The Fuck Stop: Family Outing

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It was 5:15 on a Thursday. I had just left the office and was driving across town to my book club meeting at 6:00.

“Son of a bitch!” I exclaimed to one in particular as I realized I what I forgot: Leah’s shoes. She had let me borrow a pair of gold strappy sandals for a wedding I had attended a month ago. I had forgotten to bring them back to her for the last three weeks of our book club meetings. I decided there was no way I could flake on returning them again, so I exited the highway and headed toward my house. I figured I would still be able to arrive at the event more or less on time.

I pulled into the driveway next to my son Jake’s car. He is nineteen and a sophomore in college, currently home for summer break. My mind was on autopilot: “Okay Elena, you need to make a beeline for the shoes which are on the floor beside your dresser, and hightail it out of there to get to book club by 6:00.”

Being so ‘in the zone,’ it took me a moment to register the strange sounds I heard upon walking through the back kitchen door. Loud wailing and rhythmic grunting seemed to fill the entire first floor, but my brain did not connect the dots until my vision registered the source of the noise.

Displayed on my 60″ wall-mounted TV was a pornographic scene in which a muscular young stud was railing an older woman. He had her bent over at the waist, holding onto her backward-stretched arms at the wrists. He was ramming his absurdly large dick up her twat from behind, his balls loudly slapping off her puffy slit.

“Ohhhhh yessss! Fuck me, son! Fuck Mommy’s pussy!” The MILF screamed as she looked back at her fucker.

Still in abject shock, my head turned to see Jake on the loveseat. He was naked. He had turned to look at me. He had a pair of blue panties with orange polka-dots wrapped around his cock. I happened to know that those panties were made of silk. We stared at each other, frozen in open-jawed surprise, for what felt like five minutes but was probably more like five seconds.

“Oh my god, Mom,” Jake cried, “I thought you—”

“Shit!” I interrupted, “I’m leaving!” I said as I fled out of the door I had just come in.

I peeled out of the driveway and sped out of our neighborhood, my thoughts racing even faster than my car. I had not retrieved Leah’s shoes and was in no state of mind to share thoughtful commentary on a lackluster historical fiction book anyway. So I drove around the city for an hour and a half, ruminating about the appalling scene I had walked into earlier. I understood that my son had needs—hell, we all do! But how could Jake be so brazen? So reckless? He had a laptop and a smartphone; why couldn’t he rub one out in the privacy of his bedroom like the rest of us?

Mostly, I was trying to figure out how to handle this delicate situation. On the one hand, I had to nip Jake’s audacious living room wanks in the bud. But on the other hand, I didn’t want to shame him any more than was necessary. There were a couple of things I kept getting stuck on, though. One was Jake’s use of my panties—yesterday’s used panties—as a masturbation aide. The other was an image my mind wanted to deny, but kept resurfacing. During the interminable moment that we stared at each other in shock, Jake kept slowly pumping his panty-wrapped cock.

I dreaded the possibility of having to face Jake when I returned home, but I couldn’t drive aimlessly forever. Luckily, when I walked back in the house, he was in his room. I grabbed a protein bar out of the cupboard for dinner and hid in my room as well. I just couldn’t face that conversation. I’d have to tackle it the next day.

Feeling somehow dirty from the evening’s turn of events, I took off my work clothes and started the shower. As I waited for the hot water to kick in, I caught my reflection in the mirror. My light hazel eyes stared back at me. Not bad for an almost-40-year-old, I thought. At 5’4″, I worked out and kept myself relatively fit. My caramel-colored hair grazed my collarbone and complimented the rosy-brown nipples on my grapefruit-sized tits. I did not have much body hair to begin with, but my little pubic bush was tidily trimmed. I wondered if I was a “MILF,” then forcefully pushed the thought out of my head, due to its connection to the shit-show earlier.

In any case, I was still attractive, I thought as I stepped into the steamy shower. As I often did around this time of night, I started thinking I should make more effort to date. I hadn’t made it a priority since Jake’s father left ten years ago. I’d been dating more since Jake went off to college, but it only amounted to short-term things that fizzled out and a few mediocre one-night-stands.

I sighed and continued with the next step in my nightly routine. After lathering myself with body wash, I began massaging my tits, then let my fingers migrate downward. I unhooked the handheld shower sprayer from its base on the wall and slid it up and down the front, then the back of my body. I leaned back and braced myself on the corner of the bathtub. I thought about that tasty güvenilir bahis chap from the Aquaman movie and positioned the showerhead directly below my pussy. I adjusted the setting to “massage” and enjoyed the stronger pulses of water on my clit.

My sexual proclivity tends toward submission, so I usually fantasize about a strong man taking control of me in some form or fashion. I was deep into a fantasy and the long-haired Aqua-stud was pounding my cunt from behind. I had the water pressure just right, my pussy was hot, and I was about to get the orgasm I needed. I imagined looking back at the beefcake fucking me as I started to cum, but instead saw the lust-dazed face of my son. I immediately recoiled from my horny reverie and my orgasm died on the vine. I was left with my pelvis humping fruitlessly into the cascading water. I went to bed unsatisfied.


Having tossed and turned more than I slept that night, I woke the next morning feeling exhausted and crabby. I also woke up late, leaving me no time to masturbate to rectify the loss of last night’s climax. If I get turned on and for whatever reason can’t cum, I stay in an extremely horny and frustrated state until I get release. On top of all this, I was dreading the talk I would need to have with Jake that evening. But my busy work day provided sufficient distraction, and my mood eventually leveled out.

When I returned home, Jake was eating a sandwich at the kitchen table. Seeing me enter, he picked up his plate and tried to duck out of the kitchen.

“Jake, sit down. Let’s chat,” I said.

He sat, looking down at the table. “I don’t know what you want me to say, Mom.”

“Well,” I started, with a touch of sarcasm, “You can start by explaining what possessed you to blare porn on the living room TV, while… having a go at yourself… on the loveseat!”

“I’m sorry Mom, I thought you had book club. I didn’t mean for you to see me,” Jake replied.

“I understand that you have a healthy sex drive, Jake, and I’m not trying to demonize you for that. But the whole way you were going about it last night was completely inappropriate,” I said.

“I know it was a bit… over the top,” Jake said. “But you can’t possibly imagine how horny I am constantly. I thought it would get easier over summer break, but it hasn’t. My last semester was really tough and stressful. There are so many hot girls everywhere on campus, and a lot of them want my… erm… they come on to me. But I knew there was no way I’d pass calculus, let alone physics, if I was chasing tail. Seriously Mom, it was really hard.”

Jake’s last sentence caught me off guard for a second, until I put it on context of his previous words. I mentally shook off the word “hard” that lingered in my head. Then I sat silent to contemplate the dilemma he faced at school. Poor Jakey was having to fight off the pussy with a stick, it sounded like. My mirth turned into sympathy when I saw the forlorn look on his face.

Jake really was growing into a fine specimen. He got his height and broad chest and shoulders from his father. He stood a little over 6′, and built his physique playing football in high school. He wasn’t on any sport team in college, but was obviously doing something to stay in shape. His sandy blond hair had grown a little shaggy. His deep brown eyes and chiseled jaw line really rounded out the package. I supposed I was seeing Jake not as my little boy, but as a man for the first time. It was disconcerting, particularly in light of last night’s mishap.

“Okay, Jake. I can see where you’re coming from. But why were you using those panties—my used panties—to… pleasure yourself?” I asked, feeling my cheeks grow hot.

Jake hung his head and groaned. “I told you Mom, I’m horny 24-7. I jerk off a lot. Like a LOT. And my hand just isn’t cutting it anymore. If I’m going to stay focused on my classes, I need to stay away from girls. That means I need something more… realistic, more fulfilling to get off. That’s why I was rubbing your panties on my cock. I’m sorry. I know that’s not okay.”

I flinched at his unnecessarily lewd language choice.

“Well, Son, I can’t have you masturbating in our common areas, or with my undergarments. It’s inappropriate. I do support your wish to focus on your studies, of course. But you say you need something more ‘real’ to use. Do you have any other ideas as to what might satisfy you? Something that can be kept private?”

Jake seemed to think for a moment. “Um… actually, I think having some… toys would help my situation a lot.”

“Some toys… as in…” I stopped myself before I said anything rude or presumptuous.

“Yeah, like maybe a couple of fleshlights. Or a sex doll,” Jake said.

“Really, Jake? A sex doll? Where the hell would you keep a sex doll in your shared campus apartment?” I asked, incredulous.

“Okay,” he said sheepishly, “Maybe just the fleshlight, then.”

I fought hard not to outwardly react. I knew all about fleshlights, I wasn’t that far out of the türkçe bahis loop. In fact, a guy I briefly dated had one in his closet that I accidentally came across. When I first figured out what it was, I was somewhat disgusted. But over time, I found myself fantasizing about walking in on him using it. Something about the perceived depravity of it was a major turn on for me.

I was feeling uncomfortable and ready to end this conversation with Jake.

“Okay hon, I’ll give you my credit card and you can order yourself a couple of toys. Sound good?”

“Actually Mom, I was kinda hoping you could take me to this adult store here in town. They supposedly have a big variety of toys displayed so you can… get a feel for what you like.”

I stopped myself just before I got exasperated with Jake and told him to take his damn self to the sex store. I sensed he was experiencing—what—sensitivity? Embarrassment? I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but it just seemed like one of those times he needed his mom. I didn’t want to further shame him for his sexual needs, and I did want to support him. So, I agreed to go with my son to a store called The Fuck Stop the next day.

I didn’t dare attempt masturbating that night, for fear of Jake’s invading presence in my mind.


The next day was a scorcher and I reached for a breezy sundress, which was about all I could stand to have covering my body. I tried to push down the perturbed feeling I had as I got ready to go out for the day with Jake. I figured a big part of it must have been my increasing sexual frustration due to not getting off for a few days. The other part was that I just felt plain uneasy about shopping for sex toys with my son. But I put on a happy face, determined not to make this outing any weirder than it needed to be.

Luckily, things were mostly back to normal between myself and Jake as we had breakfast in the kitchen. We puttered around for a bit, had lunch at a downtown café, and eventually arrived at The Fuck Stop. Rather nondescript from the outside, we were both amazed at the store’s inner expanse. It seemed pretty deserted. I told Jake to go look at what he came for, and I would be browsing around if he needed me.

Just after Jake and I split up, two employees walked swiftly out of a back area of the store. They were smoothing their clothes, tidying up, as if they had been lying down on the job. Forgivable, I thought, given the lack of business at the time. The male employee was walking toward me. He was probably in his late 30s (maybe a couple years younger than me), really good looking, tall with dark hair and eyes and a fit, wiry build. The woman, whose fiery red hair I only caught a glimpse of, bustled away in the opposite direction.

“Hello there! Welcome to The Fuck Stop. Can I help you find something?” he said, and gave a wide, friendly smile.

“Oh, no. Thank you though,” I said. “I’m just perusing.”

“Great, well let me know if I can assist you in any way.”

He didn’t rush off like a typical retail employee. Instead, he lingered an extra moment, staring intently into my face. That brief flash of his interest caused my neck and face to redden and a tide of excited heat to roll through my crotch.

“Sure will,” I said and turned away.

I wandered around the spacious store and found myself getting horny despite my best efforts to stay detached. God, I really should have rubbed one out before we left, I thought. I walked past some slutty lingerie and imagined the panties being pulled aside while a big cock entered me. I scanned the covers of the porn videos and recalled the MILF getting fucked in Jake’s porn. I wound up in the women’s toy section, surrounded by dildos and vibrators. Looking at the veiny, silicone cocks caused me to wonder exactly how long had it been since I’d been fucked.

As I contemplated this, I was startled by the male employee who walked up and was standing right behind me, close enough for me to feel his warmth. His presence gave me full-body chills.

Then came his low-toned voice. “Are you sure you don’t need any help? You’ve been browsing for quite a while.”

I checked my watch, and sure enough, we’d been there for 30 minutes already. I stood still, almost trembling from feeling his breath on my ear. I could find no words to say at the moment.

“I’m Brad, by the way,” he said as he inched closer to me. His front was now in full contact with my back.

“Elena,” I scratched out.

“Elena,” he repeated. “Maybe I can help you find a toy you’d really like. How does that sound, Elena?”

“Okay,” I nearly whispered.

Brad reached around in front of me to replace an errant item on its correct hook.

“So tell me, what are your favorite things to do in the bedroom? That will help me find the perfect toy for you.”

I was incredibly surprised to hear myself replying: “I like just about everything, but I have a fantasy of being fucked and licked at the same time.”

“Oh yeah? That does sound hot.” I swore I güvenilir bahis siteleri felt Brad push his hips into me slightly as he said that. “I think I have just the thing,” he said.

Brad led me to a nearby aisle, his hand on my lower back. My cunt was growing warmer and I had to imagine my panties were beginning to dampen.

He grabbed a box off the shelf which showed a pink dildo that curved back around and on the shorter end, had a tongue-like appendage.

“Wow. Never seen one of those,” I said.

“Yep. Cutting edge technology here,” Brad replied. “And it comes with an instructional video. I’ll set you up in one of our viewing rooms.”

Before I could protest, Brad was shuffling me off to another part of the store.

“Wait here just a minute and I’ll get the video cued up,” he said and was gone.

As I stood there awkwardly, I caught sight of my son and the redheaded female employee a few aisles over. I couldn’t tell what they were looking at, but it seemed that the woman was reviewing their product selection with him. They were standing very close to one another. They didn’t seem to notice me.

Then Brad reappeared and ushered me into a small, clean room with a padded bench built into one side and a viewing screen on the opposite side. He patted the bench, motioning me to sit down, which I did. I think he could tell I was in heat at this point.

Brad unboxed the fancy toy, but did not hand it to me. Instead, he lifted up the skirt of my sundress and bent at his waist to inspect. He placed his thumb on the wet spot in my panties, pressing lightly. I moaned. He then set down the dildo, pointing toward my pussy.

“Mmm…” he said as he licked the thumb that touched my wet panties. “Enjoy, Elena.”

Brad walked out, closing the door behind him. A minute later, the video started playing.

At first, I couldn’t pay attention because of the shock and lust swirling together within me. I couldn’t believe that a sex store employee would be so bold, and yet, I really wished he’d come back and fuck my dripping pussy. The implications of the situation began to set it. Brad put me in this room with this toy and video so I could test it out on myself. Not only that, but he had deliberately turned me on so much, I couldn’t resist.

On the screen, images of the product floated around for a minute before cutting abruptly to a scene of a couple on a bed. The nude woman was leaning back against the headboard with her thighs spread wide. Her muscular male companion had his face buried in her snatch. The video zoomed in on the pussy-eating action for a few moments, then switched to a new scene. This one featured a skinny woman with small tits who was riding the face of her lover, in evident ecstasy.

I gasped and felt my juices soaking through my panties. My hand made its way down to my crotch and my middle finger pressed right where Brad’s thumb had been moments before. I felt pretty weird preparing to masturbate since my son and I had come here together. But it wasn’t like he was watching me. This was a private room. I resigned myself to the fact that this was happening.

The video then cut to a woman holding the product and talking about its features. There was a closeup of the tongue part and you could see it had tiny bumps on the surface to simulate a real tongue. The camera panned out and you could see the woman was sitting on a chaise, with her bottom half totally naked. She pressed a button and the tongue came to life with a muted buzz. She demonstrated how to change the “licking” pattern and speed and then applied the tongue toy to her clit.

It looked pretty fucking hot, so I decided to check it out. I slid down my panties, opened my legs and hiked my feet up on to the bench with me. My pussy was totally exposed and it was making me horny to know that while no one could see me, I was technically still in public. Gripping the dildo part, I turned the toy to a random licking setting at medium speed setting and moved it closer. When it reached my clit, it was definitely a unique sensation. I realized that there was a little bottle of lube included in the box so I squirted some on my mound and let it drip down. I put the toy back on my clit and my pelvis popped up toward the slippery stimulation. Ahhh fuck.

I enjoyed the mock pussy-licking action as the video continued to show a variety of different hot cunnilingus clips. After a few minutes, the porn scenes transitioned to three-ways. In the first, a buxom blond bimbo was on her back, being fucked hard by a bald stud while a brunette girl was bending over the side of the couch, tonguing her clit.

The demonstrator woman came back on to showcase other features of the toy. Then, looking deep into the eye of the camera, she stuffed the longer end of the dildo into her pussy.

“Oh Christ,” I muttered and couldn’t wait a second longer to mime her actions. I flipped the toy around so the cock end was pointing toward me. I teased my sopping hole a little before easing the dildo in, inch by inch. As I worked the toy into my steaming cunt, the video returned back to porn scenes. A particularly hot one showed a horny co-ed riding some cock in reverse cowgirl while another guy lapped his tongue from her opening to her clit over and over.

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