The Master and the Ring Ch. 04

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“I do not want to die a virgin!” Serena raised her voice.

“You will not die, Henri is making sure of this,” Yvonne said, trying to placate her younger, agitated sister.

“You do not know that! What if I do and I never have the pleasure of knowing a man the proper way. I cannot take that chance, Yvonne. We have Henri each day. Why won’t you help me convince him? I want him to be the one… I willingly desire this. Please help me convince him.”

Yvonne stood up suddenly from the small table and began to pace. Henri had departed for the day an hour earlier and the sisters were eating when Serena had engaged Yvonne in the conversation of her virginity. Yvonne was torn. She understood Serena’s desire but did not want to share Henri is this manner. It was all she had different than her sister. She knew it was selfish but in the situation she found herself, she felt justified in some selfish behavior.

“I saw what you and he did earlier,” Serena suddenly said, as Yvonne paced.

Yvonne froze in mid stride, spinning around to face her sister. Serena continued.

“He was not preparing you… he was making love to you in the proper way. He tried to hide it but I saw.”

“Yes… this was my desire, not his. I asked him to take me in that manner.”

“And yet you deny me of the same! Why must you be so selfish, Yvonne?!”

“It’s all I have left!” Yvonne shouted back.

Serena stood suddenly, tipping the chair over backwards. Both women stood, seething. Faces red and hands clenched with fire in their beautiful blue eyes. Yvonne was the first to calm herself. She recognized how self-centered it would be not to help convince Henri to do as Serena wished. Serena was correct on all counts. She did deserve to giver herself to the man of her choice and she was also correct in her fear of dying if the Master appeared. The problem was Yvonne did not want Henri to be the man. Deep down, Yvonne still had hope they would survive this occupation and she could make a life with Henri. If Serena gave herself to him and fell further in love with him it would only complicate the life Yvonne desired with Henri. Again a selfish act.

Yvonne smoothed her dress and her demeanor, knowing the right thing to do. “I’m sorry, Serena. I am being selfish,” she let out a deep breath. “I’ll help… I talk with Henri.”

Serena’s rage melted instantly and she ran to her sister. The two embraced. The guilt left Yvonne as she felt her sister’s excitement through the hug.


Henri arrived the next morning with the sun as expected. As he entered the chamber, he could sense something different and knew he was right when he saw Serena already naked on the lounge. She turned her head and smiled at him as if she knew something he did not. Yvonne was sitting next to Serena and stood as Henri closed the door. She went to him quickly and pulled him away to the alcove to speak to him.

“She witnessed us in the act of proper penetration yesterday. She does not want to chance dying a virgin and wishes you to be the man of her choosing. Will you acquiesce and grant her this desire?”

Henri was only somewhat surprised. More surprised that Yvonne would ask him to do this than Serena wanting it. He knew she was falling more attached to him daily by her words and actions. He really didn’t want to be the one to take her virginity, just due to the fact of the situation but now with Yvonne asking him to, he did not see a way to avoid it any longer. He, of course, was not immune to the gift it was nor the pleasure, for him, it would be. He also knew that he was not the most favorable size Serena could endure, for her first time, but he wasn’t about to suggest the candle and give the privilege to an inanimate object.

“And you are sure this is what she wants?” he asked.

“Most sure. She desires you more than any other.”

“Very well. Is she is aware of the forthcoming discomfort?”

“Yes, she’s not that innocent. You must be as gentle as you can, sir.”

“I will, but there will be a point that gentility will matter not, I’m afraid.”

“You’ve had a virgin before?” Yvonne asked.

“That is of no consequence. Worry about your sister and the Master.”

“I will do what I can for her,” Yvonne answered.

They both turned and looked toward Serena. She was softly caressing herself, waiting for the arrival of Henri and Yvonne. Henri, upon viewing her, realized what had been asked of him more fully. His large cock stirred suddenly in his trousers and began to rise from the anticipated excitement. It was not every day a man took a virgin’s maidenhood. She was a sight to behold, her large breasts round and plumb on her chest, her tight abdomen with fine angel wisps of hair shimmering in the light, toned and lovely. He watched her circle her clitoris with a single finger and his cock reached full arousal.

“We should join her,” Yvonne said, pulling Henri from his thoughts.

Together they walked to the lounge and Serena looked up expectantly.

“He has agreed,” Yvonne said.

“Thank you, Henri. You honor me with your willingness,” Serena said, beaming.

“I’m the one who is honored. Are you sure you really want this?” he asked.

“Yes, more than anything.”

Henri began to remove his clothing and found himself shaking with the nervous excitement of what he was about to do. He has had the privilege of being the first to have both sisters the unholy way and now the youngest one’s virginity. Kings, let alone him, rarely got such honors.

“I see the prospect of you being my sister’s first is not wasted on your manhood,” Yvonne said, as Henri’s large erect penis came into view.

He did not respond, removing the rest of his clothing. His cock surged with blood, pulsing and oozing his clear pre-ejaculate. His heart was already quickened with his excitement. Serena looked up at him adoringly as if this was their honeymoon night. He knew this had to be different then their previous encounters. He had to make it different. This was not for the reason of preparation and thereby commanded more care and closeness. After all, if Serena was engaging in a romantic rendezvous with a suitor there would most assuredly be kissing, fondling, and flesh against flesh, until in the heat of the moment their bodies become one and her virginity was taken after proper stimulation and arousal. Henri was afraid this scenario, with Yvonne watching, was not very conducive to a romantic and memorable experience for Serena.

“Yvonne, it seems appropriate that you give us as much privacy as possible,” Henri said.

Yvonne looked sharply at Henri but her face softened as she saw the look of concern he had on his face for her sister.

“This should be a special time for her, something that only happens once,” he continued.

“As you wish. I’ll be in the alcove if you need me, Serena,” Yvonne said.

“Are you sure? I really don’t mind if you are near?” Serena replied.

“No… I think Henri is correct; this should be just the two of you. I will be close, since we are prisoners and attend to you afterwards.”

“Thank you, Yvonne,” Serena said.

Yvonne turned and disappeared around the corner into the alcove. Serena watched her go before turning her eyes back to the handsome man who she intended to give her greatest gift. She smiled up at Henri, admiring his strong jaw, dark gorgeous eyes and muscled body. She kept her eyes from falling any lower than his chest, afraid to look at his large erection in fear of changing her mind. She knew how large he was, knew very well. Unlike her anus, her vagina would not expand so easily to accept his width. She knew something inside her would have to give to allow him entry. She was prepared to accept this truth and wanted nothing more than it to be Henri.

“Come, I’m ready for you?” she said motioning with her arms for him to join her on the lounge.

Henri did not hesitate, putting his knees on the lounge and letting himself down gently onto her as she spread her legs. Their naked bodies came together and he held most of his weight off her with his elbows. Looking into her eyes they both felt the heat and pleasure pass between them as their bodies came together. Lowering his face slowly, he prepared to kiss her for the first time. She only hesitated slightly from the newness of this change but gladly kissed him back as their lips met. Henri could feel her shutter beneath him as their lips parted and tongues touched just slightly. Her nipples enlarged, pressing onto his muscled chest. His large penis was much too high to enter her at the moment, trapped snuggly between their bodies, high on her stomach. His hands found her round firm breasts and she cooed with pleasure as he softly caressed them for the first time as well.

Serena was not expecting this. She did not realize he would be so different in the taking of her virginity. Her heart raced as this gorgeous man loved her properly, kissing her and touching her as she had only dreamed about. His hands were heavenly on her body, sending warmth and pulses through her breasts to radiate in her core. She felt her sex engorge and moisten further than her own preparation had provided. Her body trembled beneath his body and hands. She kissed him powerfully, reaching upward to hold his head and knit her fingers in his thick hair.

With Henri’s experience, he knew the more aroused he could get her the easier the initial penetration would be. They continued to kiss; he continued to touch and arouse her body, lowering himself into the correct position to attempt insertion. He broke the kiss and Serena looked glassy eyed into his eyes, the expression of ecstasy on her face. Moving his head to her neck, he kissed and trailed the tip of his tongue down her neck to her breasts. He began to suck and kiss her large, firm orbs, making sure to give each equal time. Her areolas puckered fully, lifting the nipples high of her exquisite mounds into his mouth, sending pleasure into his own core. He has wanted to do this to both sisters every time he has prepared them but did not think it appropriate until now.

Serena could feel the hot wet head of Henri’s large penis brushing the outer lips of her sex. He felt very large between her legs. She pushed her nervousness away and focused on the delights of his mouth on her breasts and the smell and heat of his body. He was perfect to her and she had never felt such warm pleasure from simple touching. He continued to pleasure her with his mouth and hands for not a short time until she was overcome with arousal she could not take another second and not have him.

“Take me… take me now, my love,” she whispered in his ear as he nibbled her left nipple.

Henri knew all he had to do was thrust forward gently. He could feel the wetness of her sex and already her lips were spread and caressing the crown of his manhood. Her words assured him she wanted him. He moved slowly, pressing his cock forward and found the obstacle that was her virgin gift. He froze. It seemed too firm, as if he was too high or low.

Serena sensed his hesitancy. She too felt the pressure, the tightness, the unyielding barrier. Their eyes locked. She saw such compassion on this man’s face; he did not want to hurt her, ever. Fearing he would not go through with it, Serena took hold of Henri’s hips and pulled him into herself. The pressure increased, something had to give. She pulled him further and suddenly there was a hot flash of sharp pain and she yelped before suppressing the rest of her scream. She bit her lip to keep from crying out and held her breath, hoping the pain would subside. A throb replaced the intense fire and she knew her virginity was now gone. She exhaled finally as Henri’s large and wide cock eased into her body until he relaxed and let his weight down onto her again. Together they embraced, neither moving, but both breathing heavily. The painful throb continued, mixed with the pleasure of Henri’s concern and warm body. She felt extremely full, almost like he had moved things around inside of her belly. She was afraid to move, expecting the fire to return if she or he so much as released each other’s hold.


Yvonne tried to resist watching Henri and her sister. She stayed behind the small alcove, straining to hear the two of them. She could hear the soft coos of Serena and knew Henri was taking this new task much differently than he had their preparation for the Master. She finally gave in and peeked around the corner of the alcove. What she saw made her instantly jealous. Henri was lying on top of Serena in a gentle loving way and kissing her aroused breasts. She could tell penetration had not yet happened.

Yvonne watched with anticipation for the moment and was surprised at how long Henri kissed and prepared Serena prior to taking her. Yvonne too saw the movements and Henri’s hesitation. Then she witnessed Serena’s desires in full effect as she pulled Henri into her body with her hands. Yvonne flinched as she heard Serena call out in pain and bite her lip to stifle it. She remembered her first time and knew full well Henri was much larger than the gentleman that took her virginity. She knew Serena would be sore and bleeding from the ruptured hymen, but there was little Yvonne could have done. She could not turn away as she watched the two embrace and hold each other. She knew Henri was buried deep inside her sister’s sex and Yvonne’s jealousy increase, thinking of how wonderful it would be to have that chance with him. To be able to give him something so precious. A single tear of regret fell from her eye before she gathered herself and turned back to hide behind the alcove corner.


Henri basked in the heat and tightness of Serena’s deflowered sex. He had only felt the like once before, a fact he mistakenly divulged to Yvonne. Serena held him fiercely, afraid to let go, afraid to let him move, he knew. The pain was something he could not relate to, but could only imagine. She had pulled him inside herself much faster than he would have moved himself. He could feel the wetness and heat of blood mixing with her arousal. He did not know how badly she was injured, nor did he want to at that moment. The pleasure for him was stunning. The feel of her body under his was mesmerizing. Her large breasts smashed against his chest and the heat and unsurpassed ecstasy gripping his throbbing shaft, was overwhelming his senses. He dared not move, waiting for some sign from Serena.

Her grip on his body slowly began to ease after several minutes. He could feel her trembling and still breathing quite heavily. He was about to ask if she was okay but she spoke before he could.

“I love you, Henri of house Dangard. I’m overwhelmed with joy. Make love to me.”

She began to caress his back, the pain now a dull throb between her legs that was being overcome by the pleasure and fullness his shaft presented. She knew she was bleeding; the warm flow was passing over her flesh to the lounge below. She did not want this to destroy this special time with Henri and the happiness she felt to finally know a man the proper way and especially Him.

“Are you sure? You may be injured.”

“I’m well, my love… please, make love to me.”

Henri wasn’t certain she knew what was best at that moment. He possible could injure her more if he began to thrust in and out. Her hands found his buttocks as in answer to his worries. She squeezed his muscled cheeks and began trying to make him move in and out. He began very slowly to withdrawal his long shaft from her tight sex, going as gently as possible. He watched her face for any signs of pain but she gave no reason for him to stop. Her newly taken sex gripped his shaft tightly as he inched out of her and the pleasure was intense as anything he’d experienced before. His heart increased, his pleasure soared as he descended back into this young woman who had given him a priceless gift.

The burn returned upon Henri’s renewed movement but Serena showed no sign she was in any discomfort. The pain was mixed with an overwhelming sense of joy and emotional bond she had with this man. As he slowly returned into her she felt pleasure begin to fill her body as his large shaft filled the void he had first made. As he continued to rock slowly in and out the heat rose in Serena’s body. She felt her clitoris engorge and the true pleasure began. Her body was hot, her heart racing and she was lost in the new sensations of a man she loved joining with her in the ultimate demonstration of affection.

Henri was amazed how quickly his arousal climbed. He was worried at first he would not be able to move fast enough to gain the friction needed to climax without hurting her. He realized his mistake as her tight orifice and the idea of what he was doing, brought his pleasure to a swift and fulfilling climax. His cock convulsed and spewed his load into her untouched womb that until now had never known a man. The pleasure was great and he found himself panting and moaning as he held himself deep inside of her until his climax ran its course.

Serena did not climax as she has known before. This pleasure she felt, as Henri ejaculated, was richer and emotionally stronger than any climax could be. She felt all encompassed with warmth and a deep love for him. It was exactly what she wanted to happen. She couldn’t have dreamt it better.


Yvonne heard Henri’s cries of pleasure. She knew he had finished and she again wished it was her that was receiving his seed and the pleasure of his warmth. She did not know if she should return yet or wait until Serena called her. She began to pace the short distance between the corner of the alcove and the wall. She knew she would need looking after, maybe even a warm bath to sooth her sore body. The call finally came but it was from Henri and not Serena. His voice was filled with concern and Yvonne rushed around the corner to her sister. Henri was standing naked next to the lounge. His large member flaccid but covered in a mixture of Serena’s blood and his semen. She pulled her eyes from his body and saw why Henri had been concerned.

Serena was bleeding rather heavily. It looked worse than it was because not only was her blood running out but it was combined with a plentiful load of Henri’s seed.

“Henri, please put some water on the stove. We should get her into a bath.”

Henri jumped to work, glad to have something to do than feel responsible for causing the problem. He moved quickly toward the wood burning stove. It was still burning from their breakfast but he added another log and began to warm the water.

“Is it bad?” Serena asked, as her sister looked between her legs closely.

“It’s difficult to tell. We need to clean you first, but I don’t think it’s serious. Can you walk?”

“I believe so,” she said as Yvonne helped her up. “Oh, Yvonne… it was wonderful. He was such the gentleman.”

“I’m glad for you, sister… we should focus on recovering… the Master is still coming and we both need to be prepared.

“Thank you, Yvonne… thank you for convincing him.”

Yvonne just smiled and helped her sister toward the stove and basin Henri was filling with cool water to be added with the hot. Once the bath was ready, Serena eased into the warm water, flinching slightly as her injury was immersed.

“This feels nice, thank you both,” Serena said, sitting and lying back.

Yvonne handed her a cloth to wash with. The bleeding stopped after a few minutes and Yvonne was not concerned anything more, but time, needed to be done. Serena looked up at the two people she loved the most in the world and smiled.

“I’ll be fine. You two should continue with the preparation. I’ll enjoy my bath and memories.”

Yvonne turned to Henri, “She is correct. We should continue but you need to be washed as well.”

Using another cloth, Yvonne dipped it into the basin and began to clean the dried blood and semen from Henri’s flaccid shaft. He began to grow as she did so and by the time he was clean his member was half erect and still growing. Yvonne took his hand and led him away from Serena toward the lounge. It was stained with Serena’s virgin blood, making both of them pause. Yvonne dropped the wet cloth onto the stain and led Henri instead, to her pallet in which she slept.

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