The Face-Painter Ch. 10

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“Aaaaaahhh,” the straining crimson bustier seemed to almost give off a sigh of relief as my mother unhooked the top clasp between the overflowing bra cups. I watched wide-eyed as the top of the sleek satin garment spread outwards, allowing me a teasing glimpse of her deep dark line of cleavage. With her eyes watching mine, she plucked open the next little clasp, the cinched-tight bustier gasping again as it parted even more. I could see the full swells of her breasts at her cleavage now. Her delicate fingers deftly unhooked the next clasp and as the straining garment opened further before my eyes, the undersides of those tremendous globes started to come into view.

“Oh fuck,” I said under my breath as I watched her stop and teasingly trace one blood-red fingernail down along the line of her warm cleavage, her fingertips following the soft curving lines of her full round breasts.

My utterance brought a wry smile to my mother’s pretty face. “Do you like that?” she asked coyly as she continued to trace her slim fingers up and down along the enticing line between her inviting pillows of soft warm flesh.

“They’re beautiful,” I replied, as if in a trance. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the alluring display going on before me, even if I wanted to. All my life I had wanted to see my mother’s breasts; and now, my wish was about to come true. She smiled and gave me a wickedly teasingly look as her fingers reached to the front of her body and she opened the next clasp….and then the one after that, and one more until they were all undone. The tightly-packed bustier sensually spread to each side, flatteringly framing her massive chest as her spectacular tits came fully into view. Released from their tight confines, the tremendous orbs pushed the unfastened garment down and away from her lush body as the large heavy mounds of tit-flesh settled low on her chest.

“Oh my God,” I uttered softly as I took in the sight I’d been waiting for almost my entire life. My eyes were big as saucers as they hungrily feasted on the magnificent display of my mother’s spectacular tits. Her stunning 34Fs had the wonderful natural sag that you would expect from a rack of that size. I watched them sensually settle into position as she tossed the bewitching bustier aside. They were incredibly round and full as they covered her chest from one side to the other, the massive orbs quivering invitingly as she settled back into position astride me. My eyes zeroed in on her nipples, and a glance at the red rubbery buttons almost took my breath away. Her areolae were quite large, about 3″ in diameter, a warm pink color and her delicate skin in that area looked soft as sin. But her nipples……oh man… mouth watered just looking at them! They weren’t huge but pointed slightly upwards at an enticingly pert angle, and they were in perfect proportion to her sizable breasts. They had a deep lush red color that I pictured getting darker and darker as they got harder and harder. The astonishing crimson buttons looked stiff and rubbery, as if they were already anticipating the pleasure they would find between my sucking lips. Just looking at them, I instinctively let my tongue run out and circle around my waiting lips.

The sight of her beautiful large breasts fully released from the flattering bustier triggered thoughts in my head, thoughts of that guy in the restaurant who’d mistaken my mother for the porn star, Wifey. If he could see her right now, he would have thought I was lying to him. Their breasts had that same round delicious fullness to them, and the way they settled on her chest let you know just how heavy they would be in your hands. The soft creamy skin of her perfect boobs looked so touchable….so enticing, it was all I could do not to reach up and fill my hands with them right now. But it was her nipples….her pert nipples and the broad saucers of her soft pebbly areolae that looked just like Wifey’s. I thought back to all those clips I’d watched on the internet of that gorgeous woman, and I felt a delicious surge go through me as I realized how much their breasts looked alike.

I lifted my eyes past the full round globes up to her pretty face, her devastatingly sexy blue eyes framed by her frosty blonde locks, and it wasn’t hard to see why that guy had asked me if that’s who she actually was. I had jerked off to Wifey many times, picturing my mother performing those deliciously lusty blowjobs and handjobs that Wifey is so famous for…..and here I was……all my fantasies about to come true.

“From the look on your face, I guess these are what you’ve been waiting for all these years.” My stacked mother leaned forward and my eyes followed those magnificent tits as she brought them over my face, the heavy round orbs swaying back and forth pendulously mere inches from my hungry mouth. I watched hypnotically, my eyes never leaving the provocatively teasing display of her swaying breasts as she brought them closer and closer. She swung them slowly from sincan escort side to side, the pert nipples moving back and forth enticingly. I watched mesmerized as they came closer and closer until finally, I felt the intense heat from her nipples graze my lips as she let them sway from side to side.

“Now, why don’t you just suck on these while I tell you the rest of my story,” she said as she dropped the tip of one big breast right between my parted lips.

I eagerly closed my lips around her sweet nipple, the soft warm bud feeling hot and alive in my mouth. I pushed a wad of saliva to the front of my mouth and let my tongue give the pebbly button a slobbery bath. With my tongue circling around the warm protrusion, I felt it quickly get even stiffer. I closed my lips tightly and gave it a gentle tug as I kept my wet tongue slithering all over it.

“Mmmmm, I could definitely get used to this,” my mother said with a soft purr as she languished in my oral attention. “Now, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I was lying on your bed and coming up with a plan…..

“After seeing those mother/son magazines you had, it was pretty obvious where your interests were. And like I said, seeing you jerk off all over those laminated pictures of me was more exciting than I could have imagined. I couldn’t stop thinking about that huge cock of yours; seeing you stroke it as you mentioned my name…..and then seeing it shoot like that, I just loved it. I’d never seen a cock that big or seen anybody cum that much in my entire life. Knowing my own son had a prick that huge really turned me on, especially knowing you were picturing doing things with me most of the time when you were jerking it.

“So, knowing you’d be home from the construction site a little later that day, I hatched a little plan. Shortly before you were due home, I put on that yellow bikini that I’d been wearing in the pictures you had.” She stopped her story for a second as she pulled her heavy round tit out of my sucking mouth with a noticeable “POP”. She shifted over slightly and dropped the other massive boob right into my waiting mouth. “There, I think that one needs a little attention now.”

I latched on and started sucking heartily as she picked up her narrative. “Once I had my bikini on, I grabbed some files from work, my sunglasses and a nice cold drink and went out onto the deck to wait for your arrival. I took care to position the deck chair so that once I put my plan into effect; it would be exactly where I wanted it; facing your bedroom window. It wasn’t long before I heard you come in and call my name from inside the house.”

“I’M OUT HERE, HONEY,” I said loud enough for you to hear. You came out and I watched as you slugged down a big glass of ice tea, the sweat and grime from a long day at the construction site all over you.

“Hi Mom,” you said as you sat down at the little patio table. I’d situated my chair so that the patio table was down past the foot of the chair, and just to the side. It was just the place for you to get a good view, and I figured, being the peeping perv that you seemed to be, that thought would be seat you’d pick when you saw me. I’d been exactly right.

“Hi,” I said as I sat forward slightly but kept my hands on the arms of the chair behind me. I knew this position would cause my chest to thrust forward, my tits almost spilling out of the tightly-stretched bra cups of my bikini. I saw your eyes immediately go to my projecting breasts. I decided to tease you a little more so I rolled my neck and kind of turned my torso from side to side, as if stretching my upper body from lying down too long. Like a moth to a flame, your eyes were totally drawn to my voluptuous tits, straining against those vivid yellow cups.

“It’s pretty hot, eh sweetie?” I asked teasingly as I looked at you through my dark sunglasses, knowing you were unable to see the devilish glint in my eyes.

“Yeah,” you said with a gulp, continuing to stare at me surreptitiously as you tried to avert your eyes. I purposely looked away, giving you free rein to ogle me as you pleased. I turned and stretched a bit more, noticing that my nipples had started to stiffen and project through the bikini top. I was sure from the flushed look on your face that you’d noticed as well. I sat back in the chair and extended my legs fully out as if I was stretching them as well, pointing the tips of my toes sensually towards you, accentuating the graceful lines of my tanned legs. I noticed you gulp again before lifting your glass and letting an ice cube from your empty glass fall into your mouth, a vain effort to help cool you off. As you sluiced the melting ice cube around in your mouth, I drew the leg closest to you up, knowing this would give you a good look at the insides of my creamy thighs. Your eyes flicked down and I knew from your position you’d be able to see right underneath my raised leg to the crotch of my bikini. I wagged my leg in and out a little sincan escort bayan bit, teasing you with each innocent sway of my bent leg.

“You look pretty sweaty. Are you gonna take your usual shower now?”

“Yeah, I think so.” You seemed torn between wanting to stay right where you were and continue with this close-up view I was treating you to, or hurry back to your room and whip out your cock. I would have loved for you to do it right there, take out that thick long monster and stroke it right in front of me, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen; not just yet anyways. I figured I’d give you a little more information to help you make up your mind.

“Well, I’ve got a house showing a little later, so I’m gonna stay here just for another ten or fifteen minutes before I have to start getting ready. When you’re done with your shower, you can grab yourself something to eat to hold you over until I get back, okay?” I could see that telling you I was going to stay out here for just a little while longer helped you make your decision.

“Okay. I think I’ll go take that shower now.” As you got up, I could see the sizable bulge inside your jeans. I smiled to myself as I took a good long look at your firm round bum as you strode purposefully back into the house, wondering how it would feel beneath my hands.”

“Why don’t we switch positions for a while?” My mother had stopped her story once more as she pulled her other big boob out of my sucking mouth. I shifted to the side and she pushed a bunch of the pillows up against the headboard. She turned over and leaned back against the headboard, her sumptuous tits fully on display as they spread out over the full breadth of her chest.

“There now,” she said as she put her arm around my shoulder and drew my face down to her chest. I got comfortable on my side with my head in her lap as she lifted one massive orb and pointed the pert rubbery nipple at my mouth. We moved together and I slipped my lips over the hard swollen protrusion once more and started to suck. “Mmmmmm, that’s it. Perfect. Just like when you were a baby. Your father never knew it, but I used to let you suck on my tits for hours. Even then, you had a wonderful mouth.”

“Now, where was I….oh yes, you’d just gone back into the house. I pretended I was reading some papers in the file I had, but with my dark glasses on, I flicked my eyes up over the top and watched your bedroom window. Within seconds of you going into the house, I saw a movement behind the glass. It wasn’t much, but I could see that you were there, watching me.

“I put down the file and stretched my arms behind me once more to thrust my chest out, knowing that your hand was probably already wrapped around your cock. I then laid back full length on the deck chair, still slightly propped up so I could keep an eye on your window through my sunglasses. I caught a flicker of movement again and turned my head slightly sideways so it would appear like I was looking elsewhere, while still keeping my eyes on the window through the dark glasses. Sure now that I had your attention, I drew my knees up so my feet were resting on the lower part of the chair. With the bottom of the chair facing you, I casually shifted my feet to each side, giving you a perfect view right up between my spread thighs.”

While my mother continued to tell me her story, I kept busy exploring those magnificent tits of hers. I was quite comfortable lying beside her with my head in her lap, my hands and mouth roaming all over those impressive mounds. I let my fingers run over the soft smooth skin as I gently squeezed and hefted those exquisite boobs. I switched from one breast to the other, and then back and forth every couple of minutes, my lips and tongue gently licking and sucking on the swollen rubbery buds of her stiff nipples or licking around the soft skin of her breasts and the pebbly saucers of her areolae. Man, her tits were fantastic; so round, so full, so heavy. I couldn’t believe I was finally sucking on my mother’s tits, after all the times I’d dreamed of it and jerked off just thinking about it….and now I was actually doing it. As I sucked on those exquisite swollen nipples of her, she continued with her riveting narrative.

“With my legs up on the chair and you having a dead-on view up into the crotch of my bikini, I decided to tease you a little more. I let my fingertips trace slowly down over the front of my body, stopping briefly to adjust the overflowing cups of the bikini top. In absent-minded fashion, I then let my fingers slide further down my body and casually scratched at the inside of one thigh. With my blood-red fingernails tracing provocatively along the smooth creamy skin of my thigh, I brought my fingers higher, until the tips toyed with the leg opening of my bikini bottom.”

With my hands and mouth full of her spectacular guns, I clearly remembered watching her from my window as she had described. When I’d been escort sincan sitting with her outside, I had been so turned on by seeing her stretch and turn in that gorgeous bikini of hers that I knew I had to get off right away, and if she was gonna stay out on the deck for only a few more minutes; I wanted to take advantage of that opportunity. I’d actually rushed into my room, pulling at my belt and pants as I hurried to the window and whipped out my stiffening prick. As I peered from around the edge of my curtains, I was shocked to see what she did, sliding her finger beneath the leg of her bikini bottoms and fingering herself. I figured she had probably thought I had gone straight into the shower, which was my usual routine, which would have given her a few minutes of privacy. Within seconds of watching her erotically stimulating exhibition, my beefy prick became hard as a fucking baseball bat. She had looked just smoking-hot that day, and I couldn’t believe how lucky I’d been that her chair happened to be facing directly towards my window. Of course, I had thought at the time that it was just pure coincidence……now, I knew otherwise. That day, I could have cared less; I had a handful of rock-hard cock and was stroking it vigorously as I watched her from my bedroom window. I knew what had happened next, and I felt a stirring start in my slumbering prick as I remembered how excited I’d been at what she did.

“With my fingertips running teasingly along the leg opening of my bikini, I purposely looked sideways towards the door leading from the deck into the house. I wanted you to think I was checking to make sure I was still alone and nobody was about to surprise me by coming out of the house. Satisfied that I wasn’t about to be interrupted, I turned back and deftly slipped my middle finger beneath the leg opening. I could feel how wet and hot I was as I let my fingertip slide up and down the slippery cleft of my gooey slot. I laid my head back as I continued to manipulate my slippery pussy-lips with my exploring finger. I let my tongue run slowly around my lips as I spread some of my warm honey around the erect spire of my throbbing clit. Oh man, did it ever feel good. And it was so much more exciting knowing you were watching me, just as I’d watched you yesterday.

“Knowing you were stroking yourself as you watched me, I was so turned on that it didn’t take long before I knew I was going to cum. I just kept rubbing at my sensitive clit for a few more seconds before I felt that delicious tingling sensation start. I flicked my eyes up to your window and saw a rhythmic movement at the side of your curtains and knew your hand was flying back and forth on your huge prick. That was all it took to trigger my orgasm. I rubbed my throbbing red button as waves of ecstasy started to roll through me. I knew you could see me quivering and shaking as a tingling climax overwhelmed me. I kept rubbing the sensitive spire at the top of my gushing slit as the scintillating waves of pleasure coursed through me. I could feel myself gasping and twitching as my whole body thrummed like a plucked guitar string. As the final blissful throes ebbed out of my satiated body, I slowly withdrew my finger from beneath my bikini bottom. I held it up so you’d be able to see it, the whole finger glistening with a shiny coating of my warm nectar. I teasingly brought my finger to my mouth and inserted it between my parted lips. I gave a soft purr as I closed my lips around it and sucked the warm sticky fluid deep into my mouth.”

I remembered that as clear as if it was yesterday. I’d been so turned on looking at her in that fantastic bikini that I knew it wouldn’t take me long. I had actually cum all over my wall at the same time she started to shake and convulse on her deck chair, her own climax making her twitch erotically right before my lusting eyes. But after I came, I stood transfixed, totally mesmerized by what had just happened; and seeing my sexy mother lick her finger clean had sent another rapturous shiver quivering down my young spine.

“I figured you must have cum by now too, so I picked up my files and came back into the house. I went into my own room and heard your shower start up. I smiled to myself knowing that were going to have to wash off a little more than just construction sweat now.

“I had to take a shower myself but before I did, I took my hand and pressed the front of my bikini bottoms firmly against my dripping snatch. I rubbed it all around, making sure the gusset was soaking up as much of my cunt-honey as it could. Carefully placing the bikini top and bottom on top of a full laundry basket, I took my shower and dressed in a skirt and blouse for the house showing I told you I had.

“By the time I was done, I heard you milling around the kitchen getting yourself something to eat. I came out carrying the laundry basket, the brilliant yellow bikini clearly visible on top of everything else. “Okay, sweetie,” I said as I put the laundry basket down on the kitchen floor, making sure you’d seen what was at the top of it. I took a look at the clock on the wall and made a wry face. “I’ve got to get going to that house showing. I’m running a little later than I thought. I was gonna put this load of laundry on but I’ll do it later.”

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