The Family Ch. 03

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Day after the reveal…

Carol, Age 43

I laid on my side watching as my daughter tried to silently ride her father. I had been watching them for a while, thinking it was cute when Beth tried to stifle a moan or gasp. I giggled slightly when her father gave her a small swat on the backside. She blushed turning her head to me, cheeks turning red, as if to ask if it was ok. I just smiled back at her. Of course it was ok, we all had determined that last night.

Behind me Brent was snoring loudly just like his father did. I stretched for a moment before crawling over to my daughter and giving her a deep kiss, letting her know it was ok. Beth it was obvious was the most shy and the most worried about hurting someone else in the family. I felt my husband’s hand on my cheek and pulled it off, giving him a smile.

“Concentrate on our daughter dear,” I said standing over them and stretching a little more. “I need coffee before anything.”

I grabbed the little sheer red robe I had on before the sex started last night, turned and walked into the kitchen, not even bothering to tie it. After making a cup of coffee I sat there listening to the sounds of my daughter approaching orgasm, my head drifted back to my first time with my son and about how much I had tried to deny the feelings I now have for my family.


Two weeks after Marcus and Sasha began their taboo relationship…

Brent, Age 18

I stared at one of the pictures I had of my mom, up on my computer screen, angry and frustrated at how much of a coward I was. Two weeks ago, when I had caught Marcus and Sasha having sex, I had vowed that I would confess my feeling to my mother. And here, I still hadn’t. All I could do was just stare and sneak and spy on her.

I was starting to get jealous of my brother and sister, being the only one who knew their secret. I could tell what they were doing when everyone was gone from the house, or when they would head out together or even late at night when they thought everyone was asleep. I had purposefully spied on them, watching them, wishing I could have what they had.

Who was I kidding? Out of everyone of the family I was the most nerdy and awkward. I didn’t play sports like Marcus and Sasha, though I was still in quite good shape. Having a brother that encouraged me to keep fit helped, so I stayed quite slim and toned though definitely not Mr. Big muscle. I usually kept my dark hair short. Sometimes I would grow it out though. My clothes usually consisted of whatever video game or comic book I was into at the time. While my older siblings were doing their sports thing I was usually on my computer.

I was also quite the pervert. I had started watching porn at a young age, and not long after that I had developed my first fetish… sniffing panties. I would sneak into both my sister’s rooms and steal a pair to sniff while watching a video and masturbating. And that was only my first as through porn I discovered that I was into a wide variety of kinks. I liked BDSM, mature ladies, pregnancy risk, futa and hentai. Before you all get freaked out I am also quite the researcher and quickly was able to distinguish reality from pornography.

I had a real girlfriend also for a few years. She was a year ahead of me. We lost our virginities to each other, but a few months ago she moved off to college. We decided that it would be better for us to be free for college, and maybe if the fates decided we could get back together in a few years. I still message her telling her that I hope she’s having fun.

Even before I started fantasizing about my mom, I had developed a kink for incest fantasies. I had put myself in the ‘wouldn’t actually do it’, but the fantasy was inside me. It didn’t dawn onto me that this was more then just a fantasy to me. I remember when I first started lusting after her.

It was two months before I had found out about my brother and sister. As the resident computer geek of the house my mother had asked me to look at her laptop. It had been acting very laggy and slow to the point where she feared that she might have a virus.

I opened up her laptop and started to run an antivirus program, then went back to my computer. I pulled out a pair of Sasha’s panties that I had swiped a few days earlier and brought up a teen porn vid. I was about to press play when I noticed something on my mother’s computer. There was another window open but it was minimized.

I went to close it but suddenly my I was wondering what my mom had been looking at. From the bar I could see that it was a picture of some sort, though it didn’t tell me much more. My mind screamed at me to just close it, that it wasn’t my business but my curious nature got the better of me. I clicked and brought it up and my I swear my jaw hit the floor.

There was my mom, in some type of corset, the cups though were undone and hanging, her big generous breasts were fully exposed. My cock twitched, the way it’s not supposed to when looking at a nude güvenilir bahis picture of your mom. I tried to force myself to close the window but my hand seemed to have a mind of its own and pressed the right arrow on the keyboard, bringing up another picture.

In this picture mom was fully nude and bent over the arm of the couch. Her magnificent ass was displayed proudly to the person taking the picture. My hand moved again, the next picture mom was in a two piece swimsuit, the top pulled down to show off her tits again. The next one she had a long sleeve, one-piece dress. She was lounging on the couch, her dress pulled up to her waist exposing her bare crotch. I couldn’t stop myself from licking my lips while staring at her exposed pussy.

“Brent how’s it coming?” My door started to open, which made me, jump and quickly close the picture window.

I turned in time to see my mother walk in, and froze. There she was, smiling at me. All of a sudden I started picturing her nude like in those pics, her full breasts with hard nipples poking out at me. Her wide hips and thick legs, which I imagined her sliding a hand between to stroke her bald pussy.

“Brent?” I snapped back to reality, my mom staring at me funny. “You ok hunny?”

“Yea, mom,” I said turning back to the computer. “I uh… just started running an anti-virus program. If that doesn’t work I’m going to have to run some other tests and stuff. This could take all night unfortunately.”

“Well I guess I’m stealing your brother’s laptop then,” my mom shrugged. “Ok, I’ll let you do what you do.”

When mom turned around her clothes disappeared in my head again, and I was looking at that wonderfully round ass. I held that picture in my head after she walked out. I couldn’t stop myself. I had to find the pictures, which wasn’t that hard. She had them with the rest, and she had taken a lot.

I took my external drive and plugged it into her computer and quickly copied it all over. It took several minutes, there was at least fifteen gigs of pictures and videos of her. After it was done transferring to my external drive I plugged it up to my computer. The anti-virus was still running, about few hours so I had time to look at more so I got up and locked my door.

My mom had her pics and things separated into different groups, I guess for easy access for what she wanted to view or show. One folder was of different masturbation pictures and videos. I started going through that, pulling my shorts down, putting lube on my cock and starting to stroke it.

There was one that I had really liked, I couldn’t stop myself as I watch her laying back, a large dildo pumping in and out of her cunt, she’d keep going until suddenly she pulled it out… and then I found that she squirted like at fountain. As the video continued, she kept on thrusting her dildo and squirting more and more. I couldn’t stop stroking, until suddenly I threw my head back and my cock erupted spurting cum into the air.

I sat there for a second, gasping to catch my breath as I watched her doing to same thing. She sat up, looked at the camera, smiled, winked and blew me/the viewer a kiss before turning it off. I grabbed the tissue box I kept in my desk drawer and started to clean myself.

Over the next month I made my way through my moms pics and videos. At first it was her and then it was of her and dad. Some of them were from when they were younger while others were from present days. She was just as beautiful now as she was when she was in her early twenties, her breasts not just a result of her pregnancies with us kids. I found out that they had sex even when she had been pregnant with us, dad would always tell her how beautiful she was and how happy it made him to know that she carried his kids.

The next few folders were jaw dropping to me. It was mom and dad having sex with other people. Some I knew, some I didn’t. Men and women, coworkers, neighbors even old friends of the family. I found out quickly that my mom and dad were swingers, there were videos of them hosting and going to parties.

I watched her take multiple men at once, devour pussy like it was a last meal and give up her tight little ass like it was nothing. I had always known she was very open, but this was more then I expected. Her personality was switching too, sometimes aggressive and dominant, but more often submissive, giving herself to whoever wanted her.

I found videos of them seducing kids around the neighborhood. They treated it like they were filming a porno, making sure that the person confirmed that they were eighteen. I started recognizing a bunch of people. Some of them were of me and my older brother and sister’s friends that I knew. No wonder everyone wanted to come over to our house.

Then, one morning, I stumbled onto something that blew my mind. I had just woken up and turned on the next video that I had cued and there was my best friend! He was sitting with my mom, who had a very low cut tube top. Both were smiling türkçe bahis at the camera.

They went through the motion of the other videos before she gave him a blowjob and then gave him what he really wanted. Placing his cock between her tits and thrusting until he blew his load all over them. She then took her payment, mounting his face and riding him until she came three times, the third time put me over the edge too.

“Oh yes mom…,” I moaned as my cock erupted in my hand. “Yes… I want to taste you like that too…”

That’s when I noticed a noise coming from my door and turned to see it cracked open but no one was there. I blushed, wondering if anyone had just caught me jacking off to a video of my mom. I quickly cleaned myself up and headed off into the day. I took inventory of everyone I talked to but none of them treated me any different. The only person I didn’t talk to was my mom, and that was I had been avoiding her a lot.

I sighed as I remembered what it was like before I caught my brother and sister. I wasn’t half as depressed as I was now. I see them, how happy they are and wonder if I could ever get that.

Shaking my head I went to one final folder titled ‘So Wrong’ thinking that she had gotten in some really kinky stuff. There weren’t as many videos in this one. As I started a video and I quickly realized I knew the other people in this one too. They were family!

I watched in one as my mom and father when they were younger, played with and fucked one of my aunts and one of my uncles. There was another one where it was my lesbian aunt and her beautiful black wife having an all girl three-way with my mother, my father could be heard in the background saying how hot they all were! Those were the only two videos, there were pictures too of them all too. Vacations where they were obviously flirting with one another, so even though there were only a couple of vids I knew they had a longer history.

That’s when I became resolved once again, realizing how open my mom was to things. She had had sex with a brother and sister, so how much more wrong could it be to have sex with her son? I would never forgive myself if I didn’t try so it was time to go into planning mode. And for the rest of the day and night that’s what I did.

I had my chance one morning on a Saturday. My dad was on a business trip, Beth had slept over at a friends and would be staying the entire weekend. Marcus and Sasha were heading out of town with friends, which I didn’t believe. They were probably getting a hotel to fuck each other’s brains out. That left mom, and me for the whole weekend.

I had almost chickened myself out, but determined to get what I wanted I dragged myself out of bed a little early. I know my mom wakes up pretty early so I snuck to her room and listened. Sure enough I heard sounds from the master bathroom.

I ran back to my room, leaving the door open wide. I adjusted my screens so that she wouldn’t be able to see anything I had on it, my chair so that she would be able to see everything I was doing with my cock and adjusted my web cam so that it was pointed at the door and brought up the feed on my screen so that way I could see when she was looking into my room. I brought up the video of the four way with my aunt, uncle and father and turned up the volume before pulling down my boxers, putting some lube on and starting to stroke my cock. I got myself hard but made sure not to get over excited.

It was about ten minutes later when I saw my mom looking into my room, staring in shock as I jerked my cock a video that she could obviously hear was herself and her sister licking each other. She stayed there in the door transfixed on me as I slowly slid my hand up and down, no longer paying attention to the video, but only to her in the doorway. I let this go on for another few minutes before saying something.

“This video of you and aunt Donna is absolutely hot mom,” I said watching as she jumped in the doorway. I smiled before turning to face her, my hand still wrapped around my cock. “No need to run away now that I have your attention.”

“What do you think you’re doing Brent?” My mother gasped, her eyes locked on me… though sometimes trailing down to my cock.

“Is that all you have to ask mom?” I said stopping cause I was getting way too close but still keeping it in my grip. “I think it’s quite obvious what I’m doing. I’m jerking myself to a video of you having sex with your sister in law and your brother.”

“You shouldn’t… um… be looking through that,” my mother started to protest eyes seeming to linger on my cock more and more. “Those are private videos.”

“I know mom… it’s just,” I said turning back to the screen in time to see my uncle entering my mother, his sister, it made me start stroking again. “Have you ever wanted something you couldn’t have mom? And then find that there is a chance, however small that you just have to take the risk?”

“Where is this leading Brent?” Mom asked I realized güvenilir bahis siteleri that she had taken a few steps inside.

“I want what they’ve already had,” I confessed turning back to her. “Mom, you’re absolutely beautiful. I want you… you don’t know how much I’ve been craving you.”

“I know,” my mom said, her head bowed as she stood in front of me. “I saw you before. Jerking off to another video, moaning how much you wanted a taste of me.”

“That was you?” I smiled. “Please mom, you’ve crossed that line before. Would it be any worse with me?”

“I… I don’t know,” she bit her finger, obviously thinking about it.

“Oh god,” I gasped as my cock pulsed with a need for release. “I’m so close. Can you… just suck me off for now? You can sample it… think about it… and talk about it more tonight.”

“Umm…” my mom stared at me stroking my cock before sinking to her knees in front. “I guess I could give it some release, that’s not crossing a line yet. Just a blowjob for now… and we’ll see later.”

With that my mother wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, slurping as she drew her lips over it. A free hand went to my balls cupping them, and massaging them as she worked the head in her mouth. Soon she open her mouth wide and started pushing her mouth down, taking about half my cock before I felt the head hit the back of her throat. I groaned at the feeling of her lips as they withdrew.

“You like that son?” She said sliding the hand up and starting to stroke my shaft. “You like the feeling of your slut mom’s mouth on your cock?”

“Oh god yessssss,” I hissed as she slid the cock into her mouth again, pressing it against her throat. “Fuck mom, that feels so good.”

Mom started to bob on my cock, her head bouncing up and down as my head kept pressing against her throat. She used her hand to switch between massaging my balls and stroking my shaft, spreading her spit all over it. She did this of a little while before she opened her mouth wide and descended on my cock again, this time when the head hit the entrance to her throat, she slowly started moving her head back and forth, my head started sliding into her throat.

“Oh my god mom!” I groaned as my cock slid into her throat until nose was pressed against my groin. “Fuck, my cock is in my moms throat!”

Mom withdrew her mouth from my cock oh so very slowly, letting the head slip from her lips with a pop. She smiled before gripping my cock and jacking it again while lowering her mouth to my balls, sucking and pulling on them, moaning as she did. I realized then the reason she had only been using one hand was that her other hand was down the front of her pajamas playing with her pussy. Her breasts were covered in a simple nightshirt, no bra I guessed cause I could see her nipples poking through.

“My god hunny, you have such a lovely cock,” mom said as she took a breather from sucking my cock, slowly drawing her hand up and down. “You definitely take after your father.”

“Mom… can I see…?” I said tentatively reaching for her shirt.

“Umm… well I guess,” she said unsure. “Should be no harm since we’re already at this point.”

Mother grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head, and I couldn’t help sucking in my breath as I beheld her tits for the first time in real life. They were massive and full with hard stiff nipples. I slowly reached out and took one in each hand, groaning at how soft they were, squeezing them and softly pulling on her nips.

“You want to keep playing with my tits?” My eyes rose to meet my moms when she asked. “Or do want me to finish sucking your cock son?”

“My cock… please,” I groaned releasing her tits. “It’s about to explode.”

“Well, in that case better give it the finishing technique,” mom said with a smile before licking me from my balls to the tip.

Mom wrapped her lips around my cock, taking me all the way to the base against, letting her tongue wriggle around my shaft before pulling back till she had about a third of my cock in her mouth. She then wrapped her hands around the rest of my cock and slowly in unison started up and down, hands and mouth twisting on my slobbery shaft as she did. She may have started out slow but she quickly picked up her pace, till finally I felt my balls drawing in and the familiar sensation of my impending orgasm.

“Mom I’m gonna cum!” I roared and threw my head back. “Your tits! Please let me cum on your tits!”

Mom pulled her mouth off and started stroking my one hand with one hand as her other arm slid under her breasts and lifted them up. It was too much at that point and my cock exploded, cum splashing across her massive mounds. Shot after shot landed and coated her tits. I groaned as she just kept stroking it out of me for a while before taking my head back into her mouth and drinking up the rest. I looked down at my mother, her breasts covered in my cum, and realized I may never see this again.

“Mom, I know I’ve asked a lot of you…,” I panted in my chair as she looked up at me. “You may decided not to do this anymore, and I understand if you do. But in case you do, can I take a picture? I want to be able to remember this…”

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