The House Guest Ch. 04

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“God, is that the best she does for you?” Brittany asked with a chuckle, kissing at my neck. She rested her head on my shoulder and looked down at Kaitlin. “Come on, girl, I know for a fact you can do better than that.” Her lips brushed against my ear as she whispered, “I certainly know you can give it better.”

I bit the inside of my lip, the tickle of Brittany’s breath edging me forward as much as the up and down of Kaitlin’s mouth. “I told you, it’s different with Kaitlin. We’re more passionate than lustful.”

“You’re having boring sex, is what you mean,” Brittany said, sliding to her knees next to Kaitlin. I watched as Brittany slipped a hand between my wife’s legs, her thighs parting willingly to allow Brit to begin rubbing her slit. Brittany planted a kiss on Kaitlin’s shoulder. “You’re being so gentle. I remember a girl that had learned to open up… get rough.”

Kaitlin’s eyes shut and she let out a shuddering moan around my dick as Brittany’s fingers picked up speed. I closed my eyes as well, my hips bucking slightly. I stopped myself from going too hard, not wanting to push too far with Kaitlin. She wasn’t as experienced at deepthroating as Brittany was. At least… not that I knew.

“What did you mean, you know she can do better?” I asked, looking to Brittany. Kaitlin froze; just for a moment, but long enough that I noticed the hitch in her motions. Brittany noticed as well, throwing my wife that smug, evil grin before looking back to me.

“I mean, I’ve seen her take a dick deeper and faster than that,” Brittany said. I felt Kaitlin pulling back, clearly wanting to interject, but Brittany placed a firm hand against the back of her head, holding her where she could pull back no further than the tip of my dick. “I’ve seen her gag and shake and still not let up until she was a teary-eyed, spit-covered mess.”

I swallowed, my mouth dry as I listened to Brittany describe acts I’d only ever imagined my wife performing. Kaitlin had always given good blowjobs, but they were controlled, reserved. Brittany was painting the image of a greedy, uninhibited cocksucker, a woman who would let me pound into her throat, fuck her deep even as she gagged and struggled. They were acts that I’d experienced with Brittany herself, but my wife? She’d never even come close.

And yet, the guilty look in Kaitlin’s eyes was more confirmation than anything Brittany said. As was the fact that she’d started blowing me again, with even more urgency.

“I don’t… you said I was the only guy,” I said, somehow focusing on Kaitlin’s earlier words instead of the fact that the suction she was applying had increased. Once again, she moved to release my cock from her mouth, to explain, only for Brittany to stop her; this time, she pushed her down further. “You just said that, Kaitlin.”

“Really, with the high horse?” Brittany laughed. “Maybe it was a lie, but she stopped with the other guys as soon as you two got serious. Those first few months you two were dating casually, though? The shit Katie let dudes do to her, my word. She gave me a run for my money.”

My head was swimming. Brittany was right, I’d been cheating on Kaitlin all week, so what high ground did I really have? But even after all that had come out between us, she’d still been trying to hide something. That, unlike the other stuff, bothered me, made me a little bit angry with her.

So as Brittany pushed Kaitlin’s head down, I gave a sharp thrust with my hips. In an instant, I was deeper in my wife’s throat than I’d ever been, and Kaitlin’s eyes popped wide in surprise, gagging at the sudden intrusion.

“How long’s it been since you felt that, babe?” Brittany said, leaning forward and kissing Kaitlin on the cheek. “Someone properly using that slutty throat of yours?” Brittany looked at me and continued, “Kaitlin’s really not the best at saying what she wants. All these years of marriage, I kind of assumed she’d have told you. Guess not.”

I listened to Brittany’s words but kept eye contact with Kaitlin as I thrust again, pushing a little deeper. She shuddered but maintained her composure and pleading stare.

“Me, I found out early on. Kaitlin just loves being used, dominated.” Brittany bit Kaitlin’s ear and buried her fingers even deeper into her pussy. I felt vibrations around my dick as Kaitlin moaned, her entire body shaking with an orgasm. After a moment, Brittany raised her soaked fingers. “See? Secrets laid bare and pinned choking on your dick, and she just fucking explodes.” Brittany pressed her fingers against Kaitlin’s cheek and dragged them across, leaving a shiny streak. “It’s like I told you, this isn’t the first dick we’ve shared. What a slut, right?”

That simmering anger was the only thing that kept me from nutting outright at that point, and the urge to just slam my full length down Kaitlin’s throat was strong. Instead, I stayed still, staring down at Kaitlin, then to Brittany’s grinning face. I placed a hand in Kaitlin’s head, my fingers Van Escort entwining with Brit’s, and slowly pulled Kaitlin off of my dick. She let out a gasping breath, thick spit immediately slipping out of her mouth and down her chin. She kept looking up at me, saying nothing.

“Well?” I asked, not sure what response I expected. “It’s true, isn’t it? All these years, you haven’t been truthful with me about what you’ve wanted?”

Kaitlin swallowed, still breathing hard, before answering. “I know I’ve been bad. I think… I think you should punish me.”

As soon as she said those words, I knew it was exactly what I’d wanted to hear. “Let’s see how good you are,” I said before pulling Kaitlin back onto my swollen cock and thrusting forward. Brittany’s hand slipped away, and I took a tight grip on Kaitlin’s blond lock as I began to fuck her throat with desperate urgency. I yanked her head back and forth in awkward time with my thrusts, years of an unspoken desire to roughly use her exploding out. Kaitlin let out sloppy, desperate noises as I did, but she made no effort to stop me, instead leaning herself into it and using a free hand to begin vigorously masturbating.

Her self-pleasure didn’t last long.

“No, no, no, Katie, you said you needed to be punished,” Brittany said, reaching between her legs and pulling her hand back. She quickly positioned herself behind my wife, grabbing her other hand and pinning them behind her back. “You’ve already cum twice tonight, so I think you can wait until Colin decides your slutty cunt deserves any more attention.” Brittany leaned forward, her chest pressing Kaitlin even tighter against my lap as I continued to fuck her face. She grinned up at me. “This is a good start, but I think we can come up with plenty of fun ways to punish your wife, don’t you?”

“Definitely,” I gasped. I placed my free hand under Kaitlin’s chin and stood up, holding her to my cock as I dragged her to her knees. She didn’t miss a beat, continuing to bob her head as best she could to meet my thrusts. For the first time all week, I forgot Brittany was even there, instead focused on the sexual energy that surged between my wife and I. Our eyes were locked, hers watering, but still willing, a glaze of desire and lust in her stare. I was using her like a toy, and she loved it. I tightened my grip, stopping my thrusts as I buried my full length in her. She shook, her eyes watering even more as her body struggled. I was at my limit, too, and I yelled “God, I fucking love you!”

My orgasm went off like a shotgun blast, and I was firing my load even as I yanked myself out of Kaitlin’s throat. There was a wet pop as I exited her mouth and she gasped for air; at the same time, I blasted my load into her open mouth and across her face, aiming my dick to coat her chin and chest. For years, I’d either cum in a condom or inside of her, never getting the nerve to ask her to give her a proper facial or pearl necklace. Now, I just took what I wanted as she twisted and moaned for each strand that struck her.

As I finished, I let go of Kaitlin’s face, stumbling back and dropping onto the bed, shaken by the strength of the orgasm I’d just had. Never had it been that good, that perversely charged and powerful. The rush continued as I watched Kaitlin, collapsed against a smiling Brittany, began to slide her fingers across her face, pushing my cum into her mouth desperately. I had barely softened anyway, but I stopped at half-mast, the display pushing me to another level.

“I’m so sorry I lied to you, babe,” Kaitlin said, still licking her fingers. “I hope that begins to make up for it.”

“I think it does, Katie,” Brittany said with a chuckle, leaning in to kiss and lick her cum-stained cheek again. Kaitlin turned and began to kiss Brittany back, a messy make-out session that pushed me back to a full hard-on. Not missing a beat, Brittany reached out and began stroking me. She continued to deeply kiss my wife for a few more seconds before breaking their embrace to look up at me. “It feels good to let go and properly pleasure yourself, doesn’t it? Just like when you first fucked me?”

I looked to Kaitlin, still uncertain about how she felt about my fucking her best friend, but my doubt faded away as she smiled at me, a dreamy look on her face as she began to finger herself again. If she was unhappy, she did a damn good job hiding it as Brittany began to run her tongue up and down my dick. All these years, it really seemed like I had been gentler than Katie really liked.

But Kaitlin wasn’t the only one who I’d been going too easy on.

“All week, you’ve been in charge, even when you let me take the lead,” I said, placing a hand on Brittany’s head as she continued to lick my shaft. “And because you were blackmailing me, I let you.”

“And because you wanted to fuck me,” Brittany teased, kissing at the tip of my member. She was smirking up at me, that look that she’d taunted me with all week. It was a look that Van Escort Bayan challenged me to really let loose and take control. Up until now, I’d been too scared to.

“So are you like Kaitlin?” I asked, glancing to my wife. She was still fingering herself, watching intently as Brittany planted kisses along my length. “Do you secretly love it when a man takes control and uses you?”

Even as she slid her lips up and down, her eyes continued to give me that look, that daring stare. Then, she stopped and pulled back, squeezing her arms together to raise her tits – those glorious, fat tits that started all this – before answering, “Maybe you should try and see what happens.”

There was a moment of silence, our eyes locked with a burning intensity, before I finally gave in. Nothing mattered, not the blackmail, or how much I’d disliked Brittany in the past, or the fact that my wife was just a few feet away watching. I stopped caring about anything except the pleasure she could give me and the exact way I wanted to get it.

I pulled Brittany to her feet and threw her onto the bed. She landed on her back, tits jiggling wildly from the impact. Before she’d even settled, I was on top of her, a knee on either side of her stomach. I looked down at her, breathing heavily as I took the image of her in. Still that smirk as she pressed her breasts together again.

“Kaitlin,” I said, still staring down at Brittany’s tits, “could you get me the lube?”

“Oh, fuck!” Kaitlin shouted, which did draw my attention. It seemed that my question was enough to push her over the edge, as she was doubled over, hand still between her legs as her whole body convulsed. She let out a stuttering moan as she shook, and the sight of my wife in such unencumbered pleasure was almost enough to make me cum again on its own.

“Let the girl rest, Colin,” Brittany said, sliding down slightly and taking my cock in her hand. “I’ll get you nice and sloppy.” Brittany took me deep, a hand gripped around my base and jerking as she started blowing me. I leaned down and helped her out, starting to fuck her mouth in time with her bobbing. Again, the slick sound of gagging filled the room, and while I wasn’t able to go as deep at this angle, it still felt amazing.

“She absolutely does.” I looked over my shoulder to see Kaitlin at the edge of the bed, still on her knees and positioned between Brittany’s legs. She was running a glistening finger up and down Brittany’s thigh, head rested on her knee. Our eyes met and she smiled, the most wicked smile I’d ever seen from her, and a dark shiver ran through me. “Loves being used, I mean. She loves it when her partners lose control and just… have to have her. Hard, and fast, and now.” Kaitlin slid her hand up further, slipping just out of sight; Brittany’s sudden moan around my dick told me where her fingers ended up. “Sure, she likes to be in control, too. We both know what that’s like. But eventually, she wants you to turn the tables. For you to take what you want.”

“I never could’ve imagined this,” I said, panting.

“I definitely have,” Kaitlin said, licking her lip. “So many times.” And then her face vanished between Brittany’s legs.

“HGG, yes, Katie, oh god!” Brittany moaned as I yanked myself from her throat, thick strands of saliva stretching out and streaking across her chin and chest. I felt her legs move behind me, raising up to wrap around my wife’s head as she began to eat Brittany out. A glance back gave me an incredible image, my wife buried face-first into her friend’s snatch, teasing at her clit as one hand gripped her thigh and another was assumedly trapped between her own legs.

Somehow harder than before, I repositioned myself, placing my dick between Brittany’s breasts. For her part, Brittany barely seemed to notice, her head rolled back as she moaned and bounced her hips against Kaitlin’s face. So, I took charge, as I’d planned anyway, and spat a large glob of spit onto Brittany’s chest. It landed with a splat on the side of her boob. I rubbed my dick across it, smearing our combined fluids across her chest before finally taking one of her massive tits in each hand. I gave each one a greedy squeeze before pushing them together, engulfing my dick in her soft flesh.

And then I started fucking her chest. Not slow thrusts, or at a pace Brittany could control. I planted my knees and let loose, pounding into the slick, hot tit tunnel I’d fantasized about since college. Sure, I’d gotten a titjob earlier in the week, but this was what I wanted, Brittany pinned beneath me and moaning as I lost control and made her breasts bounce and shake around me.

Once I started, Brittany let out a heady laugh, her hands sliding over mine to help keep herself nice and tight around me. I met eyes with her, the look on her glistening face one of utter joy as my dick popped out of the top of her bosom and threatened to smack her chin. Moaning and the slick sounds of flesh-on-flesh were Escort Van all that filled the room for a euphoric few minutes, the three of us locked together in carnal bliss.

“Come on, Colin,” Brittany moaned, lolling her tongue out. “Give your obedient fucktoy her reward.”

And as if the sensation of her tits wasn’t enough, the act of submission, the admittance that I was hers to use, was.

“Oh, fucking take it, you dirty slut!” I nearly doubled over on top of her, still thrusting between her tits as I felt my orgasm unleash. I recovered enough to grip my dick, pulling back to stroke and aim as I began dumping my load across her smooth, porcelain skin. The first shot almost cleared her, splatting across the top of her forehead and hair; the rest found more rewarding purchase, glazing her eyes, face, and open mouth before the majority settled across the ample expanse of her chest. Her moaning continued to intensify through the entire process, and the way she shook – along with the wet sounds I heard behind me – made it clear she was close to an orgasm of her own.

“That’s right, baby,” I said, slapping my dick across her messy tits. “Cum for me.” I leaned over, blowing warm breath against her ear. “Cum for us.”

“Oh, fuck yes!” Brittany shouted, her body arching as she shook with release. I watched her spasm for a moment, then looked back, watched as Kaitlin continued to devour Brit, legs wrapped tight around her head.

I rolled off Brittany as her orgasm began to subside. I was a bit lightheaded, but I was already halfway back to fully erect and I needed to keep going. And I needed my wife. I grabbed Kaitlin, pulling her gasping from between Brittany’s legs. She came easily into my arms, and we kissed, sloppy and desperate as I tasted our mutual lover on her lips. It hadn’t felt this electric between us in years, and I wanted to ride the high as long as possible.

I broke our kiss long enough to slide my hands under her legs, yanking her off her feet and dropping her onto the edge of the bed. We continued to make-out, moaning and desperate, as her hands found my erection, still a sloppy mess from multiple blowjobs and orgasms, and guided it to her entrance. I didn’t give a fuck about a condom or cleaning off or anything that wasn’t feeling the hot embrace of my wife’s pussy around my dick.

“Oh, god, fuck yes,” Kaitlin moaned into my mouth as I buried into her with one thrust. As I began to fuck her in earnest, holding her pinned to the bed, she continued, “Yesyesyes, fuck yes, oh god!”

Her legs wrapped around my back as I continued to plow into her, long, deep thrusts that caused the entire bed around us to shake. Brittany was just a few feet away, but all I cared about was the orgasmic, eye-rolling look on Kaitlin’s face. And despite two previous orgasms already, the sensation between my wife and I built so fast that I was already on the edge again.

“Gonna… cum…” I muttered, barely able to get the words out.

“Give it to me, baby, fill me up!” Kaitlin shouted, holding me as close as she could.

“FUCK!” I shouted, one last thrust to go as deep into my wife as possible before my third orgasm of the night tore through me. I didn’t have much left to give, but the sensation of getting off deep inside her hot, needy pussy still made for a white-hot blast of pleasure, as did the feeling of her convulsions as the act set off her orgasm as well.

I collapsed on top of Kaitlin, both of us gasping and spent as we rode out the waves of our pleasure. I kissed her again, a more gentle, loving kiss, before pulling out and dropping to my knees. More kisses to her thighs, somehow still desperate for more of her body. God help, I still wanted more, wanted to keep this going as long as possible.

And for the next few hours, that’s exactly what the three of us did.


“Anytime you want to come back, you’re more than welcome,” Kaitlin said, giving Brittany a kiss on the cheek as they parted. “We both loved having you.”

“Thanks, I had a lot of fun,” Brittany said, leaning against her car. She smiled my way. “And for the first time, I can honestly say it was good to see you, too, Colin.”

“Ditto,” I said, stepping forward to give her a hug of my own. It was tight, genuine, as I enjoyed the feel of those massive tits one more time. She gave me a cheek kiss as well before throwing us each one last smile.

“I’m sure I’ll be back before you two know it.” She opened her car door and looked back one last time before getting in. “Just don’t let my absence be an excuse to stop having fun.”

“Don’t think you have to worry about that,” Kaitlin said with a laugh, slipping her arms around my waist. Immediately, I let a hand fall to Kaitlin’s ass, giving it a solid squeeze.

“Don’t think I will.” With that Brittany shut her door and pulled out, headed off to whatever wild destination called her next.

“I’m going to miss her,” I said.

“Oh, I’m sure,” Kaitlin said with a laugh, giving me a slight poke in the side. She leaned up and kissed me, a deep, probing embrace. “Let’s go inside and see if I can’t make you forget about her.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, giving her ass a more forceful squeeze before we went back inside.

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