The Family D’Enfer Redux Ch. 12

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The sun was setting scarlet on the Caribbean, coloring the green Everglades redly in the fading light. Ferdinand D’Enfer lounged in his deck chair on his sailboat, savoring the warm breezes. Khaki shorts and deck shoes were all his tough, browned, lean body wore as it reclined, ankles crossed in the early evening. He sipped his cognac meditatively, savoring the colors and shifting breeze in the warm, wet caress of the summer’s evening. “It does not get better than this,” he murmured under his breath.

“Are you coming down, or am I coming up?” a young voice called from below.

“Come up here, I want you,” he replied.

Justine D’Enfer scampered up from below, her hair streaming a chestnut pennant in the breeze as she came on deck. Her body was still long and lean, gently sun kissed; it wore only a long, gold chain wrapped twice around her waist, pearl earrings and silver ornaments dangling light green stones from her nipples. She embraced the breeze for a moment, then scrambled over to sit cross-legged on the deck by her uncle’s feet, her eyes adoring him. Resting her head softly on his calf, she waited for him to begin the conversation.

After several moments he said, “Justine, I’ve been thinking, and it’s time. You have changed, for the better, over the past eighteen months, and I think you’ve earned your reward.”

“Thank you, Uncle Ferdinand,” she cooed softly.

“No, thank you, Justine. You’ve proven yourself as an adult: you’ve become trustworthy, you’ve become unselfish, and you’ve become incredibly generous. So I have something for you, something you’ve wanted since that day we parted in Belgium over two years ago.” He reached to pass a small gift bag to his niece.

She eagerly pulled out the wrapping paper to discover a thin, leather choker studded with diamonds. “Oh, thank you, Uncle Ferdinand, thank you, thank you. May I kiss you?”

“Yes, my dear, you may.” She got up and pounced on her uncle’s waist, locking his torso with her strong legs, grinding her body into his, and kissing him on the lips, gently at first, then opening her lips to dance with his tongue for a short eternity. Coming up for air, she turned her back away from him and lifted her long mane to give him access to her neck. Taking the leather choker, he fastened it around her neck. “I accept you as my own: you are mine, now and always. Mine alone, to do what I will, to make me happy, and to be happy with what I give you.”

Tears crept from Justine’s eyes. “The pleasure, the honor, the happiness is mine, and I will be yours alone, always. Your happiness is my happiness; your desire, my duty.”

Ferdinand reached up and captured a tear on his finger, bringing to his lips to savor its saltiness. “Lay here beside me, and let’s talk a little more.”

“Yes, Master.” She lay down beside him to embrace him for several moments; he kissed her forehead once, twice, then settled back. They watched the crimson fade over the Gulf of Mexico and listened to the rustling of the palm trees on the shore. He stroked her hair absent-mindedly and after a while said: “What about Justin?”

A frown winkled her eyebrows and touched her lips before fading. “What do you mean, what about Justin?”

Ferdinand kissed her forehead. “I know that before you went to Europe you were having a torrid affair with your brother, as well as your Aunt Prudence; while you were in Europe you were having a torrid affair with your cousin Chelsea and were abused by my evil oldest brother Frederick. You came home to pick up where you left off with Justin and the rest, but two months afterward you were on Samos beach combing, where you started bugging me long distance to take you back until I gave in four months later, when you joined me here in Florida. Sometimes you say his name in your sleep, occasionally you call me Justin without realizing it. Now that you are mine, and I need to know what happened to you when you got back from Europe.”

Justine stared off at a high cloud that was screening a few early breaking stars. “I always loved my brother like my other self, my better self. He was always so nice, always ready to please, not like me. We would play for hours together in the bath when we were little, and bathed together until we were teenagers and our bodies started changing. Dad started hitting on me to service him, Mom started schooling me in her witchcraft, and Justin was the only one who was pure, or relatively pure. I did what I had to, survived without compromising any more than I had to until my folks were exiled and when they were gone, I felt liberated, free to do whatever I wanted. Auntie Pru was a lovely lady to play with, to manipulate, to take out all the anger I had for Mom and Dad, but Justin was eager to explore his sexuality and I wanted so desperately to be the one he loved. Like a fish I teased him and reeled him in, and I gave myself to him to hook him so thoroughly he wouldn’t look at another woman. Yeah, I should have known it wouldn’t work; I couldn’t believe that Auntie Pru would fall for him so hard, or that Great Aunt Adele, who I’ve only met twice, would take advantage of him. But they weren’t young and lovely like me: they could keep him going until I got back, and I’d have him to myself again. I canlı bahis knew that I was more important to my dear brother.

“Then my lovely Chelsea discovered him, my other soulmate, and I was so hurt. The tit torture contest with Auntie Pru was just a way of getting Justin’s attention, to win him back, but when he fucked Chelsea right in front of me, right in front of my face while I was tied up and being pumped by those stupid machines, just because he had a hard on it devastated me. At the end, when it felt like my tits were being pulled off my body, I just had to give up and let Auntie Pru win. Then he fucked me up the ass with no concern about what I wanted, and I decided I had to move on. Justin’s changed too much: he’s gone over to the dark side, and he’s losing the kindness I loved and admired about him. The next night I spent with Chelsea, giving her a long and loving farewell. A couple of days later I managed to keep him at home and burned all my desire for him out of my flesh: I sucked and fucked him all day even though my tits were aching until my mouth, cunt and ass were so sore I never wanted to see him again. The next day I was on a plane to Greece and the rest you know.”

The First Quarter moon shone down on the lapping waves that washed against the boat, building toward high tide. The palm trees rustled in the distance, and the alligators began croaking. Ferdinand gave her a full body squeeze. “It will take time; I understand. We all have our scars inside. The pain will pass.” He kissed her softly on the forehead and after a moment, she kissed him back on his cheek. He gave her a long, open mouthed kiss, and moved his kisses down the nape of her neck, over her shoulder, down her breast to nip at her nipple, then he rose to take off his shorts. As his eight inch cock came into the twilight, she gently stroked it to fullness, taking the head in her mouth to bathe it with her tongue as their breathing increased. Then he pushed her down and her legs parted in invitation; he inserted the tip of his member and in a series of gentle pushes, gradually drove his erection home in her vagina. They lay together tightly as he thrusted and she ground her hips, every part of their bodies from thighs to neck in full contact. The full moon peeked over the darkening trees, its light caught in her wide open eyes reflectingthe passion within, as their bodies approached their shuddering climax.

*************************** “You’re sure this doesn’t hurt?” He said.

“No.” Her voice was as meek as a child.

“You like this?”

“Mmmm, yes, Justin, yes,” she cooed in dulcet tones.

Brenda Reese, R.N., was a chubby, red headed woman wearing glasses sitting in front of a desk on an office chair in the study of the D’Enfer family residence. Her blouse was wide open and her front clasp bra was also drawn aside for her huge, sagging mammaries to hang free. Justin D’Enfer stood behind her: his hands were squeezing her two inch wide nipples hard and holding them at her forehead level, pulling the heavy breasts high. Moving his hands back and forth, the hooters jiggled wildly, bumping together more and more quickly until he released them to flop heavily and bounce near her navel.

She sighed: “Oh, dreamy, dreamy, do it again, do it again.”

Justin grabbed her breasts up and squeezed them tightly against one another, rubbing them up and down against each other like trying to start a fire with two twigs before releasing them suddenly again. She gasped, and smiled broadly, dimples gracing the sides of her mouth. Her hand went up to massage the growing bulge in his slacks, unzipping it with her other hand to pull out his ten inch cock swelling to maximum. She stroked it gently, while nuzzling his nuts with her mouth and tongue before licking her way down lazily to take the head into her mouth. Justin reached down to pinch her nipple again: the harder he pinched and twisted, the more she quivered, moaned and slavered the end of his penis.

After a couple of minutes, he reluctantly disengaged and went back around to the desk to look at her file. She sat looking at him expectantly, making no move to close her front and leaving her bounty on display. Sadly, he said, “Sorry that I have pressing business to attend to. I see you graduated at the head of your class in geriatric nursing, you have fifteen years experience with excellent evaluations all round, and you’re a published author in professional journals. Everything you told me earlier matches with your papers; you are an exceptional nurse and an exceptional woman. How did your meeting with Aunt Adele go?”

Brenda shifted in her chair. “Your aunt is a delightful woman: her spirits are excellent, her heart is sound and her health is reasonably stable at the moment. To say I would enjoy taking care of her would be an understatement, and I’m quite frankly tired of administrative paperwork for a facility full of people. It would be great to get down to basics again with one patient, and I would love to spend most of my time taking care of Adele.” Her blue eyes shined with passion and need.

“Are the facilities adequate? Does the salary of $50,000 per year, plus room and board, meet your requirements?”

“Oh, yes.” She moved her chair forward bahis siteleri and lifted her massive tits to rest on the empty desk as she leaned forward; they reached almost all the way across to the blotter. “I’m sure that the fringe benefits will be as excellent as the rest of the package.”

He reached forward and rested his hands on her breasts, squeezing lightly at first, then harder and harder until his fingers left red imprints when he let go. She moaned, yelped and licked her lips as he compressed her breasts, and looked at him eagerly after he released them.

Justin took a deep breath and sighed. “Of course, I’m looking forward to that as well. You’ll move in as soon as possible, and I will show you around the house to get you oriented.”

“I’ll be there at eight o’clock tomorrow morning. Do you want to proceed with the rest of the interview now?” she said with an arched eyebrow.

Looking at his watch and then at her breasts, he stroked them tenderly and said: “I’d really love to, absolutely, but Aunt Adele is expecting me to pick her up in fifteen minutes to bring her to her new apartment here at the house. I hate to keep her waiting. Tomorrow, we’ll continue this interview and bring it to a satisfactory conclusion. All that remains is signing the contract.” He spun the contract around and offered her a pen.

“I understand. I would hate to keep that dear woman waiting, either.” She took the pen and signed the multiple copies with the crisp edges of the paper sharply twinging the tips of her nipples. Justin spun the papers around to countersign them as Brenda replaced her jugs in her bra and closed her blouse. He gave her a copy, and she kissed his hand as she took it from him. A wide, bright smile creased her face as he escorted her to the door and her car. She licked her lips as he held the door and promised, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Master.” Then he hopped in his van and started across town to his Aunt Adele’s rest home.

“Justin, my love, it’s about time. What’s the decision? Who’s it going to be?” Adele cackled as her great nephew entered the room. Adele was a small, frail, eighty seven year old woman with white hair. She was wearing exquisite makeup, a pale blue housecoat and her hair was beautifully done; her arthritic fingers reached out to entwine with his as Justin came close for a open mouthed kiss.

“I hope you liked Brenda, Auntie Adele. She’s the one.”

Adele beamed. “She sure is the one, deary, and she’ll take good care of both of us. Now put me in the wheelchair and let’s blow this dump.”

They passed the elegant corridors of the nursing home, with the staff giving Adele warm farewells as they proceeded to the door. A couple of very young nurses’ aides gave Justin a wink and a nod, but he was focused and didn’t do more than smile in return. At the car door, he lifted his feather weight aunt into her seat, buckled her in, closed the door and returned to drive her to her new residence.

“Oh, Justin, I’m so looking forward to our new home. It’ll be so much fun living together. You’re the fountain of youth for me, sugar, and I’m going to squeeze as much as I can from that fountain.”

Justin steered through traffic. “Just don’t squeeze too hard, Auntie Adele. I had to take a week off the last time you did that.”

“No sweetheart, that’s not what I’m talking about,” Adele’s eyes shone in the reflected light of the dashboard. “We’re going to have a great time, lover, playing with each other and our new nurse.”

Justin smiled, “Yes, Brenda seems like the perfect fit for both of us.”

Adele giggled gleefully. “I want you to make me a promise. For our first night at home tonight, I want to you promise to do anything I ask for, right here, right now.”

“Of course, Aunt Adele, sure, you know I just want to make you happy. What do you have in mind?”

“Absolutely anything?”

“Absolutely anything,” he replied with a frightened look on his face.

Adele hummed and grinned. “I”ll let you know as we go along.”

A new car port showed the entrance to the house, and a ground level hallway took them to Adele’s new suite. Justin carried her easily from the car to her new room, where she directed him to put her down on a antique, armless wooden chair. The room was elegance defined, and the room was dominated by a large picture of Adele as a younger woman. It was a color photograph taken from slightly below her on a bright day with a wispy white cloud sailing high overhead: she was beaming with her dirty blond hair tossed out behind her, her blue eyes gleaming, her white teeth shining a broad red-lipsticked smile, her lightly tanned torso graced by two conical, thin breasts standing firm with their large nipples several inches from her body. The date read: June 16, 1961, Osage Beach, Missouri. “If you’d only known me then, Justin. We’d have fucked and sucked around the clock. I would have given myself to you; those lovely protruding knockers would have been all yours. Wouldn’t you have just loved that?” Justin looked up and admired the portrait, nodded his head and turned to smile at his aunt.

Adele’s things had been put away already by the movers except for a toolbox, two three-foot two-by-four boards, some nylon cord and bahis şirketleri a gym bag on the bed. “Set up the cameras my boy, over to the left and the right, the video cameras.” Justin did so, “This will make a great video for my _Ancient Pervs_ website.”

“If you say so, dear Aunt Adele.” He methodically set the digital video camera up, then hooked it to another in the opposite corner. Punching the start button, he returned to the bed and waited for her next instruction.

“Now Justin, come take off my housecoat.” Justin unbuttoned it and drew it back. she was completely naked underneath. Her old skin as heavily wrinkled and her bulby tits hung limply down past her navel. “Take the two by four with the cord and put it under my tits, with the cord over my neck.” He put the cord like a necklace over her neck and lifted the floppy boobs to lie on the board, making her look like an old Thirties cigarette girl with her tits as the merchandise. They draped far over the edge and she swayed them back and forth. “Hi, little floppies! What a good time we’ll have tonight! You don’t know what’s coming to you, my poor little nippies.” She grabbed her grossly sagging tits and gave them an affectionate squeeze. The air in the room was relatively warm, but her huge three-inch wide nipples were already starting to perk up. “Now, open the toolbox and tell me what you see.”

Justin opened the box. “I see a hammer, a travel bottle of baby oil, several small nails, some vise clamps, a green cloth, a small whip with several strands and a flyswatter. What is on your senile, perverted mind, old lady?”

“Remember you promised me anything I wanted this first night, right Justin?” He nodded his head. ” All right. Take the hammer and a nail in one hand. I want you to take the skin of the outside of my right breast and push it thin with your fingers. Splay it out thin. Good boy. Now I want you to nail it to the board, dodging any obvious veins and arteries.”

“Nail the skin of your breast to the board?” Justin’s mouth curled in horror.

“Yes, please,” she said with the same bright smile she used when asking him if he wanted another piece of cake.

“We’ve done a lot of kinky shit to your body since the day two years ago when you lost the bet two years ago and I first whipped your tits. May I ask you if you’ve gone completely out of your mind?”

Adele continued beaming. “Yes, but the answer may surprise you. Call it Aunt Adele’s Perverted Acupuncture. Even time you’ve had that kind of fun with me, making my skin red with your whip or tying my tits till they’re blue, the arthritis in my joints stops hurting as much, the pain in my back fades, and my cunt starts gushing like I was a teenager. All the pain you cause me up here will make me feel so much better overall. If we go a bit farther, I ought to feel like a young woman again, so do what I tell you, boy.” Justin hesitated, a look of disbelief on his face. “You’ll get everything I have when I die, every last penny, lover. Everything here and everything abroad. I’m just as sane as I ever was. Just do as I tell you. Nail my tits to the board.”

Justin shook his head and stepped away. “But what if I do permanent damage to you? What if this goes too far? I’m just afraid of what your new nurse Brenda is going to think about this when she examines you tomorrow morning, what she’s going to think about us, what she’s going to think about me?”

Adele grinned broadly. “I’m eighty seven years old: how long do you think ‘permanent damage’means to me? Two years? Five years? New nurse Brenda told me about this routine when I told her about how abuse makes me feel better. I almost exploded without touching myself listening to her describe this to me. She knows what she’s doing. You won’t hurt me too bad if you follow directions, and she can take care of any superficial damage. That will be round two of the Perverted Acupuncture tomorrow when that wonderful iodine hits my floppies.”

“Is this what nursing homes are doing to old women these days, playing advanced dungeon games for overall pain relief?”

“Of course not, silly; that’s what we’re doing tonight, just for the nasty fun of it. Now pound that hammer, you magnificent brute.”

Justin looked dubious as to took the hammer in his right hand and picked up the small, thin nail with the wide head. Adele looked on expectantly, “Start right where my right boob meets the board. That’s right, that looks good. I can feel the nail prick. Now hit it, son, hit it!” Two light taps started the nail. “Drive it down, yes, just leave a tiny bit of the nail exposed so you can pull it out later. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. See, I’m still alive, and there’s no blood. Next one on the other side. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Ouch, yes, keep going all the way back and forth. Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo. Ah, this is going to be better than it sounded. Yes, a half inch apart. All the way to the end. Oh, I’m going to give you such a cocksucking when this is done, your dick won’t know what happened to it. Hey, look at me, fourteen nails in my right boob. Now do the other one. Yes, right there, you’re really banging away good. Mmm, mmm, mmm. I wish this could go on forever. Back and forth, back and forth.” He found a rhythm as he completed nailing the left breast to the board; only a dot or two of blood were produced, which he wiped away immediately. Adele looked down at her tacked floppies and jiggled the four inches of tit that fell over the end of the board.

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