The Last Days of Sodom Ch. 02

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WARNING: This series is about an ancient city in which all the inhabitants are totally morally and sexually depraved. If you are not interested in reading about these sorts of things, you may want to move on to a different series.


Shortly before I was set to leave to go to Lord Keret’s party, I went up to my dressing room. My slaves had already laid out several outfits for me to choose from. I chose to put on a light linen ke?one? over my left shoulder that came down to my mid-calves. The ke?one? was red, with white stripes running vertically up its length with white circles running up between the stripes.

I knew I wouldn’t be wearing clothes for very long, so I deliberately wore nothing underneath this. The ke?one? left my figure thoroughly exposed. The linen was so thin and fine that the outlines of my tiny nipples showed through the fabric. I smiled, thinking about how I would tease all the people at the party until I took off my clothes to join in the orgy.

I put on my leather sandals and put a gold crown on my head atop my mass of curly black hair. I took one of the many small jars of oil that I kept on the gilded wooden table beside my bed and put it in a small silk pouch, which I wore at my side.

I went down the stairs to the front entrance room. A slave stood by the door to open it for me. He did so with a slight bow. I went out to find a group of six strong male slaves standing with my litter. They lowered it so that I could climb in. I did so. Thus, they raised the litter and began carrying me to Lord Keret’s mansion.

We arrived at the mansion after only about ten minutes, since it was not very far away at all. My slaves lowered the litter so I could climb down. Once I was down, I turned to address them.

“I expect all of you to remain here the entire time I am inside so you can guard the litter. If any one of you wanders off, I’ll have you all fucking crucified,” I told them sternly. The slaves nodded to show that they understood.

Lord Keret’s mansion was an towering building with exterior walls that were decorated with brightly colored mosaics. It had an enormous set of oak doors that were decorated with elaborate, painted carvings. The carvings near the top of the doors depicted mirror-imaged scenes of a lion and a lioness having sex. The carvings in the middle depicted the sexual exploits of Ba?al, the god associated with fertility, rain, wind, storms, and lightning, and the carvings near the bottom depicted the sexual exploits of ?Aštart, the goddess associated with war, hunting, sex, and royal authority.

I knocked on the door with the enormous, gold knocker, which was decorated to look like the face of a lion. As soon as I knocked, I heard movement from within. I stepped back and the doors swung outward. A slave woman wearing nothing but a collar around her neck was pushing them open. Her eyes were turned towards the ground and she did not look towards me while she was opening the door. I noticed that she was remarkably attractive and immediately hoped I might have the chance to have my way with her.

“Would you like me to lead you to Lord Keret, Mistress?” the slave woman asked, keeping her eyes firmly planted on the ground.

“I’d like you to do a lot more than that,” I replied.

“I will lead you to him,” the slave woman replied. She led me through a lavish entry hall into a room that was exclusively meant for greeting guests. The walls were decorated with frescoes depicting people engaging in all kinds of sexual activities and the floor was decorated with mosaics. Lord Keret was chatting with three guests–two men and one woman–who had evidently come in ahead of me. As soon as I entered, however, he turned his attention to me.

“Dontiya!” he exclaimed in a cheerful voice. “I cannot express how grateful I am that you could come to my sex party!”

He was about thirty-four years old, making him a decade older than me. He was a full head taller than me and remarkably handsome. His skin was light brown, his long, straight, black hair came down to his shoulders, and he had a short, well-trimmed kütahya seks hikayeleri beard. He was not wearing a ke?one?, so my eyes were able to eagerly take in the sight of his bare, muscular chest, which was perfectly hairless and glistening with oil.

Around his neck, Lord Keret was wearing a huge Egyptian pectoral made of gold with cloisonné inlays of carnelian, feldspar, garnet, lapis lazuli, and turquoise. The pectoral bore mirror-imaged depictions of two large men wielding clubs smiting tiny, servile figures, who were shown kneeling before them on the ground in submissive positions.

Around his waist, he was wearing a loincloth, which came down to his mid-thigh and was richly embroidered with intricate scenes of men having all kinds of sexual relations with each other. One scene showed a man sucking another man’s cock. Another scene showed a man fucking another man in the ass while holding a whip.

In his right hand, he was holding a golden goblet that was richly inlaid with carnelian, garnet, and emerald and filled with red wine. In his left hand, he was holding a black, leather whip.

“The party is already getting started down in the sex dungeon. Would you like me to lead you down?” he asked.

“Oh, I can find my own way down,” I replied. I had been to his sex dungeon dozens, if not hundreds, of times before, so I knew exactly where it was.

“Well, go on down,” he said. “I’ll join in on the fun once everyone’s arrived. Maybe I’ll join you specifically.”

He reached down and grasped his crotch suggestively. I smiled and winked in return.

Once that little exchange with Lord Keret was finished, I walked over to a door that was conspicuously not carved or decorated in any way and opened it. I went down a short, stone staircase, which led me into an enormous, cavernous room which lay beneath the heart of Lord Keret’s mansion.

Like the room above, the walls were decorated with beautiful frescoes depicting all kinds of sex acts and the floor was decorated with mosaics. In the center of the room, there was an enormous hearth larger than any other I had ever seen, with a huge bonfire that lit up most of the room. In addition, bright torches were blazing on all the walls. Mattresses with pillows and blankets were strewn across the floor, along with all kinds of sex toys and other objects meant for sexual uses.

I was quite astonished to find that there were already at least a hundred guests there and some of them were already having sex. Usually Lord Keret’s parties only had maybe a couple dozen guests or so, but this one was really something else. It seemed like every single aristocrat in the city of Sodom was present.

I saw one woman bent over on all fours on top of a mattress, screaming in ecstasy and rubbing her clit while another woman wearing a strap-on dildo fucked her from behind. Three women and a man were standing around watching the two women as they did this. At another end of the room, I saw a man chained on top of a mattress with a blindfold on while another man slowly poured small amounts of hot wax onto his skin.

Several dozen slaves were standing around holding golden platters bearing wine and refreshments for the guests. They were all completely naked aside from the black collars around their throats and the iron shackles around their ankles that were chained to the walls to prevent them from going anywhere.

Although some people were already into full-on sex, most people were still standing around talking, in various stages of undress. I made my way through the crowds, looking for someone to fuck.

That was when my eyes met with a stunningly gorgeous woman with light brown skin and straight black hair that hung all the way down her back. She looked to be about the same age as me and she was wearing a beautiful white ke?one?. Her breasts were full, but not excessively large. She had a petite figure with a slim waist and wide hips.

I saw her and felt myself growing mad with lust. My pussy was absolutely soaked. She was so gorgeous that I instantly knew that I needed to fuck her. She was staring at me with her amazing, big, brown eyes and I could tell that she wanted me just as badly as I wanted her. I ran up to her and introduced myself.

“I’m Donatiya,” I introduced.

“I’m Pigat,” she replied.

“You’re absolutely gorgeous. Will you please let me fuck you?” I asked with characteristic frankness.

She giggled.

“As it happens, right now, I’m mostly interested in women and, as soon as I saw you, I wanted to have you,” she replied.

I didn’t waste another moment. I immediately threw my arms around her and started making out with her. Our bodies pressed together so closely that it seemed as though we would meld into one person. Her lips were so soft and so delicious. I felt her soft breasts pressed against mine. I yearned for more of her. I wanted to fuck her in every way I could and make her scream in ecstasy.

Moving away from her lips, I trailed kisses down her cheeks, down her neck, to her breasts. I peeled her ke?one? off her shoulder, letting it fall to the ground, exposing her flawless figure to my lustful gaze. Meanwhile, she did the same thing to me, so that we were standing together naked.

“Let’s lie down,” I told her, leading her over to one the mattresses that Lord Keret had laid out. We laid down together on the mattress and I climbed on top of her. Lying on top, I felt her soft body and her breasts beneath me. She reached up to touch my curly hair. When she was done admiring my hair, she spoke.

“The last time I fucked a man was about a year ago. He impregnated me and, as a result, I recently gave birth to a baby boy,” she explained. “I abandoned it in the wilderness to die, of course, since I’m not interested in raising a child. Because I’ve given birth, though, I’m lactating. I would love for you to drink my milk.”

I had always fantasized about drinking a woman’s breast milk, so I was more than eager to fulfill her wishes. I brought my mouth to her left tit and began to suck. Soon, I tasted her milk, which flowed from her nipple. It tasted delicious, better than any milk I’d ever tasted before. I could feel my arousal growing with every taste. After I drank all the milk that was in her left tit, I moved on to drink all the milk from her right tit.

Once I drank all Pigat’s milk, I was absolutely burning with lust. I needed more of her, so I moved my mouth down to her cunt. It had a strong, musky scent to it. I lowered my mouth and began to run long, slow licks up the length of her labia. I saw her clench her fists, clinging to the mattress beneath her.

I was licking Pigat’s cunt for probably about five minutes when Lord Keret and one of the men he had been talking to upstairs came over. I looked up while continuing to eat out my lover to see that they were both fully naked now and their cocks were both thoroughly turgid.

“Can we join you?” Lord Keret asked.

“I’m not interested in doing anything with men right now,” Pigat responded.

I tore my mouth away from Pigat’s cunt long enough to say: “I would love to have a man fuck me from behind while I eat out Pigat’s pussy.”

Lord Keret grinned.

“It’s a done deal then! Paebel will fuck me, while I fuck Donatiya, while she fucks Pigat!”

I lifted my ass in the air as I returned to eating Pigat out. Lord Keret approached me from behind and I felt him insert his thick, hard cock into my own cunt. Soon after he did so, Paebel inserted his cock in Lord Keret’s ass.

“Oh ?Aštart that feels amazing!” he groaned.

I felt it as Lord Keret began to fuck me and Paebel began to fuck him in turn. We were all fucking each other. I loved having cock and pussy at the same time.

I began slowly circling Pigat’s clit with my tongue, building up her anticipation. After a little while, I began to trace circles around it just a little bit faster until she was moaning in ecstasy. She gave a slight gush of liquid directly onto my face. It might have been female ejaculate or it might have been urine. I was too caught up in the moment to tell. Whatever it was, I loved it because it came from her.

Meanwhile, Lord Keret was beginning to thrust into me faster and faster. He was groaning with every thrust and I could tell he wasn’t going to last much longer. I sucked Pigat’s clit into my mouth and brought my right hand to my own clit to play with it as he fucked me.

Soon, Lord Keret gave a loud groan and I could tell he was spurting all of his seed into me. Paebel groaned also as he spurted his own seed into Lord Keret’s rectum. I felt Lord Keret’s cock go limp and slip out of my pussy. I could feel his semen dripping out of my opening onto the mattress.

By this point, everyone in our little fuck group had come except for me. This situation, however, was not to last long.

I tore my mouth away from Pigat’s clit and sat up.

“Now the two of you switch places,” I said. “Keret, let me suck your cock. Pigat, eat my pussy.”

They eagerly switched. Pigat bought her head to my crotch and I felt her tongue along my opening, cleaning up the seed Lord Keret had left there. Meanwhile, Lord Keret was trying to coax his cock back to fullness. Once he had managed to get it back up, he offered it to me and I gladly took it in my mouth. I could taste my own pussy juices on his skin. I relished in my own taste.

I slowly sucked his cock, sloppily drooling all over it as I did so. I could feel my orgasm building in my loins as Pigat devoured me from below. She was an absolute expert at eating pussy. Soon I felt the waves of orgasm washing over me. My whole body trembled and I probably would have collapsed if I didn’t still have Lord Keret’s cock in my mouth to hold me up.

Meanwhile, I was giving Lord Keret the full treatment. I licked his balls with my tongue then licked all the way up and down his shaft before taking it back into my mouth. I stroked his balls with my hand as I slid my mouth up and down. Finally, he spurted his hot jizz down my throat. I swallowed all of it without hesitation.

We didn’t stop there, though. Pigt kept going and she brought me to orgasm five more times from eating out my pussy before I finally collapsed from exhaustion, covered in sweat and all kinds of other bodily fluids.

As I came down from my final orgasm, I looked around to see all the glorious depravity that surrounded me. By this point, everyone was done talking and they were all indulging their various lusts.

At the other end of the room, I saw a somewhat older-looking man with long, gray hair and a beard walking on all fours, naked, wearing a horse saddle on his back and a bridle on his face. Meanwhile, a naked woman who looked like she was in her twenties rode him, clutching a leather whip in her right hand, using him like a mere beast of burden.

Nearby, I saw a woman with two men. The woman was bending over while a bearded man with long, wild hair fucked her from behind. He was holding a whip, which he was using to scourge her across the back while he fucked her. Meanwhile, she was sucking the other man’s dick in her mouth, with her arms holding onto his hips.

I saw two men who were dressed in white rabbit costumes that were made from sheep’s wool making out while they stroked each other’s dicks. Nearby, there was a man aggressively fucking a statue of a pig that was made out of leather and slathered in olive oil. A bit further behind him, I saw a man drinking from a cup full of yellow piss while simultaneously squatting to take a shit on a handwritten scroll bearing a holy text.

I also saw a woman who was completely tied up with ropes hanging from the ceiling upside down while another woman who was dressed as a demon licked her pussy. Meanwhile, the woman who was tied up was sucking the dick of a naked man who was lying on the floor beneath her with menstrual blood smeared all over his body. This man, in turn, had a naked woman who was evidently menstruating sitting on his face and was eagerly devouring her cunt.

I reveled to see this display of so many wonderful perversions, but I felt somewhat ashamed that I hadn’t had the opportunity to fully indulge in all my own perverted lusts yet. I wanted to fuck women and men and everyone in between in every imaginable way, and I wasn’t going back to my own mansion until I had done so.

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