The Limo Driver Ch. 05

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He was outside washing the limo when she came out to see him dressed in a tight top with no bra and similar fitting shorts that clearly showed she had no panties on either. He couldn’t help but admire her nice cameltoe as she walked towards him.

“Ooh, you can squirt me with your hose anytime.” She said smiling. He moved the hose in his hand to point it at her.

“No, not that one, your other thick one.” She said looking at his groin. He knew exactly what she meant. Truth be told, he was right in the mood to squirt her with his hose. She was exuding an air of sexuality and the thought of cumming all over her pussy was very appealing indeed. That is after he’d fucked it of course. Her husband was still away so there may be a chance to feel her insides with his cock later in the day. Fuck he would love to slip his hand down the front of those shorts right now and feel that shaved cameltoe.

“Your mission should you choose to accept it.” She said and broke off laughing.

Very funny, Mission Impossible, here we go he thought. He tossed the sponge in the bucket and turned off the hose to hear what she had to say.

“You remember the drinks party?” He nodded. “Well, I have a friend that wasn’t there, she never is. For some reason, she wants to remain anonymous.” Okay he told her.

“Here’s the deal. She comes here unannounced and goes into a completely dark room. You enter; show her your usual hospitality and she leaves.”

“Completely dark for the whole time.”

“Yes, you never get to see her face.”

“Okay.” he said, intrigued by the mystery of it all. “I’m in.”

“Good, she will be here later today. I’ll come and get you when she’s ready for you.”

“Just one other thing.” She said.

“What’s that?”

“Would you like a little feel, I saw you eyeing up my pussy a minute or two ago.” She said smiling and moving to stand close in front of him. Aroused, he slipped his hand down the front of her shorts, his fingers sliding over her smooth pussy, one finger sinking between her moist lips, down to her even wetter opening.

“That’s enough for now.” She told him, grabbing his wrist and pulling his hand from inside her shorts. “Save your energy for our guest when she gets here.”

As she walked away she could still feel his fingers on her pussy inside her shorts. Her pussy was tingling and beginning to throb the more she thought about it. She was tempted to say forget the car and fuck come my pussy instead but decided against it. Best save all his delicious cum for her guest. She might have to go upstairs and play with one of her dildos though. In fact, fuck it, that’s what I’m going to do she decided.

With her shorts on the floor and her top pulled up baring her breasts, she laid on the bed with her legs wide apart, a thick nine inch lubed dildo in her hand. Holding it by the base with both hands she started to rub the long shaft along the crease of her pussy between her parted lips and over her throbbing clit. Closing her eyes, she imagined it was his cock, picturing him between her legs, rubbing the underside of his hard shaft over her. She was aching for him to put it inside her. She watched as he pressed it to her opening and pushed it into her. The pain of the thick dildo entering her wet cunt brought her back to reality as it stretched her open. She thrust it inside herself with both hands. Oh yes fuck me. Fuck me with your thick hard cock. The dildo glistened with her wetness as she drove it in and out, imagining him fucking her. Harder, fuck me harder. Her hands pushed it deep, fucking herself hard with the toy. One hand left the dildo and rubbed her clit as her orgasm grew closer and closer. Oh fuck, make me cum, her fingers on her clit a blur, the other hand ramming the dildo into her cunt. Oh God, fuck! She came hard, bucking Bursa Escort against the silicon toy in her cunt, wetness gushing out of her. Jesus fucking Christ! She lay exhausted, the glistening dildo on the bed between her legs, her stomach jerking with the contractions inside her. That was so fucking good. Just what she needed. That is if she was done. Often her pussy demanded a round two. Then a thought struck her. Next time I should use a camera to film myself masturbating and when I’m fucking him too. It might make for some good viewing for them both. Some nice homemade porn clips for them to watch.

The limo was washed and put back in the garage and he was in his room when the guest arrived. After some quiet drinks and a catch up, she was shown to the room she would be using. It had been used by her before with previous drivers, all of them sight unseen and on the sole recommendation of her hostess. Closing the door, she stripped down to her panties, turned out the light and sat on the bed in the dark waiting. Even the waiting was exciting for her. Waiting for someone she would never see and would only know by touch. It was making her pussy wet just thinking about it. She had left her panties on because she liked the thrill of them being taken off her and also getting wet in them to leave as a souvenir. The thought of those men sniffing her scent on them afterwards was very arousing to her.

“She’s waiting for you.” She told him as he sat watching TV in his room. Getting up, he turned off the set and followed her out the door. Standing outside the door of the darkened room she told him to strip. He took off all his clothes and stood in front of her naked.

“Would you like a little feel? I saw you eyeing my cock just then.” he asked this a grin.

“Touché.” She said smiling, her hand reaching out to touch his cock. “Hmmmm, very nice.” She said admiring it as her hand brushed up and down the thick shaft.

“That’s enough; I have to save myself for my guest.” He said grinning and removing her hand from his cock.

“No one likes a smart ass.” She said smiling and with that, she turned and left him. Filled with anticipation and curious to know what lay beyond the door, he turned the handle.

The door opened and she saw his dark silhouette framed in the doorway. He stepped inside and closed the door, plunging the room back into darkness. Unfamiliar with the room, he stood still, waiting to see if his eyes would adjust.

“Stay there.” She told him, rising up off the bed. He obeyed the woman’s voice in the darkness, wondering what was coming next.

“Hold out your hand.” The voice commanded. He did as she asked. It was eerie. Unable to see, every second seemed like an eternity in the blackness. A soft hand touched his and guided him forward. He could sense her right in front of him. Another hand touched his chest and slid upwards over his neck and cheek. It slid down again, back onto his chest and slowly worked down over this flat stomach. Sliding lower, it gently took hold of his cock. The light fingers started to slide up and down his growing shaft. He could hear her breathing getting harder as her hand stroked him. The hand holding his guided it down and placed it on material. It was her panties. As she released his hand, he started to run his fingers up and down over the soft material. Her legs were parted and his fingers explored between them. He could feel the folds of her pussy though the material. His cock was now hard and her hand moved slightly faster. Fuck he wished he could see her. His fingers slid down inside the front of her panties, eager to touch her, eager to feel her soft moist flesh. She moaned softly in the dark when his finger parted the lips of her smooth shaved cunt. She was aroused, her opening a pool of wetness Bursa Escort Bayan as he slid a finger into it. Fuck her pussy felt so good. Sliding up the length of her soft parted slit, he found her clit, hard and erect. He raised his free hand to her naked breast, exploring it, his fingers his eyes in the dark as he rubbed her clit inside her panties. He couldn’t see her but he could feel her arousal. She moved closer, trapping his cock and her hand pulling it between them, her pointed hard nipples brushing his chest. Taking the wrist of his hand on her breast and still gripping his cock, she moved backwards, guiding him towards the bed.

Reaching the bed, she sat on it and lay on her back across it. Placing his hands on her knees, he opened her legs and dropped to his knees between them. Bending forward, he pressed his face onto the soft material between her parted thighs. Hungry for her pussy, he rubbed his face over her panties, breathing in the scent of her on them and licking at her pussy crack through the sheer material. She moaned, wanting more, wanting the feel of his tongue on her bare soft pink lips. Reaching up, he gripped the sides of her panties and slid them down her legs and over her ankles. Parting her legs again, his mouth pressed to her naked pussy. Fuck it smelled good. He licked at her greedily, the taste of her wetness driving him wild. She moaned at the touch of his tongue on her clit, stretching her legs wide for him. He pushed two fingers inside her as he lapped between her lips and stroked her clit with his tongue. She was writhing under his mouth and pushing her pussy up for him to lick harder. Down in his lap, his thick straining cock throbbed with desire, precum dripping uncontrollably from its tip. She groaned with her pussy’s own desire. It craved a hard cock, needed to be filled and made to cum.

“Take me.” She implored him in the dark.

Rising up off his knees, he guided the slippery head of his cock between her legs and pressed it to her drenched opening. Slowly, he pushed forward, forcing it inside her, stretching her tight pussy open. She gasped at his girth as it opened her up. With the head inside he thrust into her filling her cunt with every inch of his thick rampant cock.

“Oh yes.” The voice in the dark moaned with pleasure at the feel of her pussy filled so completely. He started to thrust into her, driving in, burying every inch of his cock in her aching pussy. She thrust back, pushing her cunt up to meet his cock, wanting him as deep as possible.

“Fuck my cunt.” She whispered. “Make it cum.” Spurred on by her pleas for his cock, he rammed himself between her legs, desperate to fuck her needy cunt and make it cum. He wanted to hear her cry out in orgasm.

“That’s it.” She panted, close to orgasm with the movement of his thick cock sliding inside her. Oh fuck, so close, keep fucking me; fuck my cunt. Sweating and grunting with exertion, he fucked her hard, long steady strokes of his cock penetrating deep into her body.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled, shuddering on his cock as a wave of orgasm swept over her. Incensed, he kept thrusting into her gushing pussy. It came again and she screamed, her body jerking in agony and pleasure.

“Oh no, stop!” she yelled, pressing her hands to his chest, pushing him off her, unable to take another climax on top of the two she already having. Reluctantly, he slid out of her and she jerked as his cock left her pussy. Standing between her legs, his cock twitched in frustration. Fuck he wished he could have watched her cum. With her orgasms subsiding she now wanted more cock. Scrambling onto all fours she buried her head into the pillow and spread her legs wide.

“Fuck me like an animal. Fuck my cunt with your big cock.” She ordered him. Eager to do just that, Escort Bursa he got on all fours behind her, pressed his face between her legs and lapped at her drenched wet pussy from behind. She moaned and pushed back against his face. Rising to his knees he mounted her, slipping into her wet cunt and pushing in deep. Grabbing her hips, he slammed himself hard against her ass, fucking her wet cunt hard, driving his cock into that tight hungry pussy.

“Oh shit!” she cried out, her ass cheeks and legs trembling in orgasm. Desperate to feel his cock cum, he kept thrusting into her. She could feel his excitement. Knew he was close.

“Don’t cum inside me, cum in my mouth, I want to taste it.” she told him. Right on the edge he pulled his cock out of her. She spun around on the bed and covered his cock with her mouth. Fuck, it was like a warm pussy. Oh shit. The wave of numbness swept over him and he erupted, his jerking cock squirting hard into her mouth. She swallowed hard gulping his cum down hungry for every drop of it. Even after his cock ceased squirting she held him in her mouth sucking him and cleaning him with her tongue, all the while humming with pleasure.

She let his soft cock slip from her mouth. He felt her get off the bed. Seconds later, the door opened and she was gone, leaving him alone in the darkness. It had been a very weird and somehow erotic encounter, fucking a total stranger you haven’t even seen and would never see. Eyes were redundant, just touch, smell and sounds. Even without seeing them, he knew she had a great pair of breasts and a pussy to die for, just by the feel of them.

A couple of minutes later the door opened again. Was she coming back? He felt her climb onto the bed. Running his hand over her naked body he knew instantly it wasn’t the woman that had just left.

“It’s you.” He said smiling in the dark.

“I just came to bring you your envelope.” She told him.

“You came to bring me my envelope naked eh. Where is it?”

“Oops, I must have left it in my pocket.” She replied smiling, running her hands all over herself in the dark as if looking for it.

“What, this pocket?” he asked, pressing his hand between her parted legs.

“I don’t think so, but you can search in that one all you like.” She said suggestively. Taking her up on her offer, he slid two fingers inside her wet pussy. Ooh fuck she loved his big strong fingers inside her. Slowly, he started to fuck her with them.

“Oh fuck that feels good.” Sighed, reaching down to rub her clit with her fingers. He curved his fingers inside her, rubbing at her G-spot.

“Oh Jesus. Fuck me like that!” She cried, her pussy starting to squirt on his fingers, her own rubbing her clit harder. He rubbed inside her faster with his curved fingers. Her hips started pushing upwards.

“Oh fuck!” she cried cumming, her cunt jerking against the fingers inside it, her fingers madly rubbing at her clit. He rolled over on top of her and shoved his cock into her, thrusting it in deep.

“Oh God. Yes! Fuck me!” she yelled as his cock filled her throbbing cunt. “Fuck me!” Urged on by her cries, he fucked into her hard, his arousal growing with every deep thrust.

“Oh shit!” she moaned, squirting again, her legs shaking.

“Cum in me. Cum in my cunt.” She begged him. Oh fuck, she was making him cum. With a loud groan, he shoved his cock into her and came, his cock spewing thick streams of cum deep inside her. Drained, he slumped on top of her, his spent cock still buried in her cum filled pussy.

“Let’s turn a light on.” She said, rolling him off her and getting up to switch on a lamp.

“Ooh, who was an excited boy then.” She said, alluding to his cum running down the inside of her thighs. He had been excited. Her telling him to fuck her and cum in her pussy had got him so worked up he thought his cock would never stop squirting inside her. She turned on a lamp and returned to the bed. He could see what she meant; she was pretty messy down there.

“Now, let’s get you nice and hard again.” She said, reaching for his cock.

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