The Hitchhiker Ch. 03

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Kissing Amanda was only one of Sean’s wishes. He also wanted to make love to her, but that wouldn’t be in the plans for tonight as both of them were exhausted from all of the driving, the luxurious bath and then divulging his life story to her.

Instead, Sean cuddled with Amanda on the bear rug, trying to make her fell as comfortable as possible. He didn’t want to rush things with her, but he did tell her how he felt. “My Amanda, I love looking into your eyes. When I look into your eyes I see a wonderful world, a peaceful world. I see all my dreams coming true. I see all my aspirations; best of all I see you my love. Amanda, I love you. I crave you,” he whispered into her ear as she lay in his arms with her arms pulling him closer to her.

Sean paused briefly to kiss her neck. He lit his tongue upon the curve of where her collarbone meets her neck then intermittently detoured from tender kisses to further tongue exploration. His tongue left a slight trail of saliva, causing Amanda to quiver.

“Should I stop dear?” Sean asked, briefly removing his lips from the base of her neck.

“On no, please continue,” she whispered to him in a soft velvety tone. She hesitated briefly before continuing as she arched her back and in a breathless voice she begged, “mmmm, God, don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

Amanda removed her right hand from Sean’s chest and grabbed his left hand, placing it on her breast, her voice deeper now as the excitement builds deep within her, “please touch, squeeze them, play with them.”

Sean followed her lead and gave a gentle squeeze to each breast as he slowly maneuvered himself so that he can tantalize her pert nipples. He took the first nipple between his teeth and flicked the tip with his tongue.

“Oohhh Yes Sean, Amanda whispers breathlessly. Sean continued teasing her nipples, first one then the other and things are heating up rather quickly now.

Amanda found it very difficult to lie there while Sean gave her this intense pleasure and soon her hands begin exploring his body as her pelvis pushed against his leg, only to retreat again.

Sean noticed Amanda’s enjoyment of his teasing and began to withdraw his attention when he heard her plea, “Make love to me Sean.” This is one of Sean’s wishes, but not for this particular night, because he wants things to be right, he wants to make love to Amanda when he has more energy and stamina so he can make her as well as himself orgasm more than once and the lovemaking last a long time.

“I’m not into quickies Amanda,” Sean said as he held her close then continued. “Would it offend you if I wanted to wait until tomorrow?”

Amanda replied, “Of course it wouldn’t Sean, I know you’re tired and I guess I am too. This just feels so incredible, I don’t want it to ever end.”

Sean slid his body away from Amanda slightly; propped himself up on his elbows and gently cradled her cheeks in his palms. He gazed into her eyes momentarily before leaning closer slowly. Sean stopped just short of her lips. He could feel her breath against his lips and could almost feel her heart pound against his and he melted into her when he saw her glide her moist tongue over her bottom lip, gently sucking her lip between her teeth biting softly.

Sean continued to deliver this powerful passionate kiss as he turned his head slightly to the left and just barely touched her lips with his slightly open mouth, pausing briefly to capture the moment then continued.

His lips met hers and a fire ignited deep between them as the soft, gentle kiss exploded into a fiery, erotic kiss. A kiss ignited by desire, fueled by love; their tongues danced the glorious dance of love, intimacy and lust. Their hands caressing each other tenderly as they part momentarily to catch a breath, but continue right from where they left off.

Sean collapsed beside Amanda, breathless and worn out, laying his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes. Amanda soon followed him and closed her eyes as her arms pulled him closer.

“Good night my love,” Sean whispered, kissing her eyes softly as he brushed a strand of hair from her face.

“Good night, baby,” She replies and they both drift off to sleep Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir on the bear rug, wrapped in the white terry robes.

Amanda awakened shortly after dawn. The birds were just beginning to sing their glorious songs of the day; the sun was just beginning to shine over the top of the hills, a glorious view from the windows as Amanda glanced out. Sean was still curled up beside her with his arm bent under his head, sleeping peacefully. Amanda sat up to look at the fireplace and all that remained of the blaze was a pile of red and orange glowing embers then out of the window once again to see the sun rising quickly now.

Amanda settled back on the rug, trying not to disturb Sean, although she was getting hungry, having not eaten is quite a while. She slouched down toward Sean and brushed hair from his face then began humming. Her humming turned to words when Sean turned to his back, placed his head on her thigh and even with closed eyes he smiled.

“I can feel the magic floating in the air. Being with you gets me that way. I watch the sunlight dance across your face and I’ve, never been this swept away,” Amanda sings softly, almost a whisper, barely getting the words out.

She hums a little more then returns to the words, singing, “The whole world just fades away, the only thing I hear is the beating of your heart.”

Her breath on his face causes Sean to stir and slightly open his eyes, but closes them almost immediately wrapping his arms tightly around Amanda as she once again continues to sing to him, “I can feel you breathe, It’s washing over me. Suddenly I’m melting into you,” her voice turns to humming briefly then back to words. “Caught up in the touch, the slow and steady rush, Baby, isn’t that the way that love’s supposed to be? I can feel you breathe. Just breathe.”

Sean was so moved by her words he could no longer contain himself and he rolled over, taking Amanda in his arms, pulling her closer than ever before, kissing her with an even greater passion than the night before, which he didn’t think was possible. He loved her so much and wanted to show her. “This is the perfect time,” he thought to himself.

Sean gently, yet urgently removed Amanda’s robe, pulling the sash and tossing it to the side followed by her robe. He then raised himself enough on his arms to remove his robe as well then gently lowered himself back down entangling her legs with his.

Sean’s kisses traveled from her moist lips to her nose then eyelids before returning to her open, waiting mouth. Amanda returned his kiss as her tongue probed, dueling with his in this fiery dance of lovemaking.

Their lovemaking continued as both their hands explored areas of flesh not touched before. Sean caressed Amanda’s buttocks, squeezing them and pulling her closer to him. As if they were magnetized, Amanda’s hands sought out Sean’s inner thigh and eventually his sac, fondling it softly.

“Oh my God, Amanda, don’t stop,” Sean told her, his voice exploding with desire.

Amanda continued her fondling until the urge for more rushed through her soul. She slid her body from beneath Sean while rolling him to his back then straddling his thighs. Sean positioned his legs to make Amanda’s position more comfortable as he placed both feet on the floor while bending his knees. Amanda then rested against Sean’s upper thigh as she repositioned herself over his now throbbing manhood.

She could hardly wait to feel him deep inside her, but wanted the moment to last as long as possible. She lowered her pelvis just enough until she felt the tip of his member pressing against her clit then began to slowly rotate her hips. These movements were driving Sean wild and she knew this by his constant thrusting motions, trying to get the swollen head inside her slick opening, but she wasn’t ready for that yet, telling him, “patience baby, patience. I’m not ready for that yet.”

Amanda pressed her back harder against Sean’s thighs forcing him to lower his legs back to the floor then lifting her right leg she repositioned herself to his side, bending over his chest.

Sitting there, resting on the backs of İstanbul Escort her heels Amanda paused momentarily, taking in the handsome vision before her, thinking to herself, “what a handsome guy I have here. I still can’t figure out what he sees in me that’s turning him on so much.”

Sean, a ruggedly handsome man is 35 years old with soft, curly brown hair, a mustache and soft tufts of brown hair on his chest. Sean is also tall, standing in bare feet at 6’5″.

Amanda, also 35 years old is quite a plain looking woman. Amanda, standing 5’10” in bare feet never wears makeup, seldom wears perfume and as her friends have described her, dresses like an old lady most of the time. She ruined her hair by giving herself home perms for so many years but for the past year has been trying to grow it out. Her hair, now semi straight lay just past her shoulders and is dark brown and very thick. Last but not least, Amanda’s somewhat fashionable glasses always covered her bright brown eyes.

She had always been happy with her looks however, she never considered herself as sexy by any means, which is why she couldn’t figure out why Sean desired her so.

Amanda has had boyfriends in the past and had even been married, but nothing ever worked out or felt as amazing as being with Sean.

She stopped trying to figure out what Sean saw in her and continued teasing him, working both of them into a lustful frenzy of passion, love and heat.

“You’re driving me crazy woman!” Sean groaned as he seized her shoulders and pulled her down to him for a passionate kiss.

She giggled against his lips, teasing the corners of his mouth with her tongue and wiggling her hips against his throbbing member. Amanda was beginning to lose control of the situation when Sean pushed her back, sitting upright to capture a nipple in his mouth.

As Sean teased Amanda’s nipples once again she felt an electrifying sensation between her legs as the glistening tip of his penis probed against her throbbing clit causing Amanda to arch her back, forcing her hips to thrust forward and her pussy lips to engulf the head of Sean’s pulsating shaft.

Once he was in she wanted the rest of him and she pushed the floor with her toes. The mushroom shaped head slid into her and the remaining shaft followed easily, filling her completely.

Amanda gave a soft sigh as Sean gave one more thrust to deepen his insertion then paused, breathing heavily.

Their lovemaking gained power and strength with each thrust as Sean delivered his throbbing tool deep and hard against Amanda’s soft, tender tissue and she begged for more.

Sean growled loudly as he ejaculated deep into Amanda’s clenching cavern as she trembled time and again from the orgasms that cascaded her body.

Sean rolled Amanda off his hips gently and watched her collapse to the mattress beside him. “Oh my God baby! You are awesome,” he said as he tried to regulate his breathing.

He and Amanda lay in a peaceful bliss and were just about to fall asleep when a knock on the door startled Amanda, “Who’s that Sean?” She asked.

“Don’t worry baby, nothing to be alarmed about,” he whispered, covering her with the terry robe that laid behind her then he answered the knock.

“Yes, James? What is it?” he said toward the door.

“Excuse me sir, I don’t want to disturb you or the miss, but I have a fresh change of clothing for yourself and the miss and also prepared your dinner. Your suit is in your bedroom and the miss’s is in the guest bedroom. Would you like dinner now? Or should I leave it in the warmer?” The voice came from behind the solid oak door.

“Oh yes, James. Please set the table for two and we will be down shortly,” Sean replied returning to assist Amanda with her robe and hearing the click of the footsteps fade down the hall.

Sean took Amanda by the hand and led her down the hall into a huge bedroom. The room was filled with fresh cut wild flowers. Across the room Amanda’s eyes were drawn to the bed, a canopy style, draped with sheer linen that wrapped around four wooden posts carved with a delicate pattern. The comforter was white with small bouquets of Escort İstanbul flowers tied in assorted colored ribbon. Beside the bed sat a vanity with the same detailed pattern as the posts on the bed.

Sean escorted Amanda into the room toward a set of French doors that opened into a huge walk-in closet. In the closet hung a black gown with a simple strand of pearls around the neckline. On the floor was a pair of black heels and a pair of sheer stockings. Beneath the stockings lay a garter belt adorned with beaded pearls.

“If you would be so kind as to join me for dinner my love, I will return for you in thirty minutes,” Sean said as he took her right hand to his lips, kissing the back gently before placing her hand back in her lap.

Amanda gasped at the sights around her. Sean led her to the bed and returned to the closet to get her things, bringing them to the bed and laying each beside her. He then led her to a door on the opposite side of the room and opened it. “This is your private bath Amanda. Please feel free to shower before dinner if you’d like,” Sean said as he closed the door behind him.

The bathroom decor complimented the bedroom beautifully. Amanda turned slowly in a circle, amazed at what she was seeing. “This shower is fit for a queen,” she said as she explored more.

Removing her robe, Amanda opened the shower doors and walked in, closing the door behind her. She reached up to turn on the water and let out a brief yelp when the water hit her from all sides including spouting up from the floor! She just stood there as the water massaged her entirely.

After her shower she dried herself with the plush towels neatly folded on the rack above the toilet. She brushed her damp hair and returned to the bed and began to dress.

Sean walked to his room quickly. He removed his robe and hopped into the shower. He lathered his hands and spread the thick rich lather over every inch of his body then quickly rinsed off and shampooed his hair and rinsed again before getting out and drying off.

Sean walked over to his closet and removed the suit from the hanger and draped it over the back of the chair as he went to his dresser and pulled out a pair of his dress briefs and a pair of black socks before pushing the drawer closed again and returning to the bed. Sean dressed quickly, returned to the bathroom to dab a little gray flannel cologne on his neck and fasten his tie before putting the remaining touches on his curly hair.

Sean picked up the wet towel and tossed it into the shower and closed the door as he turned to look at the clock. “Good, just in time,” he said excitedly as he left his room. Slightly nervous, Sean tripped when the door banged into the back of his shoe as he closed it behind him, walking down to the guest bedroom.

Amanda was fully dressed in the clothing that was chosen for her and she sat patiently on the edge of the bed awaiting Sean’s knock.

Hearing the knock, she rushed to the door, opened it and felt a tear come to her eye when she saw Sean standing there holding a deep long stemmed red rose. She stepped back a few steps to take in the view, in awe with his new appearance.

“Wow, he sure cleans up nicely!” She thought to herself, as her mind captured the moment.

Sean wore a black tuxedo styled suit with black satin on either side of the pant legs. The suit jacket slightly covered a black satin vest and a white shirt with a slight sheen to it when he moved. His tie was thin and long, tucked into his pants. There was a pocket on the suit jacket that held a red satin handkerchief folded neatly.

Amanda smiled broadly as she looked at Sean standing in the doorway and as he held out his hand for her she pulled him into her for a very heated kiss.

“I take it you approve,” Sean said, against Amanda’s lips. She didn’t respond verbally, instead, she deepened the kiss, driving Sean wild with desire for her once more.

Reluctantly, Sean pulled away from her lips saying, “we should wait for this and get to dinner, otherwise we might not get to eat tonight either.” Amanda backed away, her arms still around his waist and softly giggled in agreement.

Sean escorted Amanda down the wide staircase, walking slowly as he held her arm in his and she held her gown up slightly with her free hand preventing a stumble. Nearing the foot of the staircase Amanda noticed a dim glow coming from a room to her left. “This way my love,” Sean said as he guided her in the direction of the dining room.

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