The Exercise Room

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They had arrived later than usual, for their occasional foray to the Health Club. Most of the time, they worked out at home, in private, usually nude.

It started out a “regular” exercise program, until Lori walked in on her brother one day. The basement room had been set up like a small gym, a few free weights, a bicycle, treadmill, and an abdominal workout chair.

Ryan had gone down earlier, when no one else was home. He had just come home from work, and decided to work out, before he took his shower. He had stripped off his work clothes, and started on the bike. As he was moving to the Ab-chair, Lori walked in.

They had `experimented’ together in their late teens, Lori was 19, Ryan was21, at the time. They “fit” together well, but had few opportunities to share with each other in the past two years. Lori was at college, Ryan in the Military.

“Hey, Big Brother! Looking `buff’ there!” she called out.

“Hey, yourself! When did you get home?” he replied, as he started to twist his torso on the chair.

“Late last night, I stayed at Joanne’s house.”

“I’m almost through, then we’ll talk. Okay?”

“Don’t hurry for me.” She commented. “I think I’ll join you.”

With that, Lori started to peel off her T-shirt. The slender strap of a sports bra did little to conceal her C-cup breasts, and the Hi-cut panties under her shorts emphasized her soft bottom and smooth thighs.

She started to jog on the treadmill, looking straight at her brother as he bent and twisted the Ab-chair. She stared at his strong thighs, and the substantial flesh between them. Even soft, his penis was impressive with its thickness. Lori felt herself getting wet between her own thighs as she remembered how good it felt to have him deep inside her.

Ryan watched his `little’ sister start running on the belt, her not so little breasts bouncing in the minimal restraint. He could see her nipples rising from the friction. Ryan also saw the dark spot growing larger at her mound. His mind went back to the last time they shared love, and how sweet her kitty tasted when he kissed on it.

Ryan’s cock was growing while his thoughts turned from then to now. He stopped the set he was doing, and slowly moved behind his sister. The weight bench was on the other side of the room. Ryan lay back on it and took up the bar at its head.

Lori slowed her running to watch his arms flex, sincan escort and the pulsing pole at his belly. She slid away from the treadmill, to “spot” for her brother. He could smell the scent of her arousal, mixed with sweat as her crotch stopped right above his head. She “helped” him with the bar of weights and leaned farther over him than she needed to.

Ryan let go of the bar, and reached around Lori to take her butt in his hands. He pulled her down to his face, and kissed her dripping kitty through the soaking wet cloth.

“OOOHH! Ryan!!” she moaned. Lori pressed her vulva closer to his mouth, and felt his stiffened tongue probe her crevice.

“MMmmm!” he moaned, “Still tasty, sis!”

Her hips rolled, and she let go of the bar to slide the crotch of her panties aside. The puffy outer lips of her pussy were dripping nectar, the inner folds pushing them apart and swelling with desire. Ryan hiked up on the bench, so his head was almost off the end. Lori lowered herself and mashed her kitty on her brother’s mouth.

“Lick it, Ryan! Kiss your sister’s pussy and make it CUM!!” She cried out as Ryan’s tongue touched her clitoris. Her body jerked at the sudden stimulation, a “mini-cum”, she called them. “OHHH YESSSS!” She wailed.

His nose was almost buried in her rear hole, his stiffened tongue thrust deep into her treasure box. Lori started to squirm and rock across his face. She looked down through passion filled eyes, and saw her brother’s magnificent eight-inch cock standing tall, waving in an invitation with every beat of his heart.

Lori wanted it in her. Somewhere, anywhere, but IN her, NOW! She pried her kitty from Ryan’s hungry mouth, and stepped around the bench. Straddling her brother’s sweat covered body, she placed her vulva on top of his erection.. Her hips rocked back and forth, coating his pole with her nectar. Lori took it in her hand and held it up. Slowly, she let her body down, savoring the heat of the throbbing cock as it filled her body.

At the halfway point, she let loose, and drove the monster all the way inside herself. “OOOFFFF!” she grunted. Her belly bulged with the fullness, it seemed that her body was split in two.

“So full!!… AHHHH Ryan!!.. Feels sooo goood!”

Not waiting a moment, Lori started riding her big brother’s cock for all she was worth. She had been too long without a stiff sincan escort bayan cock in her pussy, and she was going to make up for it now!

“OH, YEAH, Ryan! .. FUCK MEE! .. ohgodyesssss.” she moaned.

Ryan grabbed her hips, and held her down, her kitty was rubbing his belly hard.

“Slow down, Lori! Take it easy on your brother!”

“I need it bad, Ryan! God, it’s been too long!” she answered, trying to move again.

Ryan pulled her flat on top of his body, and kissed her hot, rubbing her back and butt, still holding her from moving too much. He got her calmed down, and switched places on the bench. Her kitty on the very edge, Ryan knelt there and re-entered her hot vagina. He stroked long and smooth. Not hard, but very determined. Firm strokes refilled her body at a steady pace.

“Omigod, Ryan .. Fuck me .. Yesss.. That’s it! .. Fuck your baby sister!! .AAHHHH. YESSSS!”

Always the quiet one , Ryan said nothing, but kept plunging into her tight, hot pussy. The swelling began, and he was going to pull out before he shot his load. Lori felt his hand near, and grabbed his butt. She pulled him in tight, so that he couldn’t escape the inevitable.

“Fill IT!!” She screamed. “CUM IN MEEE!!” Her words came in gasps. Its … okay. DO it .. innnnn ..ohgod ..MEEEEE!!” Her release took over at that point, her whole body shook and trembled, pushing back at her brother’s thrusts.

The tightness of her got even stronger as the muscles contracted around his cock. “UUHHHHHH. CCC.. UMMMMMINNNNNGGGG!!!” he groaned. Ryan pumped his sister full of his hot, thick seed. Pulse after pulse, until it started to run out around his cock.

He fell against her heaving belly, dislodging his penis from her body. Both gasped for words, and failed. Soft moans and heavy breathing were all they could manage. He stood, finally, and got a towel to clean up the mess. Lori’s kitty was covered with the white froth of their mixed juices, as was the weight bench.

Since that time, they always did their exercising in the nude, and finished with a good fuck.

The Health Club had better equipment, as well as sauna and pool facilities, so periodically they went there to get some variety in the routines. By the time they changed from street clothes, they were almost alone in the mechanical room.

A few minutes on each of the machines, a short escort sincan run around the outer track, and they were ready to relax in the sauna.

Wearing the Club’s supplied “girl’s and boy’s” robes, they entered the steamy room. Finding no one else inside, the robes were history. They sat and talked while they soaked up the thick heated air, their bodies glistening in the moist room. Lori moved closer to Ryan, and whispered in his ear.

“Wanna?” Her hand found his penis as she asked the question.

Not answering with words, he leaned over and kissed his sister hot. She wrapped her small hand around his cock and pulled him to her as she leaned back to lay on the bench. There was no way he could resist her 5 foot 2, 110 pound body. Lori spread her thighs, and drew Ryan between them. His erection slipped easily inside her hot, wet vagina.

“Mmmm, Ryan, you feel so good in there.” She moaned. “Fuck me good and slow.”

His hips rose and fell, thrusting gently into her small body. Lori matched his strokes with her own, pulling him as deep as she could. She loved to feel his eight inches touch the entrance of her womb, deep in her body. They danced like that for a long time, until finally, Lori told him she was ready to cum.

“Cum with me, Ryan?” she asked.

“Okay, sis. I’ll try.” He replied.

Her heavy breathing turned to gasping sobs as her body succumbed to the onslaught of her orgasm. The slow, passionate movements had built her cum to a frenzied peak. The sound proof sauna kept anyone from hearing her scream of release. It was an animal’s wail that shook through her whole body. She stiffened and quaked, shaking uncontrollably. Through clenched teeth, she pleaded, “CUM .. CUM NOW.AHHH,RYANNNNN!!”

Ryan had never felt his little sister clamp down so hard, so quickly, around his swelling cock. It felt like her insides were on fire. He felt his own liquid heat flowing through his groin as her screams and contractions pulled his orgasm from him.

“Uhhh .Uhh.. UUNNNHHHH!!!.. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!” he growled. Gobs of thick, hot cum filled Lori’s belly. Ryan’s body stiffened and drove his cock even deeper into Lori. Waves of heat and twitching flesh consumed them both. Almost to the point of passing out from the hot, steamy room and the heavy exertion, Ryan collapsed on Lori’s tiny body.

Regaining his senses, he picked his weight off of her, and kissed her tenderly. He looked deep into her eyes, and she into his. They said so much to each other in those looks.

“Lori, I love you, more than anything.” He told her.

“I love you, too, Ryan.” She replied and hugged him tightly. “You’re the best lover a little sister could have.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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