The Girl in the Library Pt. 04

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We entered the living room and I started to remove my dress. Sydney immediately stopped me, took me into her arms and kissed me. “Raegan, I love you so much. I simply want to devour you. I cannot imagine how in hell we fell in love so fast, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is we did. I am going to claim more of you tonight, if that is even possible. So, do not remove your dress. I have things I want to do to you, and I want to do them my way. First of all, tell me who you belong to tonight.”

“You, Sydney. I am all yours.”

“I plan to take some more photographs of you first. I have an idea I cannot pass up.” She noticed the questioning look on my face, so she continued. “I am sure you think I have taken too many already, so I need to come clean. I was planning to surprise you with a sketchbook of drawings of you and of us made from the photos. The final product will now have to be the surprise.”

So, I watched Sydney as she disappeared into our bedroom and returned with a scarf and what was left of the roll of black velvet ribbon. She laid the scarf on the sofa and said, “Thanks for leaving this ribbon on your dresser, Rae. While I would have preferred red, one must use what one has available.” She saw the smile on my face, “Ok, girl. What’s with the grin?”

“I bought a roll of red when I bought the black. It’s in the bottom drawer of my desk.”

Less than a minute later, she came back carrying the red ribbon and told me to stand in front of the sofa. I kept wondering what she was planning while she held the loose end of the ribbon against my left hip, wound it loosely around my neck once then down to my right hip and cut it off. The two ends were then tied around my wrists. “This ribbon is to represent symbolic bondage, dear. I am going to blindfold you and want you to follow my verbal directions while I photograph you.” I watched as she folded the scarf into a rectangle about three inches wide. By the time she tied it around my head, I was already turned on and knew I was ready to do whatever she wanted.

I heard her snap the first photo just before she said, “Ok, I want you to slowly open the next three buttons of your dress.” My midthigh length, pale blue shirtdress had 12 buttons. The top two were already open. Three more would open my dress to below my bustline. “As you free each one, Raegan, I want you to imagine that it is my hand, not yours, exposing more of your beautiful, sexy body.”

Just as my fingers grasped the third button, there was a knock at the door. Panicking, I stopped. “Oh shit! Who could be there?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, Raegan. I will take care of it. Everything will be Ok.”

The door opened. I heard Sydney say, “Shush. You’re just in time for the unveiling. Remember, you promised you would remain quiet. Let me get you a chair.” I heard what was probably my desk chair scrape along the floor.

“Sydney? What’s going on. Who is here?”

“Quiet, sweetie. Don’t talk or I will be forced to gag you.”


She held her finger against my lips. “That’s talking. Do you trust me? Nod if you do.” I answered her with the requisite nod. “You haven’t opened the third button, dear. Please do it now while we both watch you.”

“Oh god,” I thought, as I obeyed her by opening the button. “Why is she doing this to me? Yes, I do trust her, but should I put a limit on that trust? What if she wants me to expose myself more?” I heard the camera’s shutter again.

“Slip your left hand under the right panel of your dress, Raegan. Cup your breast and play with your nipple. Keep imagining it’s my hand, the hand of your lover, not yours.” My breathing quickened as I cupped my breast, squeezed, then ran my index finger over my nipple. I realized it had become more sensitive because of the piercing. I ran my finger around the outside of the hard bud feeling the ends of the barbell and the shield. My musing was interrupted by Sydney’s voice, “Your breast feels so good, my dear. While I continue to massage it, open three more buttons with your right hand. Keep imagining that I am the one opening them.”

I could feel the heat and wetness building between my legs. Sydney was proud of me. If she wanted to show me off to someone, I no longer cared. I knew she would only be doing it with someone who is discrete. Maybe it was Jeff or Brian. I’ve never exposed myself before a male. I heard the shutter releasing several times while I slowly opened each additional button. My dress was now open to the bottom of my hips. Was my sex exposed? I wasn’t positive but thought it might be. I got an urge to part my dress at the lowest button just so our visitor could see that I was shaved, but Sydney hadn’t told me to do that. I expected she would. I didn’t realize that I was still rubbing my nipple.

“Finish opening your dress, baby. I don’t want you to bend down, so use your hand to pull the hem up if you need to.”

“Now I know my pussy will definitely be on display 18 yaş porno to him (her),” I thought. “I’m already wet from being turned on and feel myself getting wetter. I’m not some slutty exhibitionist. I keep calling Sydney a slut. Or am I?”

“Push your dress off your right breast, baby. Bare it for us. I want close-ups of your breast and your new nipple piercing.” I didn’t expect what happened immediately after the sounds of the shutter ended. The swipe of her tongue across my sensitive nipple caused an electric shock that travelled straight down to my clit. She kissed my lips and declared, “It’s going to be agonizing waiting for these puppies to heal, Raegan. The urge to play with and bite your nipples is already driving me crazy.”

“Oh god, girl, I love the way your heart pendant hangs from your clit. I want… no, I need a close-up photo of it.” Seconds later I hear the shutter trip several times. “Sit down on the sofa and spread your legs, dear. The pendant will have a different look against your pussy when you are in that position.” More photos were taken after I sat down.

I think they were whispering. I couldn’t hear what he(she) was saying, but Sydney said, “Of course you can request anything, but continue whispering to me. I don’t want her to hear your voice or she will know who you are. Then she said, “Ok. I wish I had thought of that.”

“Our guest would like to watch how you pleasure yourself, Raegan.” Do everything you would do if we weren’t watching you. The red ribbon will add a new level of sensual mystique in the photos.” What one does for love. The words in the song “Love Changes Everything” from the musical “Cats,” especially in the last stanza, perfectly describes yours truly. For Sydney I am willing to break every rule I ever made.

I leaned back, spread my legs wider and nearly jumped when I touched my clit. I didn’t realize I was that turned on. With my other hand, I gathered some of my sexual juices and, wet a nipple and rubbed it. Even though I was blindfolded, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations my fingers were causing on my own body. I slipped two fingers into my vagina and spread the moisture over my engorged clit. Leaning against the sofa back, I drifted into a state of bliss, no longer thinking that two sets of eyes were watching me and quickly enjoyed another violent climax shaped by the hands and mind of my own Sydney.

Even before I fully recovered, arms shot under my thighs, two hands grasped my ass and pulled me closer to the edge of the sofa. I literally squealed twice; first from the surprise of being jerked forward and second, from the aggressive attack of a pair of lips on my still-sensitive clit. I grasped the head that was between my legs and immediately knew it was Sydney’s tongue “flicking my BIC.” I hadn’t stopped shaking from my self-inflicted climax when another hit me. Sydney quickly ran her tongue through my folds, raised up, grabbed the back of my head and thrust the wet muscle through my lips, feeding my own juices into my mouth.

Sydney broke away from my lips and quickly stepped back. “Isn’t my lover simply delicious?” I perceived a nod because she then asked, “Would you like to see more of her?” I had a good idea what her next statement was going to be, and I was correct. “Raegan, please stand up again and push your dress off your shoulders for us. I know you can’t remove it completely because the ribbons are tied around your wrists. Just let it fall down to your forearms.”

I enjoyed, and preferred, being naked in the privacy of my small home. However, while in high school, I reluctantly disrobed for showers after gym class because I didn’t want other girls to see my body. Yet, when Sydney had asked, I quickly agreed to continue my routine of not wearing clothes when at home. Of course, she had to join me. I am deeply in love with the woman who is asking me to disrobe before someone I cannot even see. That person has, of course, already seen nearly everything there is to see. So why shouldn’t I go all the way?

I did not hesitate. I raised my right hand to push the garment off my left shoulder then my left hand to push it off my right shoulder. I dropped my arms to my sides and the dress automatically fell down until it was stopped by the ribbon tied. An unintended consequence of this was that the range of motion of my hands was now limited. I was fully exposed to our visitor and could do nothing about it except turn my back to him (her) and my lover which would, at least, hide my ass. Sydney would be upset if I did that.

Sydney stood in front of me and slipped her fingers over my sex. “Raegan, baby, you are absolutely dripping. We are pleased you are so excited.” She wiped her wet fingers across my lips and said, “Clean my fingers and I’ll let you see our visitor.” I opened my mouth. Sydney slipped the wet digits in and I eagerly sucked my juices from them then waited while she untied the scarf and pulled 3d porno it away.

It only took a second for my eyes to adjust to the bright light, but all I saw in front of me was an empty chair. I looked around the room and asked, “Where did he go?”

“Where did who go, dear?”

“The person you let in to watch me.” Then I noticed the grin on her face. The grin I have grown to know so well. “There wasn’t anyone, was there? You were teasing me! And you have been calling me a bitch!”

“Oh, Rae, I love you so much. I could see your concern and enjoyed it tremendously. I would never let anyone see you the way you let me see you.” I mouthed ‘Thank you.’ She added, “Without your permission, of course. I do need to know if you enjoyed being on display for our phantom visitor?”

“Sort of,” I replied, knowing how I had been turned on by the experience. She held my cheeks in her hands, pulled my head to hers and kissed me, then ran her hands down my back to grasp the cheeks of my ass and pull our hips together. I tried to put my arms around her, but was prevented by my dress, still around my arms. Then she slipped one of her hands between my legs and pushed two fingers into my very wet sex. At the same time, she carefully rubbed my clit with her thumb until she brought me to a huge climax.

When I was finally relaxed, she untied the ribbons around my wrists so she could remove my dress completely, then tied the ribbons to my wrists again. “Raegan, my dear, do you realize you haven’t been practicing your violin.”

“Yes, ‘mother,’ I think we recently discussed that.”

She laughed at my use of ‘mother.’ “Well, I think you should play another piece for me and I think it would be sexy if you play with your bondage ribbons still attached to your wrists.” I wasn’t about to refuse her request. I don’t think I ever wanted to play my violin more than I did right at that moment for my lover.

While I was in the bedroom opening the case and getting the instrument, Sydney sat on the sofa and waited. When I walked into the living room, she exclaimed, “Damn, Raegan, you are definitely ravishing. I don’t know why, but that red ribbon actually has a sexual quality to it. Thank you for being mine.”

I had a favorite piece that has a sexual connotation to it ever since it was the theme song of the movie “10,” a movie even older than Sydney. I always liked Ravel’s Bolero, but I fell in love with it when I saw a video of Katica Illenyi playing it on the violin. She was dressed in a silver outfit and danced while playing. While the original Bolero is quite long (many versions last over 15 minutes), hers is only 4 minutes long. I have played that version many times, but never while naked, of course, and wanted to play it for Sydney. I closed my eyes and put everything into my performance. When I finished, Sydney remained silent for a moment then got up and kissed me. “Thank you, baby. I love that piece. I once read that it is only out sexed by ‘The Time of My Life’ from the movie Dirty Dancing. But, in my opinion, that only applies if you are also watching the scene from the movie.” Well, that is no longer my opinion. Watching you playing it while naked will beat watching Dirty Dancing any time. She grabbed my hand and said, “Come with me, dear, we have a date in the bedroom. I’ve decided how I want to tie you up.”

I put my violin in its case and slid it under the bed. At the same time Sydney was placing the dog collars and ropes I had used for her bondage at the foot of the bed. She buckled one set of cuffs on my wrists and told me to lie down in the center of the bed. After putting a pillow under my head, she said, “Put the soles of your feet together, Raegan.” She wrapped a length of rope around my feet and ankles. I was surprised how severely that restricted movement of my legs. The other set of cuffs were buckled just above the rope that was binding my feet together. Two short lengths of rope were tied to the D-rings of these cuffs and passed under the upper part of my thighs. Following her instructions, I moved my hands to my sides. Sydney tied the free ends of the short ropes to the D-rings on my wrist cuffs tethering my arms in place. As she tied my wrist cuffs off, she explained that her first instinct was to tie my wrists to the head of the bed, but now knew this would work so much better.” Finally, two length of rope were wrapped around my thighs and about halfway between my ankles and knees, tight enough that my calves were nearly touching my thighs.

Finished, she stepped back and stared at me. “Oh, my god, Raegan. There is no description for how hot you look displayed like that. I must take more pictures of you. First, though, I’m going to blindfold you again.”

It was quiet for a short period, after she took the photos, until I heard her moving around in the kitchen, opening cabinets and drawers then walking in and out of our bedroom several times. Finally, she kissed me and removed Porno 64 video the blindfold. The room was bathed in candlelight. Sydney had put several bowls of water with floating candles around the room. “Like the ambiance, babe?” When I said that I did, she left the bedroom again. The lights were off in the rest of the house, so the sensual mood of the candlelight was not disturbed.

When she returned, she leaned against the door jam and just stared at me. Since she had propped my head up with the pillow, I could also watch her. Neither of us wanted to break the silent, sexual atmosphere that permeated the room. I could imagine how I must look, bound and spread wide.

I noticed that she was holding a brandy snifter in her hand and occasionally took a sip out of it. The candlelight bouncing off her naked body was sensuous, alluring and downright provocative.

Again, Sydney was the one to break the silence. “Reagan, my dear, I could stand here all night just looking at you. It makes me hot seeing your smile in the candlelight; watching the slope of your breasts and your pierced nipples as they move up and down while you breathe; seeing the dip of your belly and your shaved pubis and vulva so exposed for me. I can tell you like being on display like this, dear. You are so sweet and beautiful. You are so wet the flickering candlelight is making your pussy sparkle. If I were closer to you, would I see that you are dripping?”

“Yes,” I replied, barely able to get the word out of my throat.

“I never told you, Raegan, but I wanted you as soon as I saw you that first morning, so alluring, walking around in the kitchen, doing your thing and just enjoying life, and absolutely naked. I could say that I would have been disappointed if you had remembered that you had invited me to sleep over or if you had seen me when you exited your bedroom, because you would probably have worn something rather than remaining naked. I couldn’t have been disappointed, however. How could one be disappointed over something they didn’t even know. I can say, though, I would have been extremely saddened had you refused my request to continue your preferred dress code in your own home. If you had, we wouldn’t be here like this either. Just think what we would have missed. Are you glad you accepted my request?”

“So glad. I have to be honest. Your threat wasn’t necessary. I didn’t want you to leave. I would have agreed to almost anything to get you to stay.”

“Almost anything, huh? I guess I set my request too low, then,” she laughed. “Too late now. Since we are being honest, I hope you aren’t upset, but I lied. I would have stayed regardless. Even after just one evening, I knew we could be great friends and didn’t want to go back living with Grace. I would have been very distressed for upsetting your lifestyle, however, and, I, too, would have done nearly anything to convince you to accept my offer.”

All I could say is, “I’m definitely glad I was the one who conceded. Thank you for joining my naked ways.”

Sydney quickly changed the subject. “I almost wish I had left one of your hands untied. It would be a thrill watching you get yourself off. I know you already did that, but watching you while tied like this would have been even much better. I don’t want to change things now though. Maybe next time.”

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed out loud. A shiver went up my back. Now I wanted to do just that and pleased that there might be a ‘next time to be tied like this.’ I liked the idea!

Sydney sat the brandy snifter on the dresser next to a bowl that didn’t have candles in it. Well, I wasn’t positive about that, but I assumed it didn’t hold candles because there was no light coming from it. Sydney confirmed my ‘no candles’ theory when she picked the bowl up, climbed on the bed and sat it beside me. I couldn’t move enough to see what was in it, but soon found out. She picked up the scarf that was still on my pillow. “Time to lose your sight again, dear. I want to increase the sensitivity of your other senses.”

“You’re going to hear me ask this question many times, Raegan. Do you trust me?” I nodded.

“I can’t hear you, dear. I want to hear your voice when you aren’t gagged. Do you trust me?”

“Yes, Sydney, I trust you.” I screamed the instant an ice cube touched my left nipple. I screamed not from pain but from surprise. I didn’t immediately know the cold object that was on my hard bud was an ice cube, until Sydney started moving it around and water started running down the side of my breast.

“Shush, baby. Just relax and enjoy.” Enjoy?? The sensation was unbelievable. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she moved that damn cold cube in ever-widening circles until she reached the bottom of my breast. She moved slightly and I think I heard her drop the cube in the bowl. My respite was short. Another ice cube was placed on my left nipple. I jumped again. Damn, it was cold. She repeated the widening circles over that breast then slid the cube between my breasts and down to my abdomen where she rubbed the cube back and forth until it was melted. Then she put another one in my navel and left it while she froze my clit with still another before rubbing that cube over my pussy.

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