The Ex-Niece

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As I was reaching my car, I heard somebody calling me.

“Mark? What are you doing around these parts?”

It was Melanie, my ex-wife’s niece. I sure did not expect seeing her.

“Well hello, what do you know, my favorite niece! Aren’t you a long way from home? Let’s talk over coffee, if you have time, there must be a place near here?

“I’ll take you to one but only if I can get a ride back home.”

She got in and directed me to a strip mall nearby. I parked and we walked over to a Hearty Brew outlet near the middle.

“I work in the building you were leaving when I saw you, Millicent’s. Women’s fashions and stuff, I’m their ace college-bound salesgirl.”

“I see. I didn’t know you worked so far away. How do you get to here?”

“The subway’s just down the street here and my station is only a block and a half from my apartment. It’s only twenty minutes each way. What brought you here?”

“I took a new suit in for alterations. Abbott’s, third floor, friend of mine. I’ve been coming here for years. So, how are things going with you and Ricky? Seems to me things were not going so well, am I right or am I right?”

“We broke up, shortly after you two got divorced, I guess. Not in an unpleasant way, really, just congenial incompatibility. I guess that’s what it was. But it’s okay, I needed a breather. I’m fine with it.”

My wife and I had parted company two years earlier and I had not seen Melanie since. I remembered seeing her a few times during our marriage but she had been just another young girl and I could not recall ever paying much attention to her. Now, a cute brunette just out of her teens, she had turned into a delicate, petite young woman. For the first time, I had a good look at her and my body reacted in predictable fashion. Her face was pretty and vivacious and I thought her dark eyes were quite appealing as they had kind of a flirtatious look to them. I did not think Melanie purposefully looked at me with a come-hither look, it was just the way she was. Or the way I imagined she was looking at me, possibly. Now why would a lovely young thing like her want anything to do with me, what with my graying early forties hair and not very assiduous gym schedule?

“You’re such a pretty thing, Melanie; boys must be lining up to be with you, and for more!”

“That’s what you think, Mark. And you would be right, except that I’m the one who’s not welcoming their advances. I’m happy to be alone for a while. I’ve been saving money for college but I certainly miss certain things about men, things I enjoyed doing with men, and you get what I mean, I’m sure, but I get by. I now know where my G spot is hiding, for instance, and pleasure on my own is infinitely more enjoyable than having to depend on a pimple-faced bozo’s poorly defined concept of what a girl’s sexual needs are. Or of where said needs are located, exactly. No sir, no way Jose, that’s not for me. At least for now. I know my body’s intimate requirements perfectly, thank you. No one else seems to. And don’t think I’m a frigid woman without normal needs because I’m not. Wow! I wish you knew just how I am not! Cold, I mean.”


Frankly, I had been taken by surprise by all the things this refreshingly sweet-faced girl-woman had blurted out and I didn’t think I should venture on that dangerous ground with her. The only thing I knew for sure was that my rod had heard everything and now was doing its best to make its presence known. All it could do in this particular context was to stand rigidly at attention and it did so vigorously. I sported the mother of all hard-ons and, fortunately for all fatih escort concerned, I was able to keep it hidden beneath our small table. For the moment.

“I’m sorry Mark; I don’t know why I said these things to you. I feel good about seeing you after all this time and I’m happy being here with you. It’s so strange! I don’t know why I’m having these thoughts, along those lines, I mean, you know, I think of you just now in a way I would never have felt before I saw you get out of my building today. You looked so manly and at the same time so safe to be with. You are, what, twice my age? Maybe it’s because I remember that you broke up with my aunt a fairly long time ago and it feels okay to think things about you now, it’s been long enough I suppose. Don’t take this the wrong way but I like you a lot, yeah, funny but I do! I think being with you in an intimate situation would make me very horny. I hope you will still be okay with me after this, Mark. If you don’t think we should continue this conversation, just take me home and forget I ever met you again. And do accept my apologies, just in case you’re unable to dismiss me out of politeness. I feel foolish about the whole thing now, you know, no matter the outcome. I was feeling horny just now and the things I said came out unsorted, like. Well, I guess that’s that, we’d better go?”

I took her home. I tried to act the gentleman I thought she would want me to be, to remain a gentleman with her seemed the proper thing to do at this point.

My hard-on was still hard and still on, for what it’s worth. It’s a wonder she did not notice, maybe it was because I had removed my jacket and held it folded in front of me. Or because I did not get out of the car at her place.

I let a week go by then I drove to her shop, parked nearby and watched. This was at about six on a Tuesday and she came out of the building at twenty past.

“Hop in, Melanie.”

She turned and saw my car right away.

“Thanks Mark. I’m so glad to see you; I was debating whether to call you…”

I drove to my apartment, on the second floor of a mid-rise in the west end of town.

“I wasn’t sure I’d find you so I didn’t prepare anything. Do you like Chinese?”

We ordered and I poured beers as we waited for the food.

“I propose sex whenever the urge strikes. My urge or yours. No strings. Deal?”

Melanie looked at me and I thought she would say no and leave. She looked flustered and seemed at a loss for words.

“Okay… hmmm, let me think this thing through just a bit more, Mark. You took me by surprise; I didn’t think you’d consider what I said seriously.”

“You said the words, and you turn me on, Mel, I’m horny as all get out. You’re beautiful, smart and intriguing. I thought about you and your thoughts, your needs, and mine. Why not go for it? Who’d get hurt? Not you, hopefully, and certainly not me. My age does not bother you, that’s great. I would like to be your lover for a while. I can be a lover, you would be easy to love and I think you love me. Or maybe you think you do. Am I right?”

“Yes. I think so. Your age doesn’t matter; we’re not, like, forever. I daydreamed of sex with you and of days at the beach, skiing in the hills north of here, and sailing with you, and watching movies, here and at the cineplex, what’s not to like? Mostly just sex, though, I admit. So, okay, I’m game, I’d love to have sex with you.”

I decided it would be better to let Melanie mull the whole thing over carefully.

“I’m taking you home after we eat and we’ll talk tomorrow night. You decide.”

The Chinese food was good. şişli escort I saw her home after that and we kissed for the first time on her doorstep. She felt my hard-on as I pushed it against her skirt. She tasted good and I had trouble leaving her.

I picked her up after work the following day. She said she would go for it. I drove her home and went in after her. She showed me the bottles she had on hand, I prepared martinis then we talked.

“I’ll need you often Mel and I’ll call. You call me whenever you need to and I’ll work with you when you’re in need. The challenge with our arrangement will be coordinating, first, and, second, for the ‘helper’, to get in the mood. I remember it was sometimes a problem when my wife wanted it and I did not. I could not make love to her just then, I was just not in the mood. Mostly, the problem was the other way around, me being horny and needing sex ‘right now’ but my ex going ‘I promise we’ll do it tonight’. That rarely worked out. The ‘hours later sex’ I got was not what I had needed at noon, if you get me. I’ll try to be gentle with you and, mostly undemanding if I can avoid it. Or if I see that you are ‘too much not in the mood’. That might be difficult for me but we’ll see. We’ll see how things work out, no pressure.”

“Stop right there, Mark. I want you to fuck me. I’ll prepare something and soon as we eat, I want to feel you pushing deep inside me. Get in the mood, man.”

There was no need, my ‘mood’ was about to burst my pants. The hell with eating.

I went to Melanie and put my arms around her, squeezing her tightly. With my hard-on pressing against her body, I put my hands around her butt and pulled her hard against me as I lowered my mouth to her lips. We kissed, she tasted of vermouth, and I pushed my tongue inside her mouth for more of her, loving the sensation and getting hornier by the minute. Her tongue pushed past mine and I sucked on it, trying to draw her deeper in me. We broke away then kissed again, hungrily. I backed Mel against a wall and pushed my pelvis as close as possible to her hips as I wrapped my hands around her neck and kissed her deeply for long moments, both of us coming up for air as best we could.

In her bedroom now, we undressed each other playfully. I waited until Mel had removed her panties before I stretched the top of my boxers over my boner. I was huge! Well, that’s how it felt. Melanie looked at my prick and wrapped a hand around it.

“My, that’s going to fit me so tight, it’s thicker than my pussy’s ever seen.”

“I like tight pussies. Let me see you. I walked back a couple of steps and had a good look at the small woman in front of me. Small breasts, with pointy nipples, a bit of hair between her thighs, she looked real good. My rod stood straight out, curling upward a bit, ready for immediate penetration.

I took Mel’s hands and pushed her backward against the foot of her bed, holding her hands as she fell on her back. She moved to the middle of the mattress and I got on the bed between her legs. Smiling at Mel, I brought my mouth to her lovely young titties and, with my hands around their sides, I kissed them in turn. Mel’s tits were, to be sure, on the small side, as breasts go, but she was a small woman and all was well. Her nipples were now excited and stood rigidly and I pinched and rolled them between my fingers. That’s when the moaning started. I sucked Mel’s tits then played with them with my fingers again before pulling the nipples up with my teeth, gently, as I did not want to harm her. Her body was beginning to twist and shudder and the moans were getting louder bakırköy escort and louder. I pushed myself lower on her body until my mouth was close to her pussy. Mel cried out and pushed her pelvis up to meet my face as I pushed my tongue in her folds. She was not shaven but her pubic hair was thin and flat. Her odor down there worked for me and I soon had my tongue flicking her clit at the same time that I pushed two fingers up her love hole. Mel’s pelvis pressed upward against my mouth as she groaned and shook her head side to side then she pulled my head really hard against her parts with her hands.

I soon mounted her and she grabbed my shaft and guided it to her tiny orifice. I say tiny because my member would not get inside, not easily, anyway. She had plenty of juices by now so I took hold of my shaft and, fitting it at her entrance, I pressed hard and I popped in. Melanie let out a mighty groan and sighed loudly as my member forced her walls apart, the head aching to reach the end of her tunnel of love. I held myself there, not completely in, as I needed to work her clit. Holding my body on my left arm, I reached back and began caressing that clit side to side, alternating that movement with a pinching move between two fingers, at least for the clit part I could feel, if nothing else. I guess what I did to Mel got her past the point of no return as she exploded beneath me, in a manner of speaking, and I hungrily plunged all the way in her and was barely able to put in a dozen or so good strokes before it was my turn to come up with a huge orgasm that left me panting, as I lay spent and contented on Mel’s beautiful body.

I hoped she was on the pill but strangely, I did not really care. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a baby together! We would have to get married but I didn’t seem to mind that too much as I tasted Mel’s mouth gently every few minutes.

Later, as I lay on my back beside Mel, she took hold of my prick and played with it until it was hard again. She got between my legs and took the prick in her mouth. She hummed as her head bobbed up and down, bringing me pleasure that increased so quickly that I soon knew I was about to come. When I told Mel, she went ahead so I figured she was all right with my coming in her mouth. So was I, as it turned out, and my shaft erupted violently and repeatedly in Melanie’s sweet mouth until I had no more come left.

Later still, I sucked on Mel’s little love button while I caressed her boobs with one hand and my other hand pushed inside her love tunnel and I moved my fingers around and in and out, making Mel squirm and moan loudly. She enjoyed a great climax, judging by her cries and the red area spreading north of her tits.

Somehow, we had forgotten to eat dinner. Too tired to move, we just lay side by side, starring at the ceiling. I took Mel’s hand and brought it to my lips.

“I love you, I guess, Mel, that’s why this was so great for me. It must be love that I feel, there’s no other way to explain the intensity of my feelings for you.”

“I already love you, Mark. I have never told anyone but I fell in love with you when in my early teen years. I took it hard when you two got divorced. Now, I’m glad I have found you again and I got you all to myself.”

We may have slept a little, I don’t know. I heard Melanie go to the bathroom and when she returned, she said she felt I should be about ready to push inside her tight little hole once again, by now.

I agreed. That is how we began our love affair, you know. We’re married now, I gave Mel two boys and we’re working hard to get her to come up with a girl or two.

If anything, I think Mel loves me more than ever and I like that. A lot. In fact, it is getting late, the kids are asleep and it is time for me to get inside her tight little love hole.

“You finished in the bathroom, Mel? I need you, darling, please hurry.”

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