The Hard Body Clerk’s New Beginning Ch. 04

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After dinner that night, Cori again helped Norm with a bath. When she was kneeling down next to him, he acted like he slipped a bit in the tub, resulting in a splash that soaked the front of her sweater and made it nearly transparent. It also made it that much heavier and tighter and it began sliding down over her breasts inch by inch until the top band was resting atop her nipples, which held it up like two nails supporting a wall-hanging. Norm wanted to lean over and chew a hole through that sweater and then gnaw on her tits, but he resisted.

His cock was hard and he made no efforts to conceal it. “Want a hand with that?” Cori asked, reaching between his legs. Norm pushed her hand away with his left arm.

“Nope, not like that,” Norm said.

“Oh, you want another blowjob, huh?” Cori grinned.

“Yes, but not now,” Norm said. “You know what I really want.” He glanced between her legs. “You’ve been teasing me with that little pussy of yours since you got here. Well, it’s time for the teasing to end.”

“I see,” Cori said. This didn’t really surprise her, but she would have felt a little more comfortable keeping it at the level of teasing, handjobs and blowjobs. To her, this was more intimate, carried a little more meaning. “Do you think you’re up to it after that fall tonight?”

“Looks like it, doesn’t it?” he said, thrusting his erection even further out of the water. “You’re going to have do most of the work, but I’m sure you’ve ridden one of these before.”

“Yes,” Cori said. “It’s one of my favorite positions.”

“Good,” Norm said, “because I imagine it will take some time before I can try many other ones. But in the meantime feel free to hop on board any time you feel like.”

“You’re silly, Pap,” Cori giggled. “Here, let’s get you out of there and into bed.”

“I was thinking more like out of here and into you,” Norm leered.

“You know if that’s what you want, you can have it,” Cori said, helping him stand up and then drying him off while he balanced himself against the wall. “I haven’t said no to anything you’ve asked for yet, have I?”

“Nope, and so long as you keep it that way, we’re going to have lots of fun,” Norm said.

He was excited, happy, looking forward to the future. Cori smiled to herself. Norm’s change in attitude was all that affirmation she needed. She knew now, that no matter what someone else might think, she was doing the right thing.

Minutes later, Cori eased Norm into bed, laying him on his back. He was naked, his cock obscenely erect, his left hand groping her ass. “Would you like me to put on something more suitable for bedtime,” Cori asked innocently, nodding toward her soaked sweater dress.

“Sure,” Norm grinned. “I trust you. You know what I like.”

Cori made a show of walking out of the room, shaking her ass along the way for him. It took her only a few minutes to strip, freshen her makeup and perfume and put on some black thigh-high stockings, a black g-string, a sheer black half-top that was very low cut and sleeveless, held up by a strap that tied behind her neck. It extended to about halfway between her tits and her navel, hugging her narrow waist tightly. She added some black heels for show, but expected she’d be out of them shortly. She let her hair down, checked herself in the mirror one more time, and started a slow, sexy walk back toward the bedroom.

When she got to the doorway, Norm stopped her in her tracks. “Let me get a good look,” he said. “Turn around. Bend over. Nice.” He examined his prize from all angles, then commanded, “Crawl to me, bitch.”

“Crawl?” Cori asked.”

“You heard me, Kitten,” Norm said, “Crawl over here and climb into bed. I’ve got something I want to give you.” He wagged his cock back and forth.

“Mmmm,” Cori said, dropping to her hands and knees and crawling slowly toward him. Her heavy breasts strained at the tight top and the g-string dug deeper into her crevices with each movement. “Like this?” she asked innocently, looking up at him.

“I’m not sure,” Norm teased. “Turn around and try it again.” Cori spun around in the opposite direction, making sure her ass was pointed directly at him as she sensuously crawled back toward the door, then turned around and made her way back toward him again, maintaining eye contact the whole way.

“Climb up here,” Norm said. Cori kicked off her shoes and scrambled onto the bed. “Hop on,” Norm said, nodding toward his crotch.

“Hold on,” Cori smiled. “Don’t you want me to get rid of this?” she tugged at her little g-string.

“Of course,” Norm growled. “Give it here.”

Cori peeled it out of her ass and pussy and down her long legs, handing him what amounted to little more than a piece of thread. Already, it had marinated in her juices long enough to smell like pussy. Norm held it to his nose, inhaling her aroma.

“Hot and wet,” he nodded. “Judging by these, you’re ready. So stop stalling and hop on. I need some pussy.”

Cori waited no longer, quickly straddling him and lowering her pussy to meet his rigid cock. She brushed her pussy güvenilir bahis lips against his shaft a couple times, then, rose up to line herself up, and dropped directly onto his cock, lowering herself steadily until his entire cock was inside her.

Norm’s cock jerked and he had to fight to keep from cumming already. With some deep breaths he calmed himself and focused on enjoying the view as Cori began a slow, steady ride, gently rising and lowering as if trying to massage his cock with her pussy. It was slow, sensual and hot as hell. Norm managed to get his right hand as far as her creamy thigh but his left hand more than made up for any shortcomings. He grabbed the neckline of her top and yanked it down, exposing her breasts which squeezed out through the narrow opening and were mashed together by the skin-tight top. This worked out perfectly, as he was able to fondle both nipples at the same time.

Norm was ecstatic. She was gorgeous and riding him like a pro. Her pussy was magnificent – even better than he expected and he loved the fact that she was getting into it too. Her wet pussy and hard nipples – not to mention the sexy outfit and crawling on the floor – told him this was fun for her too. Fucking slut, he thought, gleefully. Man, how could things go from so bad to so good in one day? The only answer, of course, was Cori. He wanted desperately to hold off and enjoy this ride all night, but she was just too hot, too good. Well, if he couldn’t go all night, he could sure make sure she was fucked good and hard.

“Faster, bitch,” he said. “Come on, giddy up, Cori! Ride me, ride me, ride me!” His left hand was cupping her right ass cheek now, using the strength he did have to help her go up and down faster and higher. She didn’t really need the help, though. Cori was in outstanding shape and put her body in high gear, thrusting and humping with all her might. Her tits were a blur, shaking and jiggling all over, moving as one thanks to the opening of the tight top squeezing them together. She was sweating now, bumping and grinding as hard as she could. She moaned and gasped openly, not trying to hide her arousal or her effort. She was putting everything she had into this.

Norm watched the amazing young woman who he used to think of as his sweet, innocent step-daughter. He watched her performing like a wanton nympho, a sex goddess, not only before his very eyes, but aboard his very cock. It was better than any dream he could have imagined, better than any fantasy he ever had.

He erupted inside her with a furious thrust of his hips, shooting his wad deep inside her. He coated her moist pussy walls with thick gobs of sticky spunk as she slowed from a gallop to a trot, gently rising and falling on him, milking him with her pussy until his cock reluctantly went soft. She rolled off him and lay next to him on the bed. She had already caught her breath and moaned softly. She hadn’t cum, but she was still basking in the after-glow of a rousing romp.

“Damn, that was amazing,” Norm said. “You’re unbelievable.”

“Thanks,” Cori smiled. “You did pretty well yourself. I thought you were an old man.”

“Hell, I’ll show you old,” Norm said. “Have that pussy ready because in 20 minutes, it’s going for another ride.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Cori said. “You should rest now. Don’t worry, I’ll be back here in the morning.”

“Back?” Norm said. “You’re not going anywhere. You’re sleeping right here with me. I may need some attention in the middle of the night. And I’m definitely going to need it in 20 minutes.” Norm groped between her thighs with his left hand, diddling her juicy twat, feeling the moist cauldron of her juices and his mixed together in her steamy slit. “Damn,” he said again. “I had no idea you had turned into such a hot bitch.”

Cori could see by the look in his eyes and the tone of his voice that he wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon. So, she decided to do a 180 on him. “All right, old-timer,” she taunted. “If you think you can get it up again, I’ve got a wager for you. I bet you can’t get it up again in less than 30 minutes.”

“You’re on,” Norm said. “What do I win?”

“I’ll serve you breakfast in bed and wear anything you want while I do it,” Cori said. Hell, that would be the case anyway, Norm thought, but what the hell. He’d play along.

“And what if you win?” Norm said. “If I win, you rest for one whole day. No sex, no exercise, just bed rest.”

“Hmmm,” Norm grunted, not liking the sound of that at all. It was a slight risk, but he looked at the wet dream sitting in front of him and decided he needed her once more before bed, no matter what. “You’re on.”

“Wait,” Cori said. “We need some ground rules. You can’t touch yourself or me.”

“Well, I need some sort of stimulation,” Norm said.

“Like what?”

“You perform for me – do whatever I tell you. I can’t touch you, but you can’t say no to my requests. If you do, the deal’s off.”

“Fair enough,” Cori said. “Are you ready to start?”

“Not yet,” Norm said. “Do you have any sex toys in that big box they sent you?”

“Yeah,” Cori said. türkçe bahis “I’ve got some dildos and vibrators. Maybe a butt plug.”

“Get them,” Norm said. “The clock starts when you get back.”

Cori went to get the toys from her bedroom and Norm went as fast as he could on his walker to his medicine cabinet. He popped one of the little blue pills he had leftover from a prescription he had gotten filled over a year ago in anticipation of a date. The date hadn’t worked out, but he was glad now that he hadn’t wasted the pills on a lesser piece of ass. He had tried one just for fun one time and knew it worked – at least it did pre-stroke. He supposed he shouldn’t be taking this in his condition, but he didn’t really care. If it was his time to go, what better way than with six inches buried inside Cori?

He was half way back to the bed when Cori returned. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Just had to pee,” he said. “Oooh, nice selection.” He took quick stock of the goodies Cori had brought back with her. There were three dildos, all 10 inches or larger, two vibrators, a butt plug and two strings of anal beads. “You’ve used all that before?”

“Yeah,” Cori said. “The guys liked it sometimes, you know.”

“I bet they did,” Norm said, carefully easing back into the bed with Cori’s help.

“All right, time starts now, old man,” Cori said. “You’ve got 30 minutes to get some lead back in that pencil.”

“Then quit wasting time and show me how you fuck yourself with one of those dildos. And take that fucking sweater off and put your heels back on.”

Cori took off the sweater, leaving herself nude except for the heels which she put back on. She sat in a wide chair in the corner, facing Norm and throwing her legs over the arms. She selected one of the dildos and pulled her pussy lips apart with one hand, guiding the thick dildo gently inside her. Still very moist, her cunt offered little resistant and she pushed it about half way in, then started fucking herself with it with long, slow strokes.

“Deeper and faster,” Norm ordered. “All the way in, all the way out as fast as you can.”

Cori obliged, ramming the full 10 inches inside her, then pulling it all the way out. Norm got a good look at her pussy remaining open for a just a second, like a baby bird opening its mouth, ready for more food. Before the tight lips could snap shut, Cori drove the dildo back inside, slapping it in so hard that she hit her pussy mound with the heel of her hand. She kept this up for a few minutes, then pulled it out at Norm’s request.

“Shove it up your ass,” he said. “All the way and leave it in.”

Cori shifted her hips a bit and pulled her legs up against her chest, exposing her tight asshole. The dildo was sufficiently soaked with pussy juices but still went in slow and hard. Norm could tell that her asshole was quite tight. He was sure the guys had fucked it many times, but it still seemed like it was in need of a good stretching. If only he had a 12 inch monster cock to do it with! Still, his six incher would fill her up just fine.

Gradually, she worked the whole dildo inside her, not stopping until it was all the way to the base. Back in her days at the shop, Cori had been slow to embrace the pleasure of anal fucking. It was uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but the guys had seemed to enjoy it so much that she hated to say no – and she knew if she had, they would have respected that wish. That’s just how they were with her. But she had kept letting them try it and gradually grew to not only tolerate it, but enjoy it. Once she learned how to relax her hard body and accept the cock or dildo or whatever was penetrating her, she started appreciating the feeling of being completely filled. There was certainly something enjoyable about having a guys balls slapping against your pussy while he pounded away at your ass. Plus, there was the taboo aspect. It was a dirty, utterly submissive act and that turned her on even more. Her attitude toward anal sex had changed so much that she had actually had orgasms from a good ass fuck. While she would always take a good pussy pounding first, she no longer even flinched at the notion of having her ass drilled.

So, it was no act when Cori squirmed in the chair, humping her hips a bit, enjoying the feel of a 10-inch dildo in her ass. She was so horny. She wanted to touch her clit, but waited for further instruction from Norm. Her body didn’t belong to her right now; it was his to command and direct.

“Stick some of those balls up your pussy,” Norm said. He was staring at her intently, eyes locked on the area between her wide-spread legs, studying her ass and pussy, thinking of all the things he wanted to watch her do.

Cori picked up one of the strands of silver medal balls – this one had three balls on it, separated by about four inches of string. She inserted the largest ball first, pushing it inside her slowly as her pussy gave it a juicy kiss and slurped it inside. The next two balls followed easily and Norm pictured the first, largest ball stretching her inside, pushing against those walls, separated from the dildo in her ass only güvenilir bahis siteleri by a few thin layers of tissue. He wondered if she could feel them rubbing together inside her, if she could feel the balls jostling around.

“Now, get up and walk across the room,” Norm said. Cori got up and moved slowly across the room, taking small, gingerly steps while she clamped her ass and pussy to make sure everything stayed in place.

“Jump up and down,” Norm said.

Cori turned to face him and began bouncing up and down on her tip toes. “I said jump,” Norm said. “Higher.” She jumped several inches off the ground, careful about landing on her heels. Her tits bounced and jiggled and Norm was treated to a symphony of tit meat slapping together and the balls jingling inside her pussy. It was music to his ears.

He told her to stop after a few minutes. “Do the splits on the ottoman,” he said, nodding toward the flat leather mini-couch at the foot of the bed. Cori just grinned as she climbed on the furniture. She had been around plenty of kinky guys and done plenty of kinky things, but she was surprised at her step-dad’s devious mind. She thought of him as straight-laced and pretty normal. Obviously, her opinion had changed drastically the last couple of days, but other than the supermarket trip, he hadn’t been all that wild. She could see now, though, that she had opened up a side of him that she had never seen and that, maybe, he had never shown anyone. She could see the wheels turning in his head as he studied her body and wondered what he was thinking of next. She had expected simple dancing or playing with her tits when this little bet had started. Then had come the sex toys, then the walking and jumping and now the splits, displaying herself obscenely for him. What would he demand next? And why was this making her so horny?

Norm certainly noticed Cori’s arousal. Her nipples were on full alert, her face was flushed and her pussy was smoldering. She knelt on the ottoman and then slowly spread her long legs out to both sides, propping her stilettos on the foot of the bed and pointing her pussy directly at his face. Other than the little white piece of string poking out between her lips, there was no way to tell that she had three balls stuffed inside her. She spread her legs as far as she could, actually lifting them in the air so that the only points of contact were her shoes on the bed and her pussy lips on the ottoman. Norm was both impressed and greatly turned on by her flexibility as well as her fitness to hold the position for several minutes without even flinching. Her hands were behind her back, proudly displaying her tits with her nipples pointed right at his eyes. She sat, unmoving except for the occasional trickle of sweat from all the jumping or a drop of juice escaping her pussy lips. That cunt’s staining my furniture, Norm thought, sure that anyone who knew where the stain came from would pay a mint for the worn out ottoman if he ever wanted to sell it.

“Pull the balls out,” he said finally. “One by one, slow and easy. When they’re all out, put them all in your mouth and suck your cunt juice off them.” Norm glanced at the clock on the wall and noticed 20 minutes had elapsed. He still had 10 more minutes, which he was sure was going to be plenty of time.

Teasingly, she ran her hand over her pussy mound, running her fingers through her tiny strip of blonde pussy hair, then slid her index finger into the little loop of string. She gave it a gentle tug and immediately her pussy lips began to spread as the first ball – the smallest one – had been resting just inside her snatch. It oozed out slowly at first, then popped out onto the ottoman. Norm was glad to see it was slick with her thick juice. Cori continued pulling, tugging upward to rub the string across her clit, which was tingling now, a trigger itching to be squeezed.

The second ball soon bounced out on the ottoman next to the first and all that remained was the largest ball. Norm watched intently as it lodged between her pussy lips, then squeezed through amid a small spray of cunt cream. Damn, she’s soaking wet, Norm thought, happy to see that a little kinky foreplay and exhibitionism seemed to suit his step-daughter’s sexual urges just fine. He wondered just how far she had been before. How kinky had she gotten? How much did she like? Did she have a limit? If so, what was it? He thought it would be awful fun to find out. Whether or not he’d be so cruel as to push her past that limit or not, he didn’t know. He’d make that decision if and when the time came.

Cori followed directions well and picked up all three balls. She moved them quickly toward her mouth, but not before a few more precious drops of pussy juice fell on to the ottoman. She stuck the large one in her mouth first. It was still warm from simmering in her pussy for the past 10 minutes and the juices oozed over her tongue and down her throat. It was far from the first time Cori had tasted her own pussy. She neither liked nor disliked the taste. But it was always exciting, both to her and to the guy watching. That’s what made it fun to do. She spit out the large ball and replaced it with the two smaller balls, fitting both in her mouth at the same time, each one filling a cheek. Norm could help but picture a cock down her throat and two testicles stuffed inside her cheeks.

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