The Gigolo Project Ch. 14

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It was around 9:00 pm when Victor arrived at the Stark Manson and was led inside by one of their loyal workers. He is sent to the living quarters and left alone. He immediately notices above the big lavish fireplace is a large family portrait. A man whom Victor assumes is the husband and father, hugging his beautiful wife close, and seated below them were their daughters. Seeing Ester’s unhappy smile in the portrait rushes back memories of the afternoon when Victor ate her ripe pussy and ejaculated his thick cum on her pricy bed sheets.

The double doors suddenly open behind him. He turns around and is in awe by a woman with long platinum blonde hair wearing an expensive black skin-tight dress that enhances and shows off her voluptuous curves and slender legs and capping off with a pair of dark shades. She enters the living room carrying an expensive beige purse. He knew for sure she has to be Ester’s mother.

Name: Elaine Starks

Age: 41

Height: 5’8

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color/Style: Long Platinum Blonde

Bust size: 34M

Occupation: Being wealthy, wife, and mother of 2

“Welcome to my lavish abode, Mr. Fetcher,” the woman elegantly spoke.

“Please ma’am, call me Victor,” he replied.

“Of course Victor and likewise, don’t call me ma’am,” she winked and continues, “You can call me Elaine. Mother to Ester Starks whom I know you’re quite familiar with and Evelyn Starks, my youngest who just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago. You’ll be getting to know her today. Let’s not waste anymore of your time and go join her poolside. Today is a special day for her. She was accepted into my old school, the Honey Private Academy for Women and to celebrate, Cassandra and I agreed my Evelyn should get a little taste of what the academy has to offer.”

Victor follows the beautiful Elaine to their large outside pool area, taking in the sights of Elaine’s plump backside bulging from beneath her skin-tight dress. His eyes turn and nearly pop out of their sockets at the sight of her youngest daughter, Evelyn.

Name: Evelyn Starks

Age: 18

Height: 5’1

Eye Color: Olive-Green

Hair Color/Style: Autumn and tied in pigtails

Bust size: 32I

Occupation: Student and TikToker influencer

Lying on her stomach in a lawn chair wearing a red bikini set and bare soles in the air, Evelyn is in the middle of recording a video for her 3.1 million followers on TikTok. After she wraps up, Evelyn sits up lugging the heavy load of her massive knockers inside a too-small red bikini top which only covered her nipples and partial light-pink veiny areolas, and greets her mom and the old stranger.

“Hello mother,” Evelyn courteously greeted, jumping to her feet causing a mass of jiggles and sways by her enormous bikini-clad puppies and gave her overly giant-breasted mother an invisible hug and kiss, and continues, “And you must be the famous Victor I’ve heard so much about. Very pleased to meet you.”

The old gigolo can’t take his eyes off the substantial pounds of flesh hanging down Evelyn’s small chest, bewildered that someone her age could develop breasts that were stupidly bigger than her older sister Ester, but Ester’s fat tits are perky and stuck out like torpedoes while Evelyn’s hung heavy and low shaped like giant teardrops and appears disproportion to her 5’1 small frame. Now his mind begins to wonder what Elaine’s humongous mommy milkers look like under the skinny dress bulging monstrously and they weren’t the only things bulging as the mom and daughter duo notices.

Evenly chuckles, “Well that didn’t take long.”

“Ok honey, how do I look for the banquet?” Elaine asked during a little spin to show off her skin-tight attire.

“You look stunning as always, mom. You’re going to have men graveling at your feet ready to throw their home mortgages at you.”

“That’s the plan, baby girl. I hate doing these banquets but somebody has to keep this family rich while your father is away saving lives like the surgeon he is. The staff is off for tonight to give you two some privacy. Your sister won’t be back from her trip until the morning and I should be back pretty late,” she informed Evelyn and then turns to Victor, “And I take it my daughter will be in good hands and will be satisfied upon my return? Your final paycheck depends on it.”

“Absolutely ma’am, I mean, Elaine,” Victor answered a bit nervous.

“Alright then. Enjoy yourself, sweetheart. I’m going to want to know all about it when I get back from this boring banquet. Bye.” As Elaine waves and walks away, she shouts out one last thing to Victor, “And used protection! I know where your dick has been!” and disappeared out of their sight.

There was an awkward moment of silence between Victor and Evelyn shortly after Elaine left, but Victor breaks the ice by asking, “You’re not very experienced with the opposite sex are you?”

Evelyn goes shy, blushing before replying, “If you’re asking if I’m a virgin than no. I had sex twice the night after my birthday party. I hooked up with a boy I had taksim escort a crush on for a few months and he quickly ejaculated before I could cum blaming my breasts for being too large. We did it again but he couldn’t hold back cumming too soon. I told my mom about it and that’s when she and the headmistress of the Honey Academy arranged for us to meet. I’m a grown woman, so I need a grown man to make me feel like a grown woman.”

Evelyn sits down in the lawn chair and pats a spot for Victor to join her. He sits next to Evelyn and right away feels her hand stroking his semi-hard erection inside his trousers. The old gigolo leans forward and kisses Evelyn passionately on the lips, sliding his old tongue inside her mouth. He lifts his hands and places them on the giant flesh globes on her chest which were spilling out from all sides of her small red bikini top, sinking his perverted old fingers into the doughty-like flesh. She moans with her mouthful of his nasty tongue, tasting his stank old man breath.

After a minute, Victor breaks the kiss and lifts the small red bikini top off Evelyn’s chest revealing her humongous young knockers as they hung down to her soft belly with their large and veiny light-pink areolas and small flat pink nipples.

Victor gasps, “Oh gosh! These are two incredible breasts!” as he palms more than a generous heavy handful of each enormous slap of flesh and moves his crusty lips down, planting trails of kisses upon her breasts until reaching one of her nipples. He feverishly licks then sucks each tiny nipple in rotations, cramming his mouth full of supple flesh.

As he feasts on her huge chest cannons, the old gigolo drops one of Evelyn’s massive boobs and slips his hand inside her bikini bottom. Her young pussy is crazy wet as he drills two of his long fingers between the pink fleshy folds of her hot twat making Evelyn’s moans hit a higher tone. Her entire body quivers with a climax imminent.

Evelyn moans, “Oh my god… I’m about to cum… Oh my god…”

The combined manipulation of her nipples and cunt is too much for Evelyn as she surrenders to an intense orgasmic rapture, crying loudly, “AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!” as her pussy squirts her womanly juices like a geyser on Victor’s hand and a partial part of his forearm.

Before she can finish her orgasm, Victor lays Evelyn on her back in the lawn chair and buries his face in her streaming hot pussy attacking her sloppy wet pink hole. He props her legs over the arms of the lawn chair while vehemently lapping her creamy vulva lips up and down sending more quivering chills through her body. His tongue enters her cunt doing figure eights and licking on her swelling clit in earnest, pushing the chesty 18-year-old quickly to another intense orgasm.

Evelyn moans loudly, “OHHHHH GOD! NOT AGAIN! OHHHHHH MY GOD! OH MY…” as her back arches, majestic fat hangers draping from her sides and toes pointing outwards, pushing her sloppy teen twat in the old gigolo’s devouring mouth.

Victor continues his relentless attack on her swollen clitoris during her intense orgasm. Having tasted both sisters’ cunts, he can’t decide whose pussy has the better taste, but Evelyn’s tight pussy seems more sensitive as she came twice within minutes. He pulls back dropping his trousers and tidy whites revealing his rock-hard fat cock. He gives Evelyn a few seconds to breathe while retrieving a condom from his wallet and wrapping it around his painfully throbbing manhood. The old gigolo lines his rampant tool at the entrance of her sloppy wet pussy, rubbing the bulbous dickhead against her swollen outer vulva lips and clitoris before sliding 4 inches inside her tight clammy sex. Evelyn gasps at full volume the moment she felt Victor’s fat cock entering her young dripping twat. He grips the back of the lawn chair and begins pummeling Evelyn’s pink juicy snatch with steady smooth strokes. Her cunt is by far the tightest he has encountered, gripping firmly around his throbbing thrusting meat.

“YES! YES! AAAHHHHHHH… AAAHHHHHHHH!” Evelyn cried with her eyes rolled back and her gigantic breasts flopping up and down on her chest like a fish out of water.

Releasing his grip on the back of the lawn chair, the old gigolo clutches the backs of Evelyn’s shaky knees, keeping her legs pinned to the arms of the lawn chair, and increases his thrusting speed, power fucking a couple more inches of his lengthy fuck stick inside her drenched pussy until he’s balls deep. He can feel the warm wet muscles of her pussy contracting and clenching around his moving manhood.

“OOHHHHHHHHHH GOD… OHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD… OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!” Evelyn screamed as she surrendered to the most powerful orgasm she ever experienced.

Victor withdraws his throbbing cock, and lifts and holds Evelyn’s quivering legs in the air to bury his face in her wet fucked hole, lapping and tasting her cum as it flows and spills. Evelyn cries heavily from immense bliss. “Aaaaaahhhhh god… Ooooh, my god.”

After he finished feasting on her drenched twat, Victor kisses her soft belly mecidiyeköy escort to reach the bottoms of her mammoth jugs. He lavishes the soft undersides with kisses and licks before his weathered hands scoops and lifts her doughy melons and wetly licks where they begin to form on her chest which sends tingles through her body. When he finishes, the old gigolo drops her whopping funbags upon her chest and turns his attention to her wide blue-veiny areolas and rounded flat stiff nipples. One by one, Victor licks big circles around her creamy pink areolas sprawled with light blue veins leaving them sullied in his saliva, and then in rotations, flickers his tongue over each nipple. The effects are like beacons sending a signal to Evelyn’s hot-sensitive cunt.

“Oh god… Oooohhhh, my god… My nipples. Ohhhhh,” she moaned with her eyes rolling inside her head and gripping the back of the lawn chair.

After some intense teasing, Victor wraps his crusty lips around one nipple, clenching on tight and sucking hungrily like a newborn baby. He switches between nipples every couple of minutes and the nipple not in his mouth, his fingers pinches, twists, and pulls sending massive shockwaves through Evelyn’s shuddering body, primarily her throbbing tight cunt.

She cries, “Aaahhhh, my nipples, holy shit. You’re playing with them so hard… So hard, I’m cumming… Ohhhhh, I’m cumming.”

Victor’s oral assault on the humongous soft 32I cups of the 18-year-old continues through her mighty orgasm and near the end, he flips Evelyn over on all fours and admires her fairly plump dumpy ass. Her ass didn’t have much of a shape, just large and chunky. He plants one hand on her soft ass cheek and squeezes while his other hand strokes his rock-hard shaft and plunges it inside her creamy snatch.

Holding onto her big ass and feet planted on the ground, the old gigolo delivers a fury of back shots, feeding her taut succulent pussy the entire length of his fat dick in rapid piston sessions. He groans, “Oh shit. You have such a sweet pussy. You practically have a virgin pussy. Hmmm, so tight and wet, Evelyn.”

Letting go of her dumpy ass cheeks, Victor grabs Evelyn’s long pigtails and uses them to pull her head back as he rams his pelvis into her wobbling backside, sliding his raging boner deep between the inflamed labia lips of her teen-wet pussy with gusto. Her giant titties hung down her chest like udders, swinging in reckless arcs, slapping against each other and the lawn chair.

Thank god the Starks have no neighbors from miles as Evelyn bellows her loudest and longest moan, “OHHHHHHHH FUCK! OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS!” as her body crumbles to another potent orgasm.

Victor slows down his thrusting, feeling her swollen cunt convulsing around his throbbing pillar and soaking his shaft in her womanly nectar. He feels his orgasm looming largely and collapses onto her back to resume fucking her cum-creamed pussy like a dog in heat, bringing himself closer and closer to a mighty orgasm with each thrusting. He reaches under and mauls her giant swinging pillow-like boobs, feeling them overflow his sweaty palms while his fingers sink into their pink flesh, grunting in the young woman’s ear, “Uggghhhh, I’m gonna cum so hard.”

Victor quickly pulls out of Evelyn, rips the sticky condom off, and explodes big volleys of thick milky cum on her big ass and lower back. “UGGGGHHHH, shit!” the old gigolo grunted and drained every drop of spunk from his wrinkled ball sack over the soft doughy ass of Ester’s younger sister.

“Wow. Feels like you had a lot to get out of your balls,” a heavily breathing Evelyn chuckled as she turns around seeing Victor’s dick still fully rock-hard, and continues, “Oh my, and you’re still hard. Lucky for you, I’m not quite satisfied like my mom wants me to be. It’s getting chilly out here, so let’s go to my room and keep each other warm.”

Victor responds, “As you wish,” while stroking his raw hard shaft. He follows Evelyn to her bedroom with pink everywhere and stuffed animals on the shelves.

“Sit,” she ordered Victor.

The old gigolo obeys sitting on her pink queen-sized bed with the comforter covered in unicorns. He watches Evelyn move around her bedroom enthralled by her massive meat bag knockers swinging freely from her small short torso. She returns to Victor and puts on a pair of pink cat ears on her head. “Meow,” she spoke like a kitty dropping to her knees between his open legs. She begins licking his inner thighs like a cat sipping milk. It’s not the weirdest thing Victor has encountered since he became a gigolo and he’s too in the zone to care.

After some light licking of his inner thighs, Evelyn grabs and strokes his rampant cock and does the same thing with her tongue, lightly licking the ballooned mushroom head. She then puckers her lips and sucks on his cockhead, slurping wet and loud. Her hand continues jerking the bottom half of Victor’s deep pink member while her lips ease further down his veined shaft, bobbing her head in classic style. She sucks his avcılar escort man meat for several minutes without taking a breath, her drool dripping down and soaking the rest of his thick meat unsheathed from her cock-filled mouth.

Moaning longingly, “Ohhhhhhhhhh,” Victor grabs the top of Evelyn’s head, keeping her head steady as she devours his throbbing phallus. She begins coughing and gagging, so Victor releases his grip allowing Evelyn to come up for air leaving strands of spit coated over his throbbing dick. His member is completely wet and glistening in her saliva.

Evelyn admires her handy work, “Mmmm. Nice and lubed for what’s next,” she mentioned, lifting her giant teen boobs and plopping them across his thighs. Her small hands push her oversized mammary flesh bags together to drown the entire length of his turgid dick in the abundance of 32I cup mountains of pleasure.

“Aaahh, Jesus Christ,” Victor deeply sighed with pleasure as the huge-tittied teenager begins oscillating her prodigious pillows over his swallowed manhood. Until he turned 61 of age, Victor had never been titfucked by women with large breasts and since becoming a hired gigolo, he has felt the immense pleasures of multiple women with exceptionally massive breasts in bra sizes he never knew existed devour his hard cock and sent him down the path to becoming a boob man. And at the end of that path reside the ultimate pair of monster tits, Liberty, but she is far from the old gigolo’s mind tonight as he watches an 18-year-old with enormous titties that are imbalanced from the rest of her body, use them to whack his throbbing cock into paradise. “Ohhhh my…”

Evelyn works tirelessly stroking her voluminous sacks of heavy flesh balloons on his rock-hard cock and often leans her adorable sweat-glistened face into her monster crayon of cleavage to drop wads of spit in her valley to keep his cock lubed.

While moaning and grunting in pleasure, Victor assists Evelyn in her titfuck, pawing and massaging the soft tissue of her delightful bouncing heavy bags of fun. He drives his hips off the bed, spearing his iron-hard rod between her chasms of vivacious tits flesh. The angry fat head of his shaft pierces through the top of her cleavage with each thrust. Young Evelyn drips her mouth down to play catch the moving dickhead whenever it appears, sometimes halting her titfucking to wetly suck on the mushroom head of his veined shaft.

Then without notice, Evelyn lifts her head and slides her mammoth tits off his thighs with a wicked smile on her face.

“I need your fat cock buried in my pussy and this time, bareback. I want to feel the rawness of your manly shaft as my pussy squeezes every drop of cum your balls can muster,” the horny teen described in detail.

Victor slyly adds, “As long as you’re on top.”

“Uh-huh. You just want to see my huge titties bounce, so I guess we both win,” she agreed cheekily.

The negotiations are done as Evelyn climbs on top of Victor’s fat dick bareback and starts bouncing, stroking her sweet tight pussy over his intensely rock-hard boner while he is lost in the spectacle of her humongous soft hooters flailing wildly. Unbeknownst to the horny couple, the knob to Evelyn’s bedroom door turns and the door swings open catching the in-heat duo off guard.

“MOM! A simple text would have sufficed that you were on your way home so early,” Evelyn exclaimed, halting her hoping on top of Victor.

Her mother smiles with merriment, “I see I haven’t missed the real party. I hope you have enough left in those ball tanks for me, you old goat. I need some fucking excitement after that graveyard of a banquet. Curse your father for making me go to those damn things, so I’m going to have some fun tonight while he’s away.”

And with that, Elaine’s skin-tight black dress drops to her heels exposing a black garter belt, black lacy underwear, transparent beige stockings, and massive black bra with two thick industrial straps and cups big enough to fill with basketballs, housing the largest pair of tan-lined basketballs Victor has laid eyes on and he has seen some remarkably massive ones including the gigantic hefty pair outmatching his weathered hands at the moment belonging to Elaine’s 18-year-old daughter. He can feel his dick painfully throbbing inside Evelyn’s cunt.

“As you can see Victor, the women on my side of the family are gifted or some say cursed, with breasts that dominate our bodies. They are good for more than feeding babies. They can also feed your fantasies too.”

Elaine steps out of her high heels and approaches her daughter’s bed with an abundance of breast flesh spilling and wobbling from every opening of her brassiere. Her mountainous mounds rival Liberty’s prestige rack. She climbs into bed beside Victor’s crusty old feet and says, “Well don’t stop on my account. Fuck my daughter hard and make her cum over and over again. I want to see those big balls of yours working.”

Not needing any more endorsement, Victor plows his cock inside Evelyn’s drenched cunt. His thick cum-filled scrotum smacks wet and loud off her chunky ass as Elaine watches and teases, “That’s right. Fuck my teenage daughter’s tight pussy. Hmmmmm, I can hear the wetness. Those are all-natural I cup titties of an 18-year-old girl you’re holding in your old perverted hands.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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