The Lucky Man Ch. 02

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Update for those who didn’t read Part One: Dillon Forrester’s 19-year-old daughter’s college roommate, Terri, has just seduced him. During their lovemaking, he accidentally calls her Taylor, his daughter’s name. Terri realizes that he is fantasizing about his daughter and begins to call him Daddy allowing both of them to experience sex while indulging in their favorite personal fantasies. After sex Terri tells Dillon that his daughter Taylor, wants to have sex with him also.

“Taylor wants to fuck you too,” Terri said softly.

“You’re crazy,” Dillon said stepping back from her. “How could you know such a thing anyway?”

“Come on, Dillon,” she said, “We’ve been roommates for two years. Girls get close in that kind of an environment. We’re not all private and secretive like guys are, we share. Hell, we even share sex toys and our periods have synchronized, now that’s close wouldn’t you say?”

“You mean the two of you actually talked about sexual fantasies?” he asked.

“We didn’t at first. The first six months we lived in the dorm together, we talked a lot about our families, and our friends and guys. We found out that we both liked older men and that we really admired out fathers. I used to buy these little confession type magazines with stories in them about incest. I would hide them under my mattress at first, but then I just started leaving them on the back of the toilet in the bathroom. One afternoon I came in from class and Taylor was lying on her bed reading one of them and masturbating. She was all embarrassed at getting caught, but when I told her that I loved the stories where daddy screws his daughter, it opened up a whole new phase of our relationship.”

“So then Taylor admitted to you that she fantasized about having sex with me?”

“Not right then,” Terri said, “but we started making up our own stories at night. We would lay there in our beds and tell each other stories about these fictitious fathers and daughters and masturbate sometimes for hours.”

The mental picture of his daughter and Terri lying naked in a dark room talking and masturbating together started to get Dillon aroused again. Terri noticed that he was getting hard.

“You like that image, don’t you?” she said looking down at his growing cock. “Anyway, one night I got really bold and made up this story about a girl, whose name just happened to be Taylor. In my story her daddy would slip into her room at night after her mother was asleep and he would eat her, let her suck his dick and then fuck her silly. Taylor came so much during the story that she had to shower and change the sheets. While she was changing the bed she started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she had wanted you to do her for years, but she was afraid if you knew how she felt, you would think she was perverted and you might stop loving her. I tried to tell her that she should let you know, but she said she would never make the first move. I went over to her and was holding on to her and telling her that everything would be OK, and things just started to happen.”

“What kind of things,” he asked.

“Don’t be obtuse, Dillon,” she said. “Two girls in a room, good friends, one comforting the other, duh – we wound up making out and going down on each other.”

Dillon güvenilir bahis was now fully erect again. The idea that his beautiful young daughter had these repressed feelings toward him excited him, but the vision of these two almost-twins kissing, and feeling, and eventually eating each other aroused him more than anything he had ever experienced in his life. He felt guilty about his attraction to a woman as young as Terri and even more so for his feelings toward his own daughter, but not guilty enough to keep his cock in check.

“It looks as if Daddy needs a little more attentions,” Terri said as she stared at Dillon’s prick. “Do you want to fuck your little girl or should she blow you?”

“Suck it again for me baby,” he said, “Suck Daddy’s dick and let him cum all over that pretty, little freckled face.”

A few minutes later, as Terri was wiping the cum off her face she said, “I’ve got a plan.” They talked in the workshop for about an hour, conspirators on a mission.

That night, after all was quiet and Janet was fast asleep, Bill slipped out of his boxers, put on his robe and made his way down the hall to where Terri and Taylor were sleeping. Quietly he opened the door just enough to slide through, went in and closed and locked the door behind him. He looked at them lying there so beautiful, so childlike in the innocence of sleep. He quietly moved to Terri’s side of the bed and touched her shoulder.

“I had almost given up on you,” she said sleepily, “thought you might have chickened out on me.”

“I probably should have,” he whispered.

“How about a kiss for luck,” Terri said as she propped up on her elbows.

He sat down on the edge and leaned forward to kiss her. He cupped her breast in his hand and began to massage.

“Whoa boy,” Terri said, “Save some of that for later. Right now you’ve got some work to do.”

Terri began to slowly pull the covers back off Taylor. It was the first time Dillon had seen her naked breast since she was a child. The room was dark, but enough moonlight filtered through the window for him to get a good look. They were large and rounded and looked so firm and smooth. Her nipples were small and her areola rather large. The exposures to the air made them start to harden and pucker. Terri continued to move the covers down and Dillon could not keep from stroking his cock as he saw her stomach and then her neatly shaved pubic area. Terri finally had the sheet all the way to Taylor’s feet so she carefully threw it off the bed and onto the floor. She began to slowly, gently rub Taylor’s pubic mound. She moaned softly in her sleep and spread her legs.

“She does that every time,” Terri whispered smiling, “It’s like a conditioned reflex.”

Dillon looked at his daughter’s beautiful pussy for the first time since she was a small child. It was so perfect with lovely petal like outer lips and smooth, unblemished skin. Terri slipped a finger inside Taylor and she moaned again and moved slightly but was still sound asleep. Removing her finger, Terri held it up to Dillon.

“Taste?” she said as she put her slick, wet finger in his mouth.

He reveled in the sweet taste of his own daughter’s pussy and sucked Terri’s finger clean of those sweet girly juices.

“She türkçe bahis taste great, doesn’t she?” Terri said softly. “I’m pretty much addicted to her pussy,” she added.

Dillon stood and slipped off the robe. His cock was standing out and so hard it actually was pointing up slightly. He moved to the foot of the bed and crawled between his daughter’s open legs. He began running his tongue up and down her smooth slit and sucking those lovely lips.

“Terri, that is so nice,” Taylor said dreamily, awakened by the activity, “but I’m really tired and sleepy. Can I get a rain check for in the morning?”

“It’s a lot nicer than you think,” Terri whispered in her ear.

Taylor, now fully awakened by the realization that it was not Terri eating her pussy, raised her head and looked down at her father’s head buried between her open legs.

“Daddy?” she said really not sure if she could believe what she was seeing, then “Daddy!” and finally, “Oh Daddy, yes.”

Terri began to suck her titties as Taylor continued to watch her father eat her pussy. The two girls kissed and fondled each other while Dillon stuck a finger in her tight little pussy and started sucking on her swollen clit.

“Oh Daddy,” she said, “I have waited so long for this. I was afraid you didn’t love me the same way I love you. But now you’re there eating me, if this is a dream I hope I never wake up. Terri, this is like some of the scenes we talked about, me and you and one of our daddy’s naked in bed together. I don’t know how you did this but I’ll love you forever for doing this for me.”

“He’s really good at eating pussy, isn’t he?” Terri said.

“I should have known,” Taylor said with a giggle. “You seduced him yesterday while Mom and I were gone. You little slut, you had him first, but that’s OK because I’ve got him now.”

“So you’re not mad that I went ahead and did him and told him about our little secrets?”

“Stop talking stupidly,” Taylor said, “how could I be mad at you for getting all this started. Now come back over here and suck my titty for me while Daddy sucks on my clit.”

“Baby you taste so good,” Dillon told his daughter. “So sweet and tight and wet.”

“I want to taste you cock, Daddy.”

Terri moved over and Dillon laid on his back between the two of them Taylor climbed on top of him, head to toe. Terri rolled to one side and turned on the light on the bedside table.

“I don’t want to miss any of this,” she said as she moved herself back into position to watch.

Taylor’s pussy was now directly over Dillon’s face. Because she was so short, Taylor had to stretch some to get his dick in her mouth, but she did it. He opened her up from behind and started licking and sucking her little clit. He alternated that with driving his tongue into her tight little pussy and licking her asshole. Taylor, with her mouth filled with cock, looked over at Terri and saw that she was frantically masturbating as she watched the two of them.

“Suck your daddy’s big cock,” Terri said. “Give him head that will make him always come back for more.”

“Taylor,” Dillon said, taking a break from eating her. “I don’t want the first load I give you to be in your mouth, so you had better let me cool down just a bit.”

Taylor let her güvenilir bahis siteleri father’s dick slip out of her mouth.

“What do you want to do, Daddy,” she said innocently.

“I want to watch you and Terri together for a few minutes and then I want to fuck that tight little pussy while she eats it.”

This seemed to excite both girls and the wasted no time in getting into position with Teri on the bottom and Taylor on top with her round little ass in the air. The room was filled with the smell of sex. Dillon loved the way women smelled when they were wet and excited and he savored the aroma of the two young pussies as he watched his daughter and her best friend eating each other. He wanted to stroke his cock while he looked on, but he knew if he started, he would not be able to stop until he came. Their moans and nasty talk to each other was almost more than he could take.

“Oh Terri,” Taylor said, “You’re eating my little pussy and my daddy is watching, eat it baby, my sweet, juicy Terri, eat me good and I’ll let Daddy fuck you again after he sticks it to me.”

“Taylor I’ve got your sweet juices all over my face and you taste so good,” Terri said, “I love eating your pussy my sweet roommate almost as much as I like sucking your daddy’s big, hard prick.”

Dillon could wait not longer for relief. He got onto the bed on his knees behind his Daughter. Terri moved her hands to Taylor’s ass cheeks and spread her open for him. Her little hole was wet and dilated. It opened on it’s own and Dillon watched as his dick head slipped between his daughter’s delicate folds for the first time.

“Oh Daddy,” Taylor moaned, “That feels so good. I already feel so full with that thing stretching my tight little pussy. Shove it in me Daddy, fill me up!”

He pushed hard and went into her ball deep. Dillon began giving her long, slow strokes. About every fifth time he would pull out completely and stick his cock in Terri’s mouth.

“Is Terri sucking your cock when you pull out?” Taylor asked.

“She is baby, she’s getting to taste us both at the same time.”

“Don’t shoot off in her mouth, I want all that cream in my pussy and then I’ll let her suck it all out. Oh Daddy, I’m so full of your cock, you’ve got me stretched so good!”

Taylor’s pussy started to tighten and contract and Dillon knew she was cumming. He rammed harder into her, hitting bottom with each stroke and then he came. Spurt after spurt of his hot man cream deposited deep in his daughter’s hot pussy. He pulled out and slipped his dick into Terri’s mouth and let her milk the last few drops. Then he got off the bed and started watching his daughter and her roommate making love. Terri’s mouth was now covered with a combination of his cum and Taylor’s pussy juice. He began stroking his cock getting it ready for another round and then the door opened.

“What the hell is going on in here,” Janet said as she stood in the open door in her robe.

There was no doubt what was going on at that moment. Janet’s mouth continued to move, but no words came out. The realization of the situation hit her like a punch to the stomach. Here was her sweet, innocent daughter and her roommate eating each other’s pussies, which alone would have been a real shock, but to add to it, her husband was watching them and jacking off. She felt that her feet were nailed to the floor as she tried to move, she was frozen in place and all she could do for the moment was watch everyone in a vain attempt to cover themselves.

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