The Examination

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“Hi, I have a 4 o’clock appointment with Dr Richard.”

The receptionist, a stocky young man with black hair, looked at the computer screen in front of him. “You must be Cheryl,” he said.

“That’s right,” Cheryl confirmed.

“Ok,” the receptionist said, “I will need some basic info. This is your first time seeing Dr Richard?”

“Yes, I was referred by my doctor.”

“It says here you are 34 years old, have brown eyes,” he looked up at Cheryl to confirm, then back at the screen, “and brown hair, is it colored?”

“No, this is still its color.” Cheryl said.

He typed in the info and said, “I need you to step over to the scale and I will get your weight and height.”

Cheryl stepped up to the wall ruler, and was measured at five foot 6 inches with shoes off and weighing 128 pounds with clothes on.

“Thank you, Cheryl.” the receptionist said. “Take a seat in room 4, Dr Richard will be with you shortly. You are the last patient today on the schedule, so he will be with you soon.”

Cheryl went into the room, a standard examination room, and the door was closed behind her. She sat on the examination bed, looked around, seeing the same thing she had seen in other similar rooms before: a sink, cupboards with bandages and other supplies, a couple chairs on wheels, a desk.

A few minutes later, the door opened and Dr Richard walked in.

Dr Richard was a bigger man in his early to mid sixties. He stood over 6 feet tall and weighed probably close to 250 but Cheryl could not tell for sure with the Dr wearing a typical medical jacket. He was bald with a white beard and mustache trimmed short.

“Hello Cheryl, I am Dr Richard, I am sorry to keep you waiting. Did anyone ever tell you that you look kind of like Jamie Lee Curtis?” He had a clipboard in his left hand and extended his right hand.

“Hello Dr, no problem, I was only here a short time and yes I have been told that a few times.” Cheryl said, shaking his hand and noticing how very huge his hand happened to be.

“You were referred to me by Dr Adam, a good doctor, I have known her for many years. It says here you are having a problem with an internal hemorrhoid in your rectum.”

Cheryl looked down to the floor, her face turning red. She was really hoping to get a referral to a female doctor but her doctor insisted Dr Richard was the person to see. To discuss such a medical issue with a man, and a man twice her age at that, was uncomfortable for her but she had physical discomfort that needed taken care of, so her pride had to be put aside.

“Yes Sex Hikayeleri Dr Richard, it has been a problem for awhile and seems like it is getting worse.”

“Worse how?” he asked.

“Well, by making itself known more often, for one thing. It can be very painful to use the toilet and to even sit down some days when it is flared up.”

“Hmm, ok,” Dr Richard said, putting down the clipboard and turning full attention to Cheryl.

“I know you are a lesbian married to a woman, so probably not a lot of men have said something like this to you, but take off your pants and underwear and get on the table.”

Cheryl was a little taken aback at what Dr Richard had just said, the way he had phrased it. She shook her head a little to get her bearings.

“Um, ok,” she said, looking around, “Um, where is the change screen?” Cheryl asked.

“Not much need for a change screen here, I am about to see your asshole up close and personal Cheryl, so please just take off those jeans and your undies.” Dr Richard looked straight into Cheryl’s eyes. “Your pants Cheryl,” he said.

As Cheryl unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, Dr Richard kept his eyes on her the whole time. Cheryl was sure his smile grew a bit as she pushed her pants down, stepping out of them. She was totally dressed on top, but in boxer briefs and socks below.

“I was told you are the man in your marriage,” Dr Richard said, “so I was not expecting you would be wearing frilly undies, and surprise look at you in your man undies like a big boy, haha.”

Why would you have been told I am a married lesbian, Cheryl wondered, much less that I am the man in my marriage? “Um, Dr Richard, I am not sure…” Cheryl started to say, before being cut off.

“Get those man shorts off Cheryl, and your socks also, then get on the table please.”

Dr Richard’s tone had changed, he was more serious it seemed to Cheryl, who was getting a little more nervous about being exposed alone with a man, never mind such a big man.

“Cheryl, your underwear,” Dr Richard stated.

Cheryl slid a thumb in either side of the waistband and pushed her underwear to the floor, stepping out of her modesty and her socks at the same time, all under the watchful eye of Dr Richard.

“Good girl,” Dr Richard said, “now please get on the examination table.”

Cheryl sat her naked ass on the examination table.

“I need you to get all the way up and get on your hands and knees Cheryl, I am examining your asshole, not your tonsils.”

Cheryl did not know how to Erotik Hikayeler take Dr Richard’s bedside manner. Was he an old pervert just wanting to see a married lesbian degraded, or was she a hypersensitive feminist simply having to expose herself to a much older man for an embarrassing medical exam?

Cheryl complied and got up on the table, then on her hands and knees. Dr Richard stepped behind her, out of sight, and then she felt his hands on her ass cheeks. He spread them apart.

Dr Richard saw that Cheryl’s asshole was pink but the skin around her pussy darker than the rest of her body. She had pussy hair but trimmed very close, not shaved, “as one might expect from a dyke tomboy,” Dr Richard thought to himself.

“Nice,” Cheryl thought she heard him say, but was not sure.

“I was told since you are a married lesbian and act sexually as the man in your marriage,” Dr Richard said, “you are rarely penetrated. Is that true?”

“Yes, doctor,” Cheryl said shyly, “I am the man and wear dildos for my wife but I am rarely penetrated, my wife will lick and rub me.”

“Ok, I am mentioning this only because you are obviously very tight from what I can see and this exam may be uncomfortable, even for a tough tomboy dyke like you.”

“I never said I was tough…” Cheryl said. Then she felt his finger touch her asshole and start to rub it with lube.

Dr Richard pushed a little of his finger tip in but Cheryl’s asshole tightened up, so he withdrew his finger.

“Ok Cheryl, I am going to have to ask you to undress completely,” Dr Richard said, rubbing her asshole. “I am worried being as tight as you are, your clothes will cause further constriction and discomfort, so please remove your shirt and bra.”

Cheryl was not expecting this. “Is it really necessary,” she asked, sitting up.

“It is for a proper examination, extra constriction can cause issues with the exam, so it is better you are as loose and comfortable as possible, and from what I have seen, you most definitely are not loose.”

Cheryl looked at Dr Richard, sighed, and pulled her top off over her head. Her tits sat on display in her size 36d sports bra. She pulled the bra up and over her head, her tits flopping down. She was always self-conscious of her saggy breasts, ever since she was a teen. They hung halfway down her stomach, had separation between the tits, not cleavage bum tits, had larger silver dollar areola surrounding nipples that pointed forward. This time, Cheryl definitely heard Dr Richard say “Nice”.

“Please Tecavüz Hikayeleri resume the position on your hands and knees,” Dr Richard instructed. Cheryl complied, and immediately felt Dr Richard again rubbing his lubed finger on her asshole.

“I looked you up online like I do all new female patients,” he said, “and I saw you do guitar repairs and make your own line of guitars out of your own shop.”

He was rubbing her asshole, probably more than he should, enough that it was starting to tickle and feel good, but the good did not last long.

“Deep breath Cheryl,” Dr Richard said, and he shoved one of his thick fingers into her tight dyke asshole.

Cheryl arched her back and let out a yell. “That hurts,” she yelled.

“It will feel better in a minute,” Dr Richard said, holding her legs and pushing his finger in her asshole all the way and trying to get it in a bit further. ” I read your biography page and noticed you studied with Rapajel Sergusen, a true master of the craft of luthiery and longtime friend of mine.” Dr Richard said, pulling his finger out and then immediately shoving his fat finger back deep into her asshole.

“Ow!” Cheryl yelled, just as there was a knock on the room door.

“Come in,” Dr Richard said much to Cheryl’s surprise, his finger shoved deep into her paining ass, Cheryl totally naked.

The door opened and the young receptionist walked in. He stopped and stared.

“This is my son Jr,” Dr Richard said. “He is a senior in high school and is going to be studying medicine one day soon, so I let him help out with reception. When I looked you up online and saw you work repairing and making guitars in your own shop, I thought this would be a good examination for Jr to observe.”

Dr Richard’s finger was going in and out of Cheryl’s asshole, but it no longer hurt, it was the exact opposite. An older man fingering her asshole with a sausage finger, her tits flopping around under her, and a high school kid in the room watching. Cheryl was breathing heavy, caught in a sexy scenario that she was not expecting.

“Jr plays guitar, Cheryl. He looked all over your website and we will be stopping by your shop soon to see what you have and to get some nut work done.” Dr Richard said, all the while fingering Cheryl’s tight asshole. “I bet you would like that, wouldn’t you?”

To have her asshole fingered while a man is talking about guitar work and knowing that this father and son know who she is and would come to her shop and face her there was too much.

Cheryl moaned, her asshole squeezed tight around Dr Richard’s thick finger and she had a small orgasm, squirting a little from her pussy. Dr Richard saw tomboy lesbian Cheryl squirt, and he smiled. He knew he was going to have lots of secret fun with this married dyke in the near future.

the end

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