The Massage

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Cassidy sat in her car checking the address of the massage therapist she had been recommended to by a friend. The therapist worked out of a little studio on the side of his house. Confirming she was at the right place she walked up the drive slowly until she saw insignia pointing her in the right direction. There was a little waiting area in front of the door and as the light was on she took a seat. Taking out her phone to pass the time, because as usual she was about 10 minutes early.

Right on time the door opened and out walked the last client. She looked up only to be met by the sight of a tall and very handsome man. There was something no better way to describe his look than she was pretty sure Superman was about to give her a massage. She smiled politely as she stood up and he gestured her in. She was glad she had ducked home quicky after work for a shower and that she had chosen to wear a sexy pair of french knickers. They were plain cotton but they hugged her ass perfectly. Not that she had intended to get anything more than a massage but when you were going to be in only your undies it helped a girls confidence if they were on point.

Introducing himself as Stuart they had a quick chat regarding why she was there. Her laughing saying that pretty much the whole of her upper body was a tight tangled mess. Her response had made him smile and it was then she noticed his dimples. Cassidy loved dimples. There was something about a guy with dimples that made her simply weak at the knees. Stuart stated that he was going to give her an assessment and they would just go from there. Then he gave her the usual spiel. Take off everything but your underwear and get up on the table lie face down and pull the towel over you.

Cassidy quickly undressed and adjusted her panties which had ridden further up her tight ass before pulling the towel over her.

Stuart came back into the room. Pulling down the towel and tucking it into her panties before she heard him warming up the oil in his hands. Then those strong hands, that were attached to a seriously hot guy, were on her. The way he kneaded her back instantly let some of the tension go. He talked her through every muscle that was caught up and how they all worked together. She could tell he was quite smart and that only turned her on more. She was glad she was face down because she could feel her face blushing.

Stuart started to work her muscles harder, asking on occasion if she needed him to back off when she winced. She assured him she was ok and that if it hurt it probably needed to. What he didn’t know is that she thoroughly enjoyed a painful massage. There was something primal about it and she wasn’t sure herself why it turned her on so but it did. She could feel her pussy start to ache as he pressed his skilled fingers into the knots in her back. Working his way down her back he was explaining how all the muscles are linked and how the glutes and muscles in the legs could contribute to her back being out. He politely asked if it was ok if he removed the towel to assess her glutes and below. porno hikayeleri Cassidy had to school her voice and she was sure her yes came out more as a whimper.

His hands slowly worked over her ass kneading.. gliding with the oil. Cassidy was wondering if he could sense her desires. She was sure a hot guy like this got it a lot so she relaxed and just tried to enjoy the sensation. His hands ran down the backs of her thighs and back up again. Each time his thumbs drew closer and closer to the top of her inner thigh. Cassidy instinctively adjusted how she was lying ever so slightly to give him better access to her inner thigh area which caused the last run of his hands to ever so slightly brush against the line of her panties. Cassidy realised that his chatter had stopped and as his fingers brushed against her mound his body language stiffened. Almost as if he had been in another zone and had just realised what he was doing.

Stuart quickly walked from the table and she could hear him pouring more oil into his hands. His voice was different when he asked her about how the pressure he was using was. It was apprehensive like he had realised he had crossed some line and was backtracking. Cassidy found herself wishing she hadn’t moved and had let him keep going. She assured him it was great and how she wished she had booked longer than an hour. His voice reverted back to it had before when he said to her she was his last appointment for the evening so he could extend the consult if she desired. Cassidy stated that that would be perfect and made a corny line about his magical hands. Once again she was glad her face was stuck in the massage table hole because it would have been bright red.

Time to roll over he said as he held the towel up and she rolled onto her back. Standing at the head of the table he slowly worked her shoulders and upper chest. There was something more sensual to his movements now. Cassidy’s heart began to race. She was sure she had just encouraged the earlier behaviour and part of her was yearning for him to be between her legs again. His voice was deeper when he asked her if she minded him massaging her stomach, he said some women were funny about it. Cassidy tried to school her voice but it was still a breathless “it’s fine.” Now her heart raced as she formed the next sentence in her head. His hands were running over her stomach and he was leant over her. She was pretty sure his cock which was to the side of her was at least semi hard. This was either going to be a Cassidy you have read the situation wrong moment or the point of no return.

“Would it be easier if you just got rid of the towel?” She asked.

“Are you sure?” He asked looking down at her.

Cassidy looked up at him but all she could manage was a nod and a grin.

He pulled the towel from her and she heard it fall to the floor. His hands ran down her stomach again but this time when they ran back up they moved over her breasts. Pulling the glistening oil over her nipples as his hands massaged her breasts. Each time he ran his hands from her breasts sex hikaye to her panty line his fingers toyed her nipples just a little more each time and his fingers delved a little further below her panties. There was no doubt about the hardness of his cock as he leant over her.

As he massaged her breast this time he tweaked her nipples harder, eliciting a soft moan from her. It was as if a bolt of electricity went straight from her nipples to her clit.

He moved from behind her to her side, rubbing the oil across her inner thighs, his fingers grazing her aching pussy. His fingers moved up and hooked in her panties. Cassidy raised her hips off the table to helping him remove them. She now lay there naked before him, her tanned skin glistening with oil. She looked over at him and his dimpled smile almost drove her over the edge of reason.

“Hardly fair I am the only naked one” she said with a grin.

Within seconds he pulled off his shirt and slipped down his pants. Standing there in only his bonds tight little shorts.

“Wow” was all Cassidy could manage. He had the body of superman too. Not to mention it appeared he kept a spare pair of socks in his jocks.

He stepped back towards the table and began to massage her pelvic region. Fingers teasingly running over every inch but her pussy. Cassidy reached out her hand to run her fingers slowly across the bulge in his pants. Now it was his turn to moan softly. Cassidy couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

She gently gripped his cock and as she did he ran a well oiled finger between her pussy lips. Mixing her wetness with the oil as he circled her clit. Teasingly slow and firm circles. Cassidy’s hips raised to meet his fingers, as her fingers explored the length of this cock. Pulling down his briefs just enough to free it. It was thick, hard and the head glistened with pre-cum. Cassidy felt intoxicated by her desires. She pulled him suggestively by his briefs till his cock was next to her head, his hand still expertly working her clit, his other hand now rubbing her breast, pulling on her nipple. She turned her head and without hesitation took the tip of his cock in her mouth. She saw his stomach muscles ripple in response as he moaned. Gliding her tongue over the head before taking as much of him into her mouth as she could, which was difficult given his girth.

Cassidy sucked his cock with enthusiasm as she felt her own orgasm building till she could no longer focus on anything but his fingers. Letting his cock slip from her lips, her back arched, eyes closed, as she felt her body peak before it slipped over into complete blissful oblivion. Her back slowly fell back to the table as his finger slowly and softly circled her clit one last time before he traced down her pussy and slowly pushed one then two fingers into her. Fucking her pussy slowly as her breathing returned to normal.

She took his cock in her hand, holding the base firmly as she took the head into her mouth. She loved the way his body reacted when she hit the right technique. She wanted to make sure she made seks hikaye him feel as good as he had done to her. Working with his reactions it wasn’t long till she felt him tense before he came in her mouth. Filling the back of her throat with his cum, which she eagerly swallowed.

Once he regained his composure he slipped his finger from her wet pussy and moved to the end of the table. Pulling her towards him so her ass sat on the edge of the table. Rubbing the head of his cock along her wet slit he leaned down as their lips met for the first time. The kiss was soft and sensual. Their tongues exploring each others. As they kissed he rubbed his already hard cock against her now very sensitive clit. Cassidy needed him inside her. All reason had gone out the door after he had made her cum the first time. She wrapped her legs around his waist and as his cock slipped below her clit she drew him closer to her. The head of his cock getting trapped at the entrance to her pussy. Her nails raked down his sides to his hips, urging him forward. Slowly he sunk his thick cock into her tight wet aching pussy. She felt every inch of him as his girth stretched her.

Stuart grabbed both her legs, placing her thighs against his chest. His cock was now deep inside her, his fingers working her clit the way he had earlier. There was no rush or sense of urgency, she could see that he was enjoying every moment just as she was. Cassidy couldnt believe it but her body quickly rose to yet another peak as he started to fuck her slow and deep. Within moments she was coming hard again around his cock.

Picking up the pace he fucked her deeply, extending her orgasm. She pulled him down to kiss her again. He broke the kiss and picking her up with him still inside her walked them over to the couch in the corner before sitting down, wrapping her legs around him. Cassidy took control, undulating her hips, feeling him deep inside her. Her clit rubbing against him. She kissed him deeply as she worked her hips. Moaning into her mouth. Feeling her orgasm building for the third time, flicking her hips quicker against him. His hands on her hips grinding her against himself. Both coming hard at the same time. Their kisses going from needy desire to soft sensual kisses.

They stayed there wrapped in each other’s arms for what seemed like an eternity, his head resting back against the couch and her curled up in his arms, head on his chest. It wasnt till her phone started to ring that they were both brought back to reality.

Cassidy slowly climbed off him, but not in time to answer her phone. They both quietly cleaned themselves up and got dressed.

“Thank you” Cassidy said with a grin.

“No thank you.” He said with a grin that activated his cheeky dimples.

Cassidy went to hand him cash for the massage but he waved it away.

“So can i book in for next week?” Cassidy said with a grin.

“Sure” he said as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately “if you can wait that long” he added cheekily as he opened the door for her.

Cassidy slipped out into the night. Her legs shaky as she got into her car took a deep breath and started the engine. She would have to wipe this satisfied grin from her face before she walked through the door at home.

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