The Gnome Chronicles Pt. 01

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Author’s Note:

The Gnome Chronicles are a series of stories surrounding a four-foot, magical green gnome by the name of Abe. My attempt at some erotic comedy. While there will be hardcore scenarios, it won’t always be the main focus. This first story has an incest theme, hence it’s in this category, and I’m positive there will be more. It may not always be the case, though in some vignettes.

Abe can bestow a wish upon any subject of that person’s choosing, but with certain stipulations. No subject may wish for “more wishes.” Even far more limiting, no one may request material things like money or treasure. In fact, wishes aren’t allowed to be tangible “things” at all. It sounds complicated, but really it isn’t. For instance, one may wish for “more confidence” or even “a bigger penis” as that might be a part of the actual wish-giver, but no one could ask for something like a pot of gold or a million dollars in the bank, or even a rubber ducky in a tub. The gnome simply couldn’t manifest things from thin air. Some stories will be told from a subject’s point of view and on occasion, even Abe may narrate an adventure.



Abe was a magical creation of an evil sorceress known as Velvet Scar. Velvet Scar, long ago banished from the country of Plumedale for her tempestuous sexual demeanor, had vowed revenge on the people, specifically the prudish one, Princess Elisabeth. Velvet yearned for the day she had that bitch tied up, taking it from both ends.

Although Abe was an aberration of the sorceress, having been made from pigs’ blood, a frog’s heart and a variety of other animal parts, he was none the wiser of being a creation of the depraved mind of a banished sorceress. Abe didn’t even remember being born, just waking up in a field one day out in the countryside. He was perfectly knowledgeable of his talents and his ability to gift wishes to subjects, though. It was almost as if he was compelled to do so, as natural an instinct as it is for chameleons to blend into their surroundings. Abe picked himself up off the ground, brushed off the worn overalls he found himself in (even though they were new to him) and began walking west.

Abe really wanted to do good for people. Helping people was what drove the poor gnome to seek out subjects for whom to gift wishes. Unlike others who survived off food and water, Gnome’s sustenance was granting wishes. He knew he risked serious illness, even death, if he failed to grant wishes.

Abe hoped most people would wish for simple things like a healthy family or a happy marriage. Even something as vain as a snappier appearance would be okay with Abe for anyone to make, but he soon discovered that no matter what people wished for, it seemed to backfire on them in humiliating and sometimes terrible ways.

This was Velvet Scar’s doing, of course. Through her wicked sorcery, she had ensured the gnome could only bestow cursed wishes. Ones that would sexualize and shame every victim. Velvet’s intentions were impure, as she intended to taint the country of Plumedale with a scandalous image. Enough to shake the citizens to their core, to bring riots to the streets and with an overthrow of the royal house, the conditions would be ripe for Velvet Scar to take its place as queen.

And it all started with this happy, little magical gnome, Abe…


Abe remembered his first subject vividly. A young college student named Amber. She had been sitting at the edge of a small pond on her parent’s property, where she dipped her toes into the water and leaned back a bit to feel the sun on her face.

‘This sure beats doing homework every night,’ Amber thought to herself, grateful for the two month summer break.

Like most girls güvenilir bahis in Plumedale, Amber was quite modest. In fact, because she was currently dressed in a conservative one-piece swimsuit, she now displayed more skin than she was ever accustomed to showing. Certainly, the tight outfit covered her small breasts and all of her butt and front. Still, a lot of legs and arms were showing, even a bit of her shoulders. If any of her classmates had been sitting nearby, she would have been considerably embarrassed.

It should be understood that modesty is a big thing in Plumedale, considered the greatest and purest of all traits. At an early age, children are taught the value of protecting one’s reputation and dignity. Still, some girls were slightly less modest than others and Amber believed that had a lot to do with their physical appearance. Considering how well covered everyone dressed to protect their modesty, only the girls with significant curves got any attention from the boys. Amber often wished she had big tits, just to experience if she would be a more confident person.

“Well, hello young woman,” blurted Abe, stepping out from behind Amber. His lithe frame made him quiet on his bare feet. “It is a fine day, isn’t it?”

Amber almost jumped from the ground, startled by the high-pitched voice, yet she knew it was that of a man. Or a man-thing! She was especially alarmed by the strange creature’s appearance. Small, green and scaly, barefoot with brown overalls. He was more silly looking than dangerous, though.

“Uh, hello? Who… uh… what… are you?” Amber got to her feet as she spoke, uncomfortably holding her arms in front of her chest. Her bathing suit covered her well, yet she still felt exposed.

“Oh, I am so sorry. Did I scare you? Let me put your fears to rest.”

Amber noticed the strange man spoke fast, excitedly.

The strange man took a bow and upon rising, said, “I come to offer you one single wish to be granted. Anything you like and then I’ll be on my way. Would you like a wish granted?”

Amber was sure the little man was off his rocker, but then again, he was green… and a bit scaley. Maybe he was magical, after all.

“You mean I could wish for anything?”

“Not money. Not more wishes. No tangible, material things at all, actually.” Abe was smiling, excited to hear her ask for a wish. He so badly wanted to fulfill his duty.

“Well, uh, what exactly does that leave?” asked Amber.

“Anything you like, really. A sharper brain, perhaps? A winning personality? Really, you can choose anything,” said the little gnome, almost jumping out of his shoes, eager to grant his first wish.

“Those don’t sound like measurable things,” said Amber. “You could SAY I have a sharper brain or a brighter personality, but how would I really know?”

“Hmm, I think you would know. But you could even wish for say, green eyes, instead of the brown ones you have. If it would make you happy, we could do something like that. I can’t materialize things, but I can manipulate them, so long as the follow the rules.”

Amber looked herself up and down, wondering what it was exactly she could wish for. Had she thought more deeply about it, perhaps she would have wished for everlasting youth or more confidence; instead, she wished for what she had been thinking about just a few moments prior to this mysterious green gnome arriving.

“OK, I was just thinking it would be nice to have bigger breasts. I wish for bigger breasts.”

The moment she said the words, her bathing suit ripped open at the top, completely exposing her now 34K breasts. On her very thin frame, Amber struggled to stand upright with the new weight of them bearing down on her.

Perhaps Amber spat out the words too quickly, because she genuinely didn’t believe the little türkçe bahis creature could make wishes come true, so had she thought more carefully on her wish she maybe would have specified a size. She didn’t intend for her wish to be this!

“Wait! What?” screamed Amber as she reached to cover her nipples. It took her a moment to process that her fat areolas were wider than the palms of her hands. At best, she could only cover the nipples themselves. Displaying more skin to a stranger than in her entire life, Amber’s face immediately flushed a deep red.

“What just happened?” she protested loudly.

“You wished for bigger breasts, yes?”

“Yes, but not THIS big!”

“But you did not say how big. I simply fulfilled the wish. I have no control really on how it is implemented.”

“Well, change it back!” Amber screamed, frantic. Her face was flush and her body shaking, either from embarrassment, anger or both.

“I am sorry, I cannot,” said Abe. “Only one wish per user. My magic will not work a second time on them.”

“You have got to be joking!” screamed Amber, throwing her arms up in the air, her breasts bouncing with the motion. The gnome could see her nipples were almost as large as his own face.

“You don’t like them?”

“Of course, I don’t like them!” Amber pushed her open palms to her nipples, covering them again, but this time she felt a tingling jolt rush through her body. It was as if her nipples were a thousand times more sensitive than before. Instantly, her pussy got wet.

“Oh, dear,” she said.

“Is the lady mad at Abe?” asked the gnome, stepping back slightly.

“Yes, I’m mad,” said Amber, squeezing her nipples just a touch as she spoke the words. As she suspected, it sent another irresistible jolt through her body. Never before had she felt so sexual. She looked down at her swimsuit. The top of it, having been shredded by the sudden growth of her tits, hung down, flapping at her sides. The bottom still managed to stay on, but she was visibly wet in the crotch. Soaking now.

Amber grabbed the bottom of the material and pulled off the ruined swimsuit. Now she stood completely naked in front of this strange creature.

“You have to find me something to wear,” begged Amber. “Anything. Up there, in the house. Find something my mother wears.”

Abe, wanting to be helpful, ran towards the house as fast his little feet could take him.

This gave Amber ample time to do what she had been desperately wanting to do since first feeling the tingling sensation of her nipples. She grabbed the bottom of her right breast and lifted the nipple to her lips. Amber was both appalled to have such heaping mounds of flesh for tits, and yet excited to experience the eruption of sensations as she took her nipple into her mouth. Very rarely did Amber masturbate, always feeling guilty when she did – this wasn’t unusual for a child raised in the prudish country of Plumedale – but now Amber didn’t hesitate, bringing herself to orgasm again and again, as quickly as she could, while standing there waiting for the strange man find her some clothes.

‘Oh my god, what am I going to do? He turned me into a big-titted bimbo!’ thought Amber, still sucking hard on her left nipple and pounding herself with two fingers from her opposite hand. The orgasms came quickly and rapidly, climbing on top of each other, bringing Amber higher and higher to complete sexual bliss. She didn’t bother stopping, as each orgasm only fueled a need to achieve another one.

Once Abe made it up the hill, it was only another 30 yards or so the back door. However, Amber’s mother and twin brother were having a furious argument outside. It appeared the mother, Juliette, had been hanging some laundry. Juliette was only 20 years old when giving birth to Amber and Josh. At 39, she güvenilir bahis siteleri was still a very attractive woman. Unlike her daughter, Juliette sported a C-cup and never had trouble attracting men. She was quite prudish though, always scolding girls who didn’t wear ankle length skirts.

“You can’t make me drop this class, Mom! I need it to graduate.”

“You are far too young for a class on Human Sexuality,” scolded Juliette to her son.

Josh was 19 and even most people in the community would agree it was an appropriate time for him to take such a class, but Juliette believed that if one weren’t looking at marriage, sex of any kind shouldn’t be a concern or interest.

“Mom, we cannot hide from reality!”

And that’s when Abe popped up.

“Hi, folks. I’m Abe, a magical gnome. I can grant each of you one wish, if you like, but I was wondering if one of you may have a large shirt I could borrow first?”

“What?” asked Juliette, confused by the strange interruption and even more so by the funny looking short creature now standing in front of her and Josh.

“What’s this about a wish?” asked Josh.

“Just one wish. I can grant one wish each.”

“Yeah, right,” said Josh, sarcastically, “I wish my mom wouldn’t care if I took that Human Sexuality class!” He said it without even thinking, as he at no point believed what Abe was claiming.

Instantly, Josh’s mother stripped off her skirt and panties and hopped down on all fours. “Somebody fuck me now!” she screamed.

“Oh my god!” cried Josh. “What the heck is going on?”

“One wish? One wish?” Juliette was screaming this at Abe.

“Yes, yes, ma’am. One wish.”

“I wish Josh would fuck me!”

Because Josh’s wish had turned his mother into an insatiable cum-slut (a personality type that would be perfectly fine with Josh taking a class on human sexuality), Juliette needed cock this very moment. In fact, all the time. Since Josh was nearest to her, it was obvious why Juliette wished for him to fuck her, even though he was her son. Abe felt it was almost unfair for Josh’s mother to be making her wish in her newfound frame of mind, but what’s done was done and the wish was granted.

Josh immediately dropped his pants, exposing a stiff and impressive cock. He walked over to his mother and put it inside her, sliding it into her wet pussy. It was almost as if his movements were that of one in a trance, yet he pumped with fervor as he sought to please his mother.

Knowing they would be of no help now, Abe hopped into the house and made his way to the master bedroom. Juliette’s t-shirt collection wasn’t very big and Abe managed to only find one marked “large” – he grabbed that one and headed back for the pond.

Amber, back at the pond, was now three fingers in, still sucking and fucking herself, experiencing sensations she’d never known existed.

“Oh, young lady, young lady!” cried Abe, bouncing back thorough the brush upon returning from the home with the clean shirt.

Amber immediately stopped, realizing how slutty she must have looked to him catching her in the private affair. She hoped he wouldn’t mention it.

“Oh, you got something. Give it here, quick!” she said, trying to regain her composure.

The t-shirt didn’t help much, as it only barely stretched over her new tits. Any movement, even breathing heavy, had the material lifting and sliding up to expose her dark areolas that contrasted so much against her pale flesh.

“This won’t do,” Amber said frustrated, as she yanked harder on the flimsy material. As the cloth rubbed against her nipples as she pulled on the t-shirt, she was both embarrassed and incredibly turned on by the sensation.

Amber was entirely frustrated with the experience, wondering how she was going to manage being in a public setting with tits this big, and being horny all the time by them. But little did she know, the town of Plumedale would have their attention turned on much bigger problems. After all, Abe’s adventures were only just beginning…

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