The Good Provider Ch. 02

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Thank you so much for the positive feed back. This is my first story submission to Literotica, and my very first incest story. As to the confusion over Colleen moving “home,” along with a later reference to her offer to go stay at her mom’s place, I apologize. That is cleared up in this chapter.

* * *

Matt stood looking down the hallway a minute longer, cursing himself. Way to go, Romeo! You might as well have grabbed her tits and squeezed them, while drooling out of one side of your mouth! He banged his head against the wall behind him. Stupid fuck! You blew it once, don’t blow it again. He couldn’t help it, his eyes had been drawn magnetically to the gentle swell of Colleen’s breasts above the v-neck of her dress. He longed to know what they looked like; he longed to feel them once again cradled in his hands. He wanted to hear Colleen moan and beg for more as he sucked and slurped on her sweet nipples.

Matt could still remember the first time he had touched Colleen’s breasts. By the time she was twenty, Colleen had been the unofficial beautician for her family and friends for years.

She teased Matt about having an almost unnatural obsession with keeping his hair at one particular length. If she only knew that my unnatural obsession was with her. I could have given a rat’s ass about my hair.

Back then, Matt kept his hair close cropped for one reason only — because he could talk Colleen into cutting it with scissors, using the shaver only at the very end to make sure it was all even. This meant his haircuts usually took at least half an hour, sometimes longer if he got her talking and distracted. As she clipped and cut, her body would brush against his and he would shift in his chair to make sure that happened often as possible without being obvious. When she did the front, she would stand between his legs as she clipped the hair at his crown.

He knew it was perverted, but he couldn’t resist the siren lure of having his sexy sister between his legs whenever possible. His cock would stir and then harden, hidden underneath the cloth drape wrapped around him, as he imagined pulling Colleen to him, one hand on her butt, pulling her right against his groin. He would imagine rubbing his cock up and down against her soft mound, before thrusting himself deep inside of her, or güvenilir bahis maybe laying her back on the kitchen table and spreading her legs wide, bending down to taste her pussy. He just knew it would be juicy sweet.

His fantasies grew stronger and harder to suppress, and he started taking chances. At first, he would bump her hips with his thighs, keeping it light and playful. Then he started copping a feel of her ass once in awhile, after she was done with his hair and turning away. He would slap her ass and say “thanks sis.” The first time he did that, she gave him a funny look and said “Hey! Watch your hands!” The next time, although she still yelped “Hey!” and her face turned pink, she didn’t tell him to stop.

And so it continued. Each time he would take a slightly more intimate liberty, invade her body space a little more. He began giving her a thank you hug after each hair cut, pressing up against her from behind, then quickly letting go. As time went on, those thank you hugs lasted longer; sometimes he would nuzzle her neck, or quickly nip her shoulder. After awhile, he added a slow grind against her ass. Sometimes she would push him away, tell him to stop humping her, but more often than not she’d just laugh and say, “All right, you’re welcome. Now go on with you.”

He took her acceptance of his touches as encouragement. He wasn’t brave enough to come right out and ask, but he began to believe she felt the same attraction, the same desires. One summer afternoon, his undeniable obsession with Colleen came to a head. She had just finished cutting his hair and was standing at the kitchen sink rinsing her scissors and combs. Matt walked up behind her to give his usual hug. Colleen knew it was coming; in fact she expected his hug by now and it would have hurt her feelings if he suddenly stopped.

She was wearing a dark purple halter top and a pair of drawstring shorts that day. The gentle bounce of her braless breasts had enticed him during the haircut, and his cock had been hard and throbbing for the last twenty minutes. His throat was dry; his palms sweaty, as he slowly approached her from behind. This time, he would make his feelings known. He was ninety-nine percent sure she felt the same way, but was waiting on him to make a real move, to show his cards.

Her ass cheeks were türkçe bahis round and tempting under the clinging fabric of her shorts, but he contented himself with only a quick squeeze before he wrapped his arms around her. “Thank you, little sister.” His voice came out as a croak and he took a deep breath.

“You’re wel . . .” Colleen let out a gasp as Matt ground his hard cock firmly against her ass cheeks.

“Matt!” Colleen’s voice was shrill and a little warning went off in his brain. Back off, back off! But it was too late. His other head was in control now, and it wasn’t listening to reason – unstoppable lust was running the show.

Matt knew he was going too far, but he couldn’t stop. He held Colleen pressed hard against his body, his arm tightly wrapped around her waist, while his free hand moved up her body until he cupped a breast. She jerked against him but he wouldn’t let go. God, her tit felt so fucking good, soft and full in his hand. He ran his thumb in a circle around her nipple, feeling her nipple grow hard and pointy under his finger. His hips were thrusting harder against her and he could hear soft grunts coming from his mouth.

“Matt, stop it!” Colleen hissed at him, her voice angry and scared. His stomach dropped, realizing too late that he’d made a huge mistake. He held on a moment longer, unable to break away, before letting his hands drop to his sides. She twirled around to face him and slapped him hard in the face. “Don’t you ever do that again!” He saw tears in her eyes and it broke his heart.

“Sissy, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Please baby girl, don’t cry.” He reached out for her, only meaning to comfort this time, but she shoved his arms away, her sobs coming harder, and then she ran from the room. A minute later, he heard her bedroom door slam shut. He stood frozen in the kitchen, eyes unseeing as he recalled the look in her eyes just before she slapped his face. His beautiful, sexy sister, the woman he loved more than any other, had looked at him with fear and hurt in her eyes, because of something he’d done.

* * *

She stopped cutting hair after that, only saying that she didn’t have time anymore because she was working so hard to complete her business courses. Matt tried to apologize to Colleen a couple of times, but the damage had been güvenilir bahis siteleri done. She avoided him, leaving for classes early, and coming home late from work. A few months later, she graduated, took the job in Billings, and before Matt knew it, he was standing outside on the curb with his parents, sending Colleen off.

It was the worst moment of his life.

One awkward, brief hug, and then Colleen was in her car. She started it up.

Say something! Change her mind!

She was waving goodbye out the window. She was moving away from the curb.

Don’t go!

Then she turned the corner at the end of the street and disappeared from view.

* * *

Now, eleven years later she was living back under the same roof as he. This was something he thought would never happen. When Colleen had called in a panic about losing not only her job, but her condo, Matt instantly offered her a place to stay, rent free, until she could get back on her feet again. He was sorry about her job and her condo, but this was like a miracle being handed to him. He grasped the second chance to set things right between them like a lifeline.

Married briefly at age 30, he had been divorced for several years. He had his own home, and two years ago had renovated an old “in-law” unit on the property into a nice studio apartment for their mother.

“But you already have mom living with you,” Colleen had protested. “You don’t want me moving in as well!”

“First of all, mom doesn’t technically live with me. She has her own studio behind the house. And second of all, I do want you living with me.” You have no idea how much!

“Mom is very independent and doesn’t need much looking after, but if you were here, then I’d have someone to split the “care and feeding” with. It could be your job to watch “Dancing with the C-Listers” with her, maybe take her to bingo once a week.”

Matt’s voice took on a wheedling tone. “Come on sis, help your big brother out. You know, I’ll wash your back and you wash mine.” He held his breath. Say yes, come on, say yes.

“Well, if you’re really okay with it.”

“I’m more than okay with it! I’ll start getting the spare room cleared out for you, and mom and I will be down to help clear out your things next week-end.”

* * *

Matt pulled himself back from the past, and moved stiffly toward the fridge. Pulling out a bottle of water, he untwisted the cap slowly. Rule number one, horn dog. Don’t fuck this up. Rule number two: See Rule number one.

* * *

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