The Hiding Game Ch. 04

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Later, we were both sitting on Marisol’s kitchen table, bent over her Geometry book. She was still looking quite pityful, but no longer in major pain, only gingerly fingering the area around her eye every so often. When I had driven her home after class – she couldn’t drive herself with her eye swollen shut – she had told me in few words what had happened.

“Amanda Morris. She was just leaving locker room. I was entering. She was running, and we bumped into each other. Didn’t apologize. So she hit me.”

She hadn’t seemed that keen on talking about it – or on talking in general, since her lip was still hurting – so I had swallowed my anger and shut up about it. I had stayed at her house for a while and finished some homework, then she had asked me to do another short Geometry review with her. She had just finished another practice exercise correctly and was finally slamming the book shut.

“Got it,” she announced, in the shorter style of speaking her swollen lips were warranting. “No more now.”

“Good,” I replied, stretching. “I need to get home.” My eyes flicked to the clock, registering that it was six thirty-five. Then I froze.

“Oh, shit!”

“What’s wrong?” Marisol asked. Actually, she was trying not to move her lips too much, so it sounded more like “Hot’s rong?” I wasn’t minding that much at the moment, though.

“Se-, I mean, the guy I’m seeing. He wanted to meet me five minutes ago.”

Marisol’s one brown eye that wasn’t swollen shut seemed to widen in realization. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “So sorry. Didn’t mean to keep you.”

“It’s alright, I just forgot.” I stood up, almost angry with myself. “I better go, with any luck he’ll stick around for a bit.”

“Call later!” Marisol awkwardly yelled after me and waved.


He really was still there, leaning against the wall by the back door, just like I had been the last time we’d met here. He was the only person still there, the school was deserted otherwise. My heart sank when I saw his face, he didn’t look particularly happy. When he looked up and saw me, however, he gave me a wry little smile.

“And here I thought you’d stood me up.”

“I’m really sorry.” I walked closer, until I stood right in front of him. “I was with my friend Marisol. I lost track of the time.”

“Was that the one who got punched?” he asked, lightly rubbing his neck. I nodded.

“I hope she’s feeling better,” he offered, then turned and started to walk along the side of the building. „Come on.”

I hadn’t expected to walk around outside with him and was surprised when he lead me along the side of the school for quite a bit, until we came to a halt by a shadowy indent in the brick wall.

“Think you can get up there?”

It took me a second to discover the rusty iron ladder that was hidden in the shadows, leading up the side of the building. It was weldet to the wall, one of those old fire escape ladders that were too dangerous to still be used. I looked at Seth.

“Are you kidding me? This leads to the roof.”

“It does.” He gave me a grin, and for the first time I got the genuine feeling that he was, after all, not mad at me.

“You’re crazy,” I proclaimed, but stepped closer anyway, my hands grasping the lowest rung, which was at about the same height as my chest. Seth stepped behind me and wrapped his arms around me, lifting me up until I could grasp a higher rung and pull myself up. My feet finally found a place to stand, and I crawled up the rest of the ladder at surprising speed. The rust was scatching at my hands, but I didn’t want Seth to think I was whiny. He was coming up the ladder right behind me.

“Damnit, I forgot to tell you to wear a skirt,” I heard him mumble, and grinned. When I had finally reached the roof, I pulled myself over the edge and turned to find him do the same, only much more elegantly than I had. When I looked around, I felt a bit queasy since the only thing separating me from a thirty foot fall was a small rim around the edge of the roof that didn’t even reach the middle of my shins. Seth lead the way and sat down close to a corner, pulling off his shirt and spreading it on the floor before motioning me to make myself comfortable on it.

“Thanks,” I said, quite touched by his gallantry, and sat.

For a few seconds, I just stared at the footbal field, which was just visible from here. Seth wasn’t making any attempts to kiss or otherwise touch me, so I cleared my throat.

“Thanks for helping me earlier today,” I offered.

He shrugged, staring off into the distance. “‘s okay.”

“Are you mad at me?” I asked bluntly. He turned towards me and gave me another one of those wry smiles.

“No. I was a bit irritated earlier, but then I realized I was just being ridiculous. I’m sorry, I’ve just had a really shitty day. A shitty week, really.”

The thought of him having a bad day constricted my chest for a moment. I hadn’t even considered the fact that he might have bad days too, Van Escort silly as that may sound. I got up from his shirt and moved behind him. Kneeling, I started to massage his tense, heavily muscled neck and shoulders. My fingers dug into his flesh and he gave a short moan of pleasure, which made me smile. I used my knuckles now to apply more pressure and moved deeper. The moment my hands abandoned his neck, my mouth started to kiss a trail down his spine. He shuddered. I tried my best to figure out where his most tense areas were and to pay special attention to them, and he seemed to like it. My hands stopped massaging him for a moment and went around his chest until my fingers reached his nipples. I played with them for a bit while my tongue went back up to his neck and trailed wet, lazy circles over his skin.

He tossed his head to one side and gave me access to his throat. I leaned forward and started licking, sucking the skin at the edge of his jaw and softly pulling it in between my teeth. He seemed to love it. I took my time, nibbling my way to his ear and back, and by the end of it his breath was going short and he was giving me soft moans.

I pulled back and put my hands on his shoulders once again, rubbing them until I felt them relax. I let go of him for a moment and stood up to go get his shirt that was still lying there. I spread it out behind him and pulled him back onto it by his shoulders. As I moved around to sit in front of him, I noticed that he had his eyes closed, content to let me do whatever I felt like.

I kissed his mouth and then licked another trail, this time from his chin all the way down his chest and to the drawstring of his shorts. I circled his bellybutton with my tongue while my hands worked on getting his pants down, and I noticed that his breath was still going fast. Finally, I succeeded and his semi-erect cock came free.

A low groan escaped his throat when I leaned forward and took him into my mouth. He was rapidly getting into this, and by the time I took a deep breath and led him smoothly into my throat, he was hard as a rock. His hips came off the floor when I swallowed, my throat muscles massaging his sensitive rod. I pulled back up after a few seconds and swirled my tongue around him, and I was surprised when his hands came down to grab me by the hair and lifted me off his cock.

“Please,” was all he said.

“Please what?” I asked, confused.

“Please fuck me.”

“Oh.” I had quite the view from the edge of the roof, and I wasn’t really alright with the fact that people might be able to see me up here if they bothered to look up. Especially while I was busy riding Seth’s cock. On the other hand, I didn’t want to deny him, and I was quite horny myself, so I finally brought my hands down to unbutton my pants.

“This is going to hurt,” I sighed, appraisingly looking at the harsh texture of the roof. Nevertheless, as soon as I had my jeans and underwear pulled off, I crawled on top of him, knees on either side, and sank down onto his cock.

I let out a loud moan. I had forgotten how big he was, how much he filled me out. My eyes locked with his lovely green ones as I started to move my hips, creating an exquisite friction between us. My arms were placed on his chest and his were grabbing my hips, helping me keep the rhythm we had just established. Tiny, pointy stones were digging into my knees where they touched the ground, but the pleasure soon outweighed the discomfort. Every time I plunged back down and let Seth penetrate me anew I felt a jolt of pleasure rush through me, and I was surprised to notice that after only about a minute, I was alrady close to coming.

“Holy shit!” I gasped as he suddenly raised his hips off the ground and subsequently slid into me much deeper on the next thrust. He had his eyes closed and his mouth open, gasping for breath. I found myself milking his cock even harder, clenching my pussy as much as possible, my goal to bring him to the edge with me.

It worked. He lost it just as the world around me began to fade out. I could feel his cum hitting the walls of my cunt and his hands grab my hips so hard he seemed to be holding on for dear life, all while fireworks were exploding inside my own body. Finally, I slumped over and tried to catch my breath, using his chest as a pillow. His arms wrapped around me and held me there, and only when we’d both caught out breath and he had gone soft and slipped out of me did he let me go. We both got dressed again, cleaning up as well as we could, but then continued to lie there and cuddle on the rooftop, looking up at the rapidly darkening sky.

“I have a funny question,” I murmured close to his ear. He smiled sleepily.


“Is there a member of the cheerleading squad that you haven’t screwed?”

I could feel his chest heave when he gave a short, amused chuckle and then his face screwed up in thought.

“Actually,” he said after a few seconds, mildly surprised Van Escort Bayan by his own realization, “there isn’t. At least not in the varsity squad. For most of them it’s been a while though.”

“Hah,” I said triumphantly.

“What in the world do you mean by that?”

“I just won an old bet with Marisol. Not that I can tell her that, of course.”

He chuckled again. “That’s an interesting bet to make.”

“Well, what can I say. We were fed up with the cheerleaders, as always, and we figured they were sluts. Only Marisol thought that Anita Ryan was pretty sincere about that Catholic virgin thing she has going on. I was sceptical.”

“Nah, Anita is actually pretty easy. All we had to do was promise her that it wouldn’t get back to her mom, and she was sucking off half the team in a heartbeat.”

“Why doesn’t that surprise me,” I sighed. He stroked my back and kissed my temple.

“I’m sorry. I’ve slept with a lot of dumb sluts. Does it bother you?”

My heart stopped for a moment, and I choked on the answer. Had he just hinted that I had some sort of claim on him? And more, that for him I wasn’t just one of these ‚dumb sluts’ he was talking about? My thoughts were spinning wildly, and I hoped that he had meant it the way I had understood it.

“N-no,” I finally managed to say. “It doesn’t bother me.”


We lay there for a while longer, not talking. I enjoyed the fact that he was so close to me, that I could feel every single breath he drew, and that he was protective enough to give me as much bodywarmth as he could when I shivered in the now much cooler breeze. It was still light outside, but the sun had gone down a while ago.

“We should leave,” he finally whispered into my ear and kissed it afterwards. I nodded and reluctantly lifted my head off his chest where it had rested comfortably. I half rolled, half dragged myself off his warm body and stood, watching him do the same before he took my hand and led me back to the rusty ladder. He went down first, warning me before my feet left the last rung and catching me safely in his arms when I let myself fall the rest of the distance towards the ground. I felt a bit as if I was dreaming when I looked up to him at that point, so protected and safe in his arms. He gave me a short kiss and put an arm around my shoulders to escort me to my car.

“By the way,” he said when we crossed the parking lot, “next time we need to talk, or, well… .” He grinned. “What I mean is, next time you have to leave study hall, just tell Miss Larsen you’re going to the bathroom. It’s much easier than this art room business.”

“I will,” I said and turned towards him when we had reached my car. “Thanks,” I told him, and he took my face into his hands and kissed me. Deeply, slowly, his tongue explored my mouth, dancing with my own, and when he threatened to pull away I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close again. He hugged me tighter, crushing me against his chest and my lips against his. I moaned when he slowly sucked and rubbed on my tongue with his, then gasped when he playfully bit my lip. Finally, we were out of breath and came apart.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he smiled while I still gasped for breath, and opened my car door for me. I got in, but not before kissing his cheek and giving him a smile. He returned it, making me feel absurdly happy for a moment, but also getting me thinking what the hell was actually going on between the two of us. For some reason, I didn’t want to ask him outright, but once again, I was confused as to what Seth actually wanted and why he thought that playing the hiding game was necessary.


The next day found me glancing up to the school roof once I left my car and walked to the entrance, grinning cheerfully when thoughts of the events of last night entered my mind once again. Not that I’d been able to think about anything else until I had finally gone to sleep the night before. Marisol had called me right after I had woken up and informed me that she wouldn’t be coming to school this day – her mother had basically given her some time off, and Marisol was glad she would have a day to have her face heal up a bit before she had to face the crowds at school again.

The day passed relatively uneventful. I had eye contact with Seth more often than not during study hall, even though he tried to be careful about not being caught looking at me. I missed Marisol during Art class, where I had nobody to chat with, and I definitely wasn’t looking forward to PE without her by my side. I entered the locker room for my last class with a disgusted feeling in the pit of my stomach, and that feeling only got worse when Amanda Morris pushed past me.

“Bitch,” I hissed, but entirely too loud.

„What?” she asked, turning abruptly and attempting to stare me down. I was tempted to avert my eyes, but when I remembered Marisol’s black eye I curled my hands into fists and was prepared to defend Escort Van myself, should she decide to punch me as well. Fuck you, I thought, staring back at her. I fucked the captain of your precious football team not twenty-four hours ago, you bitch. I wish I could slam that one in your face.

“I said ‚Bitch’,” I repeated, and her eyes went wide when she realized I wasn’t going to back down. “You punched Marisol, you cunt.”

I decided a split second later that provoking her this much probably wasn’t the best idea, but she just stood there, frozen for a moment, apparently digesting what I had said. Then she turned around in a flash of blond hair and was gone. She slammed the door on her way out and I let out the breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding. Maybe she would just decide I must be insane and leave me alone.

I was hoping this and similar things all the way through PE class, until I was back in the locker room and changing out of my sweaty clothes. The cheerleaders were giving me looks, but I figured that this was just the normal level of annoyed disgust they had with Marisol and me. I was breathing easier when I pushed open the door and walked out into the hallway, but then I screamed as someone suddenly grabbed me by the hair and dragged me right back into the locker room.

I turned and twisted to face my attacker, but I didn’t manage before my arm was violenty twisted, and then suddenly a whole group of girls was surrounding me closely.

“You idiot,” Amanda hissed and stepped in front of me. “I don’t know why you fucking bitches all suddenly think you can get away with this behavior, but I’ll give you a black eye just like that other little whore.” She swung at me, but I blocked her arm with my free one. Someone grabbed it and twisted it behind my back as well, and Amanda’s next punch hit. I managed to avert my face so that it hit my cheekbone instead of my eye, but it still hurt like hell and brought tears to my eyes. I blinked them away, just as Amanda kicked me in the stomach, and I doubled over as my vision went black, painfully aware that my arms were still being held when my shoulders were strained in an entirely unhealthy way, making me scream. I retched right afterwards, when my stomach let me know that it objected to this kind of treatment. “Get her under the shower,” someone giggled, and the whole bunch of girls around me grabbed a hold of me and moved me, dragging me by my arms, my shirt and my hair. A shower was turned on in the back and I was thrown into it with a group effort, hit the opposite wall and slid down the same. It hurt like hell, but I just kept my eyes closed and hoped that none of these bitches, including Amanda, wanted to get themselves wet.

“Don’t you forget this, you stupid slut!” I heard Amanda yell out and then, something smacked into my head. It made the splitting ache worse and I felt myself slump against the wall, on the edge of consciousness. A few girls giggled and talked excitedly. Something else smacked into my head with just the same sound, and I could hear the voices fading.

I hadn’t really taken any serious damage if you didn’t count the green and purple bruise on my cheek and the small bumps on my head where Amanda had hit me with my gym shoes. She was a softball player and had thrown them with quite the speed. My stomach had recovered quickly and had been fine by the time I had regained consciousness under the freezing cold shower. Once I had gotten home, I had told my mother I had fallen, and had her take me to the hospital just to make sure my head was okay, which it was. Later, I had called Marisol and told her what happened, and she had harped on me for being this stupid but at the same time had been touched because I had stood up for her. I had even prepared myself for sniding comments from Amanda and some of the cheerleaders during the next day of school.

What I hadn’t prepared myself for was Seth’s shocked look when he had caught sight of my bruise, and his abrupt jerking of the head indicating that he needed to talk to me before he got up and had Miss Larsen give him a hall pass. I waited until he had gone before getting up myself and telling her I had to go to the bathroom. She let me.

I hadn’t gotten very far before Seth came towards me out of nowhere, grabbed me and pulled me into a tiny room that turned out to be a storage room for football equipment. Of course he’d know about it. I was willing to bet that it had also been locked just a few minutes ago.

“What the hell happened?” he asked harshly, grasping my chin so he could take a better look at my face in the dim light.

“Seth, I’m okay,” I protested, trying to wrench out of his grip. He wouldn’t let me, but his eyes bore into mine. I had never seen him so aggravated – not counting on the football field – and he scared me a bit, so I grabbed his arms and tried to break his grip once more.

“I’m serious Jenna.” His jaw was clenched and his hand was shaking slightly. “Tell me who did this to you. I’ll fucking kill them.”

“Seth, you’re hurting me,” I gasped, and his face softened at once.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, letting go of me, and I slumped against him. He hugged me tightly to him, making me whince.

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