The Game of Debts: Part Two – A Begging Puppy

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Ella couldn’t remember how she got in the small cage as she lay hunched on her side with her knees folded on the small bedding. After a door had been opened and Ella left the room, face wet and ruined from the spit and tears she’d gathered trying to swallow that stupid, pink dildo, she’d heard a sound, like of some vent being opened, and then her memories went blank.

Then she’d woken in her current predicament – trapped in a cage obviously made for a largish dog, still wearing her short skirt, tail and skimpy outfit..

She was also collared.

The red leather was fastened tightly around her neck, with a golden spherical bell hanging from the front, tinkling with every move she made, which for some reason was so so humiliating.

But not as humiliating as the leash fastened next to it and looped around the front of the cage, forcing her head near ground level and keeping her either laying down, or on all fours with the tail sticking out her cute little butt.

And to top it all off, a metallic bowl of fresh, clean water stood on the floor next to the blankets making out her bedding.

Of course, her first instinct would have been to pick it up with her hands and slowly pour the water in her parched mouth. But the screen in front of her cage had taken that option from her.

Not even now, during a brief resting period between rooms, she was being humiliated through a few lines on a giant screen in front of her.

[Sleeptime! All puppies need plenty of sleep, in order to regain their strength and greet a new day of training and fun games with their owners. However, even while sleeping, a few rules are in order for untamed little puppies.


No speaking. Puppies don’t speak. If you have something you wish to convey, a soft and docile bark is your best way to get your owner’s attention.

No walking on two legs. Puppies don’t walk on two feet. Instead, they are blessed with four! So stay on all fours at all times when you aren’t laying down.

No hands. Puppies don’t have hands, they have paws, which are made for walking and nothing else. If you need to fetch, move or eat something, use that cute little mouth of yours. It will do the job nicely!

No removing any of your pretty little accessories. They are there for a reason! So let that tail and collar stay where they belong, on your pretty little body!

Failure to follow these directives will result in 1000$ added to your debt for each time you disobey.

Sleep well, little puppy!

The words made Ella’s cheeks burn. She wasn’t a damn dog!

“If you think I’m going to- aghhh!”

Her defiance was cut off by the sudden eruption of searing pain, starting from her collared pain and spreading in all directions, making her muscles spasm as some kind of electrical bolt punished her for disobeying.

A fucking electric collar?!?!

They had actually put one of those buzzing dogtraining collars on her! Wasn’t those illegal?

Legality obviously wasn’t a major concern for whoever had put all of this together, but that was too nuanced a realization for Ella to reach at this moment.

“Take this fucking thing off m-“ *Buzz!* “-ahhhg!”

Her entire body jerked from the godforsaken collar as it sent yet another bolt through her and she fell down hard on the folded blankets beneath her knees.

She didn’t like to give in. It was sort of her thing. The shock and fear Tekirdağ Escort in that first room had made her forget about this very prominent part of her personality, but waking up in a cage with a collar around her neck and a fucking bowl on the floor to drink from has made it all come back.

“Just fucking let me go! AAAAGGHH!!!”

This one was the toughest. It made her flail and squeal as it shot through and when the pain ebbed out, she couldn’t even lift her arms or head. She just lay there, panting and quietly sobbing, still fuming inside but also realizing how goddamn thirsty she was.

The surface of the water was still as she eyed the bowl, throat feeling as if it was made out of sand.

Her legs trembled of pent down anger as she got up on her knees and crawled the short distance until she was standing on all fours looking down on the beautiful water.

Damn, she was thirsty. Maybe it would be worth another 1000$ for her to have a sip with just a little bit of dignity. To show them that she wouldn’t bend to some hidden, anonymous pervs! She raised her hands to pick up the bowl and just as she was about to pour it in her mouth, the collar buzzed again.

The water splashed all over the floor as the righteous fury of a certain amount of volts made her hands fly in different directions and the bowl shoot to the side of the cage with a loud clang.

And this time, the buzzing continued, making her squirm and whimper, completely helpless under the invisible hand of punishment.

“Bad puppy!” A voice sounded, robotic and echoing. “That’s not how a good little dog behaves!”

Ella shivered as she raised her tear stained face and looked at the screen.

[You’ve been a bad puppy.

1000$ added to the debt.

1000$ added to the debt.

1000$ added to the debt.

You’ve been a very very bad, stupid fucking puppy.

10 000$ added to the debt.

Current debt: 5 002 000$]

Ella’s eyes grew wide as she saw the giant addition to the debt. That wasn’t fair! She was actually more in debt now than before that humiliating first room!

She of course wanted to point out the unfairness of that giant, 10 000$ addition, with that famous, venomous tongue of hers. But for once in her life, she actually managed to control herself.

This wasn’t fair. It was embarrassing, humiliating and abusive.

But it also hurt. A lot. And she just didn’t want to go through another of those buzzing attacks again.

And as she crawled to a kneeling position, her thirst once more made itself known and she looked at the wet floor and empty water bowl with frustration.


[Are you thirsty, little puppy? Want some water?

Well, considering how naughty you just were, that will demand a mighty fine showing.

New objective:

Beg like a good, subservient puppy. Show us exactly how a puppy who knows its place behaves when she wants some fresh, cold water.

Reward: A new bowl of water.]

Ella stared at the text. Begging like a puppy? How do you even do that…?

No. Fucking. Way.

The minutes went by. Ella stubbornly tried to focus on something else, draw her mind from her dried throat and the wet floor. She would not act like a begging puppy. She just wouldn’t. No fucking way. Not for all the water in the world. Not for the cleanest, coldest, most refreshing glass of delicious…

Stop thinking about Tekirdağ Escort Bayan it!

She tried to face another direction, but the leash holding her in place wouldn’t let her. She even tried to curl up into a ball and sleep, but the need for something to quench that stupid thirst wouldn’t give in. Had they given her something? Was she really so thirsty that she seriously considered begging like a wounded puppy for some water in a bowl, or had they drugged her somehow in order to heighten her natural thirst?

After about an hour, she just couldn’t stand it anymore. Every breath felt like inhaling sand, and her tongue wouldn’t stop wetting her lips.

Now, Ella had always taken pride in her willpower. She wasn’t the type to give up and few were the antagonists able to withstand her stubbornness. Her sister knew not to mess with her, and her daddy was practically her own slave, cleaning her room and even doing her homework in the subjects she trusted him with. For those outside his abilities, she had a network of simps fighting for the honor of doing Ella the Rose Princess’ homework. The nickname stemmed from her surname Rosen and the fact that everyone treated her like a princess. She hadn’t come up with it, but hadn’t tried to quell it either. She’d kinda liked it.

But despite her legendary prowess of long term, mental warfare and awe spoken abilities of wearing down her future subjects with tirades of scolding adjectives and dehumanizing comparisons, she now stood in front of an enemy she had no way of fighting. Unarmed, having already lost her first battle while shocked and unprepared, she now stood at a crossroad of having to choose between her pride or her bodily needs.

If asked a few weeks before, she would have thought her mind stronger than her body. But now… she was really, fucking thirsty. I mean, really kinda very thirsty.

Fuck. She felt something give inside of her, like the snap of a guitar string breaking.

With the tail sticking out of her pained ass, the skirt resting above it to expose the pale bum to anyone looking, and the tight, white blouse making her breasts bounce, she scuffled to her knees and crawled towards the end of the cage.

So how does a fucking puppy beg?

The image in her head was one of cowling dog, ears folded backwards and eyes wide as they looked up towards their owner from the floor.

This is so damn humiliating!

She did her best to mimic the mental posture. Sitting on her knees, she lowered chest until her firm breasts were touching the floor, hands at each side of her chin and eyes wide. It was a good thing she was an avid yoga practitioner and high-tier gymnast, because this pose was not as easy as one could think.

She saw herself on the screen and felt her cheeks go red.

Her golden, straight hair fell around her neck, tickling the floor as her cute, doll-like face, mascara still a mess since the last room, looked straight into the camera with wide, bright blue puppy eyes. Her cleavage left very little to the imagination as gravity pulled on her nosy, firm tits.

She looked pathetic.

Oh God, please don’t let anyone from school see this.

She sat bent forward like a broken puppy for a minute, hoping despite knowing better that it would be enough. But alas, nothing happened.

“Woof,” she whimpered in a high pitched tone. “Woof, woof, woof.”

Still nothing.

Please. Escort Tekirdağ This is so…

She sighed inwardly before sticking out her tongue, panting with heavy breaths.

“Woof, woof, wooooooooof!”

That last, outdrawn bark was filled with desperation as nothing still seemed to happen. No water, no new bowl.

Ella had to think. They didn’t care about logic or fairness. Their goal wasn’t to set up a few rules for her and them to follow. The rules was a tool meant for just one purpose: to humiliate her for their own perverted pleasure.

With that in mind, she realized that it wouldn’t be enough to just cower and whine through some whimpering barks.

I can’t fucking believe I’m about to do this.

She raised her back so as to sit straight on her knees. Sticking out her tongue while panting, she placed her hands on each side of her tits, folding them like paws as she kept breathing in short, quick rhythm, saliva gathering on the tip of her tongue.

This better fucking do it.

“Woof! Woof!” She barked, skipping on her knees to make her bell tingle and breasts bounce. “Woof! Woof! Woof!”

Some spit fell off her tongue, landing on the soft skin of her tits, but she kept panting between the barks as she made her bell tingle with puppy-like little skips.

She refused to acknowledge the moisture between her thighs as she made a fool of herself for a few sips of water. She just kept barking and panting.

Lost in her act, she even turned around and slouched to all fours again, exposing her cute little asscheeks with the long, brown tail nudged between them.

And then she waggled it. Wagged her tail. Still with her tongue out. For a bowl of water.

“Woof! Woof!” She kept barking as she looked back, towards the screen, making the fur swing back and forth from the motions of her hip. “Woof!”

She turned around again and straightened her back as she put her paws- hands next to her tits and panted loudly with her tongue out in stupid, mindless excitement.

Dignity level: 0.

Her bell tingled.

“Woof! Woof!”

Her pussy tingled.

“Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!”

Her nipples pressed against the thin fabric, clearly visible on the screen. A slender, innocent, golden haired girl of nineteen summers, sitting on her knees dressed in a tight schoolgirl-outfit, a furry tail stuffed in her bum, hands folded like paws by her tits and tongue dripping spit over her nosy tits as she barked excitedly to please her master and maybe get some fresh water in a bowl.

And her thighs were wet. Dripping wet.


A door opened and Ella held her begging pose as a masked man entered, balancing a metallic dog bowl filled to the brim with water. He – Ella assumed it was a he at least – put it in the floor and scooted it through the little opening on her cage.

Ella immediately fell to her fours and positioned herself over. She knew what was expected of her and considering what she’d just done, this shouldn’t be such an obstacle.

She still had to force herself to not pick it up with her hands and instead lower her head and dip her tongue in the water.

It was delicious.

She licked and lapped at the water, moisturizing her parched throat with every move of the tongue. The embarrassment of drinking like a lowly dog was nothing compared to the sweet pleasure of the water entering her mouth, one lick in the deep bowl at a time.


[Objective complete! Good girl! You should now rest and prepare yourself for meeting your new trainer.]

She stiffened, tongue still in the cold water.


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