The Flaherty Family

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By Jimmy (Two) Flaherty as told to Scouries 2004

The following story is true – the names and locations have been changed but everything described happened. The presenter, Jimmy ‘Two’ Flaherty, is a good fiend of mine, and he recounted the story to me recently when my sister, my niece and I visited his family in their country house, the same house described in the story. While there, I slept with many of the principals, all of whom confirmed its truth. The family’s lifestyle isn’t for every one but spending a month with them was a wonderful experience, an experience other less open members of our society would benefit from.

May 1995, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

I had just arrived home from Happy Valley, my first year studying engineering at Penn State complete. I was 19 years old that spring, full of life and full of myself, excited to be back with my family, eager but nervous, knowing I was about to enter into an unknown sexual world. My name is Jimmy Flaherty, and I’m also known as Junior or more often simply as ‘Two’, being the second James Flaherty. Born in 1975 in Philadelphia, I was the son of two eighteen year old unwed high school seniors, James Flaherty and Evelyn Ashton.

Dad was descended from Irishmen and although his ancestors had come to America over a hundred and fifty years earlier, he still had the look and feel of someone fresh from the old sod. He had been born on the wrong side of the tracks, the son of Maggie Flaherty and some unknown one night stand.

Although I never heard the complete story, it seems that Grandma was an alcoholic, a drunk, and maybe a prostitute, and died young, probably of pneumonia, after spending a winter living rough on the mean streets of Philly.

It’s amazing that Dad not only survived but prospered mightily. At ten tears of age, he was discovered malnourished and dressed in rags reading a book in the basement of the county library. Stunned to find this street urchin reading books meant for children years older, he had become something of a ’cause celebre’ in the local papers.

Finally, the State entrusted his care to the capable hands of a retired couple, Joe and Edna Brown, both ex-teachers in their late fifties who had never been able to have children. He was a brilliant student from the first and this, combined with loving guidance from his new guardians, ensured his academic success. His great marks, and the connections the Browns had, earned him a full scholarship to St. Fops, Philadelphia’s top prep school. It was here that he met Evelyn Ashton and finally fell in love with one of the prettiest and smartest girls in town.

Mom was an Ashton, a member of the Philadelphia elite; her father a senior bank executive, her mother from a famous shipping family. Mom grew up in the world of high society; museum openings, opera evenings, afternoon teas and debutant balls the norm of her existence.

Through most of high school they had hated each other, not so much because they were so different in background, it was more because they were far and away the two smartest students in their year, and were in constant competition for every academic prize.

I was never told the exact event that triggered their falling in love but it must have been due to that strange onslaught of hormones that eventually strikes every teenager. I was the initial outcome of that passion, my arrival the cause of Mom’s permanent estrangement from her parents. First insisting on an abortion, then favoring banishment and adoption, Mr. Ashton (forever after referred to as ‘That Asshole’ by Dad) behaved pitifully towards Mom, finally throwing her out of the house when she refused his wishes.

I was born in August 1975; just six weeks after their high school graduation and we immediately left for Happy Valley, both Mom and Dad on full academic scholarships. A year later sis, Isabel Marie, was born, and our family was complete.

In 1980 we moved to Pittsburgh, Dad armed with a degree in Materials Engineering and Mom a graduate of the School of Education. Dad had started to work for Pittsburgh’s largest Engineering firm and had quickly risen through the ranks of project management. He had been second in command of a recently completed $100 million bridge project and was due to be General Manager of a major road project starting in the fall.

Mom had taught for seven years before moving into school administration and was now a senior manager for the county school board. With Isabel, Dad and I free for the summer, and with Mom having July off, Dad had decided to tackle his biggest dream, the construction of a home in the country, on land he had bought ten years earlier.

The Browns had died in the early eighties, within months of each other, and had left Dad a good sized inheritance, money which he immediately invested in 200 acres of mixed field and woodland one hundred miles northeast of Pittsburgh. Nestled up against public park land at the base of a small mountain, the little valley was an idyllic and escort numaraları beautiful private world. For ten years our family had vacationed there, living in tents for three or four weeks every summer, Dad all the while planning a house that he would eventually build and live in. The fact of our availability that summer had spurred the final decision to build.

It was to this, that I had arrived home from school to that May, and I was looking forward to a summer in the country, eagerly anticipating the hard physical labor that would be required. Also the promise of forbidden sex lured me powerfully; the anticipation of what I knew was to come exhilarating.

A virgin when I had left for Penn State, I had passed most of my high school years completely unaware of the charms of the opposite sex. It had only been after Christmas of my senior year that the chemicals had exploded into my system, drowning out any attempts at rational thought, making masturbation my only pastime, every female a potential release for my raging penis.

It had got so bad that spring that even the females in my family could send me rushing to the bathroom. Sis bending over or appearing just in bra, Aunt Penelope in her bathrobe or bikini, or even Mom leaning across me, her breasts grazing my arm; all these small events would trigger erections that my hands would have to release.

And then, ‘voila’, that horrible time was over. My third day at University, a second year Art student seduced me, taking me to her apartment and spending two days in bed with me. I missed some of Engineering ’98’s initiation but Julie initiated me into something so much more interesting and fun.

And even more strangely, I was a natural at it, not only good in bed, but also good at getting girls into bed. For someone who had had no success with women before, and had never been a great conversationalist in high school, my ease around women and my sexual attraction to them was a seeming miracle, a completely unexpected gift. That fall I had made love to seven women, all students, all lovely girls who both taught me and were taught by me. I loved sex and knew it would be the most important aspect of my future life. I was having so much fun I almost didn’t want to go home for Christmas, and so arranged it so I would be home only two weeks.

Home and soon horny, the sexual ruminations I had had the spring before about my female relatives now turned into true desire for their bodies. Isabel had bloomed in the months I had been away, her body now bursting with sexuality. She was now 5’8″, with bright, curly, red hair some renegade Irish gene had produced, green eyes, and had a soft, white, freckled skin that seemed to glow.

Her perfect breasts, medium sized, pointed and upright, seemed to dance under the sweaters she wore, and when she wore dresses to dinner, the sight of the tops of those tantalizing white orbs, jiggling as she moved was enough to drive me crazy. As she would lean over to whisper in my ear, my eyes would travel down the hills exposed, aching to see one of her pink nipples, my hands clasped together on my lap to prevent an inadvertent lunge.

God, even Mom excited me. At thirty-seven she still had the body and look of a high school cheerleader, her short slim body firm everywhere. She was only 5’2″ and maybe a hundred and five pounds, a perfect English rose with a pure white, translucent skin. Although petite, Mom worked out often, and her body sprouted little muscles everywhere, her biceps, triceps, lats, pecs and calves all perfectly proportioned. It was strange to think that I wanted to see my mom naked, to lick the sweat off her body after her morning workout, to touch the soft opening I had first appeared from, but I did, fondling my hard cock as I surreptitiously watched her.

Finally, I wanted Aunt Penelope, Mom’s younger sister and only sibling. Penny was twenty-six that Christmas, eleven years younger than Mom and only seven years older than I. She was only seven when Mom had been banished from the house and it had been only through Mom’s diligence that they had stayed connected.

Every month from the time Mom had left with Dad she had written a long letter to her young sister, often with pictures of us and detailing our life. As Penelope got older it was easier for Mom to arrange meetings and twice a year during the early eighties Mom would travel to Philly to see her. Penny started university in 1987, going to the University of Chicago to pursue a Library Management degree, and during these years always spent a couple of weeks of her school breaks with us.

After graduating and then working a year in Chicago, she had moved to Pittsburgh, taking a job with the county Library system and had moved in with us while looking for a place of her own. Two years later she was still with us, a true and permanent member of our family.

At 5’4″ she was taller than Mom, and with her short, dark hair, white skin, quirky gaziantep escort bayan numaraları mannerisms and perfect full breasts, everyone immediately thought of Wynona Ryder who she genuinely resembled. Coming home, I had hoped that I would be able to seduce her but her working combined with the endless round of parties and socializing had left me no chance to carry out my scheme.

Increasingly horny, I went to bed and woke with raging hard-ons, and couldn’t wait for my return to Happy Valley. The morning before I was to leave I was woken from a deep sleep that had been full of erotic adventures, “Jimmy, Jimmy, wake up,” I heard, slowly conscious of a hand shaking my shoulder.

“What? Who’s there? What time is it?” I mumbled, slowly reviving.

“Come on sleepy head, wake up, it’s your last day at home,” I heard Mom say.

“Mom? Mom, is that you?” I started and then screamed, “Oh Christ, don’t look,” as my hands rushed to my groin, trying to cover my uncovered penis which was proudly erect.

“Oh Jimmy, don’t worry, I’ve seen you naked before. Do you always sleep nude?” she asked.

“Muuum pleeeassse. You shouldn’t come in to my room without knocking.”

“Actually I’m glad I did. Your Dad and I have been worried about you. You never seem to go out with any girls. At least I know now that your equipment works. And it’s big too! As big as your Dads. You Flaherty men are sure blessed,” she ended as she placed one hand under my testicles and the other on my shaft.

“Mooothhhher, God, please stop,” I begged, stunned that my Mother was fondling me.

“Do you have a girlfriend at school? Are you still a virgin? You never tell us,” she continued, ignoring my protests completely, her hand now slowly pumping me.

“Mother that’s private,” I groaned, my penis trembling in anticipation of its release.

“At least tell me if you’ve slept with a girl,” she insisted.

“Yes, yes, seven of them,” I stammered, already feeling the first explosion of sperm rushing upwards. “Christ, Mom, I love girls, I fucking love fucking them,” I cried.

After we had both watched the rich creamy strands fly upwards, landing on my chest and legs and over Mom’s hands, and after Mom had inserted one cum covered finger between her lips and swallowed, she rose and said, “Jimmy, I’m so happy we’ve had this talk. I know you’re Dad’s going to be so happy to hear about your success with women. I’m so proud of you.” Before leaving she leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips, then bent more and licked a drop of cum hanging from the end of my cock, then left the room licking her lips.

For minutes I lay stunned, flabbergasted that my Mom had given me a hand job and then swallowed my come. But as I recovered, my heart slowly returning to normal, I also felt an incredible desire, a consuming lust for Mom. The urge to go and find her, throw her naked on the floor and fill her with my again bursting penis was almost overpowering.

Finally after the almost manic feeling passed, I rose and quickly showered, knowing I had to get out of the house for a while and think. As I rushed towards the front door Isabel intercepted me, asking, “Jimmy do you have any time? I’d like to talk to you before you go back tomorrow.”

“I can’t now sis. Maybe after dinner,” I blurted, but as I left I couldn’t help but notice the look of disappointment on her face.

Late that afternoon I had just got out of the shower, trying to get prepared for the final family dinner before my departure, a dinner that Mom had insisted we dress up for, when I heard Aunt Penny call out to me for help. Putting my head around her door I asked, “What’s your problem Auntie?”

“Please Jimmy, I’ve told you a hundred times, Pen or Penny or Penelope, but not Aunt or Auntie. Can you help me with my dress?”

Pen was standing in the centre of the room, holding a black silk dress, a necklace of pearls around her throat and dressed in just a short shift, a covering that left little to my imagination. “What do you need?”

“I want you to zip it up for me; I can never reach these back zippers.”

As I watched, she pulled the shift over her head, revealing her totally naked body and as I gaped spellbound she quickly dropped the dress onto her body. She then approached me and turning her body offered her back to me. “You’re not wearing any underwear Pen, did you forget.”

“I decided to be a bit risqué tonight nephew,” she said grinning.

Putting my hands in the opening in the dresses back, I then proceeded to move them over her soft skin, sliding my fingers forward until they slowly encountered her full breasts. I held her firmly as she started to struggle against my insistent fingers, pulling her back until my heavy penis was riding against the crack in her ass. Whispering in her ear, I promised her, “When I get home this summer Aunt Pen, the big cock that’s riding your ass is going to fuck you gaziantep escort numaraları until you scream for mercy.”

Momentarily I removed one hand, and then hastily lifted the bottom of her dress and swiftly inserted a finger in her already moist channel, and her immediate moan signaled her willing acceptance of my maleness. As she moaned my name, I spun her and forced her to her knees, pressing my penis against her already open mouth, her lapping tongue already moving. As we heard Mom’s call from the kitchen, I spent freely into her stuffed mouth, my sap was leaking down her chin as I turned for my room.

As we ate dinner that night Mom, Pen and I were all nervous, and even Dad seemed aware of the undercurrents that were flowing between us. Only Isabel was unaffected, chatting away and carrying the conversation. In celebration Mom had provided ample wine and by nine-thirty o’clock we were all half pissed. Having to be up at six the next morning to get my ride back to school I was in bed by ten and asleep in minutes.

“Jimmy, Jimmy, oh please Jimmy,” somehow I heard these words and was again awakened, the second time in eighteen hours.

“Isabel? Is that you? What are you doing here, what time is it?”

“Jimmy, I know it’s late, but I have to talk to you before you go, it’s important. Please?”

Lifting the sheet covering me, I invited her to join me. Unsure at first, she quickly decided and hopped onto the bed, slid under the sheet and snuggled into my arms. “Now, what’s wrong Izzie?”

“I need advice, advice about men, about sex,” she started hesitantly. “I never thought about it until the last few months and now I can’t think of anything else. Are you a virgin Jimmy? Have you ever slept with a girl?”

“God, you’re the second person to ask me that today.” Seeing her quizzical expression, I explained how Mom had been inquiring this morning, and then went on to tell how I had been a virgin until I got to school. “You’re like me, I went through the same thing last year, I hated it.”

“Do you like sex, doing it? I’m so nervous thinking about it.”

“Oh Isabel, you’re going to love it. Once you find the right man you’ll know it and everything will work out fine, promise.”

“I’ve found him and I love him,” she whispered, “Its you.”

“No, no, no, Isabel, I’m your brother; you can’t sleep with me honey. I love you but it’s wrong. There must be some cute guys in your class, God, I’m sure all of them would like you.”

“I’m not going to change my mind Jimmy. When you come back in May I going to fuck you, like it or not. If you don’t like me or don’t want to do it again fine; but you’re going to be my first. No, don’t say anything, just think about it when you’re at school.”

Grinning, her demand stated, she said, “Can I see him, touch him, just for a minute; I want to know what he looks like, what I should be dreaming about.” Quickly she pulled back the sheet and lit the bedside lamp, exposing my penis, standing hard against my stomach. “God, he’s big. Will he fit?” she mused as her hands explored his length and hardness. As a groan escaped my lips, she laughed, “You do like me, don’t you? Touch my cunt Jimmy, please feel my sex.”

We touched each other insistently, and soon we both came quickly, our juices flowing into the others hand. Knowing it wasn’t either the time or place for what was to come, we still made a silent promise to the other, a pact that we knew we would fulfill in May.

I returned to school and classes the next day, sorry to be leaving these women I now loved and yet relieved, the stigma of incest still worrying me. I soon found many young coeds, happy to ride or be ridden by my hard member, but as I fucked joyously it always seemed to be Mom or Pen or Sis I was desiring, caressing, penetrating.

I also spent much time in the Library that term, an engineer reading philosophy, history, sociology, law, and psychology, trying to learn about this so called deadly sin. Although the acts I contemplated were illegal, I came away from my study strangely complacent about the evils of incest. I was reassured by the amount of writings and the amount of study on the subject. It was obvious to even a casual reader that incest had been practiced by huge numbers of people throughout history, in every culture and society. It’s hard to see yourself as sick and perverted if millions of people are practicing what you are contemplating doing.

My arrival home that May turned out to be anticlimactic, the immediate sex I anticipated impossible. I arrived home late Sunday night and Mom and Sis were off the next morning, off on a tour to choose between the three Universities that Isabel was still considering. Aunt Pen was at the annual National Library Congress meetings in New York City for the week and all three wouldn’t be back until Friday. I knew I’d have to find someone else while waiting.

Tuesday afternoon, while I was washing the family car, fate intervened, delivering into my hands a woman I had long desired. Mrs. Church, the young wife of our next door neighbor pulled up, her two daughters in tow. Hanna Church had been an eighteen year old high school senior when her father virtually married her off to his business partner. Mr. Church, fifty-five, had lost his wife to cancer and had become enamored of the teenager, finally convincing Hanna’s Dad to let him marry her.

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