The Hotel

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We meet in a hotel and I am already checked in, and in my room. You go to the hotel bar and order a drink, you are dressed in a business suit with black underwear and stockings. I come down ready for dinner but decide to have a drink in the bar first. I wander in and order my drink and see you sitting at the bar, I walk up to you and ask to buy you a drink, you accept and we get our drinks and find a quiet table and sit opposite one another. We chat about all sorts of things as the tension builds. We both know what is going to happen but picking the right moment is key. While we are chatting you take your shoes off and start rubbing your feet up and down my leg, so I reciprocate. After talking for an hour you take the bull by the horns and lean across the table and suggest we go back to my room, and I accept apparently reluctantly but privately very happy.

Once inside the room you remove your shoes and come over to me and kiss me hard while one of your hands fondles my butt. I then take your suit jacket off and unbutton your shirt revealing a black bra holding in your magnificent breasts, You then take off my shirt and run your fingers canlı bahis thru my hairy chest and then you undo my belt and unfasten my trousers and let them slide down my legs and then you kneel on the floor in front of me and pull my briefs down and eagerly take my cock in your mouth, he instantly becomes hard with your expert touch and it is not long before I pull away and help you to your feet, I remove your skirt and panties to reveal a neatly trimmed bush and then I go to my knees and return the compliment, your hands in the back of my head pushing my tongue into your pussy.

After several minutes of this you can stand no longer, you break away and pull me towards the bed where you lay on your back in the middle of the bed, I reach down beside the bed and bring up a length of rope. I tie your hands together and to the bed head and begin to caress your body, nibbling on your nipples running my hand over your smooth skin and then licking your body from your breasts down to your pussy, when I get there I nibble on your clit and then insert two fingers into your pussy, your moaning intensifies and you beg me to put my cock in. I delay bahis siteleri a few more minutes all the time playing with your clit, eventually I grant you your wish and gently ease my cock slowly into your pussy and again you moan with pleasure. Your hips push up to meet my downward thrusts but I pull away a little so just the head of my cock is buried in your pussy, then suddenly I thrust the whole length deep inside you and you scream with pleasure, your frustration at being unable to move your hands enriches the feelings of pleasure and your first orgasm breaks, the skin above your breasts reddens and your breath becomes shallow and rapid.

I continue to thrust, in, out for several more minutes and you cum twice more then I withdraw and turn you over in the doggie position, I kneel behind you and push my cock quickly into your dripping pussy, thrusting rapidly, again you orgasm. I remove my hand from your hip, lick my finger then start to finger your bum, you catch your breath at this unexpected turn, but quickly become accustomed to the sensations it provides and it soon drives you to another orgasm. After a few more minutes of slow bahis şirketleri sensual sex , you beg me to put my cock in your arse, I slowly withdraw it from you pussy and ensuring it is well lubed place the head against your tight sphincter, slowly I ease into your arse, stopping every few seconds to enable you to become accustomed.

Eventually my cock is all the way in and it feels great. Slowly I build up speed and depth of thrust and I can feel your orgasm building, you are furiously rubbing your clit with one hand. I feel your orgasm and the constriction on my cock and it almost takes me over the edge, but I control it for the moment, after a few seconds we slip back into the rhythm that brought you to your orgasm, and soon another one starts to build, I too am approaching my climax and you beg me to cum over your tits and face, I pull my cock out and finish myself off over your breasts and you extract every last drop with that expert sucking action. We are sweating profusely and our bodily fluids mingle unrestricted. It is highly erotic and your desires have been fully met, as have mine. We rest together for a few minutes, to regain our breath and composure, then I release your hands from the ropes and you gently grasp my cock with one of them and go to sleep, only to be disturbed an hour later by my cock twitching in your hand ready to start again. .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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