The Fuck-Its

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Big Dicks

As I walked into the venue, I knew I was getting myself into trouble. I hadn’t worn any underwear under the tight, black mini skirt and could already feel wetness accumulating on the freshly trimmed lips of my pussy.

I’d had a crush on him for ages. Probably since I first met him, but we always had an antagonistic relationship. It always felt a little like a cat and mouse game to me, but I could never be sure if he felt the same way. I was the feminist. He was the sort of bro-y, womanizing best friend to one of my closest friends. I thought maybe there was some palpable chemistry, but I doubted myself. I doubted it was possible. I knew it was probably a bad idea. But when I found out we had the same taste in music, I messaged him to meet up at a show regardless. There weren’t many times I chose to say fuck it in my new, healthier lifestyle, but this was a notable one.

I spent the entire week after messaging him thinking about what it would be like to fuck him. To have him fuck me, or at least want to. I made myself wet just thinking about it; I’d lie in bed, touching myself, fingering my dripping snatch, massaging my clit, escort şişli pretending my fingers were his tongue, licking up the juices eagerly soaking my panties, bringing me to climax over and over again.

I’d built it up so much in my mind, I didn’t think the fantasy could really become a reality. But it couldn’t hurt to play the game, right? To be a little prepared for the possibility. I felt sexy walking into the lounge, having a little secret only I knew.

I saw him through the crowd of people and walked over, hip checking him to say hello. He reaching in for a hug and the feeling of his hot breath against my neck sent shivers up my spine.

As the band played, I made sure to lean in and whisper in his ear as often as possible. His hand grazed the small of my back as he leaned in closer to hear me. I couldn’t bring myself to make any overtures or advances. I wanted him to do the work.

When the lights came on, I was sure I had missed my chance. As he walked me to my car, I was mentally kicking myself for not flirting with him more obviously.

When we got to the alley where I’d parked, I looked up at him and bit my lip. It seemed he’d finally gotten the hint as he leaned in to kiss me, pulling my hair as he gently slipped his tongue into my mouth, Excitedly, I kissed him back.

I could feel him getting hard through his jeans, as I pushed my body into his. He reached down to grab my ass, lifting my skirt ever so slightly, realizing the secret I’d been keeping all night.

“Oh. Fuck,” he managed to softly mumble, surprised, and obviously pleased.

He slowly moved his middle finger along the slit of my cunt, and brought it to his mouth.

“Mmm. You’re a naughtier girl than I thought, aren’t you?”

I kissed him and tasted my pussy on his lips. He softly bit my neck as three of his fingers worked their way into my cunt. As he massaged my clit with his thumb, and fucked me with his fingers, I started moaning, louder and louder, on the verge of cumming.

“You like that don’t you? You naughty little slut.”

“You know what’d I’d like more? That big, hard cock of yours inside me,” I purred in response.

I started unbuttoning his pants, and got down on my knees on the asphalt, taking his throbbing dick in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head, until I took the whole thing deep in my throat, almost choking me. I sucked hard, taking him in and out of my mouth, massaging his balls in my free hand. I looked up at him and his eyes were almost rolling into the back of his head. He pulled me up off the ground, turned me around, spread my legs, and thrust himself inside my tight, wet pussy.

He pulled my hair and my head back until he could moan in my ear how good it felt to be inside me. He reached around and started rubbing my clit, until I came hard, spasming around his member. He came with a shudder and a moan a minute later.

We stood in the abandoned alley for a minute, him still inside me with his pants around his ankles, me with my skirt hiked up around my waist.

I’d forgotten we were still, technically, in public.

“Shit, well. That’s certainly not how I was expecting this night to go, but I’m really glad it did.”

“Haha, I was clearly hoping in might go in this direction,” I turned around, pulled down my skirt, and winked at him.

“Well, on that note, want to come back to my place?”

“Absolutely,” I smiled.

When I said fuck-it, I meant literally and figuratively.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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