The Gross Gang

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**The following is a filth-kink related story. Involving unwashed nasty women, mud, garbage, and other filthy kinks. If you don’t like that you should probably stop now.** (Also everyone depicted in this story is 18 or older)


Peri was worried with her own safety and survival. When the ‘Bath plague’ had hit a few years ago she wasn’t too worried. And then it got airborne. And people started dying en masse. Peri had survived, but only she had survived. Virtually no disease in history ever had a 100% effective rate, and Peri had, by chance, been born with a natural immunity to the plague. And while she was fairly certain of being able to survive the disease, the collapse of society that came with hundreds of millions (if not a billion) deaths worldwide had become her issue. There was another issue, Peri lived in the American Deep south, in what was once the lowlands of Louisiana, but now was just newly-formed swampland. The warm planet had led to enough flooding that what once was (mostly) dry floodplain was now (frequently) underwater.

However in that muck and mud gangs had set up. The one that had the most power was a mostly female gang that was a bit odd. They were the ‘stank troupe’. Peri had bumped into them around. And well… They were a mess, literally. The girls were proud of how little they washed and cleaned up. Something about ‘surviving to become the plague’ or something. Peri didn’t really claim to get it, but honestly, with how hungry she was, and how in half of the times she met the gang they gave out food to people not in the gang. And with how hungry she was, well, she could manage with a little stink.

Of course, not that she was the cleanest. Between the death and the flooding society had collapsed. She had a bag with a smattering of things, and two pairs of clothes. She only got to wash them in either the river, or when the tide came up unusually high. As it was her faded shirt had some stains and smears, not to mention a few holes. Her shorts had long since lost the bottom to their hems and both pairs were forming small holes in the crotch. Her panties, once blue, now were stained mostly brown and yellow. Not to mention from walking through the mud for ages her shoes were just coated in mud well up to her ankles and then some.

Ahead the gang was visible. They were walking along, right through some muck in a flooded former town. One of many towns abandoned to a mix of constant flooding and death. She approached as she kept at a distance for a bit.

The gang was mostly female, although a few men were there. It was about 70-ish people. All of them were some sort of dirty, although some were coated in muck and grime from head to toe, while others merely had a smearing on them below the waist. She noticed them gathering around a few pallets of… Something or another, she couldn’t really tell, and taking whatever was on it, and (after fiddling with it a lot) dropping it on one another. More than once she saw a girl pull on another girls waistline and put whatever the thing was down the other girls pants. By and large this was treated with bemused indifference, or mild annoyance from the victim. A few seemed to rather like it though.

Peri approached, she was alone, and only had the clothes on her body and one bag. As she got close to the gang a few girls approached. The ones approaching were extra dirty. One was brown and black in muck from head to toe, and stank like hell. The other was pretty dirty, but she still had skin, and a little clothing, visible near her neck. Although down her neck there were smears of what looked like wet cat food, and Peri could smell a somewhat unpleasant whiff of that on the air pretty much everywhere.

“Hey there. What are ya doin?” The very dirty girl asked hand on her hip. “You lookin for food?”

“N-no.” Peri let out nervous. “I’m looking to join the gang. I’ve seen you around. And… I’ve gotten food from you before. But, well, I wanna join.”

The two girls exchanged looks with each other, the dirtier one shrugged, and the cleaner one nodded. “Alright, come with us then. I can’t promise much, but we can at least take ya to the boss.”

They lead Peri through the town. She looked at the gang, and she realized that the pallet of stuff was purely wet cat food. The pallete was rain damaged and quite dirty on the bottom, while the girls (And a guy or two) were mostly hanging out around one palette of the stuff on what was the main road through town. In fact as she walked along, her guides stopping to ask someone something someone approached and spilled a can on her head. Peri let out a squeal. “Ah! What the hell!” She had cat food on her head.

The person who had the can stopped. “Mmm? Oh. You aren’t…?” She paused and patted Peri on her head. “You’re not part of the troop. Sorry, its only the first day on our march. Don’t know everyone, the troop is fairly new.”

Peri blinked. “Y-ya what now?” She said both nervous and confused. And slightly grossed out, although she escort bursa knew she’d have to tough through that last one a lot.

About then a large muscular woman came out of a building. “I hear two maggots got themselves a potential maggot friend.” Her voice was a bit low. She looked at Peri’s guides. “Where are they?”

Two hands pointed right at Peri, who jumped slightly. “Uh-um its me.” She said with a not. “I am…” She didn’t want to call herself a maggot, but if that was what she would become, then fine.

The woman looked down at her for a bit. She was both fairly tall in height, and also a modest distance off the mud. “Well, go back to guard duty, when you’re off you can get a little treat for bringing a potential recruit. If it goes well you’ll get something better. Job well done.” The woman said patting one girl on the ass and nodding at the other, the pair nodded as they left. “Now then, who are you?” The woman stepped down. She was in rather skimpy clothing. Short, shorts that just barely covered her loins, a tight top that barely covered her tits, and boots that were very, very filthy. She had mud stains and smears all up her body, but a fair bit of her skin was exposed too.

“Oh. I’m Peri.”

The woman looked her over for a few moments. “Alright. Hey, who’s under that muck there?” The woman asked the girl who had put cat food on Peri.

“Maya.” The girl replied.

“Ah, good. Alright, get some more cans, open them if ya can, and bring them in here.”

“How many?”

“As many as you can carry, and try not to wear them all ok?”

Maya nodded and went off. Peri was more than a touch lost. However she soon had directions. “Come with me Peri. Inside.”

Peri followed the buff woman inside the building. Walking over dirty floors with squelches. “So, what makes you wanna join the G-gang?”


“Yes. That’s what we’re called.” The woman said.

“I’ve never heard that before. B-but um well, I’m basically all alone out there. And here you guys seem to be secure. I wanna join and belong with you.”

The woman took a moment as she walked to a plastic chair behind a desk and sat down, tapping her fingers. “Alright. Fine, I believe ya. You aren’t the only one with that reason.” She said with a sigh. “But, well, its not super convincing. You do know we’re… Quite a mess.” She said as she looked her up and down. “Like, much worse than even you.” The woman almost sounded impressed saying that.

“Yeah. I’ve bumped into you a few times. Once we kept the same path for a few days. Uh, not you in particular, but the G-gang.”

“You can just call it the Gang. The second G is mostly a joke.” The woman said. “But if you’ve been with us you know how we don’t wash while on march, and we take any job, no matter how dirty.”

“I’ve done some dirty things. I’m not gonna say its as often as you guys, but it happens.” She still hadn’t tried to wipe the cat-food from her hair. Although as some hit her eyes she wiped it from there. “I’m just want a shot. Is that too much to ask?”

“Somewhat yes.” The woman chuckled. About then Maya came through the door, bearing eight cans of open cat food. “Ah, good, the conversation was getting boring.” The woman said. “Put them on the desk. Oh, Peri, your bag, put it here too.” She slapped the desk.

Peri and Maya did as told and put their things down, Maya turned to go, but was stopped. “Wait just a few minutes Maya. I might need you.”

“Alright boss.” She said turning around again and looking before she walked to a dirty corner and sat down.

“Now then Peri. You mind telling me what’s in your bag?” The strong woman eyed it up, a baseball bat clearly visible, but she chose not to open it.

“Most of my supplies. I have a bit of food, a bat and a few knives for self defense and hunting. A few personal items and a smattering of other things.”

Peri took a moment and opened it up. Carefully she removed the items, save for the food, one by one. “Alright. Pretty accurate. Although… Saying you have a few personal items and a smattering of other things is stretching it.” Peri had a second pair of shoes, a few sets of underwear, a hat, and just two small personal items. “Now, if you join we will be taking this bag for your trial period. Though you can keep a knife, its a useful tool. Also you will be stuck in that outfit for the rest of your trial. Its not being replaced unless you flunk out.” She said pointing at Peri.

“Alright. Its not like I haven’t worn it for a while already. What’s a bit more muck.”

“Yes, speaking of.” She got a can of cat food and held it up. “I see you were involved in our celebration a bit. Maya, c’mere. I never got involved, I was busy preparing a track back to the camp.”

Maya got up and took the can the woman held. “Where do ya want it?” She asked as if this was the most casual conversation ever.

The strong woman pulled on the waistline of her shorts at the front. “For now one here will do. I would like more later, görükle escort but that can wait.”

With that and no more ceremony, Maya burst into a grin and dumped the can upside down into the strong woman’s shorts. A wet splurch audible from the deposit. The strong woman let her waistline in and casually rubbed at it, before sitting on the desk. Without warning the sound of water hitting fabric was audible. After a few moments a puddle was forming under the woman. “Alright Peri. We have seven more cans to celebrate with.” She nodded as she picked up one herself, offering it to her. “Wanna celebrate a find of the Gang?”

Peri took a moment as she looked at the can, she could just barely hear Maya take in a sharp breath of excitement. She took the can and pulled out the front of her pants and dumped the can upside down. She had done some gross things. She had even eaten this stuff a few times, but this was something else. The smell, while not pleasant, wasn’t the worst bit. She already had it in her face from the can on her head earlier. The texture, soft, wet, firm, mushy. It was something else. She made a slightly disgusted face before letting her waistline back in. There was a moment of silence before a slightly fainter sound of water hitting fabric could be heard. Then, a bit later, a small wet spot formed on Peri’s jeans. Having just put cat food down her crotch, and now pissing her pants Peri forced a slightly awkward smile. “Party hard, eh?”

The woman chuckled. “Pull out the rear of your pants. I have six more cans.”

In short order Peri had two cans dumped over her ass, her shoes were removed and one can dumped in each. One was dumped down her cleavage, and a last one was put and let to gently sit on her head before Maya smushed it with her hands. Peri was a mess of gunk, but she stood there and nodded. “Well. Its a start.”

The strong woman laughed. “Maya, you may have a new maggot tomorrow.” The strong woman offered her hand. “I’m Soya. The leader of this troop. I, obviously, am the best to determine if you can join. So let me tell you how we let people in. Usually new recruits apply at one of our camps, or possibly the main headquarters. Although we do get people on marches. If they pass an entry test, something like this, we send them out on the first march we can. You are going to be a maggot. A little pest that feeds on filth and muck. You will be given the nastiest jobs. You will be subject to the mud and muck of the others in the troop, even other maggots. You will not be out of these clothes once until your trial is up. Your personal things, aside from whichever knife you value the most, will not be left with you. And then, you’ll do it again. As soon as we get back you’ll be sent out on the next march we have room for you in. And after that? A third time. There will be no respite. Should you prove up to muster you will be utterly filthy and barely clothed, but you will get your first bath, and anything you want from this bag back.” She said as she picked it up. “Any questions?”

Peri had a lot. But well, one had always confused her, and it was where she would start. “So. I know how dirty things can get. And, well, I know filth spreads disease. But I have to ask, why such a mess?”

Soya smirked. “Smart girl. I like you. Are you into girls?”

“I-I’m Bi.” Peri let out a touch confused.

“I have a chance. Well Peri, see our boss was once a doctor. Right at the beginning of the Bath plague breakout. One of the first to get it. She noticed something though. In those who got it, and those who were naturally immune. It seemed those people didn’t get sick from dirt and disease. Well, not as much. In fact with people who caught the plague dirt based bacteria were fairly minimal in terms of transmitting disease. While I don’t know the science well enough to understand it, I do know our rate of disease is on average lower than people who are trying to live clean lives in villages and such. So, well, it seems the boss lady has something. Good first question. Got more?”

She had another one, and it was weird. “I mostly see women in these gangs. But every now and again there’s guys around. But rarely very many. Only maybe one for every ten women. Maybe once I saw more. Are you all gay or like… uh?” She didn’t quite know how to ask ‘why so few guys’ in any other way.

“So. As mentioned, doctor founder. While she got this data things got bad. It was near the airborne transmission stage. Things truly fell apart. She left with only partially complete data. Now, like you, I’m pretty ok with men and women fucking me both. I know we, over time, have leaned towards a lot of lesbians, but that’s not why we have so few men. I value each member of the troop, even the lowliest most worthless maggot. But, despite that, for reasons we don’t quite get, this filth-adaptation doesn’t generally take as well in men as in women. Because the research was cut years short the boss didn’t have the data, but from what I get it lands bursa escort bayan in men and affects them, but us girls seem to get the better deal on average.” She glanced. “For someone wandering around the swamp covered in cat food you’re smart. Try and keep your wits about you.”

“I have another question. What would happen if I fail?”

“You are very smart.” Soya chuckled. “Alright, so your first two marches are the ones in which your superiors can fail you. If I think you won’t make it I can take you off of maggot duty at any time. If so you’ll fall into the center of the march and stay with us until we reach an outpost of ours, or, if you want, you could break off when you’re off duty. Basically your first two marches are here to simulate the worst conditions you can serve under, no washing, little rest, sub par food, all that. If you can’t at least manage under bad conditions then you probably shouldn’t march if you don’t have too. If you wanna stay you can stay in one of our camps and help develop those. And if you wanna retry later, well, I won’t let ya if you fail but I’m not the only troop commander. Go bother one of them.”

Peri blinked. “You mentioned two marches to fail? Why three before I join?”

“Oh, only we can fail you on your first two. You can flunk yourself out on your third. A march averages thirty days, more or less, if after 60 days you haven’t fallen apart then you’ve got the body. The last march is if you have the will. If you do that you’re good.” She said. “I rarely see people drop on their third march. But its an option.” She glanced. “No more questions for now. You asked two without permission. I’ll let it slide since the first two were very good. But you are now a maggot. The bottom of the bunch.” She got to Peri’s food. A mix of things. “We do have one nice thing for ya. Usually the one nicety we give maggots is a good meal before each march. Just one, but we make it as good as we can. Now we’re not at camp, but if you join on our march I’ll see what I can scrounge up for ya. You can start tomorrow.”

Maya paused. “Can I help too?”

“You’d better, you’re gonna be her fly-mother.”

Peri let out a slight grimace at that title. She wasn’t sure what that was, but it didn’t sound great. Well, it wasn’t like she hadn’t pissed her pants while they were full of cat food. Soft, mushy, gross as hell. And supposedly she’d be healthy. Supposedly. Peri would have to ask about that later.

Still in a short while Peri had a small crowd of about half a dozen other Gang members, and herself, all of them presenting her with something to eat or drink. She got a spot on the second floor of the building Soya occupied (she said it was only so everyone didn’t try to mooch her meal before she was done) and was then left relatively alone with only Maya for company.

“So… Maya.” Peri muttered as she looked things over. A bottle of wine, still somewhat cool (if clearly left in the mud for a while) a mix of surprisingly fresh meats, and good vegetables. “Uh… What does being a fly-mother mean?”

“Basically?” The dirty woman said sitting on the floor. “I’m gonna make sure your life as a maggot is just about as bad as it could be. I’m gonna remember to volunteer you for duties nobody wants, and I’m gonna make sure you’re hazed and teased plenty.” She smirked some. “Sounds fun right?”

Peri let out a nervous laugh. “Ah… Haha… Y-yeah.”

“Well… Also I’m here to try and keep you alive. And to offer help and support… While looking tough.” She said as she moved over. “If you have a want or a need, talk to me first. I can’t promise you’ll get it, but for about 90% of anything physical you might need, I’m your girl.” She paused. “Sorta.”

Peri glanced as she bit into some of the food before her. “Sworta?” She said with a half full mouth.

“Well…” She chuckled as she struggled with a button before revealing her junk. “I’m not quite a conventional girl.”

Peri had to cough and sputter a bit at the sight. It seemed that Maya had breasts, and a penis. After a slight bit of shock she asked, “Are you trans? Do you identify female? Can the gang even do the procedures?”

“No, yes, don’t think so.” Maya smirked. “I was born this way. One in about a million. And luckily I grew up with very good medical care. Afterwards… Hahhhh.” Yeah, there were a lot of dead bodies out there. “But I have a… Mostly functional natural cock, tits, and some damn fine hips.” She said as she slid them from side to side.

Peri couldn’t help but look at the member before her. She hadn’t had sex in a long while. Masturbated? Sure. Plenty. Sex? No, not in ages, possibly almost a year. She continued to chew slowly. “So. Not that I mind or anything. And its private enough.”

“Also being horny is very much a thing. Bath plague side effects leave you a horny idiot.”

“Also that. But… Is this going somewhere. You seem… Uh excited.” She knew a hard cock when she saw one, and Maya was somewhat stiff.

“Well, a lot of us are quite horny in the gang. And well, fucking your mates is common. Although on marches its less so. And yet, here I am with you. And tomorrow you will become my bitch.” She began to tease her own cock. “You see where I’m coming from?”

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