The Inn Club Ch. 02: Becca

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My name is Easton, and a short time ago I discovered a hidden world inside the Cheslea Inn hotel chain. I found out a private, non-exclusive sex club exists that meets just after the bar closes each night. One night a beautiful woman picked me up for anonymous sex and introduced me to what was known as The Inn Club. If you have not read ‘The Inn Club Ch. 01: Alison’, the first page or so will provide good background.


It was late December between the holidays. Actually a time of low air traffic. Still, winter had caused some wicked delays and I found myself stranded at a major airport. With luck this was one with a full up Cheslea Inn located in the middle of all the terminals. My flight had been canceled pretty early and the next chance out was at eleven the next morning. I spent the day watching movies, then headed to the lounge around ten pm feeling rested and hopeful, but not many people were around.

Around ten thirty a woman in flight attendant attire strolled in with ‘airline issue’ bags in tow. Sitting at the bar she ordered and played on her phone. By eleven she was on her second drink, and to my surprise we were the only two left after closing. As I was about to stand up she stood and turned toward me. Her eyes widened and she smiled, “I didn’t see you there! So good to see you!”

“Wow, good to see you too!” I didn’t know what else to say and thought she must have me confused with someone else, but she walked over to me and gave me a big hug and a two cheek euro kiss as a greeting.

“Just let me get my drink and we can catch up,” she said.

I nodded dumbly and sat down. The flight attendant, with a pretty face and nice perky breasts (she had pushed them into my chest just moments ago), soon sat down right next to me and slid her arm through mine. She whispered in my ear, “Do you play?”

I nodded, and passed her my card. It read:


Player, The Inn Club


While the back read simply. ‘solo, hetero’

She said nothing after reading my card, but quickly answered by slipping me hers.


Player, The Inn Club


The back of hers also read ‘solo, hetero’

I picked up my phone and waited for her to text me.

Becca: ‘I’m beat, have time tomorrow am?’

Me: ‘sure do’

Becca: ‘meet in gym by 6am, depart 6:30, come to 525 @ 6:45, bring change of clothes. and play along. :)’

Me: ‘good night’

She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, and placed a key card in my hands before leaving. “So good to see you again Alex, good night.”

I waved her goodbye then went up to get some sleep.


At a quarter to six I got up, shaved, put on gym clothes and packed my Adana Escort backpack with a change of clothes.

I went down to gym, arriving just before six. Not surprisingly, there was no one there. I went in and selected some free weights to start. I was doing lat pulls when the door opened and my date arrived. She was wearing skin tight pale blue tights and a white sports bra that displayed a nice amount of cleavage. Her nipples were poking out and I’ll be damned if she wasn’t sporting a pronounced camel toe. It was unreal. Her loose hair from last night was now in a single braid. I switched to the other arm as she walked over to me. “Good morning hun, didn’t hear you leave this morning.” She walked up behind me and slid her hand into my shorts. I don’t wear underwear under running shorts so she found my cock straight away and gave it a quick squeeze.

“Good morning to you to babe. I didn’t want to wake you but you must have been right behind me.”

“I’m just going to hit the elliptical for a bit then grab a shower. Join me?”

“You bet,” I said as I finished a set.

For the next twenty minutes I did my weight routine then took a breather and walked over to her. At that time another man entered the gym. “Hey babe, how are you doing?” I said, and then grabbed a handful of one butt cheek.

She turned on me quickly and batted my hand away while looking at the newcomer, “Not in public honey,” she said with a smile. I let her cheek go and give her a peck on the cheek before resuming my workout.

At six thirty she stepped off the machine and grabbed a towel. In full view of the other guy she walked over to me and held my hand to her chest. Of course, at that point her back was to the man. She gave me a kiss and said quietly, “Don’t be long, I think I’m ovulating.”

By the shocked look on the man’s face, she hadn’t been quiet enough, or maybe that was the point. It was perhaps ten seconds after she left that I grabbed my towel, gave the man a shrug and headed toward the door. He gave me a hearty thumbs up.

I went to my room, grabbed my backpack and left for room 525.

Entering her room I found the bathroom door shut and could hear the shower running. I stripped off my gym wear and went in. She heard the door and pulled back the curtain. “Alex be a dear and grab my comb and the conditioner, would you.”

“Sure,” I said, then picked up those items and climbed into the shower behind her. Nude she was spectacular. Thin and trim yet fleshy in all the right places.

“Trade places?” she said. We did the little dance of sliding past each other and she let me wash my hair. When I turned around to get some water on my back, she grinned and took my cock Adana Escort Bayan in her hands. Stiffening quickly, she made a show of washing my undercarriage quite thoroughly. Rather than turn around, I rinsed off while leaning backwards. Now fully hard she said, “Looks like you’re happy to see me.”

“You are very pretty Becca. Now, want me to detangle your hair?”

“Mmm, hmm,” She said, then surprised me by turning around.

“Not that you need a reminder, but I simply love having my hair stroked, and I love having it pulled. Having you comb it out is almost orgasmic.”

I took up her hair with both hands to be sure I gathered the whole lot together. With her pony tail in my hand I squeezed a bunch of conditioner on the ends and then massaged it into her hair and scalp. She reached back and gave my dick a squeeze. “Stop for a second and make sure you’re rinsed off, will you?”

I turned around, let the water wash me off again, and turned back to her. Reaching back she held my cock against her ass before leaning forward. As she did, I took up her hair and the comb and started combing at the ends. She groaned loudly. “Oh, damn that feels good. The tugging, the pulling, oh my!” I kept my grip on her as she bent forward and aimed my cock at her entrance. She pressed back into me, sheathing my cock in her nicely snug and very wet pussy before she stood up half way.

“Ready to give me that baby now honey?” she asked.

“Just you wait dear, I have a lot more hair to get through.”

She gave me feedback on my efforts by loudly groaning as I pulled the comb through her hair. After a few minutes she said, “Alex, I know you think you’re being nice by holding my hair and combing with the other, but that’s not the way I like it you know.”

If I were not let go of her hair then the force of pulling through tangles would now directly pull on her scalp. I should have known. “Sorry, it’s been a while,” I said, and moved my now free hand to her throat to gently but firmly hold her in place as I continued.

Pulling the comb slowly but steadily through the tangles, she squeezed my cock each time I tugged anew at her hair. She deliberately pushed her throat against my hand just enough to signal her enjoyment. She got steadily more vocal as I moved higher up her hair, and by the time I reached her scalp proper she was panting with desire. “Alex, fuck me.”

“But I’m not done yet, and you know how I like to finish a job.”

“Nggggh, well I don’t think I’m going to wait for you.” And with that she started to grind on my cock. I got progressively more forceful with my combing, seeking to find the point she might say it was too much. That point never came, and Escort Adana her grinding pace only sped up as I got more forceful with her hair. She was panting loudly and groaning as I finished.

“Oh Alex, you do that so well! Mmmm now, fuck me right!”

I dropped the comb and reached back to rinse off my hands. I let go of her neck and took up both breasts in my hands and started to pound her. “Oh, fuck that’s nice. Give me what I want Alex!”

“And what is that, Becca?”

“Come in my pussy and knock me up already!”

Squeezing her tits I pulled up on them to bring her up a little. This let me continue fucking her more soundly, but gave me a great grip on her tits. “Alex,” she moaned, “I’m going to come. Mmmm, join me?”

I shifted to power fucking her as hard and fast as I could and she groaned very pleasantly as she said breathlessly, “Mmm, I’m coming! Come in me Alex!”

As she tightened around my cock I had that exquisite sensation of reaching the edge and knowing I was going off. I swelled within her and then burst into her waiting pussy. “Ahh! Fill me up!” she ordered. Helpless to do otherwise, I banged into to her over and over as my cock pumped her womb as full as I could. She seemed to come the whole time I was, and when I was done fucking her I stayed inside her even as she stood and turned her head for a kiss.

“That was great honey, I hope this one did the trick,” she said.

I kissed her back, then she turned away from me. She must have sensed I was going to withdraw because before I could she reached back and pulled me back fully inside. “Stay a bit, just to be sure.”

Of course this meant I had to play a little, and she did not complain as I fucked her slowly until my cock slipped out. We rinsed off, toweled off, and then I got out of the shower. She followed, dropping the towel and giving me another look at her body. “You are really very beautiful Becca.”

“It’s just the body.”

I shook my head, “No, it’s not.” I combed my hair and put on some deodorant before leaving. I left the bathroom and slowly started to get dressed. She grinned as she left the bathroom and saw me standing there. She pulled on a pair of lace panties and then picked up a bra. I moved quickly to her and gave her tits a quick squeeze and her nipples a kiss.

“A boob man I see.”

I bowed, then buttoned my shirt. “Your tits are really the bomb.”

“The bomb?” she said mockingly.

“Made me go off.”

She groaned. “And on that note, it was great to spend the morning with you Alex.”

I kissed her on the cheek and squeezed her tits over her bra, “You too Becca, you too.”

I went back to my room and killed time reliving pleasant memories before heading to the airport terminal in time to make it through security. On my short flight there was a single flight attendant with gloriously luxurious hair, recently conditioned and combed out by yours truly. We exchanged a knowing smile, and I didn’t try to read her name tag.

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