The Interview

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He knew it was a mistake to check out the movie channels after the fifth one he flipped through had the unmistakable name of a soft-core skin flick that Skinamax often showed early in the morning. It was cable, and pay, but it still seemed odd to Sam that they would show them at 8 and 9 o’clock in the morning. What if a child were to see it while searching for a Barney movie or something. He knew he should have stayed with the morning news but it was too late.

Apparently, “Illicit Desires 2” had something to do with a cute little blond who enjoyed the hand-held shower wand in her tub. The scene Sam stumbled upon was that of her, in her bubble bath, with the wand between her legs. She was clearly having a good time as her back arched above the water line. She rubbed her cute, and almost perfect tits as she did this. It didn’t take long as she was splashing water and moaning in the stereotypical female masturbation scenes these shows have. They’re not actually doing it, they’re just “acting”. None the less, it was quite entertaining and Sam put down the remote.

Pouring another cup of coffee and lighting a Marlboro, he lay back in the couch and put his hand between his legs. After only watching for a few moments, he was already starting to grow; touching himself through the underwear only brought it on quicker. Sam had seen many of these movies and they always had a variety of girls and guys in various situations which were simply excuses to have sex. They were blonds and brunettes and an occasional redhead; they had big tits and small tits and everything in between. Some were hot, others gorgeous, some were even average, but this little blond in the bathtub was somewhat unique: she was cute. Everything about here was cute from her nose to her hairstyle to her butt (Sam loves butts). He felt compelled to watch even though his morning was going to be busy and he didn’t have much time.

The cute little blond, in the next scene, was getting to know her roommates boyfriend. He said his girlfriend “understands” so they proceeded to get it on. They followed the same script: he played with her tits, he gave her oral, she gave him oral, then they fucked. She did her best to act out a convincing orgasm scene and they faded out.

The final scene had the cute little blond confess her doings to her roommate. This resulted in the inevitable threesome. To Sam, the best scene was that of the guy doing the blond doggie-style on the sofa while she gave her roommate oral sex. It was quite a stimulating scene, particularly for so early in the morning. Sam was now both rock hard and wet. Pre-cum stained his underwear as he debated whether or not to masturbate to orgasm. He tended to touch himself too often and decided to stop and take a shower. Too much touching desensitizes and he didn’t want to disappoint the many ladies he had scheduled for the weekend.

He dressed for the interview like a good accountant should. His grey suit and white shirt accented quite modestly with burgundy shoes, belt and tie. A silver watch was complimented by a stainless steel pen and a simple portfolio with legal pad for notes, resume and references. Sam had done this many times and was quite confident he would at least do well with the interview. He did not expect to get a job from this interview but he thought it was a good exercise to go through to keep him sharp. As well his recruiter had a cute little foreign accent and sounded really nice on the phone. She sounded Asian but he could not place the accent. He hoped maybe she was cute and he might get some action.

Sam arrived at the Global Consulting firm twelve minutes early. He finished his cigarette and replaced it with a piece of gum. He hoped this would kill the smell of smoke a little and he could just swallow it at the last second. It was the same plan as all of his previous interviews.

He found suite B8, swallowed and introduced himself to the receptionist at the front desk. “I’m here to see Tammi Hernandez; my name is Stephen MacPherson”. “If you’d like to have a seat, I’ll get her for you” was the reply of the cute little Filipina. He checked her out briefly, hoping not to get caught, as she walked down the hall. She had a nice little ass that he thought would be really nice to get a piece of. Not likely.

She returned with a gorgeous little girl: just over 5 feet tall, maybe 25 or so, with lovely tits and a great ass. She wore a smart, professional outfit that showed off her body well. The skirt was just long enough to be professional, yet short enough to show some leg; and it was tight enough that Sam could make out the fact she was wearing a thong. He would have paid quite a bit to know what color they were and more to see them. He couldn’t help but look at her as a wolf sees a sheep as she introduced herself as Tammi.

He recognized the voice as he shook her hand gently; holding it for just a bit longer than he would a man; giving her a quick once-over as he did. Sam knew he was being a güvenilir bahis bit too obvious but he didn’t care. He knew that this cute little girl was never going to find him the right job and that was okay. He still had some cash left and could afford to be a bit reckless on this interview. His only thought as he followed her down the hall was her hot little body and how he was going to get it.


It was a typical recruitment interview as Sam had to complete a stack of forms that basically mimicked his resume. He rushed through it and simply put “see Resume” for many of the answers. He was tired of these forms but they all did it before they’d even talk to you. What a load of crap; they just want me in their database so they can advertise how many resources they had. Oh well, such is life.

He finished in ten or fifteen minutes and waited for his sexy little recruiter to come back. He couldn’t help but pass the time by thinking about what she looked like naked. What color was her thong? Did she have a boyfriend who gave her a good fucking or was she forced to please herself like the girl in the movie? What would she taste like when he ate her out? What would she smell like? Is she a moaner or is she quiet? What would she do and say when he brought her to orgasm. The quiet daydreaming was having an adverse affect: he was starting to get hard.

He didn’t notice this until she knocked on the door and entered. Sam instinctively stood up to greet her, at which point his rock hard cock shifted positions and created an obvious tent in his suit pants. And Tammi noticed this.

She didn’t stare long, but she was definitely staring. She seemed flustered and distracted as she finally looked Sam in the eye, forgot what she saw, and asked if he had any questions on the forms. Sam immediately decided he was going to see if he could get any play from this hot little sex kitten. Her reaction gave him the impression, and he made the assumption that this little girl definitely had not received a good fuck in some time. He was going to change this.

“It wasn’t hard,” he said. “I’ve done it many times and know what I’m doing. Some of the fields were tight so I had to squeeze my response in there. But I think I know what you need and gave it all to you.” He hoped that his somewhat overt dropping of sexual terms into the conversation would get her subconscious thinking in that direction.

The interview was no different than any other, with the exception of Sam’s deliberate use of sexually suggestive terms. He used “hard” and “tight” and struggled to think of an excuse to use “wet” in an interview discussion about accounting. But he creatively used “in and out, in and out” a few times to describe month end accrual entries. The words were professional, but the tone might not have been. It seemed she was responding to his suggestions but it was always hard to tell.

“Do you mind if I use the bathroom real quick?” He said as he handed her the forms. “Um, yeah, sure, it’s down the hall on the right” Tammi replied in her cute little Filipino accent as she stood up and pointed down the hall. He made a point to squeeze by her, placing his hands on her shoulders as he brushed by her behind her, his cock ever so gently touching her tight little ass. She shuttered slightly as he left the room and went down the hall. He noticed out of the corner of his eye that she was checking him out.

Sam straightened himself out in the bathroom, took a piss, and washed his hands. He took his time because he wanted her to know that he, not her, was in charge. He returned to the interview room quietly and noticed that Tammi was now sitting in the other chair. She seemed to be reviewing the forms but wasn’t flipping the pages; she was stuck on the standard disclaimer form. He then noticed in the reflection in the window that this professional looking little Filipina had her right hand in her lap. It was positioned in such a way that she was able to place her middle finger in her crotch. Was she touching herself?

He quietly snuck back into the room and headed towards his chair. He tried, but couldn’t see what her hand was doing. But her reaction gave him an idea. She almost jumped out of her chair as she realized he was back. She was definitely acting guilty of something. Trying to recover she randomly flipped to some back page; she shifted in her chair; she looked around the room and tried to avoid eye contact. Finally, she looked Sam in the eye with an animal lust. It was then that Sam realized he definitely detected the faint smell of her sex. The slight, but distinctly pungent odor had its effect and he started to get hard again.

Standing up, legs slightly wobbly, eyes slightly glazed, she asked “If you’ll follow me, I’ll bring you downstairs to our other office. It is still under construction so there aren’t any people there yet. But I’d like you to demonstrate your skills on our system down there.” She was looking again türkçe bahis at the bulge in his pants as she walked out the door.

Sam followed her closely to the elevator. She pushed the down button as she avoided looking at him. The door opened and Sam and Tammi entered the elevator. There were a few others in it so they went to the back and faced the front. Sam positioned himself so Tammi was to his right; he held his folio in his left hand and left his right hand free. He used the premise of not bumping into her to place his right hand on the small of her back. She responded by moving her long black hair from her left to her right. The sight of her neck was intoxicating and he slowly moved his hand lower on her hot little body.

“So, are you from around here?” he asked and she turned slightly to look him in the eye. She was still trying to act professionally as she began to reply. He was counting on this fact as he slowly and carefully placed his hand on her ass. She didn’t miss a beat as her eyes widened. She continued talking as she deliberately backed into his hand; clearly giving Sam the green light to explore her more.

As the elevator stopped on the next floor down, the elevator almost filled up as it seemed the lunch rush was on. The elevator was packed like a can of sardines as she repositioned herself in front of him. She was losing herself as she pushed her ass backwards into Sam’s rock hard cock. She was desperately trying to dry-hump him right there in the elevator. Nobody was the wiser as standard elevator etiquette didn’t allow people to look down while in an elevator. Everybody just stared at the lights, waiting to get off.

Sam took advantage of this as he reached around and felt her body. First he simply pulled her back, encouraging her to grind more. Then he got a little more bold as he slid his hand down to where hers was earlier. He used his middle finger to rub her crotch and she tensed up. Her mind had no idea what was happening, but Sam and her body did. He removed his hand and became professional again as the door opened and Tammi said, “This is us”.

The crowd parted and he followed her out and into the empty office. She did not turn around and walked deliberately to a room in the corner with a few computers. It seems she was going to go cold and forget about what had just happened. She was in denial, or maybe she simply didn’t know what to do next. But Sam did.

She walked to one of the computers and bent over slightly to reach the mouse. The view of her hot ass bent over in that tight skirt was a thing to behold. Sam followed her into the computer room and quietly closed the door behind him. As it had computers, it had a push-button lock that Sam made sure to use. He then walked up behind her and looked over her shoulder at what she was doing.

“This is just a little accounting test that we use to measure the skill-sets of our contractors. It shouldn’t be a big deal for you to do well on it and it shouldn’t take you too long.” She said, trying to get back into the role of a professional. She continued to talk about something as Sam put his hands on her hips. He slowly rubbed up and down her legs, ruffling her skirt in the process. She kept talking as he continued to make his advances. He very slowly started to pull her skirt all the way up; little by little; her trying to give her normal test-taking instruction speech at the same time.

Sam was now looking down at this beautiful little Filipina with her skirt hiked up to her waist; her ass in plain view as her little pink thong separated her beautiful cheeks. He put his hand on her lower ass and put his middle finger in between her legs. He could feel her… sopping wet… the smell of her sex now thoroughly obvious to anybody with a nose. He ran his finger up the crack of her ass and she started to moan.

With this encouragement he got down on his knees; her beautiful ass staring him in the face. He inhaled loudly; smelling her sex. She stopped talking as he slowly began kissing and licking her butt. A gentle bite now and again caused her to gasp. He continued licking and kissing as he began to focus in on his target. After a few minutes, he decided to go for it.

He grabbed the sides of her thong and pulled it to the floor. She stepped out of it and re-positioned herself so she could more comfortably bend over the computer desk. She had given in to him and he was going to get what he wanted. In fact, she was going to get what she wanted too. He took the pink thong and stuffed it into his pocket. He would use it as inspiration next time he jacked off… no movie can replace the smell of a woman’s sex.

He then, rather forcefully, spread her ass cheeks widely and placed his tongue on her asshole. It was clear she had never had this done to her before because she instinctively resisted the intrusion. But he had a firm grasp and continued to attack her hole. He licked and slobbered loudly as he tried to push his tongue inside güvenilir bahis siteleri of her. She feigned resistance as she whispered “no, don’t” but he was going to have this. He then took his hand and reached under her; looking for the source of the wetness. He found the entrance to her sex and gently pushed his finger in, ever so slightly. Her body tensed as he pulled it out and continued to attack her ass. Returning, he slid his finger just a little more and wiggled it around. Repeatedly teasing her pussy and licking her ass, Sam continued to satisfy his hunger for this hot little vixen.

After almost 20 minutes of this, Tammi’s body was screaming to get fucked. She was soaking wet. Her breathing was heavy; panting like an animal in heat. Moaning, she writhed on the table; completely giving herself to this complete stranger. When the sensations stopped, she said “Oh, no! Please don’t stop. Please?” Then, when she heard the distinct sound of Sam pulling down his zipper, she knew what was going to happen. “Oh, god, yes. Please? Please??” she almost begged.

Sam needed no more encouragement as he dropped his pants. He pulled out his cock and positioned himself behind her. She had such a beautiful ass and looked like a goddess bent over the table; waiting, begging to be fucked. So he bent his cock forward, pushing it between her legs, towards her sex. It took a few seconds to find the entrance and when he did, he stopped. She gasped as she felt him at her entrance. She tried to push back so he would be inside her but she had no leverage bent over the desk. He pushed in ever so slightly, just so the head of his cock was inside her sex. In and out with only a few centimeters of cock he fucked her. He thought she was going to cry as he teased her. He couldn’t make out the words but she was almost whimpering for him. She desperately needed him and couldn’t take it any longer.

Neither could he as he stopped teasing. He very slowly proceeded to slide into her the entire length of his cock. She held her breath and didn’t move an inch as she felt him inside her. It felt like forever as he slid in until his pelvis was flat up against her ass and he could go in no further. He held it there as she began to moan, “Oh, yes. Oh yeah. Yeah. Please. You’re inside me. I feel you inside me. Oh, my god you feel so good. Oh, yes, please. Oh my god, please.” Her cute little Filipina accent now driving Sam crazy.

Then, as slowly as he put it in, he pulled it out, almost all the way as she protested again. Just to slide it all the way in again. Sam slowly fucked this hot little sex kitten with long, deliberate strokes. He increased speed until they were both furiously fucking each other on the same rhythm. The sound of flesh slapping, Sam grunting, and Tammi moaning filled the sound of the room.

The risky situation and the fact that Tammi hadn’t received a good fuck in a long time quickly brought both of them towards climax. The excitement of fucking a complete stranger in a public office building was just too much for either of them to handle. The panting grew louder and the slapping flesh grew pronounced as the pace quickened.

Tammi was almost screaming, “Oh, yes, please don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah. Yes, just like that. Oh my god, I’m gonna cum. Please don’t stop, I’m going to cum. Oh, yes, please make me cum. Oh, my god, I’m going to cum. Oh, oh, oh, oh,oh, yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh my god I’m cumming. Oh, god, yes I’m cumming, Oh, god!”

The fact she was cumming pushed Sam over the edge. There was nothing Sam enjoyed more, or turned him on more, than the sight and sound of a woman having an orgasm. Particularly if he was helping make it happen. He was going to blow.

“Oh, yeah baby, I’m gonna cum too! Oh, baby, cum with me! Oh, baby, I’m going to cum. I’m cumming baby. Cum with me! Oh, god yes!!!”

He slammed into her one last time; all the way; as deep as he could go. He buried his throbbing cock into her and held it there as he came. He pumped his seed deep into her which caused her to cum again. Her initial orgasm caused her to writhe on the table and knock the mouse onto the floor. The sound of it hitting the floor briefly shocked her orgasm but then the feel of Sam cumming ignited another. Tammi’s body went rigid as she rode the waves of pleasure. She almost passed out…


After a few minutes of simply breathing Sam pulled out, causing both of them to wince. He put his now relaxing member back into his pants, zipped up and tidied himself up. Tammi slowly got off the table and struggled to stand on her now rubbery legs. She backed up clumsily, trying to regain balance, and Sam grabbed her from behind. He held her in his arms tightly as he kissed her beautiful neck. He held her for a few moments and said, “Wow baby, you were wonderful. You were so amazing! I think its time I left, but you have my number. Give me a call sometime. You might want me to take another test.”

“Yeah, okay, we’ll have to see if anything opens up.” Tammi said. As she turned around, Sam was walking towards the elevator. She just stood there then bent down to pick up the mouse so there would be no signs of what had happened.

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