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Cum Slut


By Pink Panther

I disclaim, we disclaim, everybody disclaims! You know the drill, right? And if you”ve got this far you know what the story”s about, so I needn”t bother with that either.

Thanks for the feedback! It makes all the hard work worthwhile. I”d like more, of course! Please send your comments ail and I”ll get back to you as soon as I can.


October 1959

On Monday afternoon, with school at an end, Alex sat in his classroom. He passed the time by marking 1-Green”s books. Almost before he knew it, Whitney appeared, looking as freshly scrubbed from the showers as he had the week before.

Michael didn”t wait to be asked, sitting down on the chair next to Mr Faulkner.

“Good to see you,” Alex said. “How”s your weekend been?”

“It”s been okay, thanks,” Michael responded.

“I”m glad you came back,” Alex whispered, his hand gently massaging Whitney”s thigh. “Are you ready to learn a bit more?”

“Yes sir.”

“Right, just give me a moment.”

Alex went to the classroom door and looked along the corridor.

“Okay,” he said.

He ushered the boy into the store room and locked the door. Michael expected him to sit down as he”d done before. But instead, he wrapped his arms around the boy”s back, leaning forwards to move his lips towards Whitney”s.

Alex knew this was a risk. Only a few of the boys he”d had sex with liked to kiss. He felt certain that Whitney would pull away, and was ready to bail out the moment it happened. Only it didn”t. Michael lifted his head, his mouth slightly open to allow Mr Faulkner”s tongue to push inside.

It was as good a kiss as Alex had ever experienced. Whitney was simply one delight on top of another. He had no idea how the boy could have learned to kiss like that. After a couple of minutes, their lips parted.

“You”re a very sexy boy,” Alex whispered.

He quickly sat down. Over the next ten minutes they reprised their previous routine. Alex lowered Whitney”s shorts and underpants before sucking the boy”s cock and tickling his perineum. Then he stood up and invited Whitney to take his cock out. Michael knelt down and sucked the man”s penis. In less than a minute, Alex felt himself getting close.

“Okay, you”d better stop now,” he instructed.

Michael got to his feet, wondering what would happen next. He couldn”t wank Mr Faulkner off. They”d get spunk all over the books. Alex took a deep breath. He”d told Gordon that he”d check Whitney”s bum. Now he had to do it.

“Will you bend over the chair for me?” he asked.

As soon as the boy was in position, Alex knelt down behind him, reaching up to part the lad”s bum-cheeks. His eyes widened. He blinked and looked again, concerned that his eyes might be deceiving him. But there was no mistake. Whitney”s anus was clearly visible and the area on either side was chafed bright red. There was only one explanation. Over the course of the weekend somebody had fucked the lad, and that somebody clearly didn”t have a small cock.

Alex moved in close, his tongue lapping at Whitney”s rosebud entrance. After a few seconds, he pushed it in.

“Ohh, sir!” Michael groaned, delighted by this unfamiliar pleasure.

“I think somebody”s been putting his cock into your bottom,” Alex whispered.

“Yes sir,” Michael admitted.

“And he did it in the last couple of days, didn”t he?”

“Yes sir.”

“And do you like that?”

“Yes sir.”

“So how old is he?”

Michael hesitated.

“Oh, come on,” Alex urged. “I”m not asking you to say who it is. And I promise I won”t tell anyone.”

“He”s twenty-six, sir.”

That was too young to be the boy”s father, Alex reasoned. It would probably be someone his parents trusted, like a family member or close family friend

“So how long have you been doing this?” he asked.

“Just over a year.”

Alex felt a pang of jealousy. A year earlier, Whitney would have been at his absolute peak. But this wasn”t the time to fret about that. He took out a small tin of jelly, coating his right middle finger. He pushed the well-greased digit firmly into Whitney”s bum.

“Does that feel nice?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” Whitney responded.

“Would you like to take my cock?”

“Yes sir.”

“So how does it compare with the one you took at the weekend?”

“I think they”re about the same length, but yours is a bit thicker.”

Alex licked his lips. Things could hardly be better.

“Okay, stand up and turn round,” he said, getting to his feet.

Somewhat puzzled, Michael did as he was asked.

“D”you know what this is for?” Alex asked, presenting him with the tin of jelly.

“Yes sir,” Michael confirmed.

He dipped his fingers into the jelly and smeared it over the maths master”s cock.

“Okay, are you ready?” Alex said.

Michael simply turned round and returned to his previous position. Alex moved in close, guiding his cock onto the boy”s anus. He pushed hard. After a moment”s resistance he was in.

“Oooh, sir!” Michael gasped, shocked by the sharp stab of pain as his sphincter was stretched further than he was used to.

Alex placed his hands around Whitney”s thighs. He pushed in deeper, steadily reaming the lad”s velvety tunnel.

“You”ve got a lovely tight bottom,” he whispered.

Michael hardly knew where he was. Mr Faulkner”s cock thrust over his prostate.

“Oh yeah!” he groaned, his cock twitching wildly.

With the boy fully impaled, Alex paused, savouring the tight little sheath that was gripping his cock. He was triumphant. Despite people like Gordon telling him how difficult it would be, he”d been determined to find a good looking boy to have sex with. And here he was. Not only had he found a boy, he”d got his cock up the lad”s bum.

That was a complete surprise. He”d expected to spend several weeks before his conquest was ready to be fucked. As it was, all he had to do was to finish the job. He set to his task, fucking the boy with long, powerful thrusts. Once into his rhythm, he reached downwards. He slid his fingers lengthways down Whitney”s throbbing shaft, masturbating him with a milking action.

Painful though the maths master”s entrance had been, Michael was in ecstasy. This was the most exciting fuck he”d ever had. Mr Faulkner”s cock was that bit bigger than his Uncle Jack”s, and he fucked escort kocaeli that much harder. But best of all, the man was fondling his penis.

“Oh! Oh! Ohhh!” he gasped.

He shuddered from head to toe, his bum clamping tight around the maths master”s invading cock. A moment later, his penis swelled and twitched. Little jets of watery boy-cum squirted into Mr Faulkner”s palm.

“Oh, you sexy boy!” Alex growled.

Gently releasing Whitney”s sensitive cock, he brought his hand to his mouth, licking up the boy”s spunk. Replacing his hand around Whitney”s thigh, he redoubled his efforts, fucking the boy even harder. After a few more thrusts, he was there. He plunged his cock right in. It jerked wildly, depositing prodigious amounts of thick, creamy spunk in the twelve-year old”s rectum.

After several seconds, he slowly pulled back. As he did so, Michael became aware of how messy he was. Moments later, Alex”s cock exited the boy”s anus with an audible pop. Whitney”s sphincter remained open, a little of the maths master”s spunk leaking out and trickling down his legs.

“Stay where you are, please!” Alex requested.

He reached down, smearing his spunk over Whitney”s thighs and buttocks. Finally, the boy”s sphincter closed up, stemming the flow.

“Are you okay?” Alex asked.

“Yes, sir,” Michael confirmed. “Can I get dressed now?”

“Of course you can,” Alex said smiling.

Michael pulled up his underpants and shorts.

“That was very good!” Alex whispered, smiling. He put his arm around Whitney”s shoulder. “Thank you!” he added, gently stroking the boy”s hair.

As with his Uncle Jack, Michael was somewhat embarrassed about being thanked. He”d allowed Mr Faulkner to fuck him because that was what he”d wanted. But he wasn”t objecting.

“Oh, I loved it sir,” he said, grinning back. “It was super!”

“I can”t see you on Wednesday,” Alex said quietly. “Can you come to the pavilion on Friday? Leave it five minutes after school, like you did last week.”

“Yes sir! Michael answered, smiling warmly. “I”ll be there!”

“Okay, off you go!” Donald said, gently patting Whitney”s rump. “I”ll see you on Friday.”

Michael made his way out. He headed for the boys” toilets. His bum was still full of spunk. He could feel it. He”d have to get rid of it before going home or he”d make a mess in his underpants.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex was finding his work with the 3-Blue express group to be quite a challenge, but a very rewarding one. While Calladine was revelling in his newly acquired freedom to work things out for himself, Northam, who was quiet and lacking in confidence, needed frequent reassurance.

Whenever he had a spare moment during class time, Alex would check on Northam to make sure he was coping. It seemed to be working. The boy was definitely improving. So was that what he”d needed, somebody who believed in him and would give him some encouragement?

Northam was small for his age, one of the smallest in the class, and although not a pretty boy, he had his own type of cuteness, Alex considered. If he hadn”t found Whitney, he would have tried to get to know him better. He was sure that he”d be able to seduce the lad if he put his mind to it. It was very tempting. But he had found Whitney. To try seducing another boy at this stage would be asking for trouble.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex was pleased that he”d had a busy week. He hadn”t had much time to think about sex. The only time that he”d found his mind wandering was on Wednesday afternoon. Instead of fucking Whitney”s tight little bottom, he”d been stuck in a department meeting. But Friday had finally arrived. The bell had just gone for the end of school and he had an appointment to keep.

He strode across to the pavilion. It was deserted, just as it always was on a Friday. He let himself into the first changing room and sat down to wait. After four days” abstinence he was so horny he could hardly contain himself. He fretted that Whitney might not turn up. But he needn”t have worried. Exactly five minutes after the final bell, the boy appeared. With the door safely locked behind them, they sat together on the nearest bench.

“Great to see you again,” Alex said quietly, stroking Whitney”s thigh. “How”s your week been?”

“Pretty good thanks,” Michael responded, smiling up at him. “But I missed seeing you on Wednesday.”

“I missed something too,” Alex told him.

“Are you going to fuck me again?” Michael asked.

“Do you want me to?” Alex queried.

“Yes sir!” Alex responded. “If you want to.”

“So you like having my cock inside you?” Alex went on, his hand running over the front of Whitney”s shorts.

“Yes sir.”

“And you like having your bottom filled?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, I can”t disappoint you, can I?”

Shoes, socks and jackets were quickly removed. They began to undress each other. In a matter of seconds they were both naked. Alex sat on the bench, Whitney in front of him. After taking a deep breath, he devoured the boy”s penis. He sucked it lovingly, working his tongue over the small, shiny head. Whitney”s fingers ran through his hair, an unspoken gesture of approval. After around a minute, he allowed the lad”s glistening cock to slide from between his lips.

“Your turn now,” he said, smiling.

Michael didn”t hesitate. He knelt on the floor. Having wrapped his fingers around the base of Mr Faulkner”s cock, he took it into his mouth and began to suck. Very gradually he pushed further and further down until it was going right into his throat.

Instinctively, Alex ruffled the boy”s smooth fair hair. Once again, he was in ecstasy. During his school days he”d had sex with lots of boys, but none of them had sucked him the way Whitney did. An orgasm was not far away.

“Okay, you”d better stop,” he said with a note of urgency.

Michael quickly released him. He looked up and licked his lips.

“That was wonderful,” Alex breathed.

“Are you going to lick my bum, sir?” Michael asked, giving him a cheeky grin.

“You like that, don”t you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Okay, you know what to do.”

Michael moved across and bent over, resting his hands on the bench. Alex knelt down behind him. After four days untouched, the boy”s anus looked quite normal. Alex began to lick, working his tongue up and down Whitney”s crack. Gradually he homed in on the boy”s rosebud kocaeli anal yapan escort entrance. He licked and pressed until his tongue went inside.

“Oh sir!” Michael groaned.

After a few seconds, Alex pulled away. Having coated his index finger in Vaseline, he inserted it into Whitney”s anus. After a moment”s pause, he pushed it right in.

“Are you ready for my cock?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” Michael confirmed.

“Okay then,” Alex responded, as he allowed his finger to slide out. “Stand up.”

Standing upright, Michael turned to face his teacher. He dipped his fingers into the greasy jelly and smeared it over the man”s cock. They were ready, so without a word, he returned to his previous position.

Moments later he felt Mr Faulkner”s cock pressing against his anus. He relaxed the way he”d learned to. It pushed inside. Once again he gasped. It was bigger than his uncle”s and this was only the second time he”d taken it. It hurt, but only for a moment.

Very steadily it went in deeper and deeper. It pushed over his prostate, which made his cock twitch and tingle. He sighed contentedly. This was what he wanted! Mr Faulkner”s firm, flat stomach ran gently into his bottom. After a brief pause, the man began to fuck him quite slowly, almost pulling out before thrusting back in again. It was good but he wanted more.

“Sir,” he asked. “Could you do it faster please?”

“All in good time,” Alex responded. “There”s no rush.”

Over the next couple of minutes, the pace increased until the man was fucking him as hard as he had the first time. To Michael, this was heaven! His cock was tingling like crazy. There was just one more thing he needed.

“Sir,” he begged. “Will you play with my cock? Please sir!”

The man gently gripped the twelve-year old”s penis, thumb on top, fingers below, and began to work it up and down. It only took a few strokes. Michael shuddered from head to toe, his muscles wracked by uncontrollable spasms. He bum clamped tight around Mr Faulkner”s invading cock. His penis swelled and pulsed. Drops of watery cum sprayed out onto the bench.

“Oh, you sexy boy!” Mr Faulkner growled, the boy”s orgasm having momentarily knocked him out of his rhythm.

Before Michael knew what was happening, both Mr Faulkner”s hands were back around his hips. The maths master fucked him harder than ever. After no more than a dozen thrusts, the man”s cock drove in one final time. It jerked violently deep inside him. Mr Faulkner”s spunk flooded into his rectum.

Then it was over. Everything was quiet and still. The only sounds Michael could hear were breathing, Mr Faulkner”s and his own. Very slowly, Mr Faulkner pulled out. Michael was as messy as he”d been a few days earlier, the maths master”s spunk trickling out of his anus and running down his legs.

“Oh yes!” Alex said triumphantly. “Stay where you are please!”

Once again he spread his spunk over Whitney”s legs and bottom until the flow stopped.

“So how was that?” he asked.

“It was really good sir!” Michael answered, pushing himself upright.

“Glad you liked it,” Alex whispered, nuzzling the boy”s neck. “You were pretty good yourself.”

He gently turned the boy to face him, their mouths meeting in a post-fuck kiss.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

On Saturday morning, Alex arrived at school at quarter past nine. He headed straight to the pavilion. His team was there, all ready to go. Sitting on the other side of the changing room were the under-12s, who also had a home game.

They included three boys from his form, including Barnes, who looked even more stunning in his football kit than he did in his school uniform. Looking along the line, he noted two other boys whom he found equally appealing, the goalkeeper and the lad sitting next to him.

Feeling himself becoming aroused, he made his way to the adjacent changing room. His team”s opponents were almost ready. Spotting their games master, he strode across.

“Good morning,” he said, extending a hand. “I”m Alex Faulkner. It”s my team your boys will be playing.”

“Roger Bailey,” the other man said, accepting the handshake, “pleased to meet you. Will you be refereeing?”

“No,” Alex told him. “Actually, it”s not something I”ve ever done. I grew up playing rugby, but we don”t do that here. Neil Fleming, my head of department, referees my home games. He”s very experienced. And I”ve got two sixth formers to run the lines.”

“Oh, I know Neil,” Jim said. “That”ll be fine.”

Alex made his way out onto the corridor. John Laidlaw, who was in charge of the under-12 team, had just arrived.

“Your boys are here,” Alex said, “but there”s no sign of your opposition.”

“Oh, we”re playing Lakefield Grammar today,” John responded. “That”s nearly twenty miles from here. We”re not due to start till ten.”

That could be interesting, Alex speculated. As the under-12s only played thirty minutes each way, the two games would finish at almost the same time. He might get to see the younger boys coming to and from the showers. That would be something to look forward to. And they would definitely need showers. Although the weather was currently dry, it had been raining on and off for the past two days. The boys were bound to get muddy.

A few minutes later the two under-15 teams made their way out to their pitch and the match began. With Etheridge and Wilson at the heart of it, Woodchurch”s defence looked very solid, while with Archer pulling the strings, their attacking players were running riot. When the whistle blew for half time, they”d established a 3-0 lead.

As the boys left the field, Alex looked across at the under-12s on the adjacent pitch. The Woodchurch boys seemed to be running around like headless chickens. They clearly had no idea how to work as a team.

He found that odd. He”d begun playing rugby at the age of eight, and the importance of teamwork had been drilled into him right from the start. But for footballers, teamwork, it seemed, was regarded as an optional extra.

“Well done, lads,” he said quietly, as his team gathered round him. “We”re well on top, so just keep doing what you”re doing.”

The second half was simply a continuation of the first. By the time the final whistle sounded, the score had reached 5-0. They made their way back to the izmit yabancı escort changing room. The boys sat on the benches, looking expectantly at Alex.

“That was a magnificent performance,” he told them, “definitely our best yet. I”m proud of every one of you. But we mustn”t get carried away. There will be sterner tests to come. And remember, we”ve done well because you”ve worked very hard. And if we keep working hard, we can get even better. Okay, get yourselves into the showers.”

As the boys began to strip off, the under-12s appeared. They”d won too. Alex watched with interest as they began to take off their kit. Barnes was one of the first to get naked. Alex smiled. The lad”s boy-parts were tiny, just as Whitney had told him they were. He was clearly some way from reaching puberty. But he had a delightful little bottom. If he was interested, he”d be a wonderful fuck. Unfortunately, he wasn”t, and that was the end of the matter.

As Barnes headed to the showers, Alex turned his attention the two beauties that he”d noted before the match. The goalie was tall, though not as tall as Whitney, and slim, with straight flaxen hair, blue eyes and beautiful long legs. But his main focus was the boy”s flaccid, uncut cock, which, though quite slim was almost three inches long. His friend, with brown eyes, a mop of chestnut brown curls and a delightfully cheeky smile, was a little shorter and more muscular, with strong, powerful looking thighs and a somewhat smaller cock.

Alex became hard in an instant. These boys were as close to his idea of perfection as he was ever likely to see. He”d have happily fucked either of them. But it was not to be. Next year would be a different matter. Then it would be his turn to coach the under-12s. That would provide him with boys he could seduce, and opportunities for him to so. Until then, he would have to wait.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Back home in his flat, Alex dialled Gordon”s number. He was very excited.

“Good to hear from you again,” Gordon told him. “So do I take it you”ve made some progress?”

“The ultimate,” Alex said proudly. “It was almost too easy. As soon as I saw his bottom I knew he was being fucked. And he obviously wanted it. It seems that he”s quite an experienced performer. He told me he”s been taking it for the past year.

“Excellent,” Gordon cooed. “So he let you go all the way?”

“Oh yes,” Alex confirmed. “He loves it. I made him cum while I was fucking him. It was wonderful. He said my cock”s a bit thicker than the one he”s been used to, so he was beautifully tight. And best of all, we met in the pavilion on Friday so we could it again.”

“Do you know who else has been fucking him?”

“Not exactly,” Alex conceded. “He told me the person concerned is twenty-six, and that”s the only person he”s been with apart from me. I”d guess it”s probably an uncle or a cousin, or maybe a close friend of the family. I didn”t want to ask too many questions.”

“Very wise, but he obviously likes it. Actually, I”ve got some news for you. Martin Ford, one of my choirmaster friends, was here this afternoon. He brought one of his charges with him, a pretty little thing. He sat on my lap while Martin got to work on one of my boys. Very enjoyable it was too.”

Alex smiled. He knew all about sitting on Gordon”s lap. As a boy, it was a position he”d occupied numerous times. And he was familiar with the type of encounter that Gordon had just described. Back in his prep school days he”d been involved in several of them.

“I assume that the boys entertained you beforehand?” he quipped.

“I”d like to think that they entertained each other,” Gordon countered. “They certainly seemed to enjoy it.”

Alex”s face broke into a broad grin. During his time at the cathedral school, he”d always enjoyed having sex with the boys that Gordon”s friends had introduced him to. During his final year, he”d fucked several of them.

“Are you still Mr Smith?” he asked.

“Of course,” Gordon confirmed. “And as far as my boys are concerned, Martin is Mr Brown. But getting back to this boy of yours, will I get the opportunity to meet him? I”ll provide someone for you, of course.”

“I hope so, eventually,” Alex said cautiously. “I”m going to invite him to come here, maybe next weekend. It”ll give me the opportunity to get to know him a bit better, find out what his fantasies are, that sort of thing. And I need to try him in some different positions. Anyway, once he”s comfortable with coming here, I”ll broach the subject. I don”t want to rush things. I think we need to give it a few weeks at least, so it”ll be mid-November at the earliest.”

“That sounds about right,” Gordon said indulgently. “There”s no hurry. Please keep me informed.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Jack listened in silence as Michael recounted the events of the previous few days. He was horrified. All his fears had been realised. Worst of all, Michael had obviously enjoyed every second of it.

“He shot loads of spunk,” Michael, said, concluding his story. “When he pulled his cock out, the stuff was running down my legs. He spread it all over my legs and bum.”

“I think that”s gross.” Jack said sharply. “He should have cleaned you up with a towel or toilet paper. That”s what I”d have done. And I hope you”re not expecting me to lick your bum. I think that”s gross too. Anyway, where does all of this leave me?”

“Oh, I”ll still come here,” Michael said nonchalantly. “You can fuck me whenever you want.” He paused for a moment. “You”re angry with me, aren”t you?”

“I”m not angry,” Jack said quietly, “just a little disappointed. I thought you might find an older boy to have sex with. That would have been fine. I wasn”t expecting you to be having sex with one of your teachers.”

“You don”t think it”s wrong, do you?” Michael asked.

“Most people would say it was,” Jack responded. “But most people would think that it was wrong for me to have sex with you, so that”s neither here nor there. But he”s taking a big risk. The balloon would go up if he got caught. So be careful. I don”t want you getting hurt. You”re too special.”

“I will, I promise,” Michael answered, snuggling up to him.

“We”re family, you and me,” Jack said, wrapping his arm around Michael”s shoulder. “I”ll look after you no matter what, for as long as you need me to. I don”t think Mr Faulkner will do that. He may well only teach at your school for a few years before he”s off somewhere else.”

Michael grimaced. Deep down, he knew that what Jack had told him made sense. But he didn”t want to think about it. He liked having sex with Mr Faulkner. He wasn”t going to stop.

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