The Limo Driver Ch. 02

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He awoke in his new bed with a hard cock. Sliding his hand under the covers, he circled his cock with his fingers and started to slowly pull himself. Becoming aroused, he pushed the covers down. His cock was nice and long in his hand, the large head swollen and stretched tight. He stroked faster with images of the previous day going through his mind. Her on all fours with her parted pussy, its open hole waiting to be fucked. Fucking her between her open legs in the backseat of the limo. Smelling her cunt on her fingers while she rode him. Oh fuck. Groaning loudly he came, his cock stiffened, erupting in spasms of hard squirts, shooting thick cum over his chest and stomach. Fuck that felt good he thought, slowly stroking out the last drops of cum. He was so tempted to start again but decided against it. He had a busy day ahead and couldn’t spend all morning wanking in bed.

Upstairs, a similar scene was playing out. On her back, her legs drawn up and wide apart, she was furiously rubbing at her clit and pushing a thick flesh colored dildo inside her.

“Fuck me with that big cock.” She moaned, pushing the dildo in hard and deep, her fingers a blur between her legs.

“That’s it fuck me, cum in my pussy.” She cried out, her pussy starting to gush over her fingers and the dildo.

“Oh God, fuck, yes!” she cried, cumming hard, frantically thrusting her cunt up against the dildo and her fingers, fucking them both hard in her orgasm.

Finally spent, she lay panting, the dildo still in her pussy and a dark wet patch on the sheets between her open legs. Even having just cum, she couldn’t stop thinking about his big cock. I have to calm down she thought to herself. Her husband would be home tomorrow. That would calm things down. She didn’t like to do it with him at home. She knew he wouldn’t mind her fucking the driver but she didn’t like to rub his nose in it. I still have all today and tonight though. God, she was incorrigible.

He spent the morning collecting his meager possessions from his shared apartment, telling his roommate he wouldn’t be returning. After that it was a trip to the tailor. Around noon with his purchases loaded up, he returned to the house and went to his room. He had just finishing squaring everything away when the intercom sounded. Answering it, she asked him to join her in the living room. As he walked into the room, she invited him to sit next to her.

“I have a little matter to talk to you about.” She said. “It’s a bit of an opportunity you may or may not be interested in.” His interest piqued, they sat on the bed and she started to explain.

She had a group of women friends that for one reason or other didn’t have a driver so she would lend them hers for a few hours or the day. The women had various driving needs like, maybe a trip out into the country. There was no set fee for the service but the women would give him a tip, the size of which depended on their satisfaction with his driving. It was an opportunity to make some good extra money. Although she hadn’t spelt it out, he knew exactly what she meant recalling the trip out into the country yesterday.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked.

Yes, he would be very interested. The chance to make some good money fucking pussy sounded just up his street and he told her so.

“Okay.” She said. “I’m having them all over for drinks today. You could give me a hand and they could get to meet you. I also have a little idea that might just seal the deal and get you some good driving jobs.” She went on to explain her idea and he agreed to it. It might even be fun he thought.

“Will you need me to drive you anywhere today?” he asked.

“I need you to drive me right now in your room.” She said hungry for his cock.

Standing by the bed, she raised a leg placing her foot on it, riding her dress up revealing her panties. Straight away, his hand was between her legs, rubbing her through the sheer material. She fumbled with his belt and unzipped him as he slid his fingers inside the leg of her panties, his fingers Ordu Escort keen to explore the wet slit hidden beneath them. She had his cock out, gripping it tightly, excitedly pulling him, wanting him hard. She was wet and her clit already hard as he stroked between her soft pussy lips.

“Fuck I want you.” She said in a husky voice, her hand eagerly massaging his growing shaft and swelling head.

Thirsty for her wetness, he fell to his knees in front of her. Just as eager to feel his tongue on her, she pulled her panties aside and pushed her pussy forward. Groaning with desire, he pressed his face between her legs, his tongue urgently seeking out her drenched opening and hard clit.

“Oh, that feels so fucking good.” She sighed, as his warm tongue parted her lips and licked between them. Raising his hand, he slipped two fingers inside her as he lapped at her hard throbbing clit.

“Oh my God!” she cried out, her pussy flooding.

“Put your cock in me.” She implored him, desperate to feel him inside her.

Standing up, he pulled down his pants and lowered her onto her back across the bed. Pulling her panties off, he opened her legs, wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her rear to the very edge of the bed. With her legs spread wide and in the air, he entered her, his hard thick cock stretching her open as he pushed deep inside. Jesus her cunt was wet.

“That’s it; stick that big cock in me.” She urged him on, her excitement growing by the second. Thrusting, he plunged his cock deep inside her.

“Yes! Like that, fuck my cunt!” she yelled, her pussy on fire, filled with hard throbbing cock. Incensed by her pleas and frantic to cum himself, he lunged between her legs, his balls slapping her ass with each hard thrust into her.

“Oh fuck.” She was cumming, her pussy squirting, drenching them both.

“Oh God.” He groaned, feeling cum rushing from his balls, the numbness overtaking him. His whole body jerked as his cock twitched in her cunt delivering its load of cum deep in her body.

“So fast.” She gasped amazed. “Fuck that was good!” Breathless, he could only nod his agreement as his softening cum covered cock slipped from her pussy.

Dressed and about to leave, she turned to him lying naked on the bed.

“Wear one of your new suits to the drinks later, the light one I think.” She said and walked out the door.

Wearing his new suit, he met her in the kitchen at the agreed time. She was already pouring champagne into crystal glasses set out on a silver tray.

“You’ve scrubbed up nice.” She said, admiring him in his smart attire.

“Thanks,” he replied. “What would you like me to do?”

“Bring this tray of drinks to the ladies.” She said handing him the tray. Taking it from her, he followed her to the living room.

There was a group of women, about eight all told, sitting around the living room. They varied in age, he guessed from around early thirties to mid-sixties. All were well dressed and obviously well to do. Each one smiled at him and said hello as he passed out their drinks. He could feel them looking him over as he walked around the room with the tray. Inspecting the merchandise he thought to himself. He sat by himself in the corner of the room until it was time to refresh their drinks. About to carry the tray from the kitchen, she came in and told him it was time. Handing out the tray of drinks he left the room and went into another one just down the hall. Stripping naked, he turned off the light and laid on the bed waiting.

“You know the rules ladies.” she said. “All of you except one get a chance to have a quick fondle your prospective driver. The lucky one gets a full test drive. Now if you would like to put your names in the hat, we will choose the winner.” As she went around the room, each woman put a slip of paper with her name on it into the bowl she was carrying.

“And the winner is…”

The darkness of the room lit by the door opening and a figure stepped inside. It returned to blackness as the door Ordu Escort Bayan closed again. The figure moved to the bed and reached out a hand. He felt soft fingers touch his chest, rubbing over it before working down to his cock. They ran all over it and his balls before curling around his shaft. Slowly the hand began to pull him, his shaft thickening and growing with each tug. He heard her suck in her breath when he hand slid the entire length of his erect cock. The hand left his cock and the woman departed the way she came, leaving him in darkness again with a throbbing cock. A minute or two later, the next woman came in. Like the first one, she stroked him for a minute or two and just when he thought she was done, the hand gripped his shaft and he felt a warm mouth cover the head. It slid down his shaft twice before it was gone. One by one, the remaining women entered, felt him and left. Only one stood out. As she was pulling his cock, he heard a rustle of material and then a whimper. Through the vibrations of her hand and the bed with her leg pressed against it, he could tell she was rubbing herself at the same time. She didn’t cum before leaving but he could tell she was very aroused.

His employer came in and turned on a lamp. It was time for the prize winner. The room could be lit. After all it was a full try out.

“You have a lot of very happy faces out there.” She said to him. “Do the next one like you have me and you’ll be rolling in it my dear.” Getting up off the bed, she ran her fingernails along the shaft of his cock and left.

He was sitting naked on the edge of the bed when the winner came in, barefoot and dressed in one of his employer’s robes. Standing up, he met her beside the bed. Undoing her robe, he slid it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She was middle aged and on the plump side but she wore her weight well. Her body was curvaceous with full round breasts and very arousing. Her pussy was shaved with plump outer lips forming a beautiful crease between them. He could feel his cock stiffening just looking at her. Moving behind her, he pressed against her bottom and slid a hand around her to caress her breast. His other hand reached around and stroked the top of her thigh, working up to the shaved pussy at the top. His fingers nearing her pussy, she moved her feet apart, opening up her thighs giving his access to the already wet cunt between them. Slowly his fingers stroked up and down her wet lips before sinking between them onto her clit. She moaned softly and pushed her rear back against the hard cock pressed against it. He kissed the nape of her neck as he rubbed her hard clit until she was shaking in his arms. Ready to be fucked, he turned her and laid her on the edge of the bed. She raised her legs and he opened them up and let his cock rest along her pussy. Pressing the top of his cock, he rubbed the hard shaft along the length of her aching cunt.

“Oh God!” she cried, wanting his cock so badly she was quivering. Sliding his cock down her pussy, he pressed the head into her opening. She sucked in her breath, waiting for him to enter her. He pushed forward, forcing his cock inside her tight opening.

“Oh shit!” she cried out in pain and pleasure, her eyes wide with the feel of being stretched so wide open. Starting to thrust, he fed more and more of his cock into her. Smooth strokes of cock sliding deeper and deeper with each thrust.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out loudly with each deeper thrust, her cunt on fire with arousal, wanting more and more of his hardness in her. Now they were fucking hard with all of him inside her. His balls slapping her ass as her hips worked her pussy, fucking him back.

Out in the living room they all sat in silence, listening to the cries coming from the other room. They were the cries of a woman being fucked hard by a big cock. Some were finding it hard to sit still; all of them with wet aroused pussies. Suddenly one woman got up and made for the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet and still hearing the cries from Escort Ordu the bedroom, she pulled down her panties, opened her legs and began frantically rubbing between them. Within seconds, she was jerking and shaking on the toilet as she came hard.

In the bedroom, she was sobbing on the bad, her legs shaking out of control with his cock still jammed in her. He slid out and pulled her up off the bed. Quickly, he turned her around and bent her over. With her standing legs apart on the floor and resting on her elbows on the bed, he moved behind her and rammed his hard cock back into her pussy. She moaned loudly as he entered her again, the feel of his cock back in her pussy exciting her already aroused pussy further.

“Oh God, fuck me!” she yelled, bracing herself for the hard battering against her ass to come. Holding her hips, he thrust with all his might into her, making her cry out loud each time his cock slid deep.

“Fuck it!” said one of the women in the living room, unable to take any more of the fucking sounds coming from the bedroom. Opening her legs, she put a hand up under her skirt and started to rub herself through her panties. The other women watched on as she slid her hand down inside the front of her panties and started furiously rubbing her clit. They all stared, unable to take their eyes from between her legs. The sight of her masturbating and the sounds from the bedroom had all of their pussies drenched. She came with a loud roar of release and collapsed back in her chair with her hand still down the front of her panties.

Consumed with lust and a primal need to cum, he fucked her hard. She was howling with the intensity of his cock thrusting inside her. He could feel it coming. His balls rose up and the numbness enveloped him as he came deep in her pussy, his cock pulsing out thick cum in her depths. She was done too and collapsed on the bed, her pussy bulging with contractions, her gaped opening snapping open and shut uncontrollably. Dressing, he left her to recover and returned to his room for a drink and a shower. Undoubtedly, he would get a visit later with the results of the afternoon’s events.

He was sitting on the bed propped against the headboard with a drink when the inevitable knock came at the door. Calling out for her to come in, she entered the room smiling and sat on the edge of the bed. Helping herself to a drink from the bottle on the bedside table, she took a sip and turned to him.

“Well, you’ve certainly made quite an impression. You had two of them masturbating and the prize winner could hardly walk afterwards. You must have fucked the shit out of her.” she said laughing. He smiled and took a sip of his drink. He really had fucked the shit out of her.

“By the way, the one you fucked has a nice curvy body, does she have a nice pussy too?” she asked.

“Very nice, why, do you fancy a bit of it as well?”

“I might do.” She said with a mischievous smile.

“Anyway, back to the drinks party” She continued. “It seems that I might be lending out my driver quite a bit. You can expect some very good tips I think.” She said taking another sip of her drink.

“Let’s celebrate then.” He replied, getting up off the bed and refreshing their drinks before sitting back down beside her.

“They weren’t the only ones you made wet listening to you fuck.” She said with an amorous look on her face. Putting down his drink, he unzipped the back of her dress. She stood up and lifted it off over her head and unclipped her bra letting it drop to the floor as he unbuttoned his shirt. Squatting in front of him in just her panties, she undid his belt and unzipped his pants. He lifted off the bed and she pulled his pants off. Still squatting, she opened his legs and moved between them. Taking hold of his flaccid cock, she placed her mouth over the end of it. He leaned back on his elbows as she began to suck him hard, her mouth and tongue working up and down his stiffening shaft and swelling head. Hearing his arousal at his cock hardening in her mouth, she reached down and slipped her hand inside her panties, rubbing her wet slit as she fucked him with her mouth. Needing to feel his cock inside her throbbing pussy, she withdrew her mouth, stood up and pulled down her panties.

“Now fuck me like you did her.” She commanded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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