The Good Sister

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I rolled up my shirt sleeves and surveyed the room. Most people, including my wife, were glued to the tv screens as the last votes came in. A few campaign veterans were already giving me congratulatory nods. It looked like our cheesy ‘Quinn for the Win’ slogan was proving true. Out of all the grey haired or balding heads, one was distinctly different. Black shiny hair, kept up with a stylish claw. Perfect teeth appeared under smiling lips. She winked at me, knowing victory was all but assured. She was my most trusted advisor. Having worked on the campaign with me for months, not to mention countless others before that, we both had a sixth sense for these things. Or maybe it was because we were family.

She had always been by my side, yet I worried about losing her. In her younger days, it wasn’t a problem. However, at 31, it was probably time for my little sister to focus more on herself and a family of her own. I know that’s what mom and dad wanted, and perhaps I could have been more forthright in encouraging her. Then again, I had my own selfish reasons for keeping her around. Quite simply, she was brilliant in every way. Headstrong too. Who’s to say she would have listened to any of us. I tore away from our prolonged gaze. We had to stop doing that.

I nabbed a bottle of champagne and retreated to my office. I needed a few minutes to collect myself before the madness truly began. I needed a few minutes before I became president.


Taking a sip from the narrow flute, I settled back into the leather chair and took a last look at my office — for a while anyway. It was a beautiful room with many wonderful memories. I ran my palm along the smooth mahogany of my desk. It had been my father’s before me — an old family heirloom. I’d have to figure out how to get it into the Oval Office. That’d be a real coup. I wasn’t nervous or anxious about becoming Commander in Chief. I had always been a man of dignity and principle. Then again, that’s probably what they all thought. Adolf et al. Maybe it would be different when I got in there, but I honestly didn’t have many deficiencies to exploit. A familiar knock sounded and the heavy door pushed open. Well, maybe there were one or two small weaknesses.

“Congratulations, Mr President…Brother…John…I don’t know what to call you,” she said with a teasing smile.

“Well it’s not official yet…but thanks.”

I poured her a glass as she strolled up to me. She didn’t take either of the seats the other side of the desk, instead choosing to perch her butt on the wooden surface in front of me. Normal people might have had a loving embrace porno izle on such an occasion. Smooth pinstriped legs rose up between mine. I gazed up at my audacious advisor. Professional and pretty, she wore her grey matching blazer over a white, button-down blouse.

“Relief at last,” she moaned as she kicked off her heels.

“We can’t stay here for long. They’ll be expecting us.”

“Expecting you,” Caroline said. “You’re the main man now.”

She ran her bare foot up and down my leg. I swallowed some golden bubbles.

“You’re thirsty, I can tell.”

I knew she wasn’t talking about my hydration levels. I joined her game.

“Well, how long has it been, sis? Three months?”

My necktie was already loosened. Leaning forward, Caroline undid the knot and slid it off. Her blouse concealed much, but I knew of the luscious flesh that swelled underneath. Her scent was nice. I sighed and rested my hands on her thighs.

“I thought we weren’t going to do this anymore,” I said.

I could tell she was pondering something as she drank.

“Do you remember the ‘last time?’ The night you won the nomination?

“Of course,” I said, running my hands farther up her sleek body. “I also remember the next day. You came into the office in the tightest, sexiest little outfit. I couldn’t concentrate all fucking day.”

Dark hair fell around her shoulders as she removed her clip.

“That was just a coincidence, Mr president.”

My cock stirred every time she called me that. She graciously slid down between my legs and began to massage my thighs.

“Three months. We were doing so well.”

“Were we really, John? Besides, now things are different. You won.”

I moaned as she groped my hardness. Her words and touch were a lethal combination. She pulled at my fly and let her fingers explore. Eyes closed, I exhaled to her touch. It wasn’t long until my cock sprang out. It felt at home in her warm hand.

“Anyway, I think we can bend the rules a little on a day like today.”

Eyes met as she jerked me. It was like she was scanning my face for wrinkles.

“It’s funny. I always knew you’d win. Ever since you topped that sexiest candidate poll.”

I moaned her name as her lips closed around me. She used her fingers to jack the base of my cock as her mouth worked the rest. This wasn’t weakness. This was impossible to resist.

Yes, yes. I know. The hypocrisy. I had a loving family; and not just for appearances or political points either. I truly loved Jenny, my wife. With any other woman, I’d consider it cheating. But Caroline was my sister and I valued altyazılı porno her love too — in all forms and expressions. My fingers sliced through her hair as she worked her tongue. The clock on the wall teased and tormented me.

“Sis, we don’t have much time.”

“Then hurry up and cum for me.”

Precum smeared her lips in a preview of what might have been. I gingerly shook my head and smiled. Placing a few final kisses on my cock. She pulled away. We both knew what I wanted. I joined her as she stood. She loosened her pants as we kissed. God, was it good to taste her tongue again. The clock ticked. I spun her around and bent her over the antique desk. The thud of her body on the wood brought back happy memories indeed. I yanked down her pants – and her fucking thong; my favourite one – just enough to expose her snowy bum. I didn’t bother taking off her jacket — just pushed it up a bit. She moaned as I teased both holes with my cockhead. I chose the wetness of her womanhood and eased inside. I drew a breath as I sank down her slimy passage. It was sheer heaven feeling her tighten around me. My thumbs digging into her hips; this was our version of a loving embrace. Papers fell from the desk as she spread her arms.

“Oh, John!”

My hands sliding up her waist, I drove into her with reckless abandon. A few groans escaped her, even though I sensed she was trying to contain herself.

“Go for it sis. Can’t you hear the celebrations? They won’t know a thing.”

And it was good that they couldn’t hear the cries and fleshy slaps of our incest. The fools wouldn’t understand. Watching her shake and jolt, I rammed with more aggression than usual. I guess it was the culmination of time, the end of a long campaign, and winning the highest office in the land. Not to mention the end of a sexual fast of sorts.

“How does it feel to have a president’s cock in you?”

A laugh punctuated her moans.

“Quinn for the win, brother!”

The moisture glittering on the small of her back made me aware of droplets forming on my forehead. But I couldn’t slow down and savour her. I had to go hard and fast. I was already frustrated that time had robbed me of the chance to revisit her breasts. Finally, heavy testicles stirred to life. I grunted a throaty warning and tried to pull her tight. The frantic fucking caused my hands to slide all over her slippery backside. Creaky wooden drawers and their iron handles rattled. The desk was old, very old. It saw many generations and eras. I seriously doubted that we were the only couple to copulate on it. To conceive on it even. I sex hikaye could feel the ecstatic point of no return looming as angry balls rapped Caroline’s delicate hind.

“Ugh! Finish for me, my president!


“My King!”

“Oh, Yes!”


My balls erupted to joyous roars. Surrendering my load, a thick milk gushed deep inside her. I half collapsed down on top of her as I squirted the last of my seed.

Glancing at the door, I wondered what would happen if someone burst in right at this moment. Me, humped over my sibling mate. My pants around my ankles. They wouldn’t do shit, I realised. Not now. The important work was already done.


Not stirring for a minute, my breath warmed the back of Caroline’s neck. Her fingers danced over smooth mahogany.

“We have to figure out a way to get this thing into The White House,” she said.

I hauled myself up and drank in the sight of me still buried in my beautiful accomplice. Not a weakness. Impossible to resist. Withdrawing my meat, a small dollop of semen spilled from her. We caught our breaths and fixed ourselves up. She made sure I noticed her drag the laced thong over her dripping pussy. She looked good in her suit, so I pulled her close and tasted her lips.

“I guess you’ll do,” I said with a wry smile. “Maybe I’ll make you my secretary after all.”

“Yeah, Secretary of State sounds good,” she said, groping me.

I forced myself away from her touch. I couldn’t very well be going out to shake hands while carrying a hardon.

I had my fingers on the door handle when she stopped me.

“Tut-tut. You failed the test, John.”

I looked around, truly confused. Almost threatened by her tone. She walked back to the desk to retrieve her hair clip. She prodded me in the chest with it as she spoke.

“We can’t be making silly mistakes, brother. Not now. Not if we want to rule.”

That, right there, was how I won the election. Caroline really was the smartest person I knew.

“I knew I hired you for more than your cute ass.”

I rested my hands on her shoulders and gave her a stern look.

“Both of us together, we can do anything. We can conquer the world!”

She rose on her tippy toes to kiss me.

“And we will,” she said. “But first, go thank the team. I’ll hang back a few minutes.”

My mischievous grin returned. Grabbing her hand, I charged into dazzling lights and rapturous applause. It was roasting in the packed room, so the patches of sweat on my shirt went unnoticed – I hoped. Leaning into me, she covered her mouth to say something. It was probably going to be some shrewd advice about who I should thank first. No one but myself could hear her over the noise.

“It feels so fucking good to have you inside me.”

A real smile shattered my fake one as I waved to the people.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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