The Flintstones: Wilma Goes Wild Ch. 03

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Wilma and Betty were having a pretty good time together. For the past three months, every weekday afternoon, they would get together and explore each other’s bodies while their husband’s were at work. Occasionally they would include Dino, but mostly it was just the two of them, kissing, cuddling, and gently fucking each other.

Barney Rubble was supposed to be working. He had decided to come home early that fateful afternoon and surprise his beautiful wife, maybe have a nooner.

When Barney entered the house he put his lunch bucket on the kitchen table and walked through the house looking for Betty. She wasn’t in the front of the house.

Maybe she was taking a nap.

As he approached their bedroom he heard some noises and noticed the door was slightly ajar, so he stepped very softly to the doorway. He could hardly believe his eyes when he peeked carefully around the door.

Betty and Wilma Flintstone, naked, engaged with each other; he just about had a heart attack!

He had a direct and unobstructed view for his fantasy come true. Betty was lying on the floor at the foot of the bed, near the door, her legs drawn up and her knees spread out, her wet pussy fully on display. He couldn’t believe how wet, wide open, and in such an excited, swollen state her pussy was.

Wilma Flintstone straddled his wife’s large breasts, completely naked, with her back toward Barney.

Neither woman could see him. He watched intently as Wilma’s hand slid down Betty’s body. He saw her fingers plunging into his wife’s juicy, open pussy. Betty was making a fucking motion with her hips, trying to drive the fingers deeper into her horny little pink hole. He could see that Wilma’s pussy must be right in Betty’s face, from the motions she was making he was sure Betty was fucking Wilma’s pussy with her tongue.

Wilma’s fingers were sending waves of ecstasy through Betty, and her pussy was humping frantically against Wilma’s hand. She grabbed Wilma’s hips in her hands to draw her close and began rapidly fucking Wilma’s pussy with her tongue. Betty thrust her tongue into Wilma’s cunt, and then spread it flat on her pussy and licked the lips from bottom to top, rubbing her taste buds over Wilma’s swollen clit. They were both so engrossed in the extreme pleasure they were feeling they didn’t realize that Barney was peeking around the door.

What a show. I’ll watch this for a while and then I’m gonna get me some of that, he thought, feeling his cock stir.

Only in his dirtiest dreams, had Barney ever imagined seeing his wife licking Wilma Flintstone’s pussy like this. It was so exciting and it was seriously making his long, thick cock throb wildly and tent his tiger skin pull over. He watched as Wilma pushed her pussy against Betty’s mouth, her red hair swaying as she moved. He could hear both women moaning as they simultaneously stimulated each other’s pussies. Barney grabbed at his throbbing cock and squeezed it hard.

He had masturbated many times thinking about his beautiful, redheaded neighbor, fantasizing about what he imagined her body would look like without clothes. Now her naked pussy was spread wide only a few feet from him, riding his wife’s tongue. He could see every detail as Wilma’s fingers slid in and out of his wife’s slippery cunt, covered with her cream.

He pulled out his cock and began to jerk off right there, deciding that he didn’t care if he got caught; he was going to enjoy himself as he watched this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The women were both so unaware of Barney’s watchful eyes, oblivious to anything but the wonderful sexual feelings building in their pussies. Betty planted her feet solidly on the floor and used her hips to rapidly shove her pussy against those wonderful fucking fingers of Wilma’s hand, driving them deeper into her drooling cunt. Her actions drove the base of Wilma’s thumb between her pussy lips so that it pressed directly on her engorged clit, sliding rapidly back and forth over the protruding little bud.

Her head rolled to the side and she gasped, “My pussy’s on fire! I’m going to cum all over your fingers, Wilma. Rub me hard. Finger my cunt!”

In that same instant she caught sight of Barney watching them with a dreamy look on his face as he squeezed and stroked his long, fat, man cock. Barney was hung, insanely large and thick.

He caught Betty’s gaze and held a finger to his lips, indicating for her to be quiet, not telling Wilma of his presence. In her already aroused state she found it more thrilling to feel her husband’s eyes on her naked, finger filled pussy as she licked and sucked their horny neighbor.

As she watched him stroking his cock, she squealed “Fuck my pussy, Wilma, fuck it hard!”

Betty’s mouth went back to Wilma’s pussy, she pulled her friend against her face until her nose was rubbing against her clit, her tongue was buried deeply in Wilma’s cunt. She swirled her tongue around the stacked redheads dripping, sweet tasting pussy, sucking her juices into her mouth. Visions of Barney’s hand stroking his cock as he watched them floated through her mind and excited her even more.

Betty’s renewed vigor pushed Wilma to the very edge of an orgasm that had been slowly building deep in her womb. Her hips began to rotate rapidly causing her now over sensitive clit to rub against Betty’s nose sending shock waves of intense feelings shooting through her pussy. Wilma’s fingers continued plunging in and out of the brunette wife’s cunt, stretching it wide. Wilma’s thumb was rubbing Betty’s little pink button, making her hump wildly against it as she approached her climax.

Suddenly both women roared to their orgasms, squealing and moaning, bucking and thrusting their cunts against each others probing appendages. Wilma’s pussy hadn’t stopped tingling from Betty’s delicate touches as she started coming back down from the orgasm when she turned and caught sight of Barney standing in the door with his eyes locked on her, stroking a cock that must have been all of fourteen inches long.

When their spasms finally subsided, Wilma slid to the floor next to Betty, they were lying there hugging each other, their legs still spread, watching Barney beat off.

He stood there stroking his hard, throbbing cock, staring at the women, naked in front of him, their juicy, hot pussies fully on display. His cock seemed bigger and harder than he had ever seen it before. The swollen head was ruby red in its excited state. He began to make short fast strokes with his hand wrapped around his sensitive cock. He felt his balls tightening in preparation for shooting his load into the air and quit stroking his cock.

“I think that maybe you ladies need some cock.”

“Oh, God yes! Why don’t you join us, Barney?” Wilma said, her voice Düzce Escort heavy with desire.

He stood there, clutching his prick, a smile turning up the corners of his mouth, and a general feeling of triumph hanging over him.

“Honey? Did you like watching us?” Betty asked her husband, she was a little red in the cheeks when she spoke.

Wilma and Betty lay there for a minute, gloriously naked, shamelessly displaying their mature bodies to his hungry eyes, the women enjoying the sight of his hand on his long, thick, swollen cock.

Wilma smiled; her red hair fell with a slight curl around her shoulders. Her large, full breasts rising with her breathing, the rosy little nipples swollen from lust. Her left hand played with a curl in her hair for a moment and then fell toward her crotch. Her fingers toyed with the red curls on her mound, slipping lower to stroke her puffy pussy lips. Her pussy was extremely wet from her excitement and Betty’s talented mouth. Easily wet enough to accommodate Barney’s monster boner.

Barney was completely aroused. He needed to fuck and he needed it bad.

Wilma stood and walked over to him swinging her hips seductively, reached out and took her horny neighbor’s cock in her small hand, squeezing it slightly. It began to swell even bigger and harder. He could feel the blood flow through it, beating harder, a thick, ropy pounding. She smiled at him as she felt his cock throb in her hand.

“We’re going to have some fun,” Wilma told him as she slowly stroked his thick cock. “Did you enjoy spying on us, Barney, baby?” She teasingly asked. “Did you like what you saw? Did it make you hot seeing your wife licking my pussy while I finger fucked her? Did we make your cock throb?”

“Does Fred know about this?” He asked, enjoying the way Wilma’s hand was stroking his cock.

Barney liked having his cock fondled by the beautiful redhead. Wilma Flintstone was delivering an expert hand job, expertly stimulating his cock.

“No Barney. Fred doesn’t know about this. But now that you know, I think you should join us? Do you want to fuck me Barney? Fuck me while I lick your wife’s horny cunt?”

He couldn’t find his voice, so he just smiled at Wilma, slowly nodding his head, enjoying the hand job. Wilma gave him a wonderful, sexy smile as she began to slowly increase her strokes, running her fist up and down the full length of his hard on. She lifted Barney’s heavy balls in her other hand and lightly squeezed them.

“Would you touch my breasts? Please? Rub them for me.”

Barney reached out his big, strong hand and placed it on her full breast; feeling the soft, smooth flesh. Her nipple was poking into his palm; he gently rubbed and twisted it, enticing a soft coo from her full lips. She led him over to the bed, never letting go of his magnificent cock and she lay back with her head toward his feet, still stroking his cock in her warm little hand.

Betty stood and walked over to the bed watching Wilma and her husband.

Wilma swung her legs around on the bed rolling on to her side facing Barney, gazing intently at his big, hard cock. She raised her leg, spreading herself for him. She slid his hand from her breasts slowly down over her belly to her juicy cunt. Her hand guided his fingers over her pussy mound and down into her warm, slippery slit. Barney began sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy. Her juices quickly lubricated his fingers making it easier to shove the thick digits deeper into her cunt. She switched hands and stroked his cock faster and faster. As she enjoyed his fingers fucking her hot little pussy she began gently rocking her hips, fucking her cunt against his fingers.

He heard a slight gasp, and looking up, saw Betty standing there tugging her nipples with one hand while the other was busy working on her own horny wet slit.

He smiled and said, “Does this turn you on? Do you like watching me finger Wilma?”

“Yes. I’m really getting hot Barney.”

Betty could see droplets of Wilma’s juices clinging to Barney’s plunging fingers. Without saying a word she knelt beside the bed, pulled his hand from Wilma’s cunt and sucked the juices from her husband’s fingers, one by one. She then place his hand back on Wilma’s pussy and began sucking on Wilma’s large tits, paying particular attention to the rising nipples.

“That’s it, slut. Suck her tits,” he directed.

He felt a wonderful sensation on his prick; Wilma was licking the head of his cock, much as Betty had done for him, but better. His excitement increased when Wilma opened her mouth wide, slipping her lips over the head. She flicked her tongue over the crown and he shuddered. Suddenly the softest, sweetest mouth he had ever felt surrounded his cock. Wilma began to slowly suck it deeper into her warm mouth and then into her throat.

“Oh, god, suck it harder!” He groaned.

Rising from her knees, Betty sat on the bed, drew her legs up and spread them. She took Barney’s hand, guiding it to her increasingly desperate pussy and sighed when he began to rub his fingers over her pussy.

She began teasing him, “Barney? Do you like watching me eat Wilma’s pussy? Do you fantasize about this while you jack off? Is this what you’ve been wanting to see all this time?”

“Oh yeah,” he happily replied as he continued pressing his fingers into both women’s slick, fiery cunts. He could feel their pussies getting warmer, their creamy juices flowing freely over his probing fingers. He could feel the silky confines as his fingers maintained their assault, pumping and sliding in and out of their buttery slick pussies.

Wilma shut her eyes, enjoying the fingers working over her pussy while she concentrated on sucking the thick cock in her mouth. She pursed her lips in an oval shape wetly around the fat, veined fuck shaft. She eagerly started sucking and tonguing the meaty cock very hard, slurping and gurgling loudly as she nursed on the blood-beating hardness of her best friend’s husband.

“Harder,” Barney pleaded. “Suck the cum out, Wilma! Oh, shit, I’m going to shoot a big load if you keep that up!”

Betty’s hands ran down her legs and slowly back up the insides of her thighs, caressing her pussy mound when they reached it, spreading the lips wide with her fingers, giving him a good look at her horny cunt as he fingered her, then moving on to her breasts. She squeezed a breast in each hand so the swollen nipples jutted out at him. Her efforts to tease Barney were making her hotter than ever.

“Here it is, Barney. Do you like looking at my pussy while Wilma sucks your cock? Your fingers feel so good. I’m so hot now, would you like to put your cock in my wet cunt?” Betty purred at him.

His cock grew longer and stiffer with the thought, the Düzce Escort Bayan red, leaky cock knob pulsing against the roof of Wilma’s mouth. She nearly choked herself, trying to stuff his prick farther between her lips. Her fingers tightened on the root of his cock, and then she commenced a fast, urgent hand job, feverishly jacking his boner from the base up to her sucking lips.

Barney pulled Betty to him; she climbed over him placing her pussy on his mouth. He ran his tongue all over her swollen lips, enjoying the familiar, slightly salty taste and musky smell of her pussy. He suddenly felt two tongues licking his cock as Betty and Wilma embraced over it. He slid his hand between Wilma’s thighs and began finger fucking her again as he tongued his horny wife’s cunt.

Betty shuddered as she felt his tongue probing deep into her pussy; steadily she began bucking against his mouth. His wide chin was rubbing her aroused clit and driving her crazy. She never knew she could get so hot, but just thinking about sharing her husband’s prick with her friend while Barney thrust his tongue into her pussy was sending her over the edge. She could feel him exploring every fold thoroughly with his tongue, her excitement surged when she realized that he would soon bring her to a mind shattering orgasm.

Betty watched Wilma slip her lips over the swollen ruby head of Barney’s cock. She started sucking it harder as his fingers plunged deeper into her pussy. She saw him raising his hips, driving his cock deeper into Wilma’s throat. Betty thought she would gag, but Wilma tilted her head to let the cock slide into her throat. Amazed, Betty watched him fuck Wilma’s throat as though it were a tight pussy. Betty couldn’t wait to have his cock sliding into her pussy the way it was pounding Wilma’s throat.

Suddenly Barney moaned deep in his wife’s pussy, he thrust his hips up plunging his enormous fuck organ farther into Wilma’s mouth. His cum gushed from the tip of his prick, making his fat shaft tremble and pulse as it disgorged its thick, milky white contents deeply into Wilma’s mouth. She tried to swallow it all, but some dribbled down her lips. Betty leaned over flicking her pink tongue out, licking the cum from Wilma’s lips, then she helped her lick up her husband’s seed running down his cock-shaft. Betty’s tongue met and licked over Wilma’s, she kissed her, running her tongue in where the thick cock had just been.

Barney was still breathing hard, and his head lay on back on the pillow. He would occasionally flick his tongue over his wife’s swollen clit as he regained his breath. He watched the women licking his cock and then pressing their lips together in a passionate kiss. Wilma was still stroking his cock to keep it hard.

“I think he’s ready for you Betty, dear. Are you ready for him?”

Wilma’s words excited her. She was surprised at her willingness to fuck her husband in front of her friend, but watching his cock sliding into Wilma’s throat had made her want to feel it pumping into her cunt. She wanted very much to fuck Barney and feel his huge cock stretching her pussy. Rising to her knees she straddled his hips. Wilma’s hand guided his cock to her open pussy, rubbing the head along the wet folds of her pink little pussy slit.

Wilma was getting excited watching Betty’s juices oozing over her his cock as she rubbed it between the lips getting it well lubricated. Holding his cock at the very entrance to Betty’s cunt, Wilma pressed her hips down until the head of his cock slipped into Betty’s clinging fuck tunnel.

“Oh, fuck me with your fat cock, Barney! Unh! Go ahead, stuff it in. Unh! Fuck my pussy, honey. I’m so wet and horny!”

Wilma could almost feel it in her own pussy as she watched it slide in. Betty felt Barney’s cock stretching her pussy as it slipped in. She started raising and lowering her hips over him. She wanted to feel it slide deep in her pussy, she wanted to feel every inch of his huge pussy pleasing cock pounding her horny little hole. Barney waited until she started down over the head, then thrust his cock up at her pussy, nailing his immense cock into her clinging, throbbing pussy.

She felt his cock stretching out her pussy and plunge deep into her belly. Barney’s cock was all the way inside her syrupy fuck tunnel, buried to the balls. Betty felt completely filled by the familiar fuck shaft. It stuffed her belly, reaching into the depths of her womb, her cunt fitting over it like a glove. Her horny husband started working his ass slowly below her, spearing his big prick in and out of the clinging sheath of her pussy.

“Fuck me, Barney! Fuck me hard! I’m so fucking horny now! Fuck me, fuck me with that beautiful cock!”

Placing her hands on Barney’s hips she began making long slow strokes up and down the length of his lancing prick, reveling in the feeling it caused as the swollen head slipped over the ridges in her vagina. When at last it was once again all the way inside her, she grounded her clit against his hairy pubic bone and sent new tremors through her now hypersensitive pussy. Betty was rapidly rotated her hips to increase the friction, enjoying the pleasure now surging through her clit.

“That’s it Betty, fuck his cock! Grind that cunt onto his cock!” Wilma said, encouraging her friend.

The knowledge of his first threesome caused Barney to become greatly aroused. Having his wife on top fucking him, Wilma talking dirty, and the feelings in the head of his cock as the tight folds of her vagina slipped over it left him breathless with pleasure. He was content to lie there and let Betty fuck him into oblivion.

Wilma was fingering her own pussy as she watched them. Her fingers and her pussy were glistening with her juices. Barney watched as she reached up and spread her juices over her swollen nipples until they were all slippery. Wilma rubbed, twisted and pulled on her rubbery pink nipples making them swell even more. He reached up and began toying with Betty’s nipples in the same manner, knowing his wife would enjoy the added stimulation and begin to fuck his cock harder than before, slamming her pussy down against him.

Wilma’s hand reached over to Betty’s pussy and her fingers found her love button. She caught Betty’s clit between her slippery fingertips and began to gently roll and squeeze it. She felt Betty hips jerking trying to get away from the intense new sensation, but Wilma’s fingers followed her pussy as it slid up and down Barney’s cock, driving her wild.
part 2

“Oh, yesss!” She hissed. “Do you like the way I fuck you, honey?” she panted. “Do you want me to fuck you harder? Do you like the way I fuck your hard cock with my tight, Escort Düzce juicy little cunt?”

Betty dropped her hips so her husband’s cock was buried deep inside her cunt and began to fuck him with a wild abandon. She felt the muscles deep in her pussy spasm as Wilma rolled her clitoris between her fingertips.

“Yes, rub my clit,” Betty squealed. She started bucking her hips in a frenzy, eager for harder, deeper thrusts from the wonderfully big cock. “Fuck your horny wife, baby. My cunt is so wet and juicy! Unh! Harder, Barney, please do it harder! Oh, fuck, oh, fuck me, I need to cum so bad now!”

Barney felt her pussy squeezing and milking his cock. He loved it when his wife would use her pussy muscles like that. The pulsating muscles made her pussy feel so much tighter and caused the vaginal folds to snap over the head of his cock sending a new thrilling sensation through his balls.

He could no longer lay still, he started throwing his hips up driving his prick deep into his wife’s pussy, matching her stroke for stroke, fucking her pussy as fast as he could. In and out his huge cock sawed, spearing into her womb.

“Oh Barney! I’m going to cum!” she gasped, almost shouting out the words. “Harder, baby! Unh! Fuck me, fuck my horny pussy!”

Betty humped and shuddered above him, grimacing and twisting her head from side to side, overwhelmed by the ecstasy of being fucked with her husband’s huge prick.

“I’m cumming!” she squealed, “I’m cumming, Barney! Fuck me, fuck my pussy hard. Shove your big cock deep into my cunt!”

Her pussy began to spasm violently in orgasm, spewing juice onto his hammering cock, sucking on the soothing stiffness of his huge, pounding prick. He kept fucking as hard as possible, relentlessly drilling his organ into the depths of her pussy hole, fucking her through her orgasm.

“Oh, yeah! Fuck that cock, slut! Cum on my cock!”

Betty fell forward on Barney’s chest, hugging her husband, her pussy still clutching his man cock in its tight grip, trying to squeeze the cum from his balls.

Wilma was wild with excitement from watching them fuck. Her pussy was flowing and her juices trickled over her ass and onto the bed. She practically pushed Betty off of Barney and licked her juices off of his cock from the base to the tip of the head, coating it with her saliva. Wilma nursed on his completely hard cock. She was practically crazed by her lust.

Wilma pulled him up and rolled him off the bed so he was standing beside it, his cock hard and slippery from her mouth. Turning, she got on her hands and knees on the bed wagging her ass at Barney.

“Fuck me from behind. I want to feel your cock deep in my cunt.”

Standing behind her, Barney could see Wilma’s fingers playing with her pussy. He saw her rubbing her pussy juices over her clit until it was shiny and protruding from the stimulation. He was very excited by the idea of fucking Fred’s beautiful wife. He was even more excited that his wife would be watching them fuck.

He stepped forward pressing the head of his dick against the slippery pink lips of her gaping pussy. Wilma reached back between her legs and manipulated his big cock, backing toward his saliva-coated prick until it started sliding into her horny hole. Once the head slipped into her slippery cunt, Barney grasped her hips and began sawing his prick in and out, making it penetrate deeper with each stroke.

She whimpered and bit her lip as she felt the meaty prick boring into her and stretching her pouting pussy lips, filling her horny hole to bursting around the invading thickness of his cock. Wilma’s hand slid down and she played with her clit as his cock slid in and out of her.

“Unh! My pussy’s so wet now, Barney! Unh! Fuck my horny hole, fuck it really hard!”

Betty watched her husband’s thick, slippery cock sliding ever deeper into her best friend’s cunt, and she felt her own pussy throbbing again from watching them. She just had to get in on the action. Laying on her back, she slid under Wilma until her head was between Wilma’s knees. She could see Wilma’s fingers stroking her engorged little clit as Barney’s cock kept sliding in and out of her drooling fuck hole.

Betty raised herself on her elbows until she could reach Wilma’s pussy, she started licking Wilma’s fingers as they slid over her clit. Wilma moved her hand out of Betty’s way and used it to help support herself, giving the horny brunette unrestricted access to her aching clit. Betty started tongue swiping Wilma’s clit, and occasionally tipped her head back to lick Barney’s balls as they swung close.

The hung, stocky, little man drove his cock completely into Wilma’s sweet pussy until his balls were touching her clit. Betty sucked on his balls, taking them into her mouth one at a time, teasing them with her tongue. While she continued to suck on Wilma’s clit and Barney’s balls, she scooted her hips over under Wilma’s face. Wilma understood her need and dropping her head to Betty’s now dripping pussy, began to suck on her cunt and drive her tongue into its fragrant folds, lapping up Betty creamy juices.

Betty, remembering the sensations Wilma had caused with her fingers, found Wilma’s swollen little clit and rolled it between her lips, occasionally nibbling at it with her teeth. Wilma’s reaction was even stronger than her own. Wilma drove her cunt rapidly back and forth on Barney’s cock, grabbed Betty’s ass in her hands and buried her face in Betty’s pussy, driving her tongue to new depths.

Wilma was so hot from Betty tonguing her clit and Barney fucking her, that she felt her pussy start to suck and throb, she knew she was on the verge of an extremely hard cum.

“Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy!” she squealed. “I’m cumming, baby! Oh, fuck! I’m cumming!”

As she reached her orgasm, she began squeezing her pussy muscles to further stimulate his cock. Her climax kept pounding through her naked body, making her cock-stuffed fuck hole ripple lusciously around the probing length of Barney’s prick. He kept fucking as fast as he could, his meaty shaft growing to total stiffness inside her belly. Then he rammed his big cock in to the hilt, and Wilma knew he was cumming too.

“Oh, fuck! Here it comes Wilma!”

A huge load of the white, sticky cock juice erupted from his cock head, spewing and streaming torrentially into her cunt. Wilma shuddered with pleasure as she felt the thick ropes blasting into her womb.

“That’s it, Barney. Shoot it all out. Fill me with your cum!”

She humped back at him, wiggled and flexed her pussy muscles, contracting her cunt around his cum squirting cock, helping the hung husband shoot out every drop.

As his hot cum continued to spurt into her, Wilma used her tongue on Betty’s swollen clit to quickly bring her to another orgasm. They all collapsed on the bed and lay still, enjoying the post-orgasmic bliss.

“Oh God, Betty! Where else can we go with this?” Wilma finally gasped.

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