The Handson Irish Rogue Pt. 01

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Sean used to deliver stove oil to an account. The woman who lived there was a divorcee with a small child. Every time he made a delivery she would come out and talk to him. Over the course of time their conversation got more and more friendly. One day he was running ahead of schedule and it was near time for his lunch break so he accepted her invitation to come in for a nice cup of coffee.

He sat down at her kitchen table and she poured the beverage for both of them and sat down right next to him instead of a chair across the table. Their conversation soon became quite flirty. From time to time she would place her hand on his leg while laughing at something or when talking more seriously. They became more relaxed and he leaned back in the chair and placed one arm across the back of hers. She leaned back and then reached up and took hold of his hand and pulled it so that his arm was then around her. His hand ended up right over her breast.

No one ever said he could not take an obvious hint. He caressed the breast over her blouse. Not hearing an objection he leaned toward her and her mouth met his for a kiss. They held the kiss for a while and his tongue just naturally had to brush those lips. Her mouth opened and welcomed his tongue while hers began exploring his mouth and dueling with his tongue.

Her arms went around his neck and pulled him tighter. He put his other hand on her other breast and Maltepe Escort massaged it a little. She started unbuttoning his shirt and he returned the favor. As his shirt front opened she began running her hands over his chest and kissing it with light quick kisses. He finished removing her blouse and rubbed her tits through her brazier before reaching around with one hand and unhooking the garment. Her bra fell down and gave him his first look at a very nicely shaped set of tits. They were average sized and very aroused. Her nipples were hard as pebbles as he took them into his mouth.

They petted this way for a few minutes. Her bedroom door was open so he picked her up and carried her in. Their lips were locked together as they moved. He gently sat her on the bed.

He went down to his knees and undid her slacks. She raised her rump to allow him to slip both her slacks and her panties off at the same time. He stood and she undid his pants and pushed them and his underwear down. His hard cock sprang out almost hitting her face. She opened her mouth and by the time his cock quit bouncing it was just inside. She held it with her hand and kissed the end licking away the pre cum that was leaking out. Then she licked it up and down from his balls to the end and back before engulfing it. Her head started bobbing back and forth. With each stroke she swallowed a little more cock until her nose was buried in his pubic İstanbul Escort hair. He felt her hand massage his balls. Before long he told her, “I’m about to cum!” Instead of taking it out she sucked harder and faster. He had no choice. His seed flooded her oral cavity and she swallowed every bit of it.

He stepped back from her and told her, “One good turn deserves another” as he reached out to place both hands on her legs and spread them open as far as possible. He then took hold of her ass with both hands and pulled it toward his mouth.

She had trimmed her bush a little so no hair would show around her bikini but there was still plenty of hair. Her labia were open and swollen. He could see she was well lubricated and ready but he wanted to taste her first. He started kissing and taking little nips with his lips along the inside of her thighs starting about three inches from his goal. He alternated from one side to the other and finally kissed her full on those beautiful lips.

By this time she was bouncing her ass slowly and had her hands around his head. He began by licking those lips one at a time and then together. He worked his tongue into her hole and scooped out as much of her sweet juice as he could before moving to her clit. He licked it for a little while and then sucked it into his mouth to flick his tongue back and forth over it. She moaned loudly and started jerking her hips while pulling Anadolu Yakası Escort his face into her pussy. It was as though she was trying to stuff his head in her cunt hole. He was badly in need of air by the time she relaxed from her climax.

He gave her about five minutes to recover while He sucked her tits and played by rubbing between her legs. Then He got into position and let her guide his cock to the right position after running it back and forth the length of her womanhood a few times. It had been some time since she had been intimate with a man so she was tight. He entered her slowly and gave her time. He pulled back and pushed in a little further. Finally all eight inches of his cock was imbedded in her cunt.

He slowly fucked in and out, increasing his speed just a little at a time. She seemed to think it was because he was being careful of her but actually it was to delay his pending release as long as he could. Soon she started grunting and moaning and her hips were jerking up to meet his every thrust. He knew she was getting close so he started hammering into her as fast as he could go. Her orgasm triggered his or else his triggered hers. It was that close.

They relaxed and kissed for a little while until they had recovered. He looked at his watch and knew he would have a hard time getting all his deliveries done before quitting time.

About two months later she called the company and ordered a fill of her oil tank. When he arrived she came out as she usually did but this time she showed him an engagement ring. He was not the only one she had been friendly with. She was marrying the man who picked up her trash. She had found what she wanted, a husband, without leaving the house

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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