you too much to hurt you and I will not let you do something you will regret. Please understand that I desperately want to make love to you, but I want you to remember it fondly, not as painful experience.”

She sobbed into my shoulder as she hugged me close and slowly her body relaxed against mine. As I felt her relax I moved my left hand to her pussy and worked one of my fingers deep into her body, inciting her to moan into my ear. Feeling that she was already very wet I pulled my finger out of her and moved back into her body with two fingers this time. Maya’s breathing quickened as I pistoned tenderly into her body. I removed my two fingers and let a third join them as I slid slowly back into her wanton hole and she bit down on my Escort Kemer shoulder.

Her vagina was stretching to take my fingers and her body was still trying to resist my hand. The increasing strength of her bite on my shoulder told me she was feeling a little pain. I let her body adjust to my hand. Slowly feeling her mouth relax on my shoulder, I saw a drop of reddened water roll down between her lovely breasts, telling me she had drawn blood. I hardly felt any pain and just put it out of my mind.

Maya upon seeing the blood on my shoulder tensed as she worried: “Vinny you’re bleeding, I am so sorry, please let me patch you up.”

I held her firmly against my body as I said: “Don’t worry Maya; it’s not even a scratch. It will stop bleeding before we’re even done here.”

Maya moved her face back, her body relaxing again. She turned my face to hers and as she looked into my eyes, she said: “I just bit you, and you’re still bleeding. Doesn’t it even bother you?”

I smiled and said: “I have pulled knives from my arms before, a little bite is nothing to me; I hardly felt it. Actually were it not for the reddish drip between your breasts I might never have known you drew blood. I may be tender and soft with you, but I can shatter bones with my bare hands, and have even crushed a cinder block between my fingers.”

Maya kissed me softly as she said: “You can’t be human. There is no way a man can be both so tough and so tender.”

I smiled and kissed her softly as I pulled my hand from her body, a moan escaped her mouth as she was reminded of how open she was at the moment. I broke our kiss and said: “You’re open enough for me to enter you without pain. Will you promise to let me do the work as I enter you, so that I do it you slowly enough for me to gradually stretch the rest of your vagina?” Maya smiled and gave a little nod.

I grabbed her by the hips once more and moved her body far enough away for me to place my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I moved tenderly into her body, stopping a few inches in as I felt her passage constrict around my engorged member. Her hymen had no doubt been ruptured before, but she was very tight, so I slowly pushed myself in a little further. Feeling her body resist, I stopped, letting her upper body rest on mine as I said: “This may hurt a little; you’re very tight. Please feel free to bite down on my shoulder again if it hurts. I’ll go slowly.”

Maya moved her head to my other shoulder. I knew if I was to fuck her that I would have to stretch her pussy a fair bit, and even though she would feel a rather stinging pain, it would be easiest if I entered her fully and let her body adjust to mine gradually. I pulled her hips to mine, feeling her body stretch to accommodate my size. As I continued she bit down hard again; my resolve never waning my journey progressed, taking almost a minute to get all the way in. By this time I could feel Maya’s warm tears running down my shoulder. She was tense and her nails dug deep into my back.

I hoped that I had not hurt her too much. Slowly her grip relaxed and her teeth released my shoulder. I had been in her fully for several minutes and could feel her body relaxing; it no longer tried to expel me. Maya’s gaze and mine met as she softly said: “I have never felt so full. Please make love to me.”

I kissed her passionately as I pulled myself from her depths, stopping with only the tip of my cock in her pussy. When I moved back into her she moaned. As I repeated the process, increasing my tempo slowly, her moans gradually turned to grunts. I continued my thrusts, soon feeling my orgasm nearing, and all of a sudden we climaxed together, my semen filling her small body. Her body fell limply against mine as the final traces of her orgasm faded.

I waited holding her close until she was able to speak again. As her strength returned she whispered into my ear: “That was the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced.” We hugged for several minutes while her body continued to recover. When she could stand again we ended our shower and I dried her body off. She had a new glow to her as we walked back to join Candy. We had taken so long that she was asleep again.

Maya giggled quietly as she motioned me closer to her, when I was in ear shot she whispered: “Let’s tease her a little.”

I smiled wickedly and whispered back: “What do you have in mind?”

Maya replied as quietly as possible: “Candy has always enjoyed having her breasts sucked, you take the left and I will take the right one.” I nodded as we moved to Candy’s naked body. Drawing back the sheet covering her small frame, we noticed that her hand was still on her pussy, slowly teasing herself; she was smiling as she slept. Maya and I moved over her body; bringing our mouths to her turgid nipples. We both began to subtly tease Candy’s nipples with our tongues, eliciting a deep sigh. Our mouths moved closer, our lips locking on to Candy’s exposed mammary flesh.

Maya and I continued toying with Candy’s breasts, she began to stir, her hands made their way to our heads, stroking our hair softly. Her eyes opened sleepily as she caringly said: “Oh that feels great, thank you, I have never been awoken more enjoyably.” She stroked both our cheeks as she said: “It’s so nice to be surrounded by those you love.”

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