The Girl in the Bar

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As I saw her walk into the room I nearly fell out of my chair. I had not seen a more beautiful girl in my life. She had long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, perfect legs, an ass that could kill, and very supple breasts. The tight shirt she was wearing showed her curves very well. Not only did it show her curves, but apparently she had not worn a bra on that cold evening as her nipples were trying to break through her shirt.

Me, along with the rest of the men (and women) watched her as she found a seat in the crowded bar. I could hear the people next to me talking about her and how sexy she looked. I had not noticed at first, but my cock was semi-hard just seeing her. A man who had more courage than me, or maybe he was drunk, sat next to her for a brief minute before she blew him off. She ordered a drink from the waitress who was also having a hard time containing her thoughts about how she looked. I sat there trying to build up the courage to go say hello. A few other guys tried their luck, and like the first she turned them away. Then to my surprise she looked at me and smiled.

At first I didn’t believe it, but then she looked at me and smiled again. I had to go and say hi to her. I slowly got up from my chair and made my way towards her. I sat down in the chair next to her, I said “My name is Wyatt and you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. “

She laughed a little and said, “My name is Sable and I just look good tonight.” We made small talk for a few minutes Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir before she reached over and put my hand on her thigh. I could barely contain my emotions and my cock became instantly hard. I think that she noticed because she was looking right at my bulge. She asked me if I thought she had nice legs, and without thinking I replied, “legs I could suck on for hours.” Again she let out a sexy little laugh and told me that would be ok with her. I could not believe my ears, and as I got more confident I slid my hand toward her pussy. She was wearing very tight jeans and I could feel the heat and moisture through her pants. She let out a little moan as I touched the zipper of her pants. She stopped me and said we need to go somewhere where we can continue our “conversation”. I told her I was staying in a nice hotel just a block away and she was welcome to come to my room. She agreed and stood up from her chair. Again as we were leaving everyone’s eyes followed her out.

We quickly made it back to my hotel room and before the door could shut she had reached down and grabbed my still hard throbbing cock. I could not resist and I grabbed her and began to kiss her passionately. She was the best kisser and her tongue was amazing. The more she kissed me the harder and wetter I became. I had slid my hand up her shirt and was playing with her perfect breasts rubbing my fingers on and around her nipples. Her nipples were as hard as my İstanbul Escort cock and I knew she was enjoying herself. She unzipped my pants and grabbed my cock.

I quickly removed her shirt. She stroked my cock several times before placing it between her lips. Her mouth was so warm and wet I had to fight cumming right then. She played with the head of my penis with her tongue and made it even harder to control myself. I played with her breasts and stroked her hair as she sucked on my cock. She slowly began to run my cock further into her mouth and down her throat. I knew that I could not hold on much longer. She must have known that I was getting close because she began to swallow my cock deeper and deeper each time. I could no longer control the sensations and I came harder than I have ever cum. She swallowed every last drop of my man juice down her throat. She then stood up and we kissed passionately. It was very sexy to think that I was kissing the mouth that just sucked me off. She undid her pants and slid them off of her flawless sexy body. She was not wearing any panties and there was her beautiful pussy. It was completely shaved and smooth, her lips big and full, she had the most beautiful pussy I had ever laid my eyes on.

She fell back onto the bed and spread her legs wide. Her pussy lips parted and I could see her soft wet pussy. I immediately became hard again as she guided my face toward her wet vulva. I licked her clit a little and Escort İstanbul soon was able to taste her sweet juices. She was moaning and rocking her pelvis towards my face. I began licking faster and harder as she moaned louder and longer. She was getting close to cumming as her pussy became so wet that my face was sliding all over it. She let out a gasp, grabbed the back of my head and shoved it into her wet pussy even harder. She screamed, “Fuck me I am cumming, I am cumming, God yes.” She blasted her pussy juice all over my face and in my mouth. Her pussy tasted so good. We then began to kiss and she tasted her pussy on my lips and tongue. She grabbed my throbbing hard cock and stuffed it into her pussy. I had never felt a sensation as I did then. Her pussy was so wet and warm I nearly came right then and there.

I struggled to hold back my load for as long as I could. She began to ride my cock faster and faster rubbing her clit on the head of my penis each time. She said she was going to cum again and I knew I could not hold it much longer. She screamed again, “Fuck yes, yes, yes, FUCK ME.” I shot my load into her pussy at the same time as she was cumming all over my cock. I moaned and grunted in pleasure having never cum so hard in my life. My body and hers both shook in pleasure until we both collapsed on the bed.

We lay there silently covered in each other’s juices glowing with pleasure. She was breathing heavily and I was trying to catch my breath. We held each other close and rubbed against each other. Soon we both feel asleep with smiles on our faces. We both knew it was the best sex we had ever had, and probably will ever have. The next morning when I woke up she was gone; all she left was a note saying thanks for the great night. I will never forget Sable the unbelievable blonde.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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