The Late, Late Shift

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The late, late shift at a twenty-four hour petrol station is boring.

B O R I N G — Boring.

From 11:00pm to 5:00am, and she didn’t even get a meal break.

Suzanne sighed. She always got some customers early in her shift, and it picked up again after 4:00, but from 2:00 to 4:00 it was dead. One car in this period would be considered a rush.

Now it was 2:30 and she hadn’t seen anyone for the last hour and didn’t really expect anyone for a few more. That’s why she was pleasantly surprised when a car actually pulled up. The driver parked and walked in.

Not wanting petrol, she observed, just a drink and a snack before continuing on his way.

Norm headed over to the checkout cage and handed over his goodies and cash.

“Nice little place you’ve got here,” he said with a smile.

Suzanne rolled her eyes. “Tell me about it,” she said. “You’re the first face I’ve seen in an hour and probably the last for a couple more.”

Norm laughed. “I see,” he said. “A real hive of activity. What do you do to fight off the boredom?”

“There’s nothing to do,” groaned Suzanne. “I read the magazines and watch TV and wait. And wait. I do a lot of waiting. I can’t really complain though, at least I have a job. It’s just that I get so bored at times.”

“I know what you mean,” sympathised Norm. “It’s the pits when there’s no-one around. I suppose I’d better be pushing on.”

Norm straightened up, ready to leave, and then took a slightly closer look at Suzanne. Pretty, very nice bust, early twenties and bored.

He nodded to himself, thoughtfully. “If you’re really bored, might I make a small suggestion?”

Suzanne looked at him, curious. “What?”

“Well,” said Norm with a smile, “I’m really incredibly horny right now. Why not unlock your cage and step out for a few minutes while I spend some quality time relieving your boredom?”

Suzanne blinked, for a moment horribly tempted, just to ease the tedium. Then she caught herself.

“I couldn’t,” she said, blushing. “I mean, really, Adana Escort I just don’t do that sort of thing.”

“Why not?” asked Norm. “It’ll be interesting and fun.”

Suzanne had herself in hand now. “No,” she said decisively. “It’s just not on.”


“What do you mean why?” asked Suzanne.

“Just that. Why? It’s not as though we’d be hurting anyone. Hell, no-one else would even know.”

Suzanne dithered, then relaxed. “Cameras,” she said smiling, pointing to where the security cameras were. “They watch the whole store, and especially this box.”

Norm glanced up at the cameras, checking out their angles. Then he smiled.

“Actually, there’s a blind spot against the side wall there,” he told her. “We could be nice and snug there and pass a little time.”

He looked around the counter, spotted an item discreetly on display and grinned to himself.

“While I’m here,” he said, “I’ll take these as well.”

He handed Suzanne a packet of condoms. Blushing Suzanne rang up the sale and passed Norm his purchase and change.

“Come on,” teased Norm. “Haven’t you ever done anything you feel you shouldn’t? You get that naughty but nice feeling when you do something like that.”

“I just couldn’t,” Suzanne protested.

“But I’m a customer,” said Norm, holding up the condoms, “and the customer is always right. You don’t want me to waste my money, do you?”

Suzanne gulped, strongly tempted, but managed to shake her head.

“Hmm,” said Norm, eyeing her. “Fifty to help you change your mind?”

Suzanne blinked, mildly offended. What did he think she was?

“Not for a hundred,” she snapped.

“You’ve got that right,” sighed Norm. “I haven’t got a hundred on me. I can go to seventy five and remember, it’s all tax free.”

“Can’t you take no for an answer,” demanded Suzanne.

“I can, but why should I when we both want to have a little fun?” coaxed Norm. “Tell me, would that camera notice if you undid a couple more buttons on Adana Escort Bayan your blouse?”

Suzanne glanced down at where her charms were straining against the thin blouse. She was vaguely annoyed to notice that her nipples were prominently pressed against the cloth. She was quite sure Norm had noticed.

“Yes,” she snapped. “The camera sees everything in this cage.”

“But not in that little area next to the wall,” murmured Norm. “Why not fly the coop for ten or twenty minutes.”

Suzanne felt like crawling under the counter and hiding. He was like a tank, just rolling smoothly along. She rather suspected that if she hadn’t been locked in, she would already be naked and being ravished. She squirmed at the delicious thought.

Suzanne looked at Norm and silently groaned. He wasn’t the most handsome man she’d seen, but he was big and had muscles, not fat.

“Oh, the hell with this,” she snapped. She turned and unlocked the cage and stepped out, ready to march straight back in if Norm showed even one hint of triumph.

Suzanne walked calmly across the store to the camera’s black spot and turned and waited as Norm approached.

“Now what,” she asked, suddenly nervous about what she had let herself in for.

“Now we relax and take things slowly,” said Norm. “That way you can change your mind if you want to.”

He reached over and flicked open those buttons that had been teasing him, letting her blouse spring open, giving a view of a very nice cleavage. His hand reached up and gently traced his hand along the edge of the bra, just teasing her breasts, but not dipping beneath the bra. Not yet, anyway.

Suzanne wasn’t quite sure how he managed it, but her blouse was now fully unbuttoned and his hands were deftly unhooking her bra. She sighed as the bra dropped free, exposing her bounty to his hungry eyes.

Norm gently cupped Suzanne’s breasts, moving slowly, being careful not to scare her. His lips dipped and caressed the sensitive globes, sucking gently Escort Adana on her nipples.

As Suzanne watched, Norm sank down onto one knee and reaching under her skirt he hooked her panties and drew them down, helping her to step out of them. She waited nervously for him to start moving in on the privileges he’d uncovered, but he rose smoothly to his feet again.

Then he was kissing her, and she was kissing him back, glorying in the feel of his lips on hers, his tongue duelling with hers, and his hands playing havoc with her breasts.

Time was passing pleasantly, and Suzanne was lost in her pleasures, not even noticing when one of Norm’s hands dropped to undo a zip and give him a little more freedom.

The kissing continued, and the first Suzanne realised how far things had progressed was when she found that something was pressing up between her lips. She started and tried to pull away, but Norm was continuing to kiss her while quietly invading her body below.

She was lost. She could feel this throbbing through her entire body and all she could do was move with it. She was aching, and this gentle rocking motion was assuaging the ache, turning it to pleasure and driving the pleasure to a peak.

Suzanne rocked in place, riding Norm while he took his pleasure of her. The store, the possible cameras, potential customers, these were all forgotten, washed away by the sensations rippling through her body. As far as she was concerned, if the boss himself came in she’d just tell him to wait until Norm was finished.

And then Suzanne found herself bucking and screaming as Norm was finishing, and she was finishing with him.

Suzanne leant against the wall, feeling Norm pulling her panties up. “Thoughtful of him,” she thought. “If I bent down to do it I’d fall on my face.”

Then Norm was helping her don her bra and blouse, and she was finally coming to her senses, still breathing hard.

“That has got to have helped your boredom a little,” he told her. “I know it has mine. But I think you have to get back in your cage. You shouldn’t really be out of it too long. You might get a customer.”

Suzanne slipped back in the cage, locking the door behind her. “Another customer like him would just about kill me,” she thought, watching Norm leave with a cheery wave.

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