The Forbidden Peach – Sisters Share

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Mel’s phone chimed. It was Janice, ‘Can you be honest? Do I look silly or sexy?’

Mel waited for a split second, then an image loaded. It was Janice standing in front of a full-length mirror. Dressed in a tight white corset with white thigh high lace stockings and a black lace panties that barely covered her at all. Now Janice has a body to die for, she worked hard for it. She is short, 5’2″ maybe 100lbs, mostly just tits and ass though, she had the perfect tight waist, broad hips with a full ass. Her tits too were just the perfect size for her frame, she had firm perky C cups. They were on display in the corset, she barely fit into the top and were spilling out giving her great cleavage.

Mel found herself just staring at the photo, lost in her own little world. She couldn’t help but want to send this to Jason, not that it would be fair but he would love the pic! Normally a blond Janice had gone brunette for the fall, his favorite hair, the glasses and her tattoos, all the things her man really loved.

‘Do I look sexy? Any other stupid questions while your at it? Be careful or I’ll want some too!’ Fired back Mel.

In an instant Janice replied, ‘Hmm, could be fun!’

‘I should hide your face and send it to Jason, ask him what he thinks of our new neighbor!” Mel had hinted to Janice that they had tried swinging once and really enjoyed it. They were new to it but would like to continue exploring that side of their love. He’d be wondering where the hell this neighbor was for years!

‘Don’t tell him it’s me but please send it! I want to see what he has to say.’ Janice was shaking while typing, this was going great, she had a fantasy that had started many years ago, maybe she could act it out.

Mel and Janice had always been up front with each other. A few years ago Jason had confessed that he really liked Janice. Mel was uncertain how to answer but quickly relaxed. She decided to tease him saying she thought it had always been a two way street. Janice had always had a thing for Jason, neither one would ever act on it, of that Mel was certain. Still she had felt like a little schoolgirl and definitely texted Janice that morning letting her know what Jason had said. Mel couldn’t help but feel turned on by telling her little sister which may have been the beginning of the seed, Janice was trying to spout into an incestual threesome.

Mel sat back on the chair, she had already copied the pic and had it ready to send to Jason, she hadn’t even tried to hide who it was though. It was so much dirtier to send him her sexy little sister than a random girl. She paused before sending, it was almost mean to send it yet it felt so right. She realized at that moment that she would love to share Jason with Janice, she trusted both of them completely. The thought of tiny little Janice getting man handled by Jason had her getting down right wet.

She knew what she had to do, she pressed send! It took a couple of minutes, Mel could see the little text bubbles appear then disappear a few times. Then she saw his reply, ‘Please tell me why you had to do that? It’s not fair I never get her. I would love to see more but I don’t think I would be able to control myself around her.”

Mel took a screenshot and sent it to Janice right away. Janice on the other hand wasted no time in replying, ‘You weren’t supposed to show him my face! You want to tease him some more though?’

Mel had to keep going, she felt like she was too deep now to stop, ‘Fuck ya I do, why don’t you come over, bring your little outfit and we can take some pics of us to him and drive him wild!’

Janice was more than game, little did Mel know this was her idea all along. She had never been sure how to pull it off, she wanted her sister not to get disowned by her. She climbed onto her bed, on her hands and knees she took her phone and snapped a picture of her ass in the mirror, she didn’t like the first one though, sexy yet too plain. She had to one up her last picture! Pulling her thong halfway down, you could barely see it. She was trying to look like a pornstar, not just a sexy girl next door. Janice decided to just go for it, she was sending half naked pics to her sister and she was then sending them to her husband already, what did she have to lose? Off went picture number 2, Mel didn’t answer for a little bit, but it was worth the wait.

In a flurry of fingers Mel replied ‘OMFG! You keep this up and it won’t just be Jason that wants that ass!’

Mel reread her text, she hadn’t thought it through at all. She had just sent her deepest desire, she hadn’t grown up around Janice and not noticed her. Once she had hit 18 or so Janice had slowly built upon her short frame. First her breast started to really fill in, tight and perky just like the rest of her. She had started to go to the gym. Within a few months her ass had begun to form, first a small tight thing, not much more than a handful a side. Then suddenly it was a perfect little peach, still tight and firm but just perfect.

Mel had always just been Burdur Escort jealous of Janice, it wasn’t until she started this new game that she started to realize it was far more than just jealousy that she felt. She could feel a burning in her just raw desire, she ran to her room to get something sexy picked out. She had to get ready for Janice.

Janice thought about not even responding, just driving over, but she replied, ‘I can’t wait to show him both of us!’ With that she got into her car and began the 10 minute drive to Mel’s house.

Janice was already wearing her sexiest outfit. She was nearly ready to go, the ‘photo shoot’. Clearly Jason wasn’t home so hopefully there was plenty of time left to get Mel ready. Janice felt like she was in heat, she couldn’t help herself so she grabbed her smallest vibe and wedged in her panties against her cleanly wax pussy. Wedged against her clit, with every step it would run up and down against her folds, all but moaning with each step. She put her bag in the trunk, opened the driver’s door and sat down. The vibe just kept at it, buzzing away as she headed down the road.

With each bump she would smile, the pressure would change just that little bit. Janice stopped fighting it at all and began lifting her ass off the seat rolling her hips back toward the seat belt. She suddenly regretted her vibator decision when she realized her eyes were closed while driving, she shook her head to get her wits about her and continued to drive, just whimpering lightly as she tried to block out her thoughts of what was to come. It didn’t take anywhere near the normal ten minutes but she pulled up to Mel’s house. She just got out of the car, dressed like a slut grabbing her bag and walked into her sister’s house like nothing at all.

Mel heard the door shut, just in time she pulled her red plaid skirt up, wiggling her as to get to pull over. Mel too had been blessed with a perfect body, any jealousy she had felt growing up had been felt by everyone around her. She had a similar body to Janice, just happened to be 6 inches taller, longer legs, the same peach shaped ass just bigger. Mel had a great firm waist. Not only that she had beautiful 36DDs, currently trying to be held by a black lace corset, she couldn’t let Janice beat her with hers! Mel too was spilling out the top but she also had a secret for Janice, the short red plaid skirt was the only thing covering her pussy. Fully waxed and just yearning for a gentle touch!

Janice made her way straight to the bedroom, of course Mel would be there. Janice quietly made her way upstairs, wondering just what she was about to see. Rounding the top of the stairs she turned only to see Mel looking every bit the slut Janice felt like in the moment. Her big sister was sitting in the center of her bed, barely dressed, filming Janice entering the room on her phone. Janice paused in the doorway, leaning up against her left side, hip popped out to her right. “Mel, you better, ‘Be careful or I’ll want some too!” She quoted Mel in a firm tone.

Mel then turned her phone around to face her, Janice could see Jason’s face change suddenly as Mel told him. “You had best get home soon, or I’m not sure what will be left for you….” She went for the sluttiest sounding voice she could imagine, again she was just going for it. She had basically just told her husband to hurry up and come fuck her and her little sister. She was way past thought, even desire, now she was just letting herself act how she naturally felt.

In the moment nothing was forbidden, very little happened based upon thought, it flowed like a river around a soft bend. Natural and beautiful, Mel crawled towards Janice. Spinning around to put her legs over the edge of her bed. Head back, feet on the floor, knees spread wide. One can resist a lot, but never can someone resist true emotion. The resistance built from an expectation of judgment, not by others but by her own mind.

Just as doubts started to fill her mind, Janice was sitting down beside her. Janice slowly sat beside Mel, never losing eye contact. Swinging her right leg between Mel’s, she ran her hand up Mel’s back, Mel’s breath was quick and jagged she shuddered at Janice’s touch. Mel leaned towards Janice, her hand going to the side of her face. Gently she pulled Janice to her, their lips entwined. Janice gently ran her tongue out, against her sister’s lips, Mel’s parted her tongue moving to Janice’s. As they really began to kiss Mel began to slow run her hand down, from Janice’s cheek to neck. She didn’t rush nor did she pause, until she reached Janice’s breasts. She gently rubbed, pushing back into Janice. Janice just relaxed even more and laid back, her eyes were closed but she felt Mel’s hand on her foot. Then the side of her ankle, then her calf, just like she had with chest, Mel slowly ran her hand up every inch of Janice’s leg.

As she neared Janice’s inner thigh Mel leaned forward, Janice eyes still closed she could feel Mel’s breath on her neck. Mel kissed her little sister’s Burdur Escort Bayan neck as she used her hand to push aside the lace panties. She expertly rubbed the tips of two fingers against Janice’s soaked pussy, then let a third join rubbing against her anus. She didn’t push in at all, just gently stroked her entrances. She could feel Janice’s little vibe buzzing away. She pulled her lips back from Janice’s neck that she had been mauling, teasing her little sister one more time before pushing her fingers into Janice’s wanting holes.

Mel had waited until Janice opened her eyes to push them in, poor little Janice came just as Mel pushed her fingers back in. She pushed all the way in with no resistance, Janice then clamped down on her fingers like a vice. She could feel every single wave come and go through her. It was intoxicating, she was almost ready to cum herself, without even touching her pussy. Feeling her sister’s pussy relax she began to really finger Janice. Only moments in though Janice clamped her legs shut, she could barely muster a word.

She was cumming, she had no choice and she loved it! Her back arched, her hips straining, trying to get even more inside her, once again she was rolling her hips this time though. Her sister’s fingers were sliding in and out of her with every push. She opened her eyes again just to see Mel’s beautiful smiling face, nothing but desire painted across her big sister’s face and she pumped fingers into her. Refusing to to stop or even slow down as Janice began to feel her orgasm take over everything.

Her vision narrowed, black edges crept in and from her deepest being she felt raw energy building. As her world started to go black she felt release, she was cumming now, never mind that she was squirting. She just through her head back, hips still arched and screamed “FUCK!” With that release she came back to Earth, panting like she had just run a marathon, she opened her eyes again to her surprise it was Jason she saw, standing beside her. He naked, rock hard cock in his hand, mere inches from her stroking it slowly. Just like Mel he had nothing but desire in his eyes. Mel had removed her fingers, she was starting to undo Janice’s corset. One hook at a time more and more of her began to show, with the last 2 hooks popped off Mel pulled it to one side.

Janice’s nipples stood erect in the cool air, Mel slipped two fingers inside her again, this time just to get them wet. Rubbing Janice’s nipple with her own cum then leaning in and cleaning it off, swirling her tongue around the erect little nipple. Mel sucked hard then pulled back popping her lips off of the nub. Janice was finally getting her wits about her by now and wanted to pay it forward, she had cum a couple times already now it was time for someone else to enjoy themselves. Since she was already on her back she just turned 90 degrees towards Jason, her head hanging off the side of the bed. It was a clear invitation, Jason wasn’t about to wait to ask anything at this point.

He took one step towards her open mouth, hand still on his cock he placed it onto her lips. Slowly he rocked his hips forwards until he balls were over her lips, she gently licked them, one then the other, before opening up wide and sucking he one nut into her mouth. As she massaged his ball with her mouth she reached up and stroked her thick cock.

No sooner had she started then she felt someone climbing onto the bed, then over top of her. Mel had climbed onto her sister, lining her pussy up with Janice’s, then she licked the tip of Jason’s cock before engulfing it, drawing it deeper until it hit her throat. She stayed still with his cock buried deep into her throat, she was licking the base of his cock in slow circles and Janice continued to milk his balls. She knew damn well he wouldn’t last but she also knew he would be up for a second round in no time! With that she pulled back, placed her hands on his ass and with the help of her little sister set off to blow his mind.

Mel rocked her hips back and forth, slurping her husband’s cock deep in her throat while grinding herself against Janice. She was amazed how deep she could go, trying to get every last inch into her mouth. She flicked her tongue out as she hit bottom, her tongue was met by Janice’s as her sister worked away at his balls. As she managed to get the last of Jason’s cock into her throat, Jason grabbed the back of her head and held her there. She could feel him swell inside her then she felt him cum running down her throat, to keep from gagging she sucked as hard as she could pulling his cum from his balls.

Jason grunted and continued to unload into her, then just as he seemed to have finished pulled back his hands from her head. Pulling his hips away his ball slipped out of Janice’s mouth, with his cock withering he pulled away enough to line it up with Janice’s mouth. With her head hanging off the bed he pushed it into her mouth. She felt the same as Mel at first, but he was so turned on it took seconds to rebound, Escort Burdur as he grew he pushed deeper and met more resistance than Mel. He grabbed the side of her neck to brace her and started to pump his cock in and out.

Despite her struggling to fit him she was very eager and wanted to suck him as good as her big sis! She reached up behind him grabbing his ass and pulled, letting him know she want him to fuck her mouth. When he stopped moving forward she would pull him in, within a few rounds of this he was balls deep in her. She was more than just content to get her face fucked but he had different plans.

Jason pulled back away from Janice. “Turn around, both of you, I want to see those pussies myself!” They both compiled, Mel climbed off of Janice and lay on her stomach. Jason grabbed her legs and pulled until her legs could come off the edge of bed. “Janice, just like your sister, I want to see my prize for the day!” Janice was inthralld, she had never been ordered around in bed before, she had always been the boss. She was beginning to see that she wasn’t the only one that had thought this whole thing through. She spun herself around to be just like her big sis, she realized that she would be more than happy to do anything Jason told her, she had always thought she had a limit but at this point she just wanted a cock in her.

Jason walked up to Janice and grabbed a hold of her thong, pulling it apart and tearing it off of her. Then he stepped back and stared at the most amazing thing he had ever seen. His wife and her little sister, at the edge of the bed waiting for him to take what he would. He had waited for the chance to fuck Janice for the last 10 years, never thinking it could be more than a dream. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would come home to Mel finger fucking Janice with a free ticketed to do anything he wanted. He wanted one thing more than anything, Janice had the sexiest ass he had ever seen. It looked great in yoga pants but that view paled in comparison to what he was seeing now.

“Reach back and spread them girls, I want to pick where I start.” Again a command from Jason, he couldn’t believe how it felt to just tell them what he wanted. He had always been dominant to a degree but he too was no longer thinking, just going with what his body told him. Staring down at the two girls was almost too much, but he wasn’t about to worry. His cock would be hard for the next 2 years if this kept up, he just licked his thumbs on both fingers and pushed them into each girl’s tight ass. Mel had experience with a finger or a plug up there, never anymore. Janice never told him of any ass play but they both moaned when his thumbs slipped in telling him all he needed to know, a few pumps into each and he pulled back out. Leaning forward to Janice he spat on her asshole, then pumped his thumb in and out a couple more times.

Mel looked back over her shoulder in time to see Jason rubbing his cock against Janice’s pussy getting it good and wet. “Fuck her ass Jason, I know you want it, just take it!” Janice looked over at her big sis, a look of concern in her eyes, Jason wasn’t a 12″ pornstar but he was a solid 8″ and thick. She hadn’t even had a cock that size in her pussy let anyone in her ass. Mel looked back at Janice, she lowered head back onto the bed, lovingly staring Janice in the eyes she slid close to Janice locking her lips onto Janice’s. In an awkward angle she made it the most passionate kiss she could. Jason was watching all this happen just as he flipped his cock up from Janice pussy and lined up with her ass. He wasn’t rough, nor was he truly gentle. He had wanted this for years and he was going to take it now.

He pushed slightly then backed off and pushed again, with each push he could see her ass stretching open more and more. The tight light rosebud slowly adapted. His approach paid off , he pushed back into her again. He could feel pressure building on his tip, then it suddenly released and he slipped inside her. Janice gasped, but as she exhaled he slipped in almost half way. The feeling was incredible, if she hadn’t been so turned on it would have felt terrible yet she couldn’t help but push back, wondering how much would fit! For Jason it was more than he could ever have hoped for, tight was an understatement and the heat! Her ass was so hot inside it was almost uncomfortable yet really just felt like a perfect fit. Enough room for him but not even a quarter inch to spare!

He paused his motion, just wanting to enjoy the feeling, but Janice was in and wanted more! She started to pull away maybe two inches then staring at Mel she slammed herself back onto his cock. It hurt, stretching her like she never had been but the pain also turned her on even more again she pulled back another couple inches then thrust back at him. This time he knew what was going on and thrust back with her, it wasn’t subtle, he stopped when his balls slapped against her pussy. Janice was lost to the feeling, she just needed more and more, she was riding him as hard as she could feeling the build towards another orgasm. She was quite happy with herself, she had managed to get a big fat cock up her ass, and it was her brother-in-law to boot. She didn’t realize that both Jason and Mel had dreamed of this as long as she had.

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