The Manor Cove Widows Ch. 02

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I had just got home from a house call, a seventy-two-year-old retired university professor who still could give a wonderful ride, her husband was bedridden with dementia and he had been given a sedative half an hour before I arrived, she could then be noisy and boy was she noisy.

It was after nine, I poured myself a glass of wine, while watching the news, my phone beeped, Lucy wrote, “Darling, thank you for a wonderful day, my pussy is in a constant state of tingle, what a memory you gave me this afternoon, I’ll never forget that. I’m just off the phone with Bunty, she’s impressed with your qualifications.”

“I talked about my horse fall and the excellent attention, apparently, they have had a good year and could afford you. She can see you on Saturday morning at nine, I thought that if I’m discharged on Friday, I could bring you down here and you can stay here with me for as long as you want.”

“Bunty is a dream, she and her husband live in one apartment, Simon, her husband does odd jobs around Manor Cove, he also cuts the grass but the flower beds are done by a company, which is far cheaper than employing umpteen gardeners.”

“Bunty is sixty now, she’s been there over twenty years and it gets better every year. Simon is ten years older than her; she once told me they have been chums now and had no sex for over twenty years, I didn’t tell her I was in a similar position.”

“I have just asked the duty nurse if I could take a shower tomorrow, she told me I’d have to ask you or the doctor as I may slip, what do you think? I also spoke with Jill, all she talked about was you, she asked if you were married, I told her no, I also told her I liked you myself, saying a man like you wouldn’t be interested in an old bimbo like me.”

“I’m so looking forward to tomorrow, I want to feel your monster cock pulsating in me, I’m looking forward to your reply, I’ve done my exercises three times tonight and drank a litre and a half of water with Vitamin C, I’m in love with you Jack, all my love Lucy xxx.”

I replied, “Lucy, I loved this afternoon, it was an unforgettable memory, I loved how you used a swallowing motion to tighten your throat muscles around my cock, I loved that, I must ask you do you use Kegel Balls? If you do, don’t use them, as they’re bad for a bruised tailbone. You can shower tomorrow morning when I visit around nine.”

“I’ll stand in the shower with you in case you slip, I’m looking forward to meeting Bunty, to be honest I’m quite excited about this, I would love to stay with you but I’d also love to give tingles to the ladies in Manor Cove as that would keep them happy but I’d be with you every night.”

“I’ve been thinking what position we should use, I think you should stand and I’ll take you in the dodgy style position, that way there’s no weight on your tailbone, do you enjoy doggy style? Lucy, I’ve never felt so attracted to a woman in my life before, I can be there for you although I’d still like my tingle contacts, are you comfortable with this? All my love, Jack xxx.”

I was surprised how quickly Lucy replied, she wrote, “Darling, I have Kegel Balls but haven’t used them for over twenty-five years, I used them so I could feel if Tom was inside me, my pussy muscles were strong then, you must tell me when I can use them as I was thinking I would start using them as I want to give you a nice tight ride.”

“I’ve never had a cock inside doggy style, Tom only used one position and that was missionary, I’ve used a dildo on myself in the doggy style and thoroughly enjoyed it, the dildo felt deeper that way from when I put it in from the front.”

“I’ve never felt so sexually satisfied before I can’t believe how good it is, I’m seventy-two and I want you to be part of my life, we haven’t had penetrative sex yet and you’ve given me the best orgasms of my life.”

“I’m so looking forward to tomorrow morning. Jack, I have found in life that life and especially marriages is all about compromise, I’m not wanting to marry you, if I was a thirty-year-old woman I wouldn’t think twice, I just want to share my life with you.”

“Jack, if you look after me and make me tingle then I’ll look after you, please have your tingles but make sure I tingle too. One last thought, I got out of bed and measured the shower in the bathroom, there are the stainless-steel support bars, I can bend over and they will support me.”

“You stand behind me, my legs are open for you and you take me doggy style, I’m getting wet thinking about it, I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning, I love you with all my heart, I’m sure we are at the beginning of a wonderful friendship, come with me on Friday and you’ll understand then how much I love you, until tomorrow, I’m sure it’ll be a memorable day as was today, love Lucy xxx.”

The next morning at a quarter past eight, the professor’s secretary phoned me to say the professor would come to see Lady Lucy at twelve o’clock and would I be available? I told her I would be available and gave her a detailed update on Magosa Escort her condition, saying we should discharge her tomorrow morning.

I then went to Lucy’s room, knocked on the door and opened it, Lucy’s face lit up when she saw me, her nipples hardened instantly, they were big and hard. As I took her breakfast tray off the stand and put it in the corridor, I said, “Good morning darling, the professor is coming to see you at twelve, did he examine you on Monday or was it only the X-ray he used for his diagnosis?”

“Good morning, I’m so happy to see you, I need my good morning kiss, no he didn’t examine me, I was X-rayed, and he told me my tailbone was not fractured but bruised, you were the first to look at it, why do you ask?”

“If he’d examined you, he would have seen your hairy pussy which I’m happy to say you no longer have, if he had examined you then you’d have to tell him you shaved it yourself, let me lock the door and switch the do not disturb notice on, Lucy, you look beautiful this morning.”

She smiled and said, “That’s because you gave me so many wonderful orgasms yesterday, take your clothes off darling. I can see the bulge; your gorgeous prince is desperate to get out.”

As I stripped, Lucy took her nightgown off, she stood at the side of the bed and took me in her arms, we kissed lovingly for a couple of minutes, I was squeezing her hard nipple as I lent to suck on it, I said, “Do you want me to suck your clit and make your pussy soaked so my prince will slip inside you easily?”

Lucy brought her index and middle fingers to my mouth and said, “I was playing making myself so wet for you, I’m desperate for you now darling let’s do it.”

Lucy held my hand as she led me into the bathroom, I felt so aroused, I looked at her butt there was something sexy about her, looking at her tailbone there was no swelling at all, the professor would be happy. Lucy said, “If I stand like this, these two support bars will keep me stable then you can have your wicked way with me, I’m so nervous, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach, are you comfortable with this?”

“Lucy, I love how you think, this will be good, do you want the shower on as we do it?”

“Why not, I’ve never had it in the shower before, I’m having a lot of firsts with you, I’m sure I’ll have many more, let me get the water temperature right then we can start.”

Lucy had the thermostat at her favourite temperature, it was good for me, I turned Lucy around, we kissed so passionately, I said, I would have loved to have been looking in your eyes the first time we did this but this is the safest way to do it, I’ll go slowly to begin with, darling if you have any discomfort at all let me know at once, I’m nervous too, I never dreamt on Monday that we’d be doing this, everything has happened so spontaneously.”

Lucy kissed me again and said, “I love you; I wish I’d met you twenty years ago.”

I laughed and said, “Darling, I was only six then.”

She laughed as she got into position, the warm spray of the shower was so comforting, for Lucy this way was ideal for what we were about to do, I stood behind her holding my cock at the base and ran the bulbous head up and down her long sex slit, just inside her thick cunt flaps, I teased her hard clit at the top, Lucy said, “That feels so good, slide it inside darling, I’m ready for you.”

I put the head of my cock in the middle of her wet sex slit and ever so gently pushed my prince inside her, I’d given her half of my length when Lucy gasped and said as she gripped my cock tightly, “Jack, it’s fantastic, I’ve no discomfort at all, it feels so good, give me more. I want you to feel my cunt lips wrapped around the base of your magnificent cock, I feel it now, the head of your cock is hitting my cervix, you have no idea how good this feels, get a rhythm going, I’ll arch my hips to take you deeper.”

I soon had a powerful rhythm going, her massive tits jiggling beautifully the harder I rode her, she was gripping my cock at the base and head of my cock on every thrust, Lady Whitley was giving me an excellent ride. I moved my right hand around her, found her hard clit and started stimulating it, Lucy was loving this, she was pushing her pussy hard against my cock.

Lucy was purring with pleasure, when she had arched her hip, I changed my hip position, my shaft was now stimulating her clit as well, the fingers of my right hand could feel it as I thrust in and out of her gorgeous cunt.

Lucy said, “Jack, this is amazing, I love you, now I’m falling in love with your magnificent cock, I now know why your ladies want you to give them tingles, I feel wonderful with you inside me, I can feel your prince pulsating as you ride me, I’m so close, are you close darling?”

I was very close, I pounded Lucy’s pussy harder, she loved it and cried out, “Jack, it’s happening, I’m cumming, cum for me darling, let’s do it together.”

I said, “I’m cumming too, it’s wonderful.”

Lucy cried out, “I can feel Kıbrıs Escort it darling, your hot spunk is spurting on my cervix, it’s just so good, I’m being honest with you darling, this is the best sex I’ve ever had and I’m seventy-two, Jack you do not know how happy I am that we’re doing this.”

I pulled out and turned Lucy around; we kissed lovingly under the shower for five minutes, as we kissed, I realised there was something between us, this wasn’t a physical thing, we both had deep feelings for each other.

I thought of mum, she’d got married to Peter, the reason was Peter’s money, I couldn’t believe Peter could satisfy mum sexually, I’m sure she’d satisfy him sexually every time however, mum did it for the money and here was I about to do the same thing with Lucy although Lucy was getting a better deal from me, apart from the money mum was getting from Peter.

We then showered, both of us washing each other, I made sure Lucy’s gorgeous cunt showed no sign of resent usage, we chatted so lovingly then Lucy said, “If the professor says I can leave today will you come with me to Manor Cove tonight?”

“Of course, I will, I’ll definitely be there tomorrow night, there’s only a tiny chance of this happening, if we were desperate for beds, maybe but for safety’s sake you’ll be here tonight.”

In the shower I shampooed Lucy’ hair, then we rinsed each other, I left as Lucy was blow drying her hair, I told her to put on a fresh night shirt with nothing on underneath as he may want to examine her, we kissed then I left, Lucy’s parting words were, “Darling, for our coffee meeting at one-thirty, I’ll wear a cashmere sweater but no bra, I’m doing that just for you.”

I laughed and said, “You’ll give me a hard on!”

Lucy kissed me and said, “That’s why I’m doing it, I want the same again but I’ll go on top on towels on the floor at this afternoon’s tingle time.”

The professor came to my office at five to twelve; I liked the professor; he was very capable; he had been here for five years; he was young to get the position as he was only forty-two; the professor had proved his critics wrong as he was so good at his job; I gave him an update about Lady Whitley, saying she had showered this morning, she was walking a lot and had little pain; he said let’s have a look at her.

Lucy was lying in bed reading a book, she smiled, her tits were hard, the professor asked, “Good afternoon, Lady Whitley, how are you today?”

Lucy smiled and said, “Much better than I was on Monday, the medication has relieved the pain, I must tell you how impressed I am with Jack, he’s a true asset to this hospital, he’s attentive, caring and considerate, I couldn’t have been looked after better.”

The professor smiled and said, “Jack’s the reason I put you here, he’s one of the best, Lady Whitley, could you lie on the bed face down and raise your nightgown above your buttocks?”

Lucy did this easily, her movements were faultless, the professor put on a pair of surgical gloves and did his examination, I thought how beautiful Lucy’s butt was, the professor said, “Lady Whitley, I’m happy to tell you can leave tomorrow after breakfast, tomorrow’s medication will be the last, keep doing your exercises for the next month, do you swim?”

“Yes, I do, I’m going to my cottage at Manor Cove tomorrow, they have a wonderful spa there, should I swim every day?”

The professor looked impressed and said, “Lucky you, that’s an incredible residential village, Matron King is so capable, my father died a year ago, they lived in a very large house which is now sold, mums on the waiting list to get an apartment or cottage there, she’s very active and now wants to spend her time in the company of the residents there at that beautiful location.”

Lucy nodded and said, “Professor, thank you so much for the excellent care you’ve given me here, I’ll have a word with Matron King tomorrow, don’t be surprised if your mum hears from her soon.

The professor looked happy and said, “I would appreciate that so much, it’s been a pleasure having you here Lady Whitley, if you have any problems, please contact me directly through my office, I will leave you now so you can enjoy your lunch.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, the professor’s mum was a cracker, she was a tall, voluptuous woman who ticked all the boxes for me, she’d been in the hospital three weeks ago, she had needed a colonoscopy; she had had dreadful diarrhoea before this procedure took place; the professor had arranged for a professor of gastroenterology to perform the colonoscopy on his mum, my job on the morning this was happening was to give her anal cleaning.

As I prepared for the anal douching, I had a surgical glove on, I lubed my middle finger on my right finger and slipped it inside her tight ass, for her age seventy-four, she was in wonderful condition, she gasped and said, “That feels so good.”

I whispered, “Would you like another finger?”

She gasped again and said, Lefkoşa Escort “I’d love it, but don’t tell my son.”

I said, “It’ll be our secret.”

I ass fucked her for ten minutes, hard and deep, she brought her hand to her shaved pussy and rubbed her clit hard, when she climaxed, she said, “Thank you, I needed that so much, what’s your name?”

I told her Jack, she told me her name was Sal, I then slipped the tube of the douche inside her ass, as I did this I asked, “Would you like me to douche your pussy?”

She smiled and said, “Jack, you’re my hero, please do it but finger my hungry cunt first and play with my big girls as you do it.”

As I douched her ass and pussy, we were in the bathroom of her private suite. Funnily enough, it was the same room Lucy was now in. I did as she asked, and she came again. I whispered, “Next time we do this, would you like me to use my tongue on your pussy?”

She replied, “If I was still in my house, no problem, but I’m staying in my son’s house with his family.”

She had the aesthetic and her colonoscopy, when she woke up, she came to the reception shook my hand and pressed a fifty-pound note into my hand and said, “Jack, I hope we meet again.”

As the professor and I walked down the corridor, the professor said, “What a butt, Lady Whitley has for her age she’s a beauty, I bet she needs a good fucking.”

Little did he know she just had, and she’d be getting another good one this afternoon. I had the gut feeling that I’d meet his mother again, a woman that gave me a hard on just looking at her. I was so happy in my world at the moment.

I had a quick lunch in the office, when I finished it was ten past one, I was wondering what Jill would wear in twenty minutes time and would Lucy be braless in the cashmere sweater, my phone beeped, I had a message from Lucy, it read, “Jack, we must talk, Jill has just phoned me, can you come to my room? Love Lucy xxx.”

A minute later I was in her room, Lucy took me in her arms, she was braless, her massive tits looked amazing, Lucy said, “Jack, Jill is so hot for you, please be nice and attentive to her over coffee. She asked me if I was having sex with you, Jill and I are very close, this closeness has come from trust, I’ve never lied to her, I told her that at seventy-two I was having the best sex I’ve had in my life, she told me she was so happy for me. She then said that she wanted a baby, and she wants you to be the father, Jack. I want that too, I love Jill, I want this to happen.”

“Jill went to the best creative design college in London, all our houses are decorated with wonderful fabrics and colours, she got a job in one of the best Interior Designers in London, I was so pleased for her, she kept in touch with me but I hardly saw her, to cut a long story short, she got in with the wrong crowd, she got into drugs she became addicted to cocaine, she lost her job, she was asking me for money.”

“I drove to London, I got the shock of my life when I saw, she was filthy, she had nothing, I put all her possessions into a bin bag and drove her to my cottage at Manor Cove. I never told her father, you are the only person I’ve told this to, for five weeks of cold turkey I was with her all the time, they were the hardest five weeks of both our lives.”

“Jill came through it, she’s been clean for nine years, I helped her set up Jill Whitley Design, Jill is Lady Jill Whitley however in business she’s never used her title, she worked so hard and has built a first-class business, she employs over twenty people, she pulled through it, I wish I’d paid more attention and got her earlier, I never thought my daughter could become a drug addict.”

“A year after I brought her to Manor Cove, we’d set the business up in a cottage in the grounds of the main house, we both lived in my cottage at Manor Cove, one night we had drunk a lot of wine with our meal, neither of us was socialising, Jill told me, she was finished with drugs and fully understood the mistake she had made, I was so happy, it was always at the back of my mind she might go back to drugs. She then said, mum I need sex, I took her to my bedroom as we went there, I told her I needed sex too, we became lovers, she’s missed me when I’ve been here, Jack can Jill and I share you?”

I kissed Lucy and said, “I’d love to be the father of Jill’s child, it’s twenty-five past one, we’d better get to the cafeteria.”

As we walked to the cafeteria, Lucy said, “Flirt with her, she likes you and I’ve the feeling you like her too, I told her you’re staying with me at the weekend and you have a job interview with Matron on Saturday morning, she told me you’d get the job, I’m so happy you’ll do this, look there’s Jill coming in the door.”

Jill looked gorgeous as she walked towards us, we were standing outside the cafeteria, Jill gave her mum a hug and said, “Mum, you’re glowing. I’ve never seen you look so good.”

She then gave me a hug, and I said, “Jill, you look stunning.”

She smiled and said, “I’m so nervous, I’ve butterflies in my tummy, Jack, I know you’re in working clothes but you look fantastic.”

I pulled Jill closer to me, the weight of her massive tits was lovely. As she pulled me closer to her, I said, “Jill, your mum’s spoken to me, things will work out between us all.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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