The House Boat – Day 06

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I had intended to wake up early, and surprise Rin. Have her wake up with my tongue between her legs. Which made it very confusing when I woke up before sunrise to an empty bed.

It wasn’t like I’d changed – mornings were still hell for me. Waking up took a long time before I was able to open my eyes. Yet, somehow, Rin had pulled off a disappearing act.

Which was when I spotted her ring on the bedside table.

Standing there in my dishevelled clothing from the night before, and no underwear, it was extremely hard to keep it together. To try and explain why she would have removed the ring she had taken off exactly once since she got it.

I had still been planning for us to become something, tomorrow. Whether I said my vows in a hedge maze or on a glass balcony, I didn’t care. What mattered was that I said them to her.

The day before our wedding, and she was gone.

We’d fallen asleep flirting, after she’d insisted on us having sex. Hot, vanilla, and very fast sex. I thought it had confirmed that we were okay, that there was…

I was having a full blown panic attack. I needed to calm down, before I’d be able to think.

I collected my clothes from the floor, and noted that Rin’s panties that had gone flying weren’t in the room, either. Which made sense, considering she wasn’t.

Fighting off the thoughts, I stepped into the ensuite shower.

The floor of it was wet.

That was hopeful, at least. If she were running away, I didn’t see her stopping to have a shower… Unless she’d had the thought to run whilst she was in it.

Considering yesterday, she might just want to disappear, altogether.

No one could hurt her if nobody knew where she was.

I took off my ring, and stripped down before getting in. Hoping that the hot water would take my mind off my missing sister.

It did feel utterly amazing to have a decent shower after the houseboat shower. That had been cramped, especially when we shared it, and the water had been warm, but it certainly hadn’t been hot.

The cheap head didn’t compare to a rain head, either.

I didn’t manage to stay long in the shower. My mind kept trying to guess why Rin might have abandoned me, and it wasn’t coming up with any reasonable explanations.

I got back into my clothes, and stepped out of the bathroom, slipping my ring back onto my hand.

“Morning, sleepyhead.”

I looked over in shock to see Rin lazing in a chair, wearing a black bikini with the hotel’s logo emblazoned over one breast. Her ring firmly back on her hand, and a book in her lap.


“So… You went swimming, I take it? Kinda wanted to hit the pool together.” I swallowed my anxiety.

She chuckled softly, “Aw. You miss me, huh? Yeah. I wasn’t able to do my morning jog when we were on the boat, and I don’t really feel up to it in a city with crowds, either.”

“I… I thought you’d gone.” I confessed, crossing over and sitting beside her so I could hug her legs. “Sorry. I’m an idiot.”

She laughed and played with my hair, “Now you get how I felt. Waking up to a blank wall, yesterday.”

“You left your ring.”

“So I wouldn’t lose it, moron.” She replied, and then dumped the book and patted her lap, “Come on, up.”

I stood up and grabbed her out of the seat to a surprised squeal, spinning around until I was sitting and she was sitting spread across my legs. I smiled up at her, “I’m an idiot.”

“My idiot.” She said possessively, eyes lighting up as she leaned forward for the first kiss of the day. Rin paused and held her nose, “Eh… Did you not brush your teeth? I mean, I kinda put up with it on the boat, but…”

“I reek, don’t I?” I said nervously, “Clothes, too. Need to pick up some new ones.”

“Makes one of us.” She waved to a couple of dresses on a nearby chair, “They’re not that sexy, I’m afraid. Also too expensive for you to rip ’em right off me. But being able to buy stuff at the hotel is convenient.”

I frowned, “Oh, have the hotel sent anything up, yet?”

“Uh… No?” Rin said in surprise, “Should they have?”


She glared at me, “You asked for something. When I was swimming and you were panicking?”

“Nah.” I shook my head, “When we were checking in. Speaking of… What do you think of the room?”

“No fair! I wanna know what they’re supposed to have sent up.” Rin wasn’t remotely distracted.

I shrugged, “Might have been convinced if you’d kissed me, but I suppose you’re just going to have to wait and see. Ordered any breakfast, yet?”

“Jerk.” She glowered, and shrugged, “Hadn’t, actually. Because I kinda figured that… Maybe… You like what you see?”

I kissed her chest where the bare skin was just showing, “Yeah. They look good on you. So, as you’re apparently in the mood, want me to do what I was planning on, before you vanished?”

“Huh?” Rin said in surprise, “I wreck another one of your plans?”

“I woke up before sunrise so I could have you for breakfast.” I grinned, picking her up and taking her back over to the edge of queenbet yeni giriş the bed, lowering her in front of me. “Mind if I do, anyway?”

“God, no.” She lay back onto her elbows, “God damn it, Chris. Is this what it’s going to be like everyday? Us, toying with each other? Cos I fuckin’ love it.”

I ran my hands along her thighs, feeling the tired and soft muscles. The barest hint of water which her towel hadn’t quite managed to deal with. Grinning as I realised her bathers were dry. “Did you buy a second set, just so I could see you in them?”

“… Maybe.”

I reached up to the smooth material, and began to gently massage her with my thumbs. Giving her touch, promising more, but ever so slightly teasing. “So, you got your vows ready, for tomorrow?”

“Oh, fuck.” Rin groaned, “Oh… Mostly. I… I don’t think I’m going to feel calm until it’s done. Mmm. More?”

Not sure which she was referring to, I gave her both. My thumbs moved down to play at the hidden and perfect little thing behind the material. “I was thinking we could sort out a wedding dress for you, today. If you were feeling up to it.”

“I… Mmm. I don’t want… Fuck… Sensitive. Go out, today.” Rin gasped, clearly feeling far friskier than I had expected.

I leaned forward to kiss at her. Planting little kisses on the fading redness at her thighs, before nuzzling my nose into her bathers. “We could get something delivered. We could actually probably get a tearaway wedding dress.”

“Fuck.” She groaned, “Damn, Chris. You… Actually… Remembered. Shit. Shit… Oh, stop teasing me.”

“Proper dress? Or one to rip?”

Rin got sick of waiting, and reached down to untie the edges of her bathers, pulling them open before forcefully pushing me towards her. “Rip. Shut up and eat me. Talk later.”

I ignored her dripping wetness, kissing around it playfully, enjoying her annoyed moans. Her scent was always so intense, less musky than most girls. Made it hard to tell who I was teasing more. Her, or myself.

“Ooh. That’s it. Shit.”

I could probably have inserted a finger or two, having basically memorised her most sensitive places. It wouldn’t be difficult to simply get her off.

“Mmm. Chriiiis. Fuck.” Rin’s hands grabbed at the blanket, twisting into tight little balls. “Oh, god. Damn. Mmm.”

Far more fun just to quietly lap away at her familiar taste, giving her just enough that it didn’t feel like I was neglecting her, without any intention of actually pushing her passed the edge.

My hesitancy to go further didn’t go unnoticed.

Rin pulled at my head, trying to push me deeper into her dripping snatch, wordlessly begging me to stop with the teasing. I ignored her. Today, we had nothing but time and each other.

There was no way I was going to do anything but savour that.

“Chris.” Rin gave a gasping cry, legs beginning to tense up. I had to grab her hips as she pushed backwards into the bed.

I grinned like an idiot, as I realised that was exactly what she’d said, in the exact tone she’d said it, when I’d walked in on her masturbating and our world had changed.

“Damn it! Chris!” Rin gave a pained cry, beginning to tremble as her inevitable orgasm started to creep up towards her.

There were no buzzing insects, this time. The only sounds in the room were my gentle ministrations, and the amazing and sexy girl moaning and groaning.

Rin’s knuckles actually cracked as her hands tightened even further, “Fuck! Chris!”

Enough was probably enough. I’d had my fun with her, now to give her what she’d been waiting for. I shifted my shoulders slightly, and without hesitation plunged my finger all the way in with an aggressive movement.

“Eugh! Fuck! Chris!” Rin screamed, the walls of her cunt locking down like a bank vault sealing. She came, her back arching off the bed, my name turning into a cry of utter and perfect pleasure.

I gave a few more little kisses to her womanhood as she collapsed, breathing hard and shaking, before climbing up and lying down beside her. Putting my arm across her bare stomach and snuggling my head into her shoulder.

She breathed heavily, chest heaving, “Fuck. Oh, damn it. Wow. I hate how good you are at that.”

“Hate it? Guess I should stop, then.”

Rin rolled her eyes and elbowed me, “Ass. It means you learned it somewhere, and it wasn’t with me.”


She looked over, “What does that mean?”

“I just… You’ve never mentioned being jealous before, Rin. I mean, I sort of assumed that you can get that way. You used to beat Vincent shitless for annoying you, so you seem the type. But you’ve never said anything. Actually, you’ve got off on stories about my exes.”

She gave a little smile, “I have actually. You’re just too dense to notice unless I actually use the word.”


“Give the man a fucking prize!” Rin said sarcastically, and then kissed my nose. “Yeah. Her. Fucking skank.”

I frowned, “I mean, I know that Kate came onto me pretty quick… But why do queenbet giriş you have such a crap opinion of her? Always call her a slut. Used to call her your friend.”

“Mostly because I’m jealous of her. She always flirted with you, Chris.” Rin sighed, “I might not have been in love with you, then, but I still got jealous about my twin fucking someone who was supposed to be my best friend.”

“She was my first.”

Rin’s eyes widened, “I fucking knew it! That… Bitch!”

“Not like you were a virgin for me.” I said, “How was it that you put it? I’m not a virgin anything?”

She frowned, “Yeah… Wasn’t going to tell you… But I guess having secrets between us now is a dumbass idea. So… You remember that night that Kate asked you to check out her tats?”

“How the hell do you know that was the pick-up line?”

Rin smiled tightly, “‘Cos I was there. Getting wasted, mostly. But, also sucking Rob’s dick in the bathroom when you two took the bed.”


She shook her head, “It was fine. We were both just getting laid. My ex turned out to be a literal dick, but… You’re right, Kate isn’t a totally shit person. Just… Mostly.”

“So… What happened at the party that made you hate her?” I asked curiously, “I mean, as far as I remember it… She didn’t make fun of me. She was actually pretty chill about me being a virgin. Helpful, teaching.”

Rin sighed, “She didn’t do anything to you, Chris. It was… She knew I was in the bathroom with Rob. She chose the damn room. Then, after you went off to recharge and get both of you some more drinks… She kinda threw the door open.”

“She catch you with a dick in you?”

“Mmm.” Rin smiled, “I couldn’t exactly risk it with you two in the room, I ain’t quiet.”

“My ringing ears agree.”

“Shuddup.” Rin glared, “Anyway… Kate opened the door, basically catching me being a total fuck bunny. She spread her legs to show off where you finished, and told me I was never going to get my brother back, now.”

I stared, “The fuck? Bitch.”

“Not… Entirely undeserved.” Rin admitted, biting her lip, “I hadn’t exactly been nice to her. She’d hit on Rob, before realising he was there with me… And so I might have said something along the lines of her never even getting the guy who crushed on her as a kid. Obviously before I peeled off to have sex in a bathroom.”

I laughed softly, “So I’m the reason the two of you have hated each other since we reconnected?”

“Arrogant.” She flicked my nose, “You were just a convenient excuse.”

I shrugged, “Well… She’s probably over that. Especially, now that you’re with me. It can be just like when we were kids. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a best friend you can fearlessly complain about me to?”

“Yeah.” Rin snuggled, “It does sound nice. So long as she doesn’t steal my food anymore.”

“You were stealing my food. She was just returning it.”

Rin rolled her eyes, “That’s what I said. Stealing my food.”

I took a long and deep breath, leaning against her, “Though, I guess that might not happen. She was one of the four.”

“I don’t think it was her, actually.”

I looked up, “Really?”

“Mmm.” Rin frowned, “Did you know that… Kate has a boyfriend?”

“She’s mentioned him a couple times. No idea who it actually is, though.” I shrugged, “Most I’ve got is that he’s a decent cook, he’s a workaholic, and then a lot of teasing that he’s incredible at sex.”

“Ew! Did not want to know that!” Rin made a face, “Ew! Just… Okay, I’m a total hypocrite, but ew.”

I cocked my head, “Who is it?”

“Vinnie. Hence, the hypocrite part.” Rin said, shocking me to my core.

“Holy fuck. Vincent actually got a girl who can stand him?”

Rin laughed, smirking, “I know, right? Crazy. But… He was there, too. Ew. She fucked both my brothers. That kinda pisses me off. But… She wouldn’t do anything to hurt Vinnie. Got the feeling they were really close.”

I nodded slowly, “And sending an ex after your brother’s sister might be the bitchiest move in the universe. Even Vincent would drop her.”

“Exactly. And she’s not that stupid.” Rin yawned, and then blinked, “Oh, hey. You got all distracted by me, this morning, didn’t you? Who the fuck text you last night whilst you were inside me?”

I looked up at my phone on the night stand. “Too far away. Don’t care.”

“You just wanna fuck me, don’t you?” Rin rolled her eyes.

“Nah. Well, yeah. But no. I’m happy to lie here beside you until sunset.” I hugged her, “Also kinda jealous you went swimming without me. I’ve been wanting to do that.”

“Check your phone.” She said, a hint of fear in her voice. Reminding me that she was still not okay, no matter how she seemed. Rin was scared to even go outside, right now. The hotel was her safe space.

I crawled up reluctantly, and picked up the broken device. As I did, I felt Rin begin working my pants down, clearly not satisfied with the idea of cuddling.

I opened the message, and immediately rolled out of Rin’s reach. “Not queenbet güvenilirmi right now.”

“Something important?” She asked.

I nodded, “Vince thinks he knows who fucked us. I told him to bring me their head on a silver platter, and I’d consider trusting him one day. He just asked where to deliver the head.”

“Call him.” Rin’s voice became dark and angry.

“Am.” I shot back, putting the phone onto speaker and between us. It took a while before Vincent answered, voice groggy.

“Eugh. It’s only like seven in the morning, Chris. Can you save the hate for later in the day, when I’ve had a coffee?”

“I’m here, too, asshole.” Rin spoke.

Vincent snapped to attention, “Oh. Right. Rin, I really am -“

“Who.” She said stiffly.

He took a deep and heavy breath, “Look, I am sure about this. I know exactly who it was, and they told me. And when I told them what your ex did, Rin, she had a full blown meltdown. So you have to promise me you won’t kill them.”

“No promises.”

Vincent’s voice hardened, “I mean it. I’m going back to the hospital in a few hours, because they asked to be put on a psych hold. You get it? Don’t be like… You. For five minutes.”

“Wow. You totally have such high hopes for me.” Rin said sarcastically, “I hope I can live up to your expectations.”

“Enough. Vincent, spill.” I tried to play peacemaker. Or, at least, move the conversation along.


I sucked in my breath. Should have seen that one coming. She was always the one who thought that she knew best. Manipulating and controlling Rin with the best intentions and worst results.

She also tended to overreact to everything. Fragile moods, lashing out before warbling into tears. I had no reason to believe that the suicide watch was unnecessary.

Rin squeezed my hand, “You should go see her, Chris.”

“What about you?” Vincent asked, “It’d mean a lot, Rin. Even if all you did was glare at her.”

“I’d strangle the life out of her with my bare hands.” My sister growled, “She told me she wished I’d never been born. That I was her worst mistake. Then she nearly fucking got me killed for real. I’m never forgiving her, Vinnie. Nev. Er.”

“I’m not leaving you here.” I said plainly.

Rin shrugged, “You should talk to her.”

I took a deep breath, “Rin… I know you’re trying to offer Mum an olive branch, that you think she doesn’t deserve. But you really think I wouldn’t do the same as you? I’ve got my own feelings, too.”

“That’s a no for forgiving, today.” Vincent said on the phone, “Well, I’m happy taking care of her and dad. You two… Finish your honeymoon slash wedding, or whatever. Maybe it is better this way.”

Rin blinked in surprise, “You’re really okay with me and Chris, then?”

“No.” He laughed, “But I know better than to get in your way. If the two of you love each other, then fine. I still think it’s going to end badly once the thrill wears off. But it isn’t like our family can get more broken, is it?”

She cocked her head, “Eh… I don’t think I’ve ever heard you admit that. That we’re an actual disaster.”

“I’m sorry, Rin.” Vincent jumped in, “Everything I did to you. Every time I just stood by whilst Mum and Dad made your life a living hell. Every time I helped them. I… Am sorry.”

“Da fuck?” She said in confusion.

He sighed, “I… Can’t tell you how much it hurts that you’re confused that I’d apologise. Nor how much more it hurts that I’m the one who made it that way.”

Rin stared over at me, as if asking for an explanation for how aliens had managed to swap out our older brother for an actual person.

I shrugged, just as confused as she was by the change in him.

A smile slowly spread over Rin’s face, “Oooh. It’s Kate, isn’t it? She’s been teaching you to be human, hasn’t she?”

“A little bit.” Vincent said nervously, “Uh… More like threatening to dump me unless I put actual effort in to understanding how other people feel about things. And maybe she gave me a ranting ultimatum that broke me.”

Rin laughed softly, “Something about being nicer to me, or she’ll cut your nuts off?”

“Nicer to Chris.” Vincent corrected, “But… If I was being an asshole to him, how the hell do I describe what I was like to you? I… I’m sorry.”

“S’fine.” Rin blew at her hair, “Let the skank know I’m grateful, too, would you?”

“Rin.” Vincent’s voice became threatening.

She scoffed, “Two days ago you called me a slut, Vinnie. Go fuck yourself.”

“And there goes my progress.” He sounded irritated, but then practised another breath. “I’ll let her know, Rin. With nicer language.”

She frowned, “Damn. He really means it… Eh… Fine. You and Kate, got time to come by somewhere in Melbourne, tomorrow?”

I was surprised, “You’re inviting them?”

“You were going to.” She shrugged, “Not like we’ve got anybody else to ask to come by. Wouldn’t even take it as you two supporting us, neither.”

“You… Told Kate?”

I laughed, “She kept it a secret from you, Vincent? Wow. Though, I suppose it’d be hard to kinda bring up. Hey, your brother and sister are together, and I sorta half gave them my blessing.”

“That’s why she’s been acting so weird.” Vincent said with relief, “Fuck. I thought she was seriously considering dumping me.”

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