The Island of Wonder Pt. 08

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Author’s Note:

Part 8 of the story, surrounding a birthday party at a familiar location. As always, all sexual activity is confined to persons 18 or older. Please enjoy, more to follow!

One Month Later

By happenstance, one month after my first day of work for the family business also happened to be my birthday. I normally didn’t make a big deal of my birthday, but all that went out the window with Lila and my in-laws. This was my first birthday with Lila, and I really didn’t know what to expect for it. Even when my mother was alive, we never did big things for our birthdays.

It happened to be the weekend, so I woke up a bit later than normal. I looked around the room and found things to be normal so far. I looked over my shoulder and found Lila curled up in the middle of the bed, spooning Sara. Sara liked sleeping with us and typically did a few nights of the week. I laid back down so as not to wake either of them. As normal, I was unsuccessful.

“Happy Birthday, baby,” Lila said softly, leaning over to give me a deep kiss. This got Sara up.

“Happy Birthday, big brother,” she said in the baby doll voice she liked to tease me with.

“Thank you,” was all I could say as I began to get up. Lila put her hand on me and shook her head.

“Uh uh,” she said, “you stay in the bed. We’ve got surprises in store for you.”

With that both women practically leaped out of the bed and left the bedroom, leaving me just lying there, alone with my thoughts. A few minutes passed before Lila and Sara returned with Layla carrying a tray of breakfast.

“Breakfast in bed for the birthday boy!” she declared.

“Oh, thank you, Layla,” I replied. “That’s very nice of you.”

“Of course,” she replied sweetly setting the tray down. “Enjoy!” giving me a big kiss as she left the room. Instead of my normal bacon and eggs, she’d made me French Toast with Irish coffee and home fries.

“You’ll need the carbs for today,” Lila said.

“Why?” I asked, having not been told anything about what their plans were for me.

“You’ll see,” Lila and Sara said simultaneously with smiles. I started to grab the knife and fork when Kyra suddenly emerged.

“Good morning, sir,” she told me in her traditional cheery tone. She then saw me with the knife and fork and quickly came to my side. “No, no, sir. Today you get pampered.”

“Aren’t I already pretty pampered?” I said sitting in my luxurious bedroom with my own maid.

“Not for today, sir,” she said as she took the knife and fork from me and started cutting up my food. She was feeding me. I didn’t know if I was supposed to feel like a king or a toddler.

“Time for your next surprise,” Lila said, grabbing something from the closet. She returned with a collar looking very similar to Kyra and Sonia’s. My confusion must’ve been apparent as Lila moved to explain getting behind Sara. She then fastened the collar to her. “Sara’s gift is that she’s gonna be your sex slave for the day.”

I wasn’t crazy about the word ‘slave’, but Sara decided to continue.

“Yep, anything you want, anytime you want it, all day!”

“How is that different from every other day?” I asked knowing that in house of fully of horny females, she was at the top of the heap when it came to sexual energy. All the girls laughed.

“Because…” she said rolling her eyes a bit, “today I’m all yours. I won’t fuck anyone you don’t tell me to or do anything without your permission.” My evil brain went to work.

“I dunno, babe,” I said talking to Lila, “it could be fun to just deny her all day and watch her squirm.” A look of concern came across Sara’s face and a smile came across Lila’s.

“It would be funny to watch her frustrated all day while the rest of us all have fun,” she replied, clearly curious to see what Sara’s reaction would be.

“If that’s what you decide,” Sara replied with hesitance, “I will abide.”

Lila looked a bit shocked and I’m certain that I did as well. Lila and I both looked at each other and subconsciously agreed not to do it, but I’d still have some fun with it.

“Well,” I said in an exaggerated way, “maybe a blowjob while I eat will help me decide.” A big grin came across Sara’s face as she went to work while Kyra continued to feed me.

It was a good start to the day.

After the feeding and blowjob, I took a shower with Lila, Kyra, and Sara all cleaning me and each other. Lila asked her sister to clean certain parts of me with her tongue, which Sara seemed to do gladly. Once we were all cleaned up we went downstairs where the rest of the family was finishing up breakfast for themselves. Everyone greeted me and wished me a Happy Birthday.

“So, have you told him about our birthday plans for him?” Michael asked Lila and Sara.

“Nope,” Lila said, snuggling up to me. “We figured we’d wait till everyone was together.”

“I really hope you guys are excited!” Michael said beaming.

“What’s going on?” I asked still confused.


“Dude! We’re all going 1xbet yeni giriş to Heaven!!” Manny blurted out, unable to contain himself.

“YES!” Angela said in excitement.

“I can’t wait, Daddy!” Sara said adoringly.

“Now we can finally go together!” Lila said kissing my cheek.

“What do you think?” Michael asked, now addressing me.

“That’s really nice of all you, thank you!” I said, maybe slightly more muted than the rest. Really, I was just watching everyone else’s excitement at this point.

“Only the best for our son!” Noni said coming up and kissing my cheek.

“I’m so stoked!” Manny said eagerly, practically jumping up and down.

“Just remember not to get completely trashed tonight,” Lila upbraided her brother, remembering the state he was in after the bachelor party.

“Whatever,” Manny said dismissively.

“Before we go there,” Michael said, “we got a London Broil for all of us, and we’ll make some home fries as well!”

It was well known that this was my favorite and I was already salivating. It was left up to me what to do with the rest of the day and I suggested a relaxing time by the pool, to which everyone readily agreed. Sonia and Kyra soon had towels and lounge chairs perfectly arranged out there while Layla was getting everyone refreshing beverages.

I was on the large lounger, Lila and Sara snuggled up to either side of me. More and more, Sara had become a regular fixture around me and Lila. I knew that Lila was closer to her then her other siblings, but it seemed like she always wanted to be around us. It didn’t bother me, and I know for a fact it didn’t bother Lila, loving having her around.

“Just you and your women,” Lila said teasingly to me.

“What a tough life you have…” Sara replied in the same tone.

“At least the scenery is nice,” I replied to both teasingly.

We spent the day just lounging by the pool, horsing around, the occasional blowjob and fuck session occurring as usual. During lunch, Lila was fucking her brother while Michael took Noni up the ass, Sonia joining in with a strap on. Sara was fucking me while somehow also eating out Angela. How we got any food in us, I’ll never know.

We got cleaned up and got ready for the club after dinner. After the ‘issues’ we had eating lunch, I wondered how we would ever get a bite down if we’d ate at the club. Once we all had a thorough cleaning, the car arrived to take us all to Heaven. Angela and Manny couldn’t contain their excitement, neither could Kyra, who I insisted join us along with Sonia. Layla begged off, saying that she had other plans for the night.

There was ice cold Christal waiting for us in the limo, Michael and Noni clearly sparing no expense for the evening. Everyone was laughing and toasting my birthday, me getting red from the constant attention. Lila saw that I was getting a little uncomfortable with it all.

“It’ll be ok, babe,” she said knowingly, grasping at my hand. Sara then took my other hand, giving me consolation as well. I looked at her and she just smiled.

We arrived at the club and the same doorman from before greeted all of us. Andre was also inside waiting for us.

“Mister and Missus Archer!” he said in greeting us. “It’s so wonderful to have you back!”

“Thank you, Andre,” Noni replied, getting a pussy slide and a kiss on the cheek from him. “It’s been too long.”

“Indeed, ma’am,” Andre said looking over the whole family. “And there’s the birthday boy himself! Welcome back, sir!”

“Thank you,” I replied shaking his hand.

“Everything should be ready for all of you in the VIP suite and your valet should be here right…”

“Now,” Monique said coming out and seeing the full family now. While she obviously knew that Michael was the wealthy one of the group, her eyes and movements went immediately to me. “There’s my favorite groom!” she declared as she gave my dick a stroke.

“Nice to see you again,” I said giving her the pussy slide.

“You too!” she said with genuine happiness in her voice. “I requested to be your valet again after all the fun we had the last time!”

Getting slightly embarrassed, I was about to introduce Lila, but Monique beat me to it.

“You must be his lucky bride,” Monique said greeting her with a slide. “You are a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife,” she said to me.

“I certainly think so,” I said with absolute pride.

“And I’m his personal fuck slave,” Sara interjected, not wanting to be left out. “Also his sister-in-law.”

“Oooh, very nice to meet you as well,” Monique said greeting her. “Well, shall we?” We all nodded, and Monique escorted us up, staying particularly close to me. We reached the suite we’d been at previously and saw the room was filled with even more women than last time, all of course drop dead gorgeous.

“Now you remember the rules,” Monique asked me, pointing to the chair that I’d occupied the last time I was there. I nodded and dutifully sat down in it. “As before, you’re in charge of everything and everyone 1xbet giriş in the suite.”

“Oooh, so much power,” Sara teased as I sat down.

“Good thing I don’t have an ego,” I retorted. “Monique?” She quickly came over and I whispered in her ear. She looked at me and nodded.

“If that’s what you want, BRING THE OTHER CHAIR!” Monica bellowed. Soon, two attendants had arrived with an identical chair to the one I was sitting in. “Lila, this one is for you.” Lila looked at me confused and Monique kept talking. “Your hubby decided that you should have the same chair power that he does.”

“Oh, babe…” Lila said, giving me a deep kiss, clearly appreciative of the gesture. She slid next to me in the chair, the rest of the family smiling as well, save Manny.

“Why does she get a chair?!” Manny whined. “Bro?!”

“He’s in charge,” Monique chided him, gently. “If the king wants his queen to have a throne, that’s exactly what happens.”

“Atta boy!” came from Michael smiling warmly.

“So, what’s your first command, your majesty?” Monique asked, dripping with sarcasm and lust all at the same time. I looked at the bar.

“Everyone gets a drink!” I proclaimed. The bartenders set to work and within a few minutes everyone had a fresh drink in hand.

“Happy Birthday, son,” Noni said, raising her glass in toast. Everyone else soon followed in their toasts to my birth, Lila taking the extra step of giving me a kiss. Sara followed right behind her sister in that.

“What’s next?” Manny asked, eager for action. I decided that appetizers should happen now, so that alcohol wouldn’t rule our lives later. Everyone ordered and ate up, one of the girls serving me not unlike Kyra had earlier. Once we were done eating, I turned to Lila, as to indicate it was her turn. She smiled and thought for a few moments.

“I say we all need some attention given to us. Monique, let’s get everyone some head!” Monique smiled at my ‘demure’ bride.

“As you wish,” she replied, turning toward the women. “Get to it, ladies!”

As soon as she said it, various women began taking all the family by the hand to a seat or couch of some kind. They then got between their legs and went to work. Monique crooked her finger at a statuesque Polynesian woman who came over.

“You take care of the king,” Monique recommended, “I’ll attend his queen.” The woman smiled and immediately got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Monique got in-between Lila’s legs and started licking away. Even with the music playing in the club and the VIP area, I could still hear pussies being licked, and cocks being sucked.

While the woman who was attending to me was quite good, the real show in my mind was the one next to me. Monique was feeding on Lila’s pussy like it was her last meal.

“Fuck!” Lila got out, wide-eyed at the valet’s technique, “you’re amazing!”

“Your husband could’ve told you that!” she retorted, during a brief break from her assault. From the side, I could see Angela’s orgasm hitting, her breasts jiggling at the sensation. Sara followed suit, her hands pulling the woman as hard into her snatch as possible. Manny was practically humping his girl’s face, but she seemed to be loving it, trying to pull more of his cock down her throat. Michael and Noni’s girls seemed to be going at a more leisurely pace, the two making out as they were being pleasured. Sonia was writhing like a mad woman and Kyra was in a 69 with her girl.

Lila was again in another orgasm, Monique lapping at my wife with furious energy. Her eyes looked crossed as she was seeming to transcend the earthly plain. Lila came back to Earth, and Monique disengaged, feeling that her job was now complete

“You…” Lila said, still trying to catch her breath, “are really, really good at that!”

“Practice makes perfect,” Monique replied with a wink. She looked over at me and saw that the girl between my legs was still working my cock, me not having popped yet. She smiled and came over. “Let me take it from here,” she told the girl who got up and left smiling. Within a nanosecond, Monique had my entire cock down her throat, humming away and locking eyes at me.

While she was doing this, Lila saw that Monique had moved on to me. Lila looked at me and smiled. She came over and kissed me deeply, pressing her tits into my chest.

“I love you so much, baby,” she told me quietly.

“I love you too,” I replied. By this time, I’d gotten used to either one of us telling each other that we love each other while engaged in sex with someone else. A week before, she’d told me while Kyra and Manny were giving her a DP and I was fucking Layla.

Lila then moved down to the floor and got behind Monique, thinking turnabout is fair play apparently. I could tell the moment Lila’s tongue touched Monique’s outer lips by the look in her eyes. They went large for a minute and then she smiled and kept sucking on me. By now, everyone else in our group had cum already and were all looking at us.

Sara decided that being a spectator wasn’t for 1xbet güvenilirmi her, so she came over to me, leaned over and gave me a deep kiss. It was full of immense passion. I’d kissed every female in the household and only Lila ever kissed me with this degree of passion. This was enough to send me over the edge and I started flooding Monique’s mouth with my cum.

Lila stopped eating Monique’s pussy and came up to share in a cummy kiss with Monique, their tongues swapping saliva and jizz happily. Sara went down to join them as well, all three women now kissing each other and letting their hands grope their bodies. The fest of the eyes before me was stirring my cock even though I’d just cum. All three then looked at me with grins on their faces.

“I think he liked the show,” Sara said teasingly.

“Hell, I loved your tongue,” Lila said. “You are fucking amazing,” she told Monique.

“You’re no slouch either,” Monique told my wife giving her a deep kiss before turning back to me. “You are one lucky man.”

“He knows,” Lila and Sara said simultaneously, giggling at each other after they said it. Lila then gave me a deep kiss while Sara came and hugged us both. Lila then sat down in her own chair again and Sara sat on my lap with Monique close as well.

“So, what now?” Monique asked me. Lila whispered into my ear, quietly enough so that Sara couldn’t hear. I nodded my head in agreement with her plan and whispered to Monique, again making sure that Sara couldn’t hear. Monique smiled wide and stood up.

“Bring the stock!” Monique yelled out, her assistants smiling and quickly moving to get something from the back. Soon they wheeled out a modern stockade, fur and leather lined into the center of the room.

“Oooh, oooh!” Manny said in his excitement, rubbing his hands together. “Are you going in there?” he asked Monique with a wink. I could see her roll her eyes.

“Not me,” she said, deflating all Manny’s hopes. She pointed her finger square at Sara and said two words. “Bring her!”

Lila and I looked up and saw that Sara was scared and confused as two women led her away toward the block. Before she even knew what was happening, Sara was strapped in and locked down in the stockade. Monique slapped Sara’s flawless ass and got everyone’s attention.

“Ok, everyone,” Monique told the room. “Sara here said that she was going to be a sex slave for the day, so now we we’re letting her do it!” Monique gave her ass another smack as she turned back to the crowd. “For exactly one hour, she’s available for anyone to use, however they want to use her. Have fun!”

Lila and Michael were giggling while Noni decided to be the first up. She went over and had her daughter start eating her out, presenting her ass to Sara so she could lick her clam shell. Sara dutifully stuck her tongue out and started eating her mother out.

Manny decided to take the initiative and got behind Sara, aiming his cock at her pussy, shoving in without a word said.

“This is awesome,” Manny said as he started pounding his older sister. “We should get one of these for the house!”

“You’d wind up in it more than anyone though,” Lila observed with the rest of the family seeming to agree. Manny just shrugged while getting one of the other girls to eat his asshole while fucking Sara.

Lila pushed out chairs closer together and started lightly stroking my cock. I reciprocated by lightly playing with her pussy. Michael came over to us and looked at the display three of his family members was putting on.

“I don’t know which of the three of them is enjoying this more,” he said almost chuckling.

“My guess is Manny,” I replied, “but Sara’s probably a close second.”

“Probably,” he said in agreement. “I think I’ll go next, if you guys don’t mind.” We both shook our heads no. Lila then put her father’s cock in her mouth, getting him hard and ready to bone his middle daughter. A few months ago, the sight of this would’ve been way too much for me, but by now, I was used to it.

Kyra decided I needed more attention, so she got on her knees in front of me and started sucking on my cock. Not trying to get me hard necessarily, just having a little fun.

I heard a loud shriek from the corner, causing all of us to turn. It seemed that Angela wanted a DP and two of the women got strap on’s to assist her with it. By this time, Manny had given Sara one orgasm and started panting hard, like he always did when he was about to cum.

“Don’t cum in her, Manny,” Michael said, still getting sucked off by Lila. “Leave some for the rest of us.”

“Fine,” he said rolling his eyes. “Mom, do you mind?”

“Not at all,” Noni replied, in-between moans. Manny put his dick in front of his mother’s mouth and gently pumped it a few time, allowing his mom to swallow his seed.

“Thanks, mom,” he told her.

“Always tasty,” she replied with a smile as Sara caused her to have an orgasm, her legs buckling slightly.

“Guess it’s my turn,” Michael said, removing his cock from my wife’s mouth. “Thanks, baby,”

“Anytime, daddy!” Lila replied giving him an air kiss. Michael then went over and gently kissed Sara’s posterior. He then lined up his cock and sunk it into his daughter. Now that Sara’s mouth was free, she could be heard moaning.

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