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Like a hot wind on a hot summer day, Helen went blasting into the loft where Bill, Roy, Pete and Nick sat wearing as little as possible to beat the heat.
She too isn’t wearing much, a partial see thru blouse tied up under her large breasts and a pair of cut short jeans. She stood in their midst.
As they watched her, she began a little dance as she unhooked the top of her shorts, slide down the zipper and slowly pushed her shorts down with a frolicsome smile.
She turned slowly so that everyone could get a good view of her untanned pale outline of the thong she wears when sunbathing.
Naked she wiggled her ass and jiggled her tits, a few seductive moves of her hips and the temperature of the room rose still a few degrees.
She glides from one in whose face she had been wiggling her ass and to another who got a real close up of her pus as she did a half squat in front of him.
Soon she was down on her knees with the men swarmed around her with their pants down and their half hard wads sticking out of their undies. One wad made it to her mouth.
She sucked on it for a short while then went on to another, a hand slides between her slightly parted thighs
That she quickly open to give easy access to her cunt.
She became aware of the first cock she had been sucking playing with her ear, to her surprise it excited her to feel the smooth moist head sliding over and in her ear,
In her excitement, she sucked harder on the wad in her mouth, pressed her pus down hard on the hand between her thighs fondling her moist pus.
She soon turned, took the wad that had been taunting her ears in her mouth, to give it a rewarding suck while the one she had been sucking teases her neck.
She took the entire head in her brazzers mouth. She began to move her head back and forth, her hand pump at the large shaft and the hand at her cunt stimulate her clit.
Cheered on by the others, Helen went at the wad fucking her mouth full force, big strong hands held her head in place as he rammed her mouth.
Deep into her mouth, as deep as he could go, he rammed in and out, at the same time a long finger slid up her wet cunt and began to fuck her.
Again a switch was made as another moved in to enjoy her hot mouth on his cock, this one was huge she really had to open her mouth just to get the head in, but took it she did and began to beat it with her tongue as two fingers were fucking her cunt and hands were fondling her tits.
Slowly her mouth was being fuck by the immense wad that crept deep into her mouth, mere seconds later she felt it harden, it began to throb and she felt it spat out its hot thick fluid into her mouth, it came out in small squirts that she was able to swallow. So swallowed she did.
From the floor to the sofa. Someone moved in to get sucked by her, the one that had been playing with her cunt continued, still another moved in behind her.
As she sucked on the slender rod and fondled his big balls through his pants, she felt the weight of a hard cock settle in the crevice of her ass, it slides back and forth for a few thrilling strokes before it slides down so that its next inward stroke sends the large head tantalizingly into her slippery cunt.
A muffled whine escaped her full mouth as the stiff rod glide ever so dreamily into her body. She felt as if she was in a dream.
With hands roaming over her body, a stiff cock fucking her mouth, another fucking her cunt cuckold porno and her hand pumping another, she was in paradise.
Rapidly the stiff hard pricks slide in and out of her wet hot mouth and equally wet hot pus, she delighted herself with the wondrous sensations that fills her body. Whining the best she could with her mouth full of the prick, she vocalized how fantastic she was feeling in the heat of her passion.
Hearing her moan so sweetly only excite the men more and entice Nick to give her more. Deep into her he pushed as he gyrates. She cried out.
The still gyrating he slowly pulls out until the head was at the mouth of her cunt. Then it rammed up into her as hard, as fast and as deep he could.
As fast as he could with short quick stabs, he fucks her. She lost control, she couldn’t hold back anymore, like a whirl wind her orgasm had her head spinning.
Feeling her hot juices Nick too, lost it. He cried out as he began to flood her hole with his juice and that heightens her orgasm.
Slowly he eased his flaccid cock out of her, instantly Bill was in his place, she moaned when she felt his huge shaft slide into her cum fill pussy,
But it was only to make it wet and slippery, for he reared back and let it slip out, she felt it at the mouth of her ass, felt it push in, felt it stretch her.
It slides in easily enough but not without the dull pain as her ass stretch to take it, stretch as only he could stretch her.
Steadily his huge shaft slides into her tight aching hole, and she dug her fingers into the sofa, clenching her teeth tight. Slowly she felt him pulled out of her.
He laid back on the sofa, she squat over him, he held his cock erect and she lowed herself czech porno down on it, in bliss she sighs as it eased into her cunt.
The others swarmed around, she took a prick in her hand and one in her mouth as Bill was thrusting in and out of her, another as feeling her off.
In a short while she made a switch between the cock she had been sucking and the one she had been pumping, Bill continued to thrust up and down under her.
Helen was in heaven as the four men gave her all of their attention in their own special way, she was basking in delight in the attention they gave her.
Drawing pleasure from the stiff hard rod in her hand. Being blissful over the hunk of meat in her mouth. Being ecstatic by the piston in her shaft.
She was lifted still to a higher level of ecstasy when they turned her around and a stiff rod eased delightfully into her ass, no pain just sheer pleasures.
Undescribable was the enjoyment of having to stiff rock hard cocks moving in her body at the same time, sliding deep up her tubes.
Then they switched rhythm, one slid in as the other slide out, they moved against each other, is it any wonder she was in a storm of sensations.
A storm that lift her to the very heights of her pleasures. A storm that had her squirming madly between them as she came and they flood her with their juice. Weak, well satisfied, full of cum that leaked from her ass and cunt she slithers down to the floor with her head back on the sofa as Nick stood in front of her pumping his rod.
Eagerly she waits for his hot precious nectar to flow into her open mouth. When he did cum his flow was slow, it shot in her mouth and she drank it down, he filled her mouth for a second time and that too, she swallowed.
Now she was truly full and satisfied, she licked at what little had missed her mouth…………
She dressed and like a cool summer breeze a very contented Helen glides out of the loft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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