The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 31

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 31

Rebecca’s Tales — Part 1

Rebecca Thomas had been a respected member of Regal Bay’s society for nearly two decades. When she and her husband Ron had moved to Regal Bay, she had been a thirty-year-old nurse newly hired on at the Regal Bay University Hospital and Ron had begun working at the Gen. Bradley Military Research Center nearby. At that time, they had two daughters in elementary school and a new-born son.

It wasn’t long before Rebecca was invited to join the Regal Bay Matrons Club, as many of its members were wives of the men working out at the research center. Although she was too young to be included in their more secretive club, as its informal requirements were that the members not only be mothers, but mothers over the age of forty who enjoyed having sex with men half their age. Her marriage, she often explained to the other women, was wonderful and her husband never failed to take care of her needs.

Now in her late forties, Rebecca was a full member of the Regal Bay Matrons Club and one of the group’s more active members. She was also one of the area’s more sought after OB/GYN nurses and combined with her husband’s salary, the Thomas’ were well off. Both of their daughters had graduated with honors from high school and went on to good careers after graduating from college. Audrey, her oldest, was married with a toddler son. She had a degree in accounting, which she put to good use out at the Regal Bay Resort Casino. Heidi, Rebecca’s youngest daughter, was also married, though she had yet to have any children. Like her older sister, Heidi was working out at the casino. She was one of the guest hosts, taking care of the needs of “High Rollers” as well as organizing and attending functions.

Rebecca’s son Carl was now in his second year of college and working towards a career in health care, specifically in the field of Radiology. It was a field he had chosen in no small part due to Rebecca’s good friend, Katherine Heron, who was the recently appointed Radiology Department head. All in all, Rebecca and her family had a good life in Regal Bay, and looked forward too many more wonderful years.

On one particular early June afternoon, Rebecca had taken an afternoon off to enjoy the summer sun. By two o’clock it was bright and warm on Rebecca’s flesh as she lay out on the back deck of her home. She had spent the first hour swimming lazy laps in the family pool, her favorite form of exercise, before settling into her lounger on the deck. The house was quiet, though the neighborhood wasn’t. Next door, old Dr. Guilfoyle was trimming around the dozen trees and half as many flower beds he had put in since retiring from the university. The buzz of his weed-eater seemed to echo around the valley that the adjoining backyards occupied. As a result, Rebecca had opted for ear-buds to listen to her music, since she’d be unable to her the deck radio over the noise anyway.

After a surprising three weeks straight of being home for dinner each night, Ron was spending the week in San Diego overseeing the start of a new naval project. Rebecca knew only so much about what her husband did for the government, only that it involved radar/sonar/GPS guidance equipment. As long as it paid well, the long stretches of being separated from her husband were okay with her. It wasn’t as if she didn’t have other things in her world to occupy her.

Shortly after leaving work, Carl had texted, letting her know that he was going to be hanging out with his friend’s that afternoon after class. Carl and his friends, Tim and Andy, were close, having grown up together in Regal Bay, and were taking many of the same classes at RBU, though only Carl was in a medical course of study. Thus, Rebecca had the evening to herself, and although she had toyed with the idea of calling up a friend, she decided to enjoy a quiet afternoon and evening alone at home. That plan slipped away shortly after she climbed from the pool and dropped into the lounger to soak up the sun’s warmth however.

After ten or fifteen minutes lounging under the sun’s warm rays Rebecca pulled away her bikini top to let her massive breasts soak up some of the sun’s warmth. She gave her body a brief once-over. Although her back often ached at the end of the day, she enjoyed having a 40 dd-cup chest. So did her husband, as well as several of the men she worked with at the medical office building. She admittedly knew that she was ever so slightly over-weight. Not by much, but her belly was round. She wanted to get out and exercise more, maybe join the gym like some of her friends had. Rebecca just didn’t seem to have the energy after working all day, she reasoned to herself. Maybe if she had a few days off, she’d get herself motivated. What her friends often told her was that the only exercise she needed was more sex. Sex with young studs, like so many of them were getting.

Rebecca was quite aware that her friends were not only enjoying extra-marital affairs, a few of kartal escort which were behind their husbands’ backs, but a few were even bedding their own sons. What her friends were not aware of was the fact that Rebecca had been fucking her young son Carl for a couple of years now as well. With Carl still living at home at twenty, studying hard most days and nights, she was thrilled that he also enjoyed spending time with his mother, especially when their quality time included sinful, incestual sex.

The first time she and Carl had had sex, had happened right outside on the then newly-built patio deck, very nearly in the exact spot she now sunned herself. Carl had just turned 18 and had helped his father build the deck during the early months of spring. The pool went in a few weeks after and had not been ready to use as summer began. Still, Rebecca enjoyed lying out under the sun in a bikini she barely still fit into. Her belly had a middle-age bulge to it and bulged out between the top and bottoms of her suit. Her breasts were large and full, but also very soft. Her flesh was pale and in dire need of tanning. Rebecca had once been a fit and beautiful woman, but as with her mother before her, she had succumbed to middle-age and grown soft and plump after giving birth to three children in ten years.

At that time, Rebecca’s soft, flabby body didn’t seem to turn off her teen-aged son, however. She had noticed during that summer his eyes seemed to be on her more often. He was quite obviously checking her out, whether she wore her work scrubs or jeans and a t-shirt about the house. When he came out onto the deck while she sun bathed, his eyes lingered on her exposed flesh. For her part, she had been checking him out as well. He was slim and fairly average all around. He had dark hair and blue eyes, both of which he got from her. He wasn’t particularly handsome, though he wasn’t ugly either. Just plain, like his father. Carl was near-sighted and wore glasses. His usual attire was flannel shirts and jeans, along with tired old hiking boots instead of jogging shoes. The only time he didn’t wear his particular “costume” was when he was out back in the yard. During the warm summer days, he usually wore the western-themed swimming shorts he had been given as a present from his sister some years ago. He still fit into them, some three years after, Rebecca recalled.

Thinking back on that fateful afternoon, Rebecca still had no idea what triggered everything that took place. Carl must have been thinking about it for some time, she reasoned. She imagined he might have even been jacking off in his bedroom at night, imagining what would take place before hand. Maybe he even had it all planned out, she wondered after.

On the fateful day in late August, Carl had joined her out on the deck after school. He wore his usual shorts, which Rebecca immediately noticed were bulged out quite prominently. The tube of his cock was all but distinct, running up and to the left, as were the round spheres of his balls beneath. She knew that Carl saw her staring as he walked up, carrying a pair of glasses filled with lemonade.

“I thought you’d be getting thirsty out here,” he explained. “It’s pretty hot today.”

“Thank you,” she said, accepting the cool glass from him and then taking a sip. That was when she realized that both of her breasts were completely exposed. She had forgotten all about tugging her top’s cups down to let her large breasts get a little warmth. Her nipples were slightly dark, and warm. “Oh, damn!” she gasped. With the glass in one hand, she tried to tuck her tits back inside the bikini top with the other.

Carl knelt down and offered, “Want me to help?”

Thinking he was asking to hold her glass, she nodded and said, “Please.” Instead of taking her glass, however, Carl reached for and took her left breast in hand and tucked it back into the bikini top.

“Carl!” she gasped as his hand moved to her right breast. “I think I can do that for myself.”

Carl stopped, but held his hand against his mother’s right breast. Their eyes locked for a moment, in which he could feel her heart racing beneath her flesh, as well as her nipple tighten in his palm. He gave the tit-flesh a gentle squeeze, which made Rebecca gasp.

“Don’t do that,” she insisted. Her free hand went to his and tried to pull it away. Instead, Carl held his hand in place, even giving her breast another light squeeze. He gave her a sly grin, along with a second breast squeeze.

“Don’t do what?” he asked innocently.

“Let go of my breast, Carl,” she told him.

“So, don’t let go of your breast? Is that what you asked?” Carl grinned, still holding his mother’s tit. A moment later, her son lifted his hand from her breast, and lay in on her right thigh, high up.

“Smart-ass! You should not be touching your mother in that way,” she explained as she tucked her breast away. “You shouldn’t be grabbing anyone’s breast if not invited.”

“Why not?” he maltepe escort bayan asked. “I think you liked it. I did. I like touching you. You always let me touch you when I was growing up.”

“That was different, Carl. Things are different when you’re a little boy.”

“I can remember when I used to suck on your titties,” he grinned.

“No, you cannot!” she barked. “You were much too young to remember something like that!”

“I knew it!” he cried. “I knew I used to suck your tits!” He laughed and grinned widely.

Rebecca realized that she’d been tricked into admitting something she had had no plans of doing. “It was called nursing, Carl, not “sucking my tits”.”

“It’s the same thing, isn’t it? My mouth on your nipples. Sucking milk out.” Carl still grinned down at his mother, his eyes on her now-hidden breasts. “Hell, they look like they are still full of milk.”

“Let’s stop talking about this, okay?” she insisted. Rebecca took a drink of her lemonade and then asked, “How was school?” attempting to change the subject. It didn’t work, as without warning Carl leaned in close and gave her a kiss, directly on the mouth.

“Why did you do that?” she asked when their lips had parted.

“Why not?” he replied. “I just felt you up. Shouldn’t I give you a kiss as a thank you?”

“That’s not nice,” she answered, though with a slight smile on her lips. “And you didn’t “feel me up”, either.”

“When I did that with Tina Masters, that’s what she called it. And I kissed her after, in thanks,” Carl told her, before he again planted his mouth to hers. This time their kiss went on a moment longer. When their lips parted, Rebecca noticed two things in that moment. One, she was breathing a lot harder. And two, Carl’s hand was now caressing across her belly. Before she could say anything, his lips again found hers. She kissed him back this time. As their lips again parted, Carl’s left hand slid up her body to her chest and tugged the bikini top’s cups back downward, while his right hand caressed across her right inner thigh. He lightly began to caress his mother’s big breasts, and Rebecca let out a whimpering sigh under her son’s gentle touch. When Carl squeezed each in turn a moment later, she didn’t protest. Instead, she sighed.

“What has gotten into you?” Rebecca whimpered, looking up at him. Carl didn’t respond to her verbally. Instead, Carl gently pulled at her right knee and her legs fell open. “No, Carl,” she sighed even as his right hand began to caress her warm flesh high up the inside of her thigh, very near her crotch. His left hand left her breasts and pushed straight down, across her pubic mound and into her crotch. He squeezed his mother’s vaginal mound through the bikini bottoms, making her gasp and moan. Her thighs began to tremble.

Carl’s hand went up and back down, twice across her bikini fabric, before his fingers dipped beneath the waistband. “Carl, no!” she gasped and grabbed at his wrist even as his fingers stroked through her dark pubic curls. She attempted to pull his arm back, to pull his hand out of her bikini bottoms. “Don’t do this,” she added, but her resistance was quickly flushing away. His fingers pushed downward along her vagina. She could feel his heat, and she knew he could feel hers.

When Carl began to rub circles around and across her pussy, Rebecca huffed, “Oh, damn! Damn!” Her head tipped back and her mouth fell open as her eyes fluttered. Her wide hips rolled upward, grinding her pussy against her son’s invading fingers, and she climaxed. “Oh, no! Carl, no! Noooo! Nooo-aaaahhhh!” she moaned to the blue sky above.

Carl felt his mother’s pussy trembling beneath his fingers and suddenly they were very wet. He grinned to himself, knowing that she was every bit excited as he was, even though she didn’t want to admit it. Carl wanted her, and had wanted her every night since accidently watching her shower, and then purposely watching her masturbate. He had jacked his cock to his mother’s image for many, many nights since then. This hadn’t been his plan, not in any way. But this opportunity had presented itself, and Carl wasn’t about to step away. She was hot, and obviously horny, and so was he.

As his mother began to relax following her orgasm, Carl pulled the crotch of her bikini bottoms aside to get a good, close-up view of her pussy for the first time. He saw that she was very hairy, with thick tangles of dark hair hiding her slit. There was moisture along the slot from her first orgasm, drawn out by his fingers. Her labia, the dark lips of her pussy, were large and wrinkled, showing her age. Very different from the few pussies he had seen in his young life. Those girls, teenagers really, had very tight slits that looked more like a crack than a tasty pussy. His mother’s cunt was what Carl had imagined a pussy should look like in real life, after seeing so many on his computer. And hers looked delicious.

Rebecca still had her eyes closed and was softly moaning as escort pendik Carl began to play with her pussy with his fingers. The combination of the sun’s warmth and her son’s hands on her nearly naked flesh was intoxicating. Her hips were slightly undulating as he explored her sexual folds with his fingers. Her juices cooled at her crotch in the summer air, making her tingle. Her entire vagina seemed to vibrate excitedly, as it hadn’t known many years.

Carl then moved quickly to pull her bikini bottom completely off. Her legs spread open wide of their own accord, presenting her entire crotch before her son. He moved between her thighs and placed his hands on her soft flesh, just on either side of her furry sex. He stroked across her mound and pulled the thick hair aside, presenting her pussy slot for his delight. A moment later, his mouth descended and came into full contact with her aching, needy honey-hole.

“Ooohh, Carl,” she sighed as her son began to lick at her. “Oh, god, Carl, no. Please, don’t. Please don’t,” she panted, and yet she wanted him to. She wanted her son to eat her out, to make her cum on his tongue. But she just couldn’t bring herself to say the words.

As Carl tongued her labia, Rebecca began to roll and squeeze her tits in her hands. Her mouth hung open wide as she began panting towards another climax, brought on by her son’s mouth on her cunt. His tongue found her budding clit and began to flick across it as he slipped a long finger into her hole and began to run it in and out of her.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Rebecca panted. She didn’t know how long her son licked her. She didn’t know if he’d been eating her out for a few minutes or a whole hour. When her body began to tremble once again, she only knew that her son had brought her to orgasm with his tongue and fingers, and it was the most heavenly feeling she’d ever experienced.

Carl suspected that his mother had not been given a good orgasm in some time. He didn’t think his father had it in him anymore. He grinned widely recognizing that his mother had just cum on his tongue. Her flavor was tart, tangy, and a little salty. Her over-flowing juices dripped from his chin when he finally sat back. She was splayed out panting on the lounger with her eyes tightly shut. Her mouth hung open as she panted. To Carl, she looked both beautiful and dammed sexy.

“When do you learn to do that?” she asked in a breathy, lustful voice. But her son didn’t reply. Leaving his mother be for a moment, Carl stood up and stripped off his swim trunks. They were tight and it took him a moment to step out of them. He knew they were entirely too tight, but he also knew that they made his package bulge out, and seeing his mother’s eyes checking it out as he walked made his cock twitch every time. Now she was going to get the full, naked package.

Carl’s cock sprang out fully erect and aimed in his mother’s direction. She was panting heavily after her climax. Her eyes were still closed, however, and he worried that maybe she’d passed out, or fallen asleep. He stepped up and took an ankle in each hand.

“Roll over, Mom,” he told her. She moved slowly, but with his assistance, Rebecca soon found herself face-down in the lounger. At first she thought he might be inclined to give her a massage. However, Carl took hold of her hips and said, “Up on your knees.” A moment later, she was kneeling on the lounger, her naked ass raised and aimed in her son’s direction. Her heavy, naked breasts hung beneath her and rested on the lounger’s cushion.

“What are you going to do, Carl,” she muttered, even though she was well aware of what was in store for her. Doggy-style had been her favored position for many years, and even before she felt Carl’s hands upon her naked ass, she knew that he was quite aware of this fact. How he knew, she would have to find out. Until then, however, Rebecca was warming to the idea of being taken by her youthful lover. Even as the thought entered her mind, her own son’s cock pressing against her labia, knocking on her sexual door and wanting to be let in.

With a gasp escaping her lips, Rebecca’s vagina opened and welcomed her son in.

“Oooohh, Carl, please…” she sighed as he slipped into her, wedging her open with his long, hard cock.

As Carl pressed forward into his mother’s warmth, he growled, “Ooohh, yeah!” as her wetness enveloped him.

“Aaaahhh,” she moaned along with him. He didn’t hesitate to begin rocking his hips. The reality that had only been a fantasy to him was now upon him, and Carl could feel his balls tightening within seconds.

“Oh, damn, Mom!” he grunted as he fucked his mother for the first time. It was overwhelming. It was amazing. It was too much. His cock was pulsing within seconds and he began to cum within half a dozen strokes.

“Oh, oh, Mom! I’m cumming! Aaagghhh!” Carl groaned as his balls emptied into his mother through his throbbing, twitching cock.

His hot semen rushed into her womb and set her own orgasm off. “Ooohh, Carl!” she moaned into her crossed arms as her belly warmed with his influx of seed. His cock throbbed inside her, making her tremble and jerk upon him. She rode out her climax, unaware of the fact that she was loudly exclaiming, “Oh, yes, Carl! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

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