The Masters Girls 05 : Tri Becca

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Kendra Neal was within minutes of leaving for work when she stopped long enough to sit beside Tony in bed. He was barely awake as she kissed him tenderly.

“Hot damn. Breakfast in bed.” He whispers, his eyes still sealed.

She sighs into his mouth then parts lips, “That was the most incredible sex we’ve had since we’ve been a couple. I’m exhausted mentally and physically. I need to know Tony. What brought this on?”

“I reckon loves a big part of it. That and I’m thinking its good for us to express ourselves around the girls. The more they see how we act the easier they adapt.”

“Still, I think it’s a bit much what I wore downstairs last night. And, you wearing only sweatpants. Tony you had an erection in front of my girls. That must have made them uneasy.”

“Maybe. Maybe you worry too much. Them girls have to get used to us. I’m not going to get all dressed up just to go around them. I was covered. So were you. If it makes you feel better I’ll have a talk with them about it. If they feel weirded out I’ll text you and we can re-evaluate how we act. If we’re good then I see no reason for you and I too be anything but who we are inside.”

“Please be careful. I don’t want the caseworker getting wind that we may be giving the girls a bad impression. I can’t lose them again.”

“Ken? You gotta trust me.”

“I do. I just can’t help worrying.”

“Go on to work before you’re late.”

A lasting kiss she heads out. He remains in bed until he hears her car drive away.

Within five minutes he crawled from bed and headed over to the girls room. He opens their door and finds both Rose and Becca cuddled up together in bed.

“Momma’s bed. NOW!”

Both girls leap from their covers and race to the doorway. Tony halts them at their threshold.

“On the floor.” He points downward, “Crawl to your Momma’s bed. Hands and knees.”

They fall to the carpet silently and do as they’re told. Shuffling across the hall they enter Kendra’s bedroom and stop at the bed.

Tony steps up behind them massaging and nurturing his erection. They eye him until he chooses Becca to pick up and toss into bed. She squeals in delight.

“Becca gets attention. You remain on the carpet until I come get you. Am I clear?”

Rose nods güvenilir bahis and whispers ever so shyly, “Yes Sir.”

Tony then crawls into bed and grips Becca by the ankles. He looks down at her with a sneer.

“I’m gonna eat that pussy. If you cum before I allow you to, I’ll send you to your room and fuck Rose all morning. If you control yourself for thirty minutes I’ll give you the feel of my dick inside you. Fail at your own punishment. Understood?”

“Yes Tony.”

He scoots back stretching out then lowers his face into her dampness. His tongue tugs and licks at her labia. Settling into her clit he pries her apart to reveal her pearl. The agony of his flicking tongue made her insane. She writhed savagely, tossing her body on the mattress like a woman possessed. Then came inserted fingers. One at first, followed by a second.

Becca cried out her enjoyment. Below them Rose could only listen to her sister’s siren calls of pleasure. So jealous. With a smirk she rolls her eyes. Let Tony think she was upset. Well, maybe a little upset.

After a vigorous thirty minutes Tony who had eyed the alarm clock increased his insertion, “CUM!”

Becca quaked and rolled her eyes back into her head before screaming bloody murder and juicing his knuckles. Pulling his fingers free he leered backwards to dangle his hand over the mattress.

Towering over Rose he barks, “Taste your sister.”

Rose crawled to her knees and craned her neck to obtain a taste of Tony’s fingertips.

After a good long sample Tony denies her and returns to Becca.

He drags her by the hips closer to him and taunts her drenched pussy with his crown. Watching her trembling gaze he awaits the look of yearning before penetration. She tilts her head back at his girth stretching at her hole.

“How’s that feel?”

Becca pleads with her lips for thrusting. He merely inserts and holds firm.

“Really good Tony.”

“Pussy’s tight.” He confirms.

“No. Your dick is just huge.” She hopes to compliment him.

He nods and starts to pull out. Her whimpers made him realize her agony of loss.

Before she could crease her brow he rams his dick into her. The shock makes her dizzy for a brief moment. A loud shrill cry made her demand more. Her toes curling türkçe bahis up at his sides Tony grips her ankles.

“How many thrusts does Becca deserve Rose?”

From the floor Rose calls out what seemed logical, “18! One for each year of our lives.”

“Good call.” He puckers.

Tony then enters and retreats 18 times. Becca was writhing and clawing the mattress with her nails.

“I’m thinking 36. There’s two of you.” Tony prompts.

Becca begs, “36 yes 36.”

Eighteen more times makes Becca begin a shrill maddening echo. At the predetermined count of 36 she cums. Tony was impressed.

“Nice timing there. I’m proud of you.” He praises.

Pulling out of her he snarls, “On the floor. Head down.”

Becca moves quickly collapsing to the carpet and planting her brow on the surface.

“Rose! Get up here.”

Rose jumps to her feet and launches herself into the covers.

Tony rolls her over on to her stomach and lifts her hips up. He then inserts his fingers for another round of finger fucking.

“Thirty six minutes. Challenge yourself. If you cum before that deadline I’m sending you to your room.”

“Yes Tony. I can do it.” She hisses with her profile smashed against the mattress.

Torture added, Tony teases her anal cavity with his tongue. Rose buries her face to conceal her sensual trauma.

At thirty minutes even Rose was ready for an orgasm.

“HOLD IT!! Four more minutes.” He growls.

Brewing as her body was reacting to his twists and turns, she screams bloody murder and bites the covers between her teeth.


At his words Rose explodes like a fountain. Her entire body shook like an earthquake.

Before she could catch her breath Tony positioned her doggy style and entered her. His dick pounded away a total of 36 thrusts. His fingers clutched her hair and yanked her head back.

Thumb buried in her ass she yelps and moans deafeningly.

“36 more?” He offers.

“Please!” Rose huffs.

“Sounds good to me.” Tony smirks then pulls out of Rose.

Crawling off the bed Tony moves behind the cowering Becca on the floor and re-inserts her from behind. Becca finds her hair pulled as Rose had felt. Becca endured 36 new thrusts while praising güvenilir bahis siteleri Tony.

At the final thrust Tony pulls out and jerks off over Becca’s spine.

Rearing back with his final droplets he eyes Rose with almost tears in her eyes.

“Why are you crying?”

Rose pouts, “I want 36 more too.”

“Lean over here.” He pampers her verbally as he stands up.

Thinking he was moving in for a hug she positioned herself on her elbows with outstretched forearms.

Instead Tony gripped her by the chin and forced her jaw wide. He then forced his dick into her throat. Gagging her he force fucked her mouth to the verbal counting of 36 thrusts.

She weeps gently as he removes his cock.

“Satisfied?” He scrutinizes.

Nodding softly she hides all but her eyes from him in the sheets.

“I’m not!”

He grabs her by the arm and rolls her over on to her back and drags her hips to the edge of the bed. Rose cringed as Tony slid his cock into her pussy for another round of 36 insertions.

At 36 he pulls out and peppers her belly and chest with another round of cum. She tasted it from her rolling fingers.

“Thank you Sir.” Rose pouts and curls the covers up to her nose in a sensual manner.

A ball of sweat Tony stood up and looked down at Becca who still had her forehead pressed to the floor.

“Get up here with Rose.”

Becca immediately responded, crawling up to sit on the edge of the bed.

Tony moved between her legs and planted his palm on her forehead, shoving her back. In position for a final assault he slowly fucks Becca for 18 thrusts. It was tender and he rejoiced in caressing her cheek.

Pulling out he moved over to Rose and offered her the same 18 tender thrusts.

“I’m proud of both of you. Go get cleaned up and get some sun. Bikini time.”

The girls eased from bed and stood in front of him long enough to stand on tiptoe and kiss him on the cheek.


As they vanished Tony eyed the bedding.

Laundry day!

Within their room the girls whispered. Hugging each other Rose expels giggling under her breath, “I think I’m actually willing to be his slave.”


They would give this a shot. Sex was incredible. Tony was so in control. They felt his intensity.

Game, yes. Temptation to change the game? Possibly.

They would ponder it more as time went along.

Horsing around kept their thoughts running in circles.

The stallion in the lead.

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