The Firestation

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Many thanks to my editor for his time,expertise and gentle instruction. You have been and continue to be most helpful.


Jane was fresh out of firefighting school and she was hot! All the guys in the department wanted to take her under their wing and under their body. She generated pure sex appeal, even in all of her gear. She was the only woman firefighter in a department of 30 men who were scattered among 6 firestations.

Johnny was a veteran firefighter of 7 years. He saw people come and go and definitely did not want to see her go. He was 30, single, and wanted her. He pulled strings and made sure her schedule coincided with his. He sat next to her when they ate, slept in the bunk next to her when they were on the 24 hour shift, and followed her into burning buildings when they worked. He was her protector, her adviser, the man who lusted after her, the man who told the others to stay away from her.

He was well liked in the department and the only single guy. The other men watched him watch her. They winked and nodded their heads at each other when she walked in the room and Johnny caught sight of her. He was like a puppy seeing his feed bowl put in front of him. They joked among themselves that if he had a tail he would wag it at the sight of her. He had something to wag at her all right, but it wasn’t a tail.

Jane and she was every inch a woman. All 5’10” of her. When she took off her hat a crop of short curly blonde hair fell out. Her uniform covered a body that was a man’s best dream. She had an hourglass figure with a little more on the top half of the hourglass then the bottom half. Her soft brown eyes would melt a man’s heart like chocolate left out in the sun. She was soft spoken, her voice low and very feminine. She walked tall and straight and proud and her hips swung when she walked, like an invitation to paradise.

Her father was Fire Chief in another state. She had grown up with firefighters and wanted to be one for as long as she could remember. She knew how passionate they were about their work. It wasn’t just a job to them, it was life and death. It was a brotherhood and now it included women. She moved to another state with her father’s blessing. He understood she had to prove herself on her own, without his influence. A matter of pride.

Jane also knew what Johnny was all about. She had watched him as much as he had watched her and liked what she saw. He was tall with a broad chest and arms and legs of steel, built like a man ought to be built. All a definite plus for his chosen occupation. He was ruggedly handsome with thinning hair, a square jaw, blue eyes and a mustache. Oh how she loved a mustache! He carried himself with pride and dignity. She knew a dedicated firefighter when she saw one and she saw one in him.

She liked it when he looked at her in that special way, desire written all over his face. She knew when they slept that he watched her, looked at her curves as she wiggled her bottom to snuggle into a good position. She did that for his benefit. She wanted him as much as he wanted her but would not make the first move. She wondered when he would. Wondered how much teasing he was going to endure, enjoying the effect she had on him, enjoying the effect he had on her. Her panties eskort bakırköy were wet more often then not.

One day they returned from a call. Not a bad fire but bad enough to be covered with smoke and grime. It was her turn to take a shower first, since they had only one shower. She gathered her belongings and a towel . Johnny watched as she went into the shower room and closed the door. He gave her a few minutes then turned to the guys and without saying a word, gave them ‘the look’ and shook his index finger at them, letting them know they had better stay away. He opened the shower room door, stepped in and closed it quietly behind him.

This was the day the rest of them had been waiting for! They had watched this coming on for months and if he thought they were going to be left out now, he better think again. They gathered around the peep hole taking turns watching, anticipating and winking at each other and grinning from ear to ear.

She didn’t hear him come in over the noise of the water and her back was to him.

He removed his clothes and stood watching her. He had seen her before, through the peep hole, but standing in the same room with her was different. She was beautiful. She all he had envisioned, a straight back, heart shaped buttocks and shapely long legs. He felt his cock stir.

She turned around just as he touched himself. She drew in her breath and held the washcloth over her breasts, then smiled at him and slowly lowered it. That was all the invitation he needed and joined her in the shower.

The others were taking turns watching and felt themselves harden in anticipation. Firefighters are known for their passion, and this sort of thing had happened many times before. Some of the guys had girlfriends that they ‘entertained’ at the station. Everyone kept quiet about it and minded their own business. This time was different. They weren’t going to miss the action!

Johnny towered above Jane. He put one hand on her shoulder and one hand under her chin lifting her head and brushed her lips with his.

She let out an audible sigh. She had waited so long for this and with her eyes closed, sought his lips and found them. Her kiss was passionate and full of promise.

He gathered her in his arms and deepened the kiss, their hot tongues searing each other. Suddenly he pulled away, stepped back and smiled at her. “Don’t move,” he said. Picking up the bar of soap and working a lather up in his hands, he began washing the smoke and grime off himself, his eyes never leaving hers.

She stood tall, her firm breasts high and perfectly shaped, nipples hard, rising and falling with each breath. Her eyes left his and wandered over his body. She watched his rippling arm muscles as he washed himself. Lowering her eyes she admired his hard stomach with the six pack. His legs were thick and muscular. Her eyes stopped and rested on his enormous erection, and she anticipated what it would feel like deep inside of her. She was wet now and it wasn’t from the shower. Her eyes once again met his.

He watched her, pleased with the effect he was having on her. He saw her looking him up and down, saw her nipples grow hard, saw her lick her lips, saw her as she looked into his eyes with desire.

When he finished rinsing the grim off, he crooked his eskort ataköy finger at her in a ‘come hither’ motion. She moved to him. He had washed everything except his cock. “Would you like to do the honors?” he said, handing her the soap.

She worked up a lather, laid the soap back in the soap dish and took his cock into her hands. She stroked him as she washed back and forth, over and under, then on to his balls, her hands sliding over him easily, so softly yet firmly. He closed his eyes and groaned, searching for control.

He pulled away from her, took the soap, lathered his hands and began to rub her body with it. His soapy hands started at her long slender neck working his way down to her breasts. She felt so good! Her skin smooth and slippery under the lather. He watched her face as his thumbs rubbed her nipples.

She closed her eyes and sucked in a breath. His soapy hands lingered on her breasts before moving lower to her flat stomach and around to her firm buttocks, his fingers slipping and sliding up and down her crevice before squeezing each cheek gently. His hands moved forward across her hips to her most private place, and hesitated.

She spread her legs to give him access. One soapy hand cupped her womanhood with it’s soft patch of pubic hair and rubbed back and forth. One of his fingers slipped inside and found her clit, resting there for a few seconds. Removing his hands he reached up and took the shower head down and starting at her neck ,rinsed the soap off her lingering between her legs, knowing what the jetting water was doing to her.

Her eyes were closed, enjoying the sweet sensation the water was giving her clit. When she opened them, he was smiling at her. He turned off the water and placed the showerhead on its hanger. Reaching down he took her hands into his and brought her arms around his neck then kissed her deeply, as his hands roamed over her body. He kneaded her breasts as she held his huge thick cock in her hand, kissing her, kissing her like she had never been kissed before.

“Jane, I wanted you the first time I laid eyes on you. You make my blood boil.”

“I know Johnny, I know. I’ve wanted you too. What took you so long?”

“I don’t know Jane. I wanted to be sure I was reading you right.”

“You are Johnny, you are. Make love to me, make love to me now.” She sought his lips and kissed him. One passionate kiss after another, unable to get enough of him She felt his finger nudging her, slipping inside of her wetness, all the way inside her. He pulled his finger back, found her G-spot and massaged it. She whimpered when she felt the exquisite sensation he was giving her.

“I want to taste you,” he said. Without moving his finger from her G-spot, he lowered his body until he was on his knees. She spread her legs wide and felt his other hand open her, exposing all of her to him.

His tongue licked her inner lips as he breathed in her fresh musky scent. It was like ambrosia to him. He wanted to bury his nose in her forever. His tongue found her hard swollen clit and flicked it back and forth relentlessly.

She cried out when he wrapped his lips around her clit and began sucking it. He sucked it hard! So hard she thought he would suck it off her body. His finger moved faster and harder massaging her G-spot escort Her hips were moving by themselves, with a mind of their own. Her hands flew to his head holding him tight, unable to control her whimpers, her eyes closed tight, her mouth open and heart pounding. He was driving her out of her mind! Her orgasm was building higher and higher until it overcame her She cried out over and over as each heavenly spasm shook her body. She didn’t care who heard. She didn’t care who watched. All she cared about was this man and what he was doing to her.

He felt her body quiver and heard her cries but continued his sucking and massaging until she begged him to stop, her clit sensitive now. He stood up and took her into his arms. “Jane…Jane…my god you taste wonderful. I can’t get enough of you.” He held her close to himself, his arms rubbing her back gently, his face buried in her hair.

His arms felt so good holding her, so strong and protective, his words so sincere. ‘I could love this man’, she thought. When her heart stopped pounding and her breath was restored, she kissed his lips, his neck, and his chest where she nibbled on his paps. She kissed her way down his stomach to his hard cock and took it into her mouth. Wrapping her lips around his bulbous head she went all the way to the root and back, swirling her tongue around the head and dipping her tongue into the tip to taste him.

He moaned, clenching his teeth, and throwing his head back , his fingers running through her hair guiding her, as he struggled for control.

She suck him gently, tenderly, licking, sucking, making love to his cock with her mouth, while holding his balls in her hand. She stopped, withdrew her mouth, and made love to his balls in the same manner, licking and sucking and kissing them, burying her face in them.

His toes were curling into the floor. He felt her mouth on his cock again, only this time she sucked his rock hard cock in earnest! She took it into the back of her throat and holding her head hostage, he fucked her mouth. Hips and out…in and out…in and out….while she sucked him hard!

He pulled out of her mouth, turned her around and bent her over in front of him. She hung onto the railing attached to the wall as he guided just the head of his rod into her hot wet and willing pussy. She was tight! Her strong vaginal muscles grabbed him and hung on tight. Finally with a single hard thrust he drove himself inside her until he was buried.

It knocked the breath out of her. She had never felt anything like this before. He was thick and long and filled her completely, stretching her to the limit, the head of his hard cock touching her cervix. She whimpered and moaned, moving her hips in unison with his. Meeting each hard and fast thrust with one of her own. He held her hips with both hands as he slammed into her, claiming her as his own. He fucked her and fucked her hard! Her breasts bouncing wildly, her head thrown back and her mouth open, panting.

She moaned loudly and hollered “Please don’t stop! Don’t stop. Oh god please don’t stop!”

He felt her explode. Her inner muscles grabbing him and pulsating with each convulsive movement. He couldn’t hold back any longer and buried himself deep inside her.

She felt each spurt of his hot come against her cervix, mixing with her own juices. He leaned forward against her back catching his breath, then pulled her upright into his arms holding her kissing her, never wanting to let her go.

The guys at the peep hole, sensing something special between them had long since gone, giving them privacy.

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