The Itch Pt. 01

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Chapter 1: Doctor’s Appointment

“It doesn’t sound like it’s fungal or infectious. It’s most likely just dry skin causing the irritation, but to be sure, I’ll get you to lie down on the exam table for me and I’ll take a quick look,” instructed Dr. Taylor. She gestured with her head toward the table as she rose from her seat and slid her ebony fingers snugly into a pair of surgical gloves. “Pants down to the knee Tim. Okay?”

“Um—sorry but I can’t really… can you help me Angela?, queried Tim. Peeping down at his belt buckle with diffidence, the young man muttered, “I, uh, actually need a bit of a hand at the moment… sorry.” Discomfort made it difficult for him to look in Angela’s direction, let alone directly at her eyes.

“Oh! Sorry… that’s fine. It clearly slipped my mind. No problem,” replied Angela in good cheer. “Just, um… lie down first. Yes. I think that’ll be easiest.”

Tim swivelled against the exam table on his backside and flung his legs upward, wincing in pan as the commotion rattled his injured elbow inside its sling.

“How are you managing with day-to-day tasks, by the way?” enquired Angela politely.

“Oh, you know. I need a lot of help around the house. It’s annoying.” Tim made himself comfortable against the pillow on the examination table while Angela’s fingers began to pry at his belt buckle.

“I can imagine! Well, you’ll at least have one arm back in just a couple of weeks. You will, however, need an additional week or two before we can remove the splint from your other hand, I’m afraid,” explained Angela.

Tim’s jeans had now descended past his briefs, permitting Angela to apprehend the sizeable bulge between his legs. As a doctor, Angela never really entertained a sense of expectation about the penis size of her patients, but in this particular scenario she did indeed experience genuine surprise.

“Could I get you to lift up again, for a moment?” asked Angela respectfully. She decided to avert her eyes from Tim’s genitals as she uncovered them; at least until his body had stopped fidgeting around. She didn’t particularly want to watch his private parts flailing about. Better to wait until her patient’s body comes to rest again, she thought. “Okay. I’ll just take a quick look,” Angela informed Tim. While his doctor peered down, Tim fidgeted upon the examination table again, causing his penis to roll lazily from thigh to thigh. The signs of irritation were evident, but what struck the young doctor as peculiar was the sheer magnitude of her patient’s appendage. Tim’s flaccid penis appeared to Angela’s eye notably disproportionate in both length and girth to his decidedly slim figure.

“It’s mainly across the base of the… well—underneath. And on my, uh—down lower too. It itches there,” instructed Tim clumsily. He grew cognizant of his rising heartbeat, feeling equal parts nervous and aroused; his penis moments away from being handled by an attractive doctor.

“Oh. Okay—well it, uh, looks to be a case of irritation caused by dry skin. The subsequent scratching is not helping your case either,” replied Angela while closely inspecting the base of her patient’s penis. Tim peeped down and espied the slender fingers of his attractive young doctor diligently inspecting his genitals. Angela had since taken to examining her patient with two hands. The sight and sensation began to coax Tim’s mind toward fantasy. He pictured Angela insisting that her gloves were ‘getting in the way’ of the examination and that she ‘must apologise’ for having to request her patient’s permission to ‘induce an erection’ so as to ‘better inspect the extent of the irritation.’

As Tim indulged in fantasy, his comely caregiver moved to inspecting his testicles with her free hand. Meanwhile, she softened her grip on Tim’s penis and felt it flop heavily over the back of her hand. The peculiar sensation was quickly expelled from her mind, and so she pressed on with the routine. She eased each teste left and right, closely scrutinizing the wrinkled surface. “Yes. It certainly seems to be dryness. I’ll prescribe you a cream that’ll settle down the inflammation and restore moisture.”

“Oh. Uh…” Sensing an unmistakable tremor in her grip, Angela retracted her hands from her patient and suppressed her astonishment as her patient’s penis writhed against his abdomen. She took a small step back and clutched her hands while it ascended jaggedly toward the ceiling.

“It’s okay! Don’t worry, it happens! You can pull your pants back up now,” Angela responded reassuringly. She wrenched her gaze away from Tim’s engorged penis and looked across her shoulder toward the other side of the room, offering her patient a moment of privacy. Tim fidgeted for a few moments until it occurred to Angela that her injured patient was not going to be able to pull his own pants up, and so she turned back around to assist.

“Here… sorry. Let me just—give you a hand. Don’t worry,” added Angela, offering escort resimleri a smile of acceptance. Tim was now blushing furiously. His doctor grabbed at both his briefs and pants and lifted them upward in unison, but as Tim’s lower half thudded against the table in desperation to retrieve his underwear, his erection rocked back and forth like a waving arm. Angela copped an eyeful of her the teetering penis.

As both patient and doctor should have anticipated, even with Tim’s briefs as high as they would go, the problem was far from solved. Half a penis now poked defiantly from the roof of Tim’s jeans, bracing itself across his navel.

“Just, uh—I’ve got it! It’s okay. I got it!” cried Tim in a panic. Angela dropped her arms to her sides, unsure of what to do with them, and elected to simply standby as Tim scooted to the side of the bench. The fumbling young man hopped up to a standing position and allowed his shirt to fall and conceal the pale intruder. Angela’s arms began to oscillate between her body and the patient’s waist. She was hesitant to offer further assistance. “Let me get your buckle for you. Okay? We can’t have your pants falling down as you leave,” Angela reasoned to Tim.

Angela rummaged hopelessly for her patient’s buckle under the veil of his shirt until she realised that she had no choice but to lift the garment like a curtain against the back of her hands, and as she did so, the better half of Tim’s penis was once again exposed to the light. She mentally chided herself for seemingly taking a final chance to indulge herself another look at her patient’s prodigious protrusion. Angela assuaged her ego by telling herself that, as a doctor—and as a woman—the young man’s appendage was an undeniable marvel, and that she shouldn’t be too hard on herself. Her indulgence was rather excusable, she thought.

“Just let me write you that prescription. Okay? I also recommend that you make sure to use mild soap when you bathe; if you aren’t already. You may also want to—at least for the short term—give the hair down there a bit of a trim. Some minor grooming may assist with overall hygiene,” instructed Angela, straining to resume the proceeding’s sense of routine and formality.

“Okay. I’ll do that,” replied Tim as he slumped into the nearby seat. Given his understandable desire to make a swift exit, Tim neglected to raise a salient point: just how on Earth was he going to apply the cream himself, let alone partake in a spot of grooming? “I’m so sorry about that. That’s so embarrassing!” he added with an evidently pained chuckle.

“No, no, no… you don’t need to worry. You’d be surprised how often that happens,” Angela assured Tim. As the pair shared a moment of eye contact, the room seemed to fall silent; patient and doctor on the verge of exchanging a knowing smile—an understandable by-product of pent-up tension. Angela thwarted her urge to smile by forcefully clearing her throat. She then returned to organising Tim’s prescription.

“Best of luck with everything, Tim. Will I see you in a few weeks—about your elbow and fingers? You can let me know how everything else is going then as well.”

“Sure, that’s fine. Well—have a nice day, then!” Tim replied cheerfully, before grabbing his prescription from Angela’s hand and heading for the exit.

“See you soon Tim!” chirped Angela as her patient disappeared behind the door into the waiting room. She was going to need a few minutes to gather herself before receiving her next patient.

Chapter 2: First Application

Perched on the edge of his bed, Tim prodded clumsily at his sides with his splinted hand, and following a concerted effort, his shorts soon found themselves around his ankles. He then sat back down and poked a hole in the nearby pharmacy bag, exposing the packaged contents. After feebly prodding at the lid of the cream’s cardboard package for a few moments, Tim conceded that his efforts were unlikely to be fruitful. A transparent sticker firmly sealing the lid of the package put an end to any hope of un-boxing the cream by his own hand.

“Tim! Mom called and said she wants you to—” cried Tim’s older sister, Sandy, from his bedroom doorway. The feisty brunette barged in uninvited, but came to a screeching halt when her eyes snagged upon her brother’s exposed bulge. She pulled down apprehensively at her oversized pyjama top, signalling her distress at the fact that brother and sister were currently pant-less together. “Shit! Sorry! Wait… what are you doing Tim?” probed a curious Sandy. She twisted a finger into her top and raised an eyebrow.

“I’m handicapped sis!” replied Tim. He thought it best to set a lighthearted tone so as to invite Sandy to probe further. He didn’t want to engage her defenses.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Sandy questioned. She took one step closer, thinking that closer proximity with her brother was required in order to uncover gaziantep escort resimleri the truth. Tim harmlessly glanced at the outline of his sister’s nipples, which were impressing themselves firmly against her white top. Her delightful breasts wobbled gently under the garment with each step she took.

“Well, I, uh… have this really bad itch… and the doctor says that I have to rub this cream on it, but I can’t fucking do it myself! As you can see, I’m a bit of a gimp at the moment!” Tim replied with a mixture of playfulness and vexation. His cock-bulge wriggled side-to-side, prompted by his accompanying theatrics. The glaring protuberance caught his sister’s eye again.

“An itch? What… where? O-On your junk? Gross, dude!” she scoffed.

“Nah. It’s not gross. It’s not infected or anything like that. The doctor says it’s just dry skin. But it’s driving me nuts though!” Tim scratched vigorously at his nether region with his splinted hand.

“Ha-ha! I bet it’s driving you nuts! Well—” she paused, taking another look at the startling sack of meat between Tim’s legs. She gulped and added, “Well, good luck then bro!” Sandy performed a pirouette and then proceeded to scuttle her way toward the door, her hands maintaining their downward hold on her pyjama top. Due to the excessive strain applied to the fabric, she effectively—and unintentionally—telegraphed the complete profile of her youthful backside to her brother. The abundance she lacked in her modest bust was more than offset by the excess of her derriere. Tim couldn’t quite decide whether he was more fascinated by the fact that his sister’s butt-cheeks seemed beyond the grasp of his large hands, or by the way in which the flesh of her outer thighs swelled alluringly up and over her hips before dipping deep into her waist. He fancied he’d have more luck encircling his sister’s waist, finger-to-finger, than at securing a firm grip on her plump posterior.

“W-Wait! Who will… do you think you could?” piped Tim dubiously. Sandy paused and spun around to face her brother once more. She was stunned by her brother’s words.

“What do you think I’m gonna do about it, huh?” she barked.

“Well, I… I clearly can’t do it myself Sandy, and it’s itching like crazy! Geez… I mean, I can’t ask mom to do it, now can I? Nah. That’s just too weird,” reasoned Tim.

“So you want me—your sister—to do it instead? You want me to rub cream on your dick? Ha-ha! You dumb-ass! Don’t you think that’s just as strange?” After calling her brother out for his indecency and stupidity, she caught herself sneaking another glance down at his briefs. If Sandy was completely honest with herself, she’d have to admit that her brother’s immense bulk had her interest piqued.

“Well, yeah it’s a bit strange, of course… if you think about it too much, that is, but you know—well… we used to share a bath together sis! Shit, I don’t know… ha-ha! It sounds like I’m really reaching here, but I just really need help. I think you’re it!” rationalised Tim. He hoped that if he maintained this tone, that he might be able to overcome her natural resistance. The siblings had always shared a chemistry that led others to describe the them as ‘pals’.

“Is it really that bad man? Can you just—I don’t know, rinse it under the shower or something? I don’t think I really wanna be touching your wang; no offense,” explained Sandy.

“None taken. But nah. That won’t work. The doc says the cream needs to be applied properly. I can’t even ‘gimp’ my way through it. All I can manage to do is scratch at it and make it worse. Come on man! Suck it up and help me out—hah! Well not literally, of course. I’ll even look away if you want, so it doesn’t get all weird. I can’t even open the box, let alone apply the damned stuff!” pleaded Tim. He made a show of demonstrating his helplessness by fumbling with the package.

“Fuck… you shit! You make it all sound so reasonable!” cried Sandy, apparently torn. She was beginning to cave into her brother’s outrageous request, thanks to his cajoling and to her own inquisitiveness. She told herslef that the situation could even be a little bit of fun. It seemed to her to possess some kind of novelty value; a secret little story to chuckle about together some day in the furture. “Gimme the cream then you wierdo. I’ll put some on your damned wang, but only because you’re a big wimp! I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” Sandy exclaimed. She made a point to excuse herself of possessing any unsavory agendas. The young woman was, however, kidding herself. She was curious to sneak a peek at her brother’s cock; even if ‘just for kicks.’

“Wow! You’re a real sport sis! Taking one for the team!” joked Tim. “You know I wouldn’t be asking this of you if it wasn’t itching me like crazy, or if I could actually do it myself. I owe you big time!” Tim was initially just desperate to have his itch gaziantep escort bayan resimleri tended to, but when Sandy actually submitted to his pleading; only then did he detect that there was more to it than that. As Sandy drew near, Tim felt excitement stir in his belly. He began to wonder just what in the heck was going on in his sister’s head: why the fuck was she actually doing this, he pondered.

As Sandy quietly came to rest upon her knees beside the bed, Tim imagined his sister clutching the base of her top and pulling it up over her head. It just seemed to him like the next ‘logical step’ in the current sequence. He retired this fantasy quickly so as not to lose his composure.

Sandy squeezed a small blob of the off-white cream onto her index finger and remarked, “well, surely you can at least try to pull down your own undies? Don’t make me do all the work.” Without a word, Tim stumbled to his feet—and with some difficulty—tucked his fingers under his briefs. The moment of truth had arrived: Tim now had the privilege to reveal his genitals before his crouching sister. There she was before him; willing her brother to unveil his manhood.

Tim gained a semblance of composure and then shoved his briefs over his hips, sending them crashing down to his ankles. Sandy’s feigned look of impatience morphed into a genuine expression of incredulity as her juvenile eyes locked onto the white mass which sprung forth from its enclosure. Tim stepped out of his underwear, causing his brotherly appendage to flail about like a battle rope against his bushy thighs. When the young man resumed a seated position on the bedside, his penis rolled over wearily, exposing an obscenely burly pouch.

“Fuck Tim! Are you for real?” yelped Sandy. The young woman’s relatively inexperienced eyes had never chanced upon such a sight; perhaps only ever coming close to witnessing such an abundance of flesh in a porno or two.

“Wait… what? It’s not that bad is it?! Yeah, it’s a little bit red, I know, but—” responded Tim. He sincerely believed that Sandy was horrified by the signs of mild irritation on his genitals.

“No, it’s just… Shit. Never mind. Fucking h—” Sandy trailed off, at a loss for words.

“It’s mainly on the underside of it—and sorry, ah… a little bit is on my balls too, ha-ha! See there? Just around that area.” Tim used his splinted hand to turn his penis over, exposing its undercarriage to his sister’s unflinching gaze. He dropped his rod shortly thereafter, letting it fall where it would. His sister observed how it sluggishly toppled about her brother’s hairy lap.

Sandy took a gulp—and with some anticipation—gently grasped her brother’s bulbous tip with a single hand. She pulled the head back to inspect underneath, and with her other hand, rubbed a line of cream down Tim’s itch-stricken urethra. “So, uh—just like this then? Here?” enquired Sandy, her previously playful tone no longer detectable in her voice. Her attention was firmly fixed upon the overwhelming mass in her grasp. It was a sight that no sister should ever behold, she thought. Confounded by her actions, Sandy’s fingers continued rubbing along Tim’s urethra.

“Yeah. That’s the spot,” replied Tim. He peered down in awe at the sublime sight of his older sister carefully massaging his flaccid penis. He was bewildered by the look in her eyes; the way she seemed utterly arrested by the sight of his cock. He was floored when he sensed her touch progress from a tentative scrape of two reluctant fingers to a resolute palm gripped firmly around his full girth.

Sandy was as much spellbound by the mass of her brother’s penis as she was astounded by the way his ‘soft cock’ dwarfed her hand—and her hands were by no means petite—and so she began to lose her sense of occasion traversing Tim’s full length, even as the cream began to completely absorb.

“Tim. You have got to be kidding me…” Sandy exclaimed. She ceased stroking and tilted her brother’s penis about like a dumbbell. She retracted her hand, allowing his cock to slip against her palms before reclaiming her grip and giving his prick a little lift. She seemed to be getting a feel for its weight.

“What is it Sandy?” blurted Tim.

“Y-You’re supposed to be my… little baby brother.” Tim felt her hand give his dick another gentle lift as she made the remark. She appeared to be stunned; jaw agape and wide-eyed.

“W-What do you mean?” Tim stammered.

“This—thing! I… I suspected you had some size, I mean, I could see that there was a bulge going on when I walked in, but shit! Look at this thing in my hand Tim!” She paused to giggle, then continued, “You fucking little bastard Tim! I feel like I’m wrestling a giant sea slug or something! A big, dirty eel!” proclaimed Sandy, apparently beside herself. It seemed to Tim that Sandy had lost all sense of decorum and restraint. There she was, playfully scrutinizing and happily complimenting his cock. She toyed with it like it was one of her playthings. Her behaviour suggested that it was perfectly natural for a sister to maul her brother’s genitals. Her eyes even lit up with apparent joy to see his ‘big, dirty eel’ sway about in the air around them. She was so taken by events that she seemed to be paying little mind to the fact that Tim’s meat was becoming decreasingly pliable.

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