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Lisa admired herself in her hotel room’s mirror. She knew she rocked the sexy business woman look. Her long dark hair in a bun, glasses over her big brown eyes and the tight skirt and blouse combination she wore over 4 inch strap back heels really showed her to her best. Of course, bicycling the hills and mountains around her home in Southern California certainly helped. She really wanted to surprise her husband, Hugh, with what she was wearing underneath, a sexy red lace bra that pushed her C-cups into wonderful cleavage (she made sure to unbutton one more button on her blouse), silk panties and thigh high stockings. Hugh would not be enjoying these sites tonight..

“An extra night in Colorado Springs.” She thought as she sighed. “Wouldn’t have been worth getting in on time anyway.”

Lisa and Hugh had met in college, where they had basically double majored in business and working out. They had both shared a passion for exercise and competed in triathlons. Of course, training like that does not allow for eating junk food or drinking, so that left sex as a vice- well sex and marijuana to be precise. Hugh and Lisa had discovered a mutual passion for each other blossoming over the area of the university cafeteria where the athletes and gym rats hung out. Some of the sexual hijinks they got into became legend at the school – doing it on the provost’s desk perhaps the best.

They lived together after college while Lisa learned the ropes in commercial real estate and while Hugh went to law school. The demands were such that neither could devote the training time they needed, so the cycled together every morning. Unfortunately the demands of Law review kept Hugh from the extended rides Lisa took into the mountains every weekend.

They married during the summer between Hugh’s second and third years of law school. Hugh was clerking with a very prestigious firm and already had secured an offer for employment after graduation. They celebrated by honeymooning in Hawaii.

Then Hugh graduated and reality hit. At first Hugh began to neglect exercise and proper nutrition because of the bar exam, Lisa had thought. The bar exam is high stress after all, and all he does is study then order in.

Then he started with the firm and the real demands of billable hours kicked in. An easy week was 60 hours of work. Of course that meant no exercise and food ordered in from greasy spoons around his office. Now Lisa rode her bicycle alone.

She had urged him to quit, to move to a smaller firm or into a 9 to 5 corporate job, but he refused. He wanted to be partner. So they barely ever saw each other now. Lisa went to bed early so she could get her bicycle rides in every morning and Hugh usually dragged in after 11 PM, exhausted and often sleeping in the guest bedroom so as not to disturb her.

Of course sex had gone down to once per week, on weekends, if that, then to far less frequently in the past year. Hugh had gotten progressively more out of shape and overweight. She thought his cock even felt smaller, then read on a medical site how fat covers the shaft and makes it seem smaller. He had no energy and she had to move his stomach out of the way so he could penetrate her.

It had been three years since he had started studying for the bar and now Hugh was just plain huge – at least 100 pounds overweight. Their doctor urged him to lose weight and Lisa begged him to start riding again. But all of the passion and competitive energy that had made Hugh so much fun to be around when they fell in love was now focused on one thing, making partner. Everything else suffered, including his health, his waist line and his marriage.

Tonight was supposed to be special. Her birthday had been on Wednesday and she never would have expected Hugh to take the time on a weeknight. Instead, she had booked this business trip to Colorado Springs and closed a deal on leasing some major office space north of town. They had planned on making it up tonight. He was supposed to pick her up at the airport, then a nice dinner at a great little seafood place overlooking the Pacific, then sex as wild as they could make it (admittedly a low bar for Hugh these days).

She had gotten dressed that day anticipating the planned special night. She was just plain horny and had been wearing out the batteries of her vibrator lately. She really needed the real thing. She needed her husband to be just some of the sexual powerhouse he had been just a few years ago. She was trying to do everything in her power to help him get there.

The phone call had come while she was in the shuttle bus between the rental car drop off and the terminal. She recognized the tone of voice immediately and she was not about to scream obscenities at him in front of the strangers on the bus, but she really wanted to.

“Look I am soooo sorry honey.” Hugh had pleaded. “but there’s a snag in this IPO that is scheduled for Monday and I’ve got to get to New York. I’ll make it up I swear.”

“Hugh!” Lisa hissed into the phone. “It is my birthday. Can’t someone else?”

“No, sultangazi escort there is no one else.” They practically said it together.

She was barely holding it together on the security line and the conversation she was overhearing in front of her didn’t help. Two soldiers were chatting, not unexpected in a town with the military presence of Colorado Springs.

“Yeah man, I got the call this morning.” One said to the other. “My mom had a stroke and well… fuck it, ya know… she ain’t gonna make it.”

“Oh Shit man. I don’t know what to say.” Replied the other.

“Yeah well they got me on fucking standby on this flight to Orange County. It is one of those small ones and I may not make it. Fuck! I gotta get home.”

That would be Lisa’s flight.

Lila made sure she stood on line behind the solider at the gate agent.

“I understand about your mother, solider and I’ll do whatever I can to get you there, but right not everyone has checked in for this flight. I can’t get you on board.” Lisa heard the attendant saying.

She stepped closer, thinking, “I have nothing to go home to tonight, so what the fuck? I might as well be a nice person.”

“Listen, can you get me on the 7 AM flight to Orange County tomorrow?” she said to the attendant. “He needs to get home and if I can get on that flight I’ll give him my seat.”

“Oh! Shit Lady! Thank you!” the solider exclaimed.

After much fuss, the attendant got her on first class on the morning flight. She had taken a cab to her hotel, instructing the driver to stop by a marijuana dispensary where she grabbed an edible and a disposable vape pen.

At the interstate’s exit for her hotel she noticed on a sign…

“Did that say ‘Families in Focus’?” She asked the driver.

“Yeah, they’re headquartered right there. They have a nice view of Pikes Peak.”

“Those are the right wing Christian folks, right?” Lisa asked using the politest euphemism she could think of for homophobic, right wing Neanderthals.

“Yup. Surprised you got a room here.” The cabbie said. “They have a big conference going on this weekend and I thought everything was booked.”

“Must have been a cancelation”

Lisa dumped her bag on the hotel bed, downed the edible and took a hit off the vape pen. She checked her makeup thinking she’d go down to the hotel bar and have a drink. It took an hour for an edible to work, after all. Once it kicked in, she come up and see how long fresh batteries in a vibrator would last and maybe stream some porn.

Much to her surprise the hotel bar was empty. With a conference in town she would have expected a crowd.

The bored looking bartender blushed as he hid his own vape pen in his shirt pocket.

“Hendricks martini with a twist please. And stir it, so it is clear please.” Lisa ordered, smiling at the bartender’s embarrassment.

“The lady knows her martinis.” The bartender replied.

“Where have I seen him before?” Lisa thought as she watched him prepare her drink.

“I won’t tell about you if you don’t tell about me.” Lisa said, taking a hit off her vape pen as the bartender poured her drink into an icy cold glass. She realized she would be getting a bit tipsy this evening. Good thing it will be easy to nap in first class during the flight home.

“Tonight there won’t be anyone coming in to complain.” The bartender grinned and took a hit off his own pen. “Please hide it if anyone does drop in though.”

“Yes. Of course.” Lisa agreed. She just knew she had seen that boyish grin before. “Have we met before?”

“You mean, not here in this bar right? I don’t remember meeting you before. Where are you from?” the bartender asked.

“Mission Viejo, near LA in California.” She smiled.

“I did some work in that area a year or two ago, but I don’t think we met.” The bartender replied. “And I don’t get out there anymore. Not in that line of work.”

“What line was that?” Lisa asked.

“Mostly work for an on line company.” The bartender dodged.

“Oh well, to a new friend then.” Lisa smiled. They tipped vape pens and took a hit and Lisa took a sip of the most excellent martini that had been prepared for her.

The bartender reciprocated with his vape pen and a sip of coffee.

“I am Phil.” The bartender said, extending his hand.

“Lisa” she replied noting that his hands were just rough enough to be masculine but not baby butt smooth like so many men she dealt with at work.

She could feel the few small hits she had taken, though the edible had not kicked in yet. It was making her flirty and the Phil was the only guy around. Besides, he was obviously a hunk. His broad shoulders tapered to a narrow waist and Lisa noted that he had a very cute butt when he had turned to prepare her drink. He had deep brown eyes and a rugged beard and tan face that spoke of many hours in the outdoors. Of course in Colorado and so near the mountains she expected that. His hands spoke of rougher outdoor exercise.

“With arnavutköy escort a conference in town I would have expected this place to be packed.” Lisa said, making conversation.

“Not with Family in Focus.” Phil said. “When the military is in town though this place is always party central.”

“Right. I forgot the Air Force Academy is close.” Lisa replied. “I hope you’re not offended but I am not much of a Family in Focus fan.”

“Neither am I.” said Phil. “I’m straight but I have lots of gay friends and they stand against all those people getting some of their most basic rights. And the way they treat women is unbelievable.”

In one dark corner of her mind Lisa happily noted that this guy was straight. She marked it as just a passing thought. While she had certainly checked out other men and flirted with them and also watched her share of porn she had always been faithful to Hugh. And she still swore she recognized him.

“I am so glad you said that.” Lisa replied. “But you’d think one or two of these guys would sneak in for a cocktail.”

“Sneak is the operative word” Phil replied. “We see that 9 out of 10 of these people keep the straight and narrow while they’re here. No drinking or partying. But the other 10 percent are major hypocrites. A couple will hit some bars away from the hotel and stumble back in drunk at closing time. And right now, I’d bet there will be 15 escorts in and out of here tonight. You get to recognize them after a while and they slip us a few bucks to be discrete about their ins and outs.” Phil said. “Pun intended”

They both giggled. Lisa moved on her bar stool to make sure Phil could see more thighs, though not yet the lace tops of her stockings. They continued to chat, flirt and exchange double entendre for quite some time, at least long enough for the edible to kick in full strength so Lisa knew she had been at the bar for about an hour. As always when marijuana kicked in she was horny and was beginning to think it was getting time to wrap up, go to her room and get as much out of her vibrator and perhaps some porn as possible for that evening. She noticed the hotel manager enter and call Phil over to the other end of the bar. They chatted, while Phil nodded and Lisa checked out his tight cute butt.

She swore she recognized him.

“Wouldn’t mind wrapping my legs around that while he did me.” She thought. Lisa was very tempted to try and get Phil back to her room, but was resisting it. She was pissed off at her husband and was seriously considering divorcing him now but that required sober consideration and right now she was not in the same time zone as sober.

Phil returned. “That was the hotel manager. He said I can close up as soon as I like. I told him I would as soon as you left.” Phil gave a boyish shrug and an uneven grin. “Besides, I’m enjoying myself.”


Now Lisa knew how she recognized Phil, but it was not from when he used that name and he did not have a beard in her image of him. But that shrug and the way he said he was enjoying himself gave it away to her. She knew him as “Woody Adamantine”, apparently his nom de porn.

She watched a good deal of porn these days. It was her only sexual satisfaction. Typically she would get high and watch porn on her pad while masturbating. She had favorited a bunch of movies on some you tube style porn site that all seemed centered on the themes of office sex and “nerds get laid”. “Woody” was in several and played nerds in the most over the top ways possible and always was getting fucked by the office babe or several of the babes. He had given that line in “Night of the Nerds IX” – one of the last pornos she had watched earlier in the week. She did recall that he had not really done anything new in a long time.

He had also been the stripper at her friend Deb’s bachelorette party in Vegas she recalled. That was a few years ago now. Lisa seemed to remember Deb getting too drunk and passing out half way through the show and the bridesmaids bringing him to their hotel’s bedroom for what they all agreed had been a very good time indeed. She had been loyal to Hugh that night, despite a great deal of temptation and alcohol.

[Alternative ending 1]

All this flashed through her mind in an instant as well as one last bit of self-restraint.

“He doesn’t know I recognize him. He’s just a guy chatting a woman up in a bar. I so need the real thing and here is a guy who I’ll masturbate to later tonight. I want the real thing!”

At that moment Lisa crossed a threshold. Everything that followed would be a result of that thought. What she was about to do with Phil that evening

Hugh had blown off his attempt to “make things up to her” with yet another client in crisis, so she picked up two guys at a local bar and had a very good time.

Hugh had found the condoms in the trash and the divorce had been relatively civil.

Right now all that was to come. Right now what mattered was Lisa’s increasing desire for this man’s başakşehir escort cock. Tonight, only her need for pleasure and desire for revenge.

“Hugh blows off some of the best sex we would have had in ages for work? Well he wants to marry his job, then to hell with him.” She thought. It would be a taste of revenge sex.

She smiled over her empty martini glass. She had finished it at least 20 minutes ago, switching to water and vape pens with Hugh.

“You know.” She said, shifting in her seat to flash more thigh and leaning into Phil. “You could give last call, make me another one of those wonderful martinis, then lock up. We could have our own little party in here.”

“Well the kitchen is closed and locked up for the night so no one can get in there.” Phil gave that sexy boyish grin, the one Lisa had seen so many times just as her vibrator was starting to hum. “Can’t get in or see in. It would be private.”

Phil left to lock the door as she quickly unfastened two of her blouse buttons. Her one indulgence to vanity, surgical enhancements from barely an A cup to a C would hopefully pay off tonight. It was a good investment that her push up bra was doing everything to enhance. She slipped her wedding ring into her purse.

“Phil, can you change the music please, babe?” she smiled as he prepared her cocktail. “This new age stuff sounds like old age music. And make yourself one and join me. You’re off duty.”

Phil chuckled and soon the thump of electronica was heard in the bar, kept a bit low to avoid attracting attention. Lisa swayed to the beat in her seat.

Phil poured the drinks and sat on the neighboring stool. Lisa faced him and crossed her leg, letting the tip of her shoe trace across his calf as she did so.

They talked and Lisa stroked his arm and played with his hair. All the while she would flash on “Woody’s” typical scene – a strong woman pushing herself on him. She decided that she really wanted to live that fantasy tonight.

“Dance with me!” she practically ordered.

She teased him unmercifully as she moved her body. She would dance close enough to press her breasts against him, then dance away. She turned, bent over and wiggled her ass before turning back and dancing toward him, pressing her thigh into his crotch.

“Fuck! he is huge!” she thought. “And hard as a fucking rock!”

She turned and wiggled her ass against his cock. She was panting slightly in excitement.

She turned again and pressed her thigh into his cock. If anything he was harder now. She wrapped her arms around his neck as his arms went around her waist.

“Am I making you uncomfortable?” she teased.

“Ummmm… a bit.” Came the reply.

Her hand reached down and stroked through his pants.

“Let me see if I can help.”

With that she kissed him deeply. Soon their tongues were dancing together as she stroked him through his pants.

“I’m with a former porn star trying to live a porn fantasy, might as well follow the script.” She thought and began to unbutton his shirt and kiss down his chest. She remembered that Phil had no body hair in his movies- the better to show off his massive chest muscles and six-pack abs. She was pleasantly surprised to find him still as smooth as a baby’s bottom across the chest and stomach and he still had a six-pack.

“God! What a turn on!” she thought. She had forgotten what it was like to be with someone who was so fit. She soon had his pants on the floor and took in the visual of his cock through his shorts. He was wearing those thigh boxer briefs and it really showed off his size and girth.

She popped his cock over the band of his underwear and teased up and down the shaft with her tongue. It was a bit salty and she loved it. She teased that sensitive part under the head then took as much as she could into her mouth. She made it about half way down. She was surprised. She could easily take the length of her husband, even when it wasn’t shortened by the flab.

She was licking and stroking, then just taking the head and twirling her tongue around that sensitive spot under the head. Soon she had Phil moaning. To Lisa’s surprise he pulled his cock away.

“You’re gonna make me shoot.” He explained. “It has been awhile, so… besides it is your turn.”

Phil helped her stand. She let her skirt fall to the floor. Phil had unbuttoned her blouse and had taken her nipples into his mouth. They only removed her skirt. Lisa moaned as Phil touched her pussy, first through her panties then moving the panties aside. His fingers gently stroked outside then parted her lips. First he teased her clit then stroked it gently between two fingers.

“OHGODTHATISGOOD!” she gasped. Lisa pushed her hips up, begging for more pressure but Phil kept teasing. He was kissing down her own iron flat stomach and had finally reached her pussy. He teased, licking around the outer lips then slowly up to her clit until just the tip of his tongue teased the small bit of blood engouraged clit that was between his fingers.

“OHMYFUCKINGGOD!” Lisa cied. “Harder! Please give me more!”

Lisa’s hips strained upward begging to be licked harder and he gave in. He lapped and sucked while he slipped first one, then a second finger inside her. At times they probed deep inside her; at others they curled up and hit her G spot, just behind the clit. Just the right pressure and she was soon…

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