The Kitty Kat Ch. 03

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David leaned over; rubbing his sister’s back and exchanged a wink with Rob. They couldn’t wait to have her dress flipped up and her legs spread wide ready to take all five cocks.

Kat was feeling very relaxed. She rarely drank and usually chose a little weed over alcohol, but sitting around with these guys with a cold drink felt very comfortable. They were telling jokes and for some reason her brother seemed extra charming, extra interesting, extra sexy. Rob wasn’t too shabby either, although she’d always kind of had a thing for him. Joey was a little mouse of a guy, but he was looking pretty good too. His eyes were so blue and Mathew’s moustache was so cute. She bet it would feel so good against the softness of her inner thighs. Jimmy, who always seemed like such a jerk to her, seemed really cool and really sexy. She found herself staring at his big arms.

Kat was becoming so horny thinking about what she liked to do with all five guys. She bet they’d fucked a lot of girls. She found herself thinking about all the things they’d probably tried and she knew for a fact that David was a master fucker, at least from her viewpoint. Mrs. Betty seemed to like his screwing well enough. She was enjoying Rob and David’s hands on her body. Rob’s hand seemed to rise higher and higher on her thigh, until she felt him slip his finger under her panty seam. She almost squealed when he stroked one of her soft pussy lips. She closed her eyes and bit her lip and seemed to forget that there were others in the room.

Rob’s smile grew as his finger inched inside Kat’s tight cunt. He couldn’t believe she was actually letting him feel her up with all the guys watching, with her brother sitting next to them. Rob was so excited his cock began to grow even longer and harder under the confines of his blue jeans.

When David realized where Rob’s hand was he stopped rubbing her back and curled his arm around her, bringing one of his palms up and over one large, perky tit. His pressed his hand in firmly, squeezing it, feeling güvenilir bahis its resilience, its firmness. He brought his other hand around feeling her other tit. Her head fell back and she moaned her approval. David brought his lips to her long neck and Rob placed one of her hands in his lap, over his large erection.

The guys watching this were getting really excited. Jimmy wanted to yell at them to rip her clothes off and get her on the floor so they could all fuck her, but he didn’t want to do anything that would harm his chances of having a go at her. Joey was enjoying the show; the look on his face was predatory. He would make a great rapist some day. Mathew was stroking his cock through his jeans waiting patiently. He suffered a bit of guilt over what they were going to do to Katrina, but Joey said she wouldn’t be hurt and so Mathew trusted the guys. They would just play with her.

Kat began to knead and rub the hard bulge in Rob’s pants. It felt so big, so rigid and good beneath her small hand. She wanted to so badly to see it, to taste it. She’d never placed her lips around any guy’s big meat before, but she felt a craving she couldn’t control. When she felt a palm cup her tit, she looked down in surprise and delight to see David’s hands on her body. Closing her eyes she decided to just go with the wonderful things they were doing to her. She moaned loudly as Rob pumped one very large finger into her tight cunt. Over and over he stroked inside her jelly meat creating havoc in her belly.

She began to pant with gusto as her brother shoved her sweater up, baring her upper body to the room. She didn’t bother putting on a bra because just like all teen girls, she wanted to tease the boys. She didn’t realize she wouldn’t get the chance to tease these guys. Her short skirt and thin panties didn’t provide much resistance against five horny men and when she grasped Rob’s large forearm he reacted by ripping off her pink thong. David pulled the zipper at her hip and after lifting her up briefly, they pulled türkçe bahis the skirt off. After helping her dispose of her sweater, both boys began to kiss and caress her in earnest. The other boys got even closer. Joey helped himself to her breast, tweaking and pulling at the nipples like buttons.

“Fuck man, you got a camera, man?” Mathew asked Jimmy who was looking ready to jump anything that moved.

“Yeah … Yeah, one sec, don’t start without me,” Jimmy mumbled, running up the rec stairs.

“I think we already did,” Rob joked, grinning at David who had his cock out. His little sister was currently fisting him in her little hand. Rob and the guys started to undress and pulled Kat over to the sofa. Kat smiled happily at the guys, completely blissful, thanks in part to the beer. She was also feeling really horny and wanting a big fat cock plunging inside her small hole.

All the guys were looking good to her, but she experienced a small moment of panic when they all surrounded her with their cocks. I shouldn’t be doing this, Kat momentarily hesitated and tried to push them away, but then Rob took his big cock in his hands and pushes it against her mouth. Seeing his long cock up close shocks her and she opens her mouth to say no, when he rams it in. Like a soother, she happily sucks away.

Her legs are spread and hands are feeling her up. Hands are on her tits and fingers are pushed inside her. Rob runs his hands though her long silky hair. He winds the strands around on hand and pushes her firmly against his cock. He wants to feel her hair against his fuckstick. He wants to make this little bitch squeal. He didn’t give a fuck whose sister she was and what could David say if they got a little rough with her?

“OK guys I found a camera. It’s my dad’s digital. Fuck we’re gonna have some fun with these. Fuck guys, you were supposed to wait,” Jimmy growls impatiently, pulling off his clothes.

Joey takes the camera from Jimmy and starts taking shots of the Kat’s exposed genitals. The güvenilir bahis siteleri guys spread her lips wide, showing her healthy, pink insides. They thrust their fingers inside, showing how much she can take. Joey takes shots of Rob’s black cock stuffed down her throat, showing her hearty appetite for fresh dick.

“Man, look at her suck cock. She’s gonna pull your spine out through your cock Rob,” Jimmy praises Kat.

“It’d take more than this slut to slurp my spine or my bone,” Rob brags, shoving his cock harder in the teenager’s mouth.

“Well, hurry up and finish man, I gotta a backed up pipe here!” Joey complains, snapping more pictures of Kat.

“Hey can we fuck her in the ass?” Mathew asked. He’d never fucked a girl in the asshole before and since they already had her, he figured they should use her.

“I don’t know,” David hesitates, his tongue flicking her juicy nipple.

“C’mon man! She wants to be fucked inside and out man! She won’t complain about what we do and if she does, it’s her word against ours and who will believe a slut like her,” Joey smirks.

“OK, you sold me!” David agrees with a smirk. “I think it’s time to change positions here Rob. We gotta lay this pussy down,” David grins. They help Kat to the floor, so that she’s lying on her back. The guys spread her legs and David immediately crawls on top. Rob once again pulls Kat’s mouth to his still erect cock. Mathew and Jimmy position themselves on either side of her and taking her hands, guide them to their cocks so that she can jack them off. Joey continues snapping the fuck shots.

“Oh God! That’s so good!” Rob groans.

David pulls her legs upward, so that she’s open more fully. She’s wet and ready and he can hardly wait to push inside her guts. He grabs his cock and thrust slowly inside, feeling around to make sure she’s deep enough. He wasn’t sure if she was a virgin, so he eased himself inside carefully. Grunting, the sweat popping out on his brow, he leaned forward, licking her tits. Her cunt gurgled around David’s prick and her tonsils rippled against Rob’s large prick. Her soft flesh enveloped her brother perfectly and he moaned in appreciation.

Eventually, loud grunting was all that could be heard in the room.

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