The Kick Inside: A Forbidden Love

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This is an entirely fictional story of consensual adult incest between siblings. If such a topic upsets you then please go somewhere else.


I sighed as I wrote in my diary. I just didn’t know how to tell him. I had had feelings for my brother for such a very long time. I was now an adult at eighteen, and my brother was twenty. I was in love with him, I was sure of it. We had stopped sleeping in the same bed and I missed it so much. I get cold at night sleeping alone.

My brother Laurel has blue eyes and golden brown hair. At 5’7, he is broad and handsome. All my friends fancy him. But he has never shown any interest in my friends. In fact, he has never really shown much of an interest in anyone. But he has always had time for me. Whenever I need him to, he listens. I can hang out in his room all I like and he never minds. We have always been very close and our parents think it’s sweet that we are so close. At 18, my body has matured. I have all these sleek angles and slim curves in places that weren’t there before. I have big blue eyes and dark hair. My brother says I am pretty. For a while he has ceased to talk to me so much, and I can’t understand why. I miss him talking to me so much.

I decided to go to his room. I knocked on the door.


“Come in.”

I entered his room slowly, shutting the door behind me. “Hey Bro, can we talk?” I asked, facing him.


I slipped into his room, quietly shutting the door behind me. I tiptoed to his bed and got under the covers, wrapping my arm around him. He jumped, and I sat up on my elbow and switched the light on as he moved.

“Jesus, China, you scared the shit out of me!” he exclaimed.

“I’m sorry, I just got cold, do you mind if I sleep with you?”

“No, stay here” he replied, pulling the cover up over us both, turning back around. I snuggled up to him, my head on his pillow next to his as I drifted into a deep sleep.

When I woke up in the morning he was still asleep. I sat and watched him until he awoke to find me looking at him.

“Hey Sis” he smiled.

“Hey Bro” I smiled at him. “Can I ask you something?” I inquired.


“Why don’t you sleep with me anymore?” I asked him searchingly. He sat up and looked down.

“We aren’t children anymore, China” he told me. He looked embarrassed.

“Oh.” I replied sadly.

“Why, do you miss it?” he asked.

“Yeah, kinda” I told him truthfully, looking down at myself. He looked deep in thought, before looking at me.

“Okay, well I’ll remember that. We can sleep together whenever you like. But don’t tell anyone, Chi.”

“Of course I wouldn’t, who would I tell?” I gave him a hug. “I’ll leave you be, I’m going to get breakfast!” I announced.

“Remember, don’t tell.”

“I won’t!” I called out as I ran down the stairs. My brother was all too serious these days!

The next night I got in his bed, too. I slipped under the sheets and felt him still, his back to me.

“Laurel?” I called out to him in a whisper.

“Yes?” he was awake. I knew that he was awake.

“Hold me” I asked in a quiet voice. He turned over, wrapped his arms around me and cuddled me tight. I nuzzled into his chest. He felt so warm and welcoming. I kissed his cheek softly. “Goodnight Bro” I whispered fondly.

We lay together as I tried to get to sleep, lulled by the comfort of my brother’s arms. All of a sudden I felt something hard pressing up against my tummy. I opened my eyes. He tried to pull away from me.

“It’s okay, Bro, I don’t mind” I told him, trying to reassure him. This happens all the time to guys, right?

“I’m sorry Sis, this happens in bed sometimes, I can’t help it, I’ll move over” he offered.

“No, it’s okay you can stay here” I snuggled back into his chest. “I like being like this with you.”

We lay there quiet for a few minutes. His hard on didn’t go down, it just stayed there. “Mmm” I said as I pressed myself against him. It felt kind of nice. I liked being this way with him. He groaned.

“Please don’t move” he said quietly.

“I’m sorry.” I wrapped my arms around him and held him close, closing my eyes as we lay together in sudden silence. I lay awake for what must have been half an hour, then I felt his hand on the small of my back, placed ever so gently. It made me feel safe. Protected. I liked being with him. I liked the way he made me feel. We had always been close. I brought my face to his and kissed him on the cheek softly. He didn’t respond and I kissed him again.

“China, no!” he pushed me away, rolling over with his back facing me. All of a sudden I felt really bad.

“I’m sorry Laurel, I’m so sorry” I cuddled him from behind, nuzzling my face into his back. “I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.” He relaxed and turned back over to face me.

“I know, sis, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to push you away” he said, wrapping his arm around my waist. “I just don’t know what to do, I can’t help the way my body reacts in bed sometimes, it’s embarrassing” he kissed me on the cheek and rolled back over. “Night, sis” güvenilir bahis he whispered. I cuddled up to his back and fell asleep.

The next morning we awoke it was the weekend, which was really nice. During the night we had rolled over in our sleep and upon waking up I had felt his hard on pressing against my bum. It made me feel funny. We didn’t talk about it when he woke up, we just hugged and he got up to take a shower. I sat in his bed for a while, thinking.

“China?” my mother called me from downstairs.

“Yes Mum!” I ran down the stairs quickly. I didn’t want her to come upstairs and find me in my brother’s bed! Although I didn’t see what the big problem was, but decided to keep it to myself anyhow.

Later on, when I returned home from seeing my friend Michelle we all sat together in the living room. My brother was fidgety, and accidentally drove his elbow into me while sitting next to me. “Ow!” I exclaimed.


“You elbowed me!”

“Sorry.” He took my elbow in his hands and kissed it.

“What ARE you two doing?” our father asked.

“Don’t worry Dad, China’s a lesbian!” he smiled at my father. I grabbed him and tackled him to the floor. “See, what did I tell you! She hates me!” he cried out as I pinned him to the floor with my wrists.

“China, get off of your brother!” My mother tutted, engrossed in her book. I sit back down, scowling at him. I didn’t speak to him for the rest of the evening. I trudged upstairs to sit and read. I love reading, it’s my favourite pastime.

I was trying to sleep a few hours later when I heard my door creak open and gentle footsteps.

“Sis, are you awake?”

“Yes.” He came in and shut the door. I welcomed him into my bed with open arms and he hugged me tight.

“I didn’t mean to tease you earlier, sis. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” I spoke into his hair as we hugged. “Do you want to get in?” he nodded and we pulled the covers up over us.

“I like cuddling you” he said suddenly. We spooned up and before long I felt his hard on pressing into me again from behind. “Sorry!” He muttered as we lay together, but I was past caring. We stayed that way until we fell asleep.

The next day, our parents went out and we were talking about sex and one upping each other on what we had done. Very childish, I know. We were talking about Kate, his only girlfriend he had been out with, and I suspected that he hadn’t so much as got any further than kissing her, but I wouldn’t ask him.

“Sis, can I kiss you?” he asked. “I’ve never really kissed a girl before, other than Kate. I wondered what it would be like to kiss someone else, if it would be any different to kissing her.” I nodded.

“Go ahead.” I told him as I tilted my head up. He slowly brought his face close to mine, touching my face softly with his hand, moving up into my hair. He kissed me gently and I felt his warm lips on mine. After a moment he pulled away and looked at me.

“You’re so soft” he said after a minute.

“Is it different from kissing Kate?”

“Yes, it’s definitely different from kissing Kate. I like kissing you more” he said suddenly, smiling. “Can I do it again?”

“Sure” I told him. He brought his face to mine once more and kissed me again, but this time we kissed longer, and I kissed him back. It seemed to go on forever. Time just stopped. I had never felt this way before. I have had boys kiss me before but not like this. Somehow kissing him was different.

We finally pulled away.

“Sis…did you like that? Did you like it too?” he asked curiously, holding my hands.

“Yes, I liked it.”



He paused. “I haven’t…I mean, I kissed Kate many times but never like that. I like kissing you much more” he stared at me meaningfully, but I wasn’t sure what he was trying to suggest. My brother is a mystery sometimes. We heard our parents pull up on the drive and they came through the door to where we were sitting close together, legs crossed facing each other.

“You two are awfully quiet” our father said, amused. We glanced at each other, looked down and wordlessly went our own separate ways.

That night I went to his room and he was sitting up in bed, awake.

“Can I come in?” I asked.

“Of course, you are always welcome.” he spoke. I smiled and sat on his bed.

When we finally got in bed he turned the light out and we lay there for a minute, silently, just hearing each other breathe. It was almost like we were waiting for each other to say something. He turned around to face me. I leant towards him and felt his cheek brush mine in the darkness. Suddenly our lips met in a silent embrace. We just seemed to melt into one another. After a minute I brought my hands to his head and we kissed heatedly for the first time. We kissed wordlessly until we were both breathing heavily. He lay on top of me and kissed me deeper and something inside me just ignited, like a passion I had never known before. I felt his hard on pressing between my legs. It made me feel, well…sexy.

Eventually our lips broke apart. “Sis, I’m so türkçe bahis sorry” he began to get off of me but before he could finish I rolled on top of him, kissing him passionately, feeling him kiss me back with equal intensity. His hands moved to caress my waist through the thin fabric of my nightie and down to cup my ass as we kissed, my hair falling in his face, completely lost in the moment of kissing him.

We broke apart again and we were both breathing heavily. I knelt up and so did he, looking into my face lovingly, searching. “Sis, I’ve wanted you so much. I never knew you felt this way!”

“I never knew you felt the same!” I exclaimed. “Is this all not just in my head?” he brought his hands to my face.

“No China” he whispered. “I feel it too. I’ve wanted you for a long time. I just never admitted it to myself, or to you. How could I tell you when I couldn’t even admit it to myself? I love you China. I think I’ve always known that I loved you” tears were welling in my eyes and I nuzzled his face and found that his face was wet, too. We kissed again, our passion so hot, the white heat from our bodies being the most intense thing I had ever felt as we pressed up against each other longingly. I leant over and turned the bedside lamp on so that we could see each other properly.

“What should we do China? Should we have sex?” he asked, his eyes shining.

“I don’t know…do you think it’s too soon?” I asked him. I had never been posed with a question that I really did not know how to answer.

“I want you” I finally said, looking up at him. “But I just don’t know.”

“I just don’t want things to be awkward between us afterwards” he confessed.

“I know.” I leaned forward and kissed him on his forehead lovingly. He looked up and smiled at me, taking me in his arms. We kissed once more. I pressed myself up against him with all my might and I could feel that he was doing the same. I just wanted to be as close to him as I could possibly get. I needed him. Our kisses became heated and passionate quickly. I could bear his hard on against me no longer. I reached down between us and stroked him through his boxers. He groaned and I knew that he needed relief. He brought his hands up under my nightie to touch my breasts. I pulled the material off over my head until I was kneeling there in just my thin underwear covering my modesty. He stared. And stared. I don’t think that a stare could be any deeper than the way that he was looking at me. I lightly pressed my hand up against his chest.

“Please, lay back.” I told him. I wanted to pleasure him. I knew that he needed it badly. I took his pants off and there it was, his proud member so erect and firm. It was beautiful. I began to slowly kiss along its length. I could see pre cum glistening at the tip and it looked so delicious I swept my tongue across its head, hearing him gasp. I ran my tongue along his shaft in long strokes all the way to the very tip. I wanted him so much. I gradually took him into my mouth, closing my lips over the head of his cock, moving down until I had him completely in my mouth. It was such an erotic feeling having him so close to me like this, his dick in my mouth, exposed to my affections. I loved every minute of it. I moved up and down along his shaft, concentrating on how he felt in my mouth as I moved up and down on his cock, tasting his sticky pre cum as it flowed from the tip down my throat.

“Sis, if you keep that up I’m going to come!” I heard him say. I continued moving up and down along his shaft and I heard him talking to me. “Oh, God sis I’m going to come!” he told me urgently. All of a sudden I felt him coming in my mouth, his come shooting from inside him, expelling into my mouth. I tasted his fluid, so different from my own.

We kissed again, deeper, our mouths searching for each other’s very souls as we embraced. I felt his hands on my breasts, stroking my nipples. It felt wonderful. He kissed my neck hungrily and I was so aroused. He kissed down to my breasts and took one of my nipples into his mouth, gently exploring my areole with his tongue, my nipple getting hard in his mouth and he sucked on it gently. He moved to my other breast and put his hand between my legs as he licked and sucked on my nipples and the ache inside me intensified. It felt like an electric charge from his hand to my pussy under his palm as he pressed his hand against my most intimate parts. He began to stroke me through the thin material and I moved against his fingers, pining for his touch. He put his hand down the front of my panties to stroke me further and I heard his sharp intake of breath as he felt how wet I was. He slid his fingers inside me gently, first one then two, feeling my insides as I moved against his knuckles. It felt so perfect having him so this to me. So right. I could think of nothing in the world I would rather do than be with him. He withdrew his fingers to rub my clit, stroking my firm digit in delicate but persistent circles as he touched me. I gasped, feeling his ministrations on my clit as he kissed me, his other arm around me holding me tightly. “I want to pleasure you, China. güvenilir bahis siteleri I want to make you feel good” he whispered. I moaned and kissed him back passionately, capturing his lips in mine again as he stroked me. I could feel my orgasm building and I knew that before long I was going to come. I was so close.

“I love you Laurel, please don’t stop, I’m going to come” I cried softly, breathing into his neck.

“That’s it, baby. Come all over my hand.” I moaned as he said this, feeling myself getting closer, closer…

I cried out as I felt myself coming under his hand, my pussy quaking as I rocked against his palm, riding out my orgasm. I held onto him and he talked to me as I came, murmuring into my ear, telling me how much he wanted me and that he loved me. As I stopped rocking against his hand I felt so wet between my thighs, and I knew that I had covered his hand with all the juices that were dribbling out of my pussy. He brought his hand up and licked his palm, tasting me for the first time. I took his hand and tasted myself too. It felt so wonderful to be able to taste myself on his skin.

“Sis can I lick you?” he asked, staring into my eyes. I nodded and lay back. He buried his face in my pussy, wrapping his hands around my thighs and I moaned as I felt his mouth on me. He lapped at my entrance, tasting me, eating me, devouring all my juice like honey. I was surprised at just how much he wanted to drink me like I had drank him, taking as much of me as he possibly could as he licked me. “God sis…you taste amazing” he mumbled, lying down in between my legs, facedown in my pussy.

Eventually I nudged him. “You can’t sleep like that!” I cried, teasing him. He looked up at me, his eyes glazed over.


“Come here” I told him, patting the bed beside me. He smiled sleepily and crawled into bed next to me, and I threw the quilt over both of us. We fell asleep, holding each other, Laurel’s arm wrapped around me protectively.

The next morning we woke up we stared wide eyed at each other in a new light, thinking of what had happened the night before.

“Sis? Did we? I mean…”

“Yes we did” I told him.

He rubbed his eyes. “It seems like a dream. A wonderful dream. Do you think that what we did was…was…”

“Incest?” I offered. He winced.

“Please don’t say that word.”

“Do you love me?” I asked him.

“Yes, of course I do. I just feel a little confused. I don’t think we should do it again, do you?” he asked.

“Not if you don’t want to.”

“Jesus, China! It’s not about wanting to, It’s wrong! My friends don’t sleep with their sisters. They don’t perform sexual acts on each other. They don’t lust after their own sister lying next to them in bed!”

“So you do think about it then?” I challenged him. He slammed his fist into the mattress and covered his face with the quilt.

“Fine, I won’t ask you again” I told him. I opened his door and left, striding down the hallway to my own room. I grabbed a towel and went for a shower. I needed to somehow rid myself of this guilt he had suddenly placed on my shoulders. But the funny thing was that I didn’t feel bad about what had happened. I had felt wonderful when he had touched me. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world. I shut my eyes and faced the shower head, the water gushing over my face, trying to stop myself thinking of my brother. Just completely zone out to a place where I didn’t feel like love was some sort of psychology test.

For almost a whole week we didn’t talk hardly at all to each other but he acted as if he was dying to say something around me. We never mentioned what had happened between us. We were both avoiding it. I didn’t think that he wanted me anymore and that made me feel rather sad.

Eventually on the Friday night I heard him creep into my room while I was reading. It was 2AM. What was he doing here?

“Sis can we talk?” he asked breathlessly.

“Laurel its two in the morning, what do you want?” I asked him soberly.

“Can I stay here and talk a bit?”

“You haven’t spoken to me all week Laurel. This is hardly a time for…”

“I know, I’m sorry.” He interjected.

“Get in” I told him quietly. He crawled into bed beside me and looked at me. I found it so hard to be mad at him but I was mad. He hadn’t spoken to me and I wanted to know why.

“What’s going on? You haven’t spoken to me hardly all week!”

“I was worried.”

“About what?”

“That you might change your mind.” He looked down at the quilt.

“I haven’t but you seem to have!” I said tearfully. I turned around with my back to him and began to cry silently. I felt him lay down beside me. He put his arms around me, snaking his other hand under my waist and held me tight. He kissed up my back and I bit my lip. I closed my eyes and eventually drifted off to sleep, his breath hot on my back.

The next morning I realised that we had fallen asleep without talking. Laurel was still asleep, his mouth slightly parted. He looked like an angel. I kissed his head very softly so that I would not awaken him and went downstairs. When I went into the kitchen my parents were busy shuffling about. My mother was rummaging through her bag and my father was standing around as if they were ready to go out somewhere. I looked at them curiously.

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