The Legend of Dark Cupid

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There is a little-known legend of a mythical entity known simply as Dark Cupid, and if you are willing to listen with an open heart the tales be told of this powerful presence are astounding. Here is one such saga.

Jimmy, Amanda’s beloved son, tragically died on Valentine’s Day close to midnight. The time of death was officially recorded as midnight, but the coroner said it was a best guess estimate as to when he actually died. It might have been a few minutes before or after. Amanda had no way of knowing when Jimmy actually passed away as she had left him in the car after it had run off the road.

She had swerved on that lonely winding road to try and avoid some small woodland creature and lost control of the vehicle. She had replayed the night a million times over in her head, and a million times she had just run the damn thing over exchanging its life for that of her son.

The car had slipped down a sharp embankment, nearly turning over before slamming into a tree. Jimmy, sitting next to her in the front seat, was knocked out cold, with a trail of blood trickling down his forehead, but somehow Amanda had remained conscious.

She needed to get help and fast. She also knew she could not move him from the car as he had no idea as to the extent of his injuries. She hated to do it, but she kissed him lightly on his forehead and said goodbye promising to return soon. She climbed out of the car as the first heavy snow started to come down.

She was dizzy and disoriented from her own blow to the head when the car tumbled down the embankment so instead of heading back towards the road in hopes of finding help she wandered deeper into the sparse undergrowth before finally getting herself lost.

By the night of the accident, her marriage was in shambles as Tony, once again, had been cheating on her. She wanted to leave him, but was afraid of his dire threats to take Jimmy from her and disappear. Her son was her only salvation in an otherwise dreary life.

Amanda was a good catholic girl so she did not believe in divorce, even if she had thought that was a safe option, which due to Tony’s awful temper it certainly was not. Tony knew he had his wife boxed in a corner and so he took advantage of her ill-advised belief in the sanctity of marriage along with her belief that he was capable of doing great harm to her if she ever thought of leaving him.

Amanda suffered in silence daring not to cheat herself. Tony had a most vicious temper, in addition to being insanely jealous over his attractive wife. She was a true beauty with tumbles of russet-brown hair that fell past her shoulders in a perfect wave of teased curls, along with a pair of big dreamy hazel eyes that were somehow both alluring and innocent all at the same time.

Those eyes, combined with her full pouty succulent lips and her peerless bronzed complexion, left many a man in her wake with broken hearts. Men who could only dream what it would be like to walk into a room and have a lady of such exquisite beauty perched on their arm. When she smiled, flashing those dazzling angel-white teeth, it was simply electrifying.

Finally, there was that sculpted figure of hers that must have been made by the Gods when they were in a very good mood. At 5′ 8″ and weighing 136 pounds with awe inspiring measurements of 37-24-36 Amanda looked fine.

While her long muscular legs and super nice ass were indeed enviable assets, it was her tremendous all natural 37 F breasts that were the real show stoppers. Those astonishingly big tits of hers were the whispered talk of the town in the boring little burg of Maple Valley, Vermont.

Sadly, Amanda soon realized men had a hard time accepting she could be anything but a walking sexpot due to her large breasts. But maybe worse of all the one man who should have appreciated her breasts, her husband of course, only made fun of them. He said they were big and ugly and that she should do the world a favor and have a breast reduction. It was all part of his nasty disposition, coupled with his obsessive need to keep his pretty wife emotionally insecure.

Lacking love and emotional comfort from her husband only pushed Amanda deeper into the arms of Jimmy. He was the shining light of her life while providing the only source of comfort.

Then came that fateful moment in time when everything changed- Valentine’s Day 2007. Tony was off hunting for the weekend with his buddies caring little that he was leaving his wife alone on this special day.

When Jimmy noticed how distraught his mother was being left alone he made plans to take her out on a very special Valentine’s Day date. He managed to scrape together enough cash to book a reservation at one of the nicer restaurant in one of the larger towns a few miles down the road from Maple Hill. They decided not to have dinner in Maple Hill as it would make too many tongues wag in the little town were idle gossip was king.

Jimmy was 18 now and just starting to see what a truly shitty deal his mother escort reklamları had been dealt in the husband department. He had been sensing for a long time that his father did not treat his mother the way she deserved.

She deserved better and he planned on giving her just even if it was for only one night. He would take her for a nice little dinner date and maybe even a dance or two as the dark romantic restaurant he chose had a small dance floor just off the dining area. Amanda accepted his invitation for their “date” just as she did everything – with quiet grace and honor.

She went all out in getting herself ready for their special evening, including buying a tight white dress that showed off her abundance of curves. When she came floating down the stairs in her new dress Jimmy was spellbound by her glittery beauty.

As for him, Amanda made Jimmy dress formally in black dress slacks with a white dress shirt and blue tie. She told him he looked as handsome and as adorable as any 18 year old boy could ever hope to look.

He was beaming with young male pride as they entered the expensive Italian restaurant arm in arm. Just as he hoped they had a wonderful time. The highlight of the evening came when Jimmy shyly asked her to dance after dinner. It was a romantic slow song and Jimmy held his mother tight just as she clung to him fighting back tears of joy that she finally was being treated like a lady.

As a reward for her son’s dedication to her, Amanda all during that fateful evening was planning a bit of a surprise for Jimmy when they got home. She was planning on baking a special Valentine Day’s cake for the two of them to enjoy in front of a warm fire on this bitterly cold and snowy evening.

Beyond the cake she had visions of maybe suggesting Jimmy give her a nice little back rub as she stretched out on the coach. She was sure he would jump at the chance to give his mother a nice massage.

But her secret hope for the evening was that maybe “Naughty James” would make an appearance before the night was over to spice things up a bit. Naughty James was merely Jimmy’s dark side that came to life from time to time. Amanda was the one that started playfully referring to this side of his personality as “Naughty James.” James was everything the shy, serious, soft spoken Jimmy was not—frisky, playful, lively, but maybe most of all he was a bit devilish in a naughty way—hence the nickname.

If Amanda ever barked at James/Jimmy for being too mischievous then Jimmy would simply crawl back into his shell would leave Amanda feeling depressed and lonely. There was no denying that she adored Jimmy with all her heart and soul, but without the added spice of James’ playful spirit she sadly found her son a bit boring.

There was one other compelling reason why she so liked James even if he lived up to his nick name and was a bit naughty. Her reasoning was simple- Jimmy was a sweet boy that everyone liked—he had plenty of friends at school, his teachers always spoke glowingly of him, hell even his shit ass father seemed to tolerate him. In other words she was forced to share Jimmy with the world, but Naughty James, as far as she could tell, he was hers and hers alone.

Amanda had made subtle inquires of their friends and family, of teachers at the school, of kids he hung around in the nearby neighborhood, and all of them said the same thing: Jimmy was always exceedingly polite and well behaved. He never showed any signs of a naughty nature to anyone -except her. It made her feel special even if she did at times doubt that Jimmy truly had a split personality, or an evil twin, or whatever one wanted to call it.

The truth was she only very briefly ever considered taking him to a doctor, a shrink that is, to see if there was truly something wrong with him, but in the end she knew Tony would surely find out and be upset.

He did not believe much in the whole idea of going to a doctor to discuss emotional problems, or any problems for that matter. He believed greatly in the concept of the all-powerful self-reliant man. If Jimmy went to a doctor they would get nothing but grief for it. But maybe the more compelling reason why she didn’t take him to a doctor for was she simply did not want him to change.

What if some psychiatrist fucked him up and he changed? What if Naughty James disappeared completely? That was something Amanda did not want. She didn’t want him to change. The truth was she enjoyed his evil little sidekick even if she did get angry at him from time to time for taking things a little too far.

Now they were both gone- forever- thanks to her kind heart and that stupid critter on the road that evening. If only she would have steeled her nerves to run the stupid thing over, but instead they found her later that evening, shivering half froze to death, minus her winter jacket as she had used it to cover Jimmy up in the car. She had passed out in the sparse undergrowth close to the road gaziantep escort reklamları and was near death herself.

After exiting the car for help, she had become lost in the dark, and then panicking she began to run. Eventually, she stumbled over a log and crashed to the ground knocking herself out when her head hit a fairly good sized rock that was embedded in the frozen ground. Luckily for her, she fell just a few feet short of the road, but unfortunately the road was not well-traveled, especially on cold winter nights.

It would be nearly 15 minutes before a car slowed down, just happening to notice the dark shape passed out next to the road. The doctors told her if she would have stayed out there much longer she might not have survived herself as the temperature continued to drop during the night.

When she came to in the nice warm hospital the first words out of her mouth were, “My baby . . .” The nurse sadly shook her head. Amanda’s head fell back on the pillow as the tears trickled down her cheeks.

The next six months passed with Amanda in a near comatose state; the crushing grief she was a constant companion that never left her side. She popped anti-depressants by the handful just to cope with the simplest of tasks.

The only bright spot was she finally found the courage to divorce Tony who had been nearly useless in helping her cope with her depression. He took off leaving the state never to be heard from again which was just fine with her.

Amanda was now utterly alone and when a friend suggested seeing a Dr. Adams, a healing spiritualist, to try and calm her nerves Amanda figured she had nothing to lose.

Her nerves were not being helped by the strange happening in the house. Nothing too weird, but still strange nevertheless. For instance, sometimes when she downstairs in the living room, Amanda would hear the pitter-patter of feet upstairs in both the hallway and in Jimmy’s bedroom.

At other times, doors would slam shut or suddenly fly open. Sometimes she would come downstairs in the morning and her coffee would already be made. This was one of the sweet things Jimmy used to do for her knowing her mother was useless until she had her first cup of morning java.

Amanda tried to blame it on her battered nerves, but in the end, she was sure it was not her nerves or her imagination. Somethings strange was afoot of this she was sure.

Even more unnerving was at times she felt like she was being watched from any one of the numerous dark corners that could be found in the old house. Even more unnerving was these times especially seemed to occur when she was getting undressed for the evening.

She was desperately lonely in the big old house all by herself. She thought about moving, starting a new life elsewhere, but in the end, it would be too much like leaving Jimmy permanently. This was the house he grow up in; the house where they had shared a million smiles and laughs. She simply could not sell it and move on. Not yet anyways.

The first time she met Dr. Adams, Amanda felt instantly at ease with her. She was a kindly older lady, maybe in her mid-fifties Amanda would have guessed who seemed perfectly willing to accept Amanda’s suggestion that the strange goings on in the house may have been Jimmy. So when she suggested they hold a séance to try and contact him Amanda jumped at the idea.

It is with this séance that our story really begins. The séance begins shortly after 9 pm on a stormy spring night. They hold hands as the doctor performs the various rituals to contact the dead. Dr. Adams soon slips into a trance before things suddenly take a left turn into Bizarro World.

Amanda senses they are no longer alone in the dark living room. A black presence has entered the room and is slowly making itself known. Amanda watches with bated breath as the doctor asks the presence to identify itself in a flat monotone voice.

The doctor’s eyes first become glazed, and then roll back in her head. Then much to Amanda’s shock Dr. Adams begins to speak to her in a soft voice.

The voice sounds similar to Jimmy’s quiet patient voice that Amanda fondly remembers so well, but the words being spoken fill her heart with a despairing sadness. “Mommy, it’s so cold and freezing. Please come back Mommy. I’m hurt . . . bleeding.”

Then another voice interjected. A bold confident voice. “Mommy left us to die! All alone in that cold broken car. Why did you leave us?” The voice, so different from the first coming from Dr. Adams, shocks Amanda for there seems to be an underlying sense of anger to it.

She wonders- this could not be her sweet Jimmy speaking with such bold confidence, no it sounded much more like- and then it hits her—the boldness of the voice, the anger that was more like Naughty James.

“I left to get help,” Amanda cries out softly on the verge of tears. “You must believe me.”

“I’m so cold. Where is Mommy? I need my Mommy,” gaziantep escort bayan reklamları the voice responds in a snivel sounding both sweet and pathetic. That would be Jimmy again.

“Oh, honey is that you. Talk to mommy!!” Amanda is growing excited, worried and scared all at once as the séance is working.

“You left us to die. Cold and bleeding.” Both voices, Jimmy and James, seem to be speaking blended together. Their harrowing accusation panic poor Amanda, but not half as much as the new voice that is about to join the party.

“Alone in the car you left him to die. What kind of mother does that!!?” This new voice booms out at Amanda like rolling thunder full of malice and hate shocking her into silence. She waits; breathing heavily to see if it will return.

Finally after several long moments of silence where all that can be heard is the loud ticking of the ancient grandfather clock stuck in the far corner, Amanda deems it necessary to respond.

She starts out tentatively. “N-no, p-please you must understand. I . . . I don’t know who you are, but you must b-believe me. I went to get help. I got lost. Fell and got knocked out.”

“Please my dear Amanda, I must be told the truth. Dark Cupid always requires the truth no matter how it pains one to utter it. Yes I require it . . . if nothing more than for Jimmy’s sake.” Now speaking with a calmer tone the older male voice sounds like the refined voice of a sophisticated world traveler.

Amanda is struck dumb for a moment. Who the hell is Dark Cupid? Furthermore, what would Cupid have to do with this whole affair? And how does he . . . it know her name?

Downright bewildered her mind whirls with these questions. And then somewhere deep in her brain a connection is made for at least one part of the puzzle.

What would Cupid have to do with this whole affair? She remembers—the night of the accident when Jimmy died it was Valentine’s Day, but still . . . who the hell . . . or what is a Dark Cupid?

Amanda takes a deep breath preparing to engage this Dark Cupid in conversation and tell him the truth as she sees it. Thus far the fact Jimmy has remained silent, along with James, leads her to suspect that this Dark Cupid character is some kind of controlling entity.

Another deep breath, now speak firm and patient to this ghostly presence, if that indeed what it is, she tells herself. “The truth is simple Mr. Cupid. I had an accident trying to avoid running over some kind of small animal. The car ran off the road . . . crashed badly. I was . . . yeah, lucky all right and not hurt, but Jimmy. He was knocked out. I . . .” She nearly breaks down in tears ripping the scabs off her emotional wounds like this, but somehow after a quick sniffle or two, she manages to get hold of herself.

“I left him. I wanted to get help. I tried to make it back to the road. Flag a car down maybe.”

“Why did you not just call 9-1-1 on your cell phone?” The voice interjects with calm patience.

“That was Jimmy. He insisted I not take it to the restaurant. He wanted my undivided attention all night he insisted.”

“Understandable. Please continue.”

“I got turned around in the dark. Wandered away from the road. It was dark and snowy . . . the road I was on that leads back to our house eventually is a bit lonely. No lights there. I got lost. Panicked. Ran. Stumbled and fell I guess I . . . later I awoke in the hospital.”

“I sense no lying in your voice. Dark Cupid can always hear the noxious smell of a lie. . . but your words seem to speak the truth.”

“S-so you believe me?”

“Yes, but hmm Jimmy he might need a bit more convincing from his Mommy to win over his heart I am afraid.”

“Jimmy is . . . is he here. Is he OK?” Amanda asks hesitantly.

“OK is a relative term, much too complex to discuss now as for being here. Hmm yes, let’s just say he is here with me . . . in spirit form of course, but here nonetheless.”

“I . . . can you tell m-“

“I am afraid I can tell you nothing,” he interrupts her firmly. “At least not for the moment Amanda. Instead, for now, all you must do is answer one simple question. “Why did you leave, why did you not stay with your beloved son?”

This was a question that has haunted Amanda ever since the night of the accident. A question she has answered over and over again in her mind, but with an answer that always fails to give little comfort.

“I just left to get help is all. Yes I should have stayed, but I didn’t know how badly he was hurt . . .” Her voice trails off as she wonders what really might have happened if she had stayed. Could they have huddled together and stayed warm until help arrived. Before she can decide one way or the other her thoughts are interrupted. The words these entity speaks to her come as a mighty shock.

“You were supposed to die together . . . in each other arms as I had planned.”

“I . . . I don’t understand.” Amanda cries feeling her heart break into a million pieces at the thought of dying together alone in that car with her poor sweet Jimmy next to her. That surely would have been better than this living hell she has been enduring ever since his death.

“Listen and obey and leave the understanding for another day . . . that is if you ever want to fulfill your secret and most forbidden dreams of that night when you never made it home.”

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