The Hotwife , Her Bull – Pt. 09

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This is the story of poor Carol Hendrick, a normal, healthy young woman with normal, healthy desires. Unfortunately, she followed the advice of her conservative parents and married Alan, who has a low sex drive and is unable to satisfy her. But Alan is aroused by the idea of his wife having sex with other men, so he suggests she become a Hotwife and start a relationship with a man who can serve as her Bull. In Chapter 9 Bill’s friend Rachel comes into Carol’s life.


I felt so comfortable with Rachel, I told her everything there is to tell about my relationship with Carol. How it started. How it evolved. How it stands today. As I expected, she listened to the whole thing without judgment. When it was over, she laid her head on my chest.

“I feel sorry for both of you,” Rachel said. “Carol has to live with a husband who isn’t attracted to her, and you are in a relationship where you aren’t allowed to have feelings. But you do have feelings, don’t you? Bulls aren’t supposed to become emotionally attached to their hotwives, but you are attached, aren’t you?”

“Of course I am,” I said. “That’s the only reason I wanted to talk to you about it. It’s grown into this big secret that none of my friends or family know about. When this started, I thought Carol was offering a casual relationship with a lot of no-strings-attached sex. That’s not what it is today.”

“Of course it isn’t,” Rachel said. “If you are a decent person, and you are intimate with another decent person, over time you will catch feelings. It’s inevitable.”

Rachel laid her head on my chest. “Bill, I’m having some interesting feelings myself.”

“Oh no. Do you think I’m a sleaze for doing this?”

“Of course not. You know we well enough to know that I am not judgemental, and that I know the world is a complicated place. What I was going to say is that I feel more attracted to you now. The fact that you have such a deep relationship with Carol makes me want to have a deeper relationship with you.”

“I can’t imagine why,” I said.

“That’s because you don’t know what we women face when we look for men,” Rachel said. “The cultural norm for most people is that they date around for a while, then settle into an exclusive relationship, then get married, then have kids, then have grandkids, and then die. The fact that I don’t want to ever be locked into any exclusive relationship is a major obstacle for guys.

“What did you think when I told you I don’t want exclusivity? Most guys think it’s cool. They like the idea that they can have sex with me and I’m OK with them being with other women. They think they struck the jackpot. But after we date for a while, things change. They start thinking they want me for themselves. They start complaining if I can’t see them because I’m busy with some other guy. I had a stalker once. That was not fun.

“Bill, I know you will never pressure me to have an exclusive relationship. After all the time you’ve spent being involved with a married woman, I feel safe with you. You will never give me shit for being me. I hope we can see each other a lot. Plus, the fact that you’re so good in bed is a nice bonus.”

“Thanks. Back at you. I’d like it if we could keep seeing each other.”

By this time it was getting light above the eastern horizon. The world of night is black-and-white because our night vision is nothing but monochrome. Gradually, we could see hints of color in the landscape around us.

“This has been one of the nicest nights I’ve ever had,” I said.

“So you’re a fan of making love under the stars?” Rachel said.

“Definitely. And everything else. The stargazing, The conversation. Eryaman Escort Being naked outdoors in nature.”

“I should invite you to spend a weekend at the nudist resort where my parents have a cabin,” Rachel said. “You might like the experience of going day after day without wearing a single stitch of clothing.”

“I’d be happy to try it,” I said. “One of the things I like about this trip is that you’ve introduced me to a lot of things I’ve never done before. I’ve never eaten vegan meals. Never camped. Never vaped. Never listened to music from India. You are a very unique woman, Rachel.”

“Glad you liked it. Glad you like doing new things. That tends to happen a lot to people who spend time with me,” she said. “Maybe we can think of some more new things for you to do before we leave here.”

It was time to put on our clothes and return to the RV. We’d been up for a long time; we needed to get a few hours of sleep before starting any new adventure. Rachel poured glasses of wine as we sat around relaxing.

“I’ve got an idea,” she said.

“Yeah?” I said.

“Yeah. How would you like to try another thing that’s new? I may know something you haven’t done before.”

“I’m game. I think,” I said.

“Have you ever tried pegging?”

Uh oh. Pegging. For those of you who don’t spend a lot of time reading porn, pegging is when a women uses a strap-on to fuck a guy in the ass. I’d heard about it, but never felt the slightest urge to do it myself.

“I have never tried pegging,” I said. “I’m not sure I’d like it.”

“Bill, you know how much I enjoy when you fuck me in the ass? I didn’t think I’d like anal before I tried it. Now I love it. Just give it a try. It may become your favorite thing.”

I doubted it, but I had nothing to lose. “Ok,” I said. Lifting my glass, I proposed a toast. “Here’s to trying new things,” I said.

“To new things!” Rachel said, gulping down the rest of her wine.

We went back to the bedroom, and Rachel opened a little suitcase that was full of all kinds of sex toys. It was obvious that she wanted to be prepared for any eventuality during our little trip. She put on a harness that held a dildo unlike any I’d seen before. It looked nothing like a cock. Instead, it was long and narrow. It looked something like a rigid string of pearls, if the pearls were the size of something between a marble and a golf ball. I guess having those balls stuffed up the ass is supposed to feel good. I was glad that the whole thing was a lot thinner than my cock. If Rachel could accept my cock up her ass, I could probably take that strap-on.

“This thing is shaped to massage a man’s prostate gland,” Rachel said. “You’ll appreciate that little feature.”

She got out a tube of lube and applied a generous amount to the dildo. Then she had me lay on my stomach so she could grease up my asshole. I felt very strange. Knowing what was about to happen made me queasy.

“Lay on your side,” Rachel said, moving into position behind me. I wasn’t even slightly aroused, so before she began pegging me she reached around and stroked my cock. I got hard quickly, and when she was sure I was excited, she put that dildo on my ass and shoved the head inside.

It didn’t hurt, but it didn’t feel good, either. It reminded me of getting an enema. The whole thing seemed pretty clinical – not sexy at all. But Rachel knew how to change that. She continued to reach around and stroke my cock as she slowly worked the strap-on deeper inside me. It was Ok. Not great, but OK.

And then it became great.

Rachel pushed in a little further and started doing something that felt incredible. I now know Sincan Escort that the strap-on was stroking my prostate gland. Oh. My. Fucking. God. It felt amazing! It felt nothing like an enema anymore. It wasn’t even slightly clinical. Rachel was correct – this was new. Completely new.

“You like that, don’t you? I can tell,”

“God, yes,” I moaned.

“Another satisfied customer,” she said, giggling.

This continued for a long time. It was blissful. The combination of her jacking my cock and massaging my prostate was pure magic. I never wanted it to end. But it had to end. I got very excited very quickly, and it wasn’t long before I had to cum. My climax felt so good it hurt. My ass clenched the dildo over and over as I came and came. I shot a huge amount of cum all over Rachel’s hand. It went on, and on, and I was limp with exhaustion when it was over.

“You really do enjoy new experiences, don’t you?” Rachel said. She was laughing. It made me laugh too.

“Wow. I can’t believe I haven’t read more about this from guys raving about it,” I said.

“That’s easy,” Rachel said. “A lot of guys are so insecure about their masculinity that they don’t want to do anything that seems remotely gay. I would say that the fact you get so much hot sex from so many hot women – like me – probably makes you feel pretty secure. Am I right?”

“I don’t think about it, really,” I said.

“The fact that you don’t think about it means you feel secure. Insecure guys can’t stop thinking about it,” she said. Rachel removed the strap-on and used a baby wipe to clean it off. “Next time we do this, you should have me use one with a vibrator in the tip.”

“Vibrators? Do you have one like that?”

“Of course. I’ve got a couple like that in my little case,” she said. “Personally, I am a very big fan of vibrators. I didn’t use one this first time because they are a lot thicker. I figured you’d prefer it if I used the petite model when I took your anal virginity.”

Virginity. That was right. Rachel had just taken a kind of virginity. Of all the new things we’d done together during this camping trip, pegging was the newest.

It was time to get some sleep. I felt bad that Rachel had worked so hard to give me an orgasm, and I was too tired to return the favor. “I’m still good from the last two times you fucked me,” she said, smiling. “I think I can go a few more hours before I need a fresh serving of cock.”

“I promise the next time will be very nice,” I said.

“I have no doubt,” Rachel said.

We spent a few more days camping. Each day was special in one way or another. We hiked on some beautiful trails. Rachel is enthusiastic about nature photography, and she took a lot of great pictures. I like taking pictures, and I wished I had Rachel’s talent. On a particularly long hike we found a big, beautiful pond. It was so lovely – and so isolated – we took off our clothes and went skinny dipping.

That was very nice. I was beginning to understand why Rachel was so enthusiastic about nudism. The only drawback was that the water was very cold. My balls got so chilly they tried to climb into my body, like airplane landing gear retracting. Swimming naked outdoors was another new experience for me.

I felt a pleasant kind of exhaustion when it was time to go. We’d gotten a lot of exercise during our camping trip. We had no junk food. I slept a solid 10 hours the night before we left. My body felt better than it had since I was in college.

I thought about Rachel and her active, vegan lifestyle. She must feel like this all the time, I thought to myself. It would be good for me if I spent more time with Rachel. Etlik Escort She knows how to live.

Rachel drove home naked, of course. She barely noticed when some trucker would pull up beside her and honk his horn. “I keep thinking about your Carol,” she said. “Do you have a picture you could show me?”

“Sure,” I said. I had several photos of Carol. I didn’t have any of the sexy pictures I took because those were all on Carol’s phone, but I had a few nice ones showing her fully clothed.

“She’s very pretty,” Rachel said.

“I think so,” I said. “But Carol doesn’t look like that anymore. I’m not sure what to expect when I see her again.”

“What? Why?”

“Carol just got cosmetic surgery. A lot of cosmetic surgery.” I told Rachel the whole story. She thought it was fascinating that a woman as beautiful as Carol wanted so many procedures.

“I know a lot of women who see their plastic surgeon so often they are on a first-name basis,” Rachel said. “Those are the kind of women my Mom hangs out with. My Mom had a face lift. She was very happy with the results.

“But Carol is young. I understand that certain types of women need to do it. Actresses. Models. Exotic dancers. I have nothing against the ladies who work in those fine professions, but I don’t need to look like that, and I have no desire to change anything. I’m happy with my body and face exactly as it is.”

“I share that enthusiasm for your body and face,” I said.

“So you’re going to have another brand new experience when we get home,” Rachel said. “Carol is going to look like a new woman. One with big tits. I hope she likes them. I hope you like them, too.”

I let out a sigh. “I’m taking the attitude that it’s important for Carol to do whatever she thinks will make her happy. But this seems a little strange for me.”

“Is her husband pushing for this?” Rachel asked.

“He suggested the possibility, but now Carol wants it more than he does. Once she started investigating surgeons, she decided to get more procedures than her husband mentioned. I don’t quite get what’s motivating her, but I’m doing my best to be supportive.”

Rachel said that when her mother’s friends got cosmetic surgery, they were frequently anxious to show off their new look. “Maybe we could invite Carol to go along with us when we go to the nudist resort where my parents are members. She could show off those new boobs to hundreds of people in just a few days.”

I laughed. “I will be sure to suggest that.”

“While you’re making suggestions, I have another one for you to consider,” Rachel said.

“It’s obvious that you have appointed yourself responsible for giving Carol new sexual experiences. For broadening her sexual horizons. Have you had a threesome yet?”

“No. I’ve thought about it. I have no idea how Carol would react,” I said.

“I’d like to volunteer to be your third,” Rachel said. “I just love taking women’s virginity. Carol sounds nice. I would welcome a chance to see her naked.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I said. “Seriously, I imagine I’ll suggest it one of these days. I can’t think of any other woman I’d rather see having sex with Carol.”

By the time I got back home, I was so tired that I took a nap before I even unpacked. I sent Carol a text letting her know I’d love to see her as soon as she felt ready. She sent me a bunch of heart-shaped emojis along with a message saying the bruising and swelling were almost gone. It would only be a few more days.

It was actually more than a week. I repeatedly told Carol I didn’t care if she had swelling or bruises – I just wanted to see her. But she made me wait longer than I expected. The day finally arrived when Carol agreed to come see me. I took off work early so I could be there when she knocked on the door. When I finally heard her knock, I ran to the door and opened it wide.

What I saw was a shock.


It’s easy to imagine how Bill felt. But we don’t have to imagine. It’s all explained in Chapter 10.

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