The Meet

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Big Tits

I shifted my warm, scented body in the cool, ruffled bed. There. Tonight there was a moon so full and white and gleaming that it gave my already pale skin a pale glow.

I was, at this moment, down to my lacey delicates, and above me, Josh was peeling off his brown baseball tee. He tossed his shirt to the floor and looked me over, getting a good overview of the amusement park. His stare said it all.

A wide and uncontrollable smile crept across my face then; I also liked what I saw. And I realised then just how perfect this moment was: after months of dancing around the topic, we were finally test-driving our natural attraction. There was no way it could wait any longer.

The dark-haired boy returned my smile and started undoing his pants. This was it. The tension was killing me, and I finally understood the saying: ‘it was so thick, you could cut it with a knife.’ I just wanted his hands on me.

Josh stepped out of his jeans and knelt on the bed, making his way up to me in his straining boxer-briefs. His lips traveled passed my stomach and between my breasts, snaking their way up my neck and to my lips. We finally kissed deeply — our lips melted together — and Josh pressed his delicious body against mine. He was already hard.

I was already losing myself in the intoxicating arousal at this point. As he sucked and licked my neck, I became putty in Josh’s hands. He used them to trace the outline of my body, electrifying my skin.

I shuddered.

Josh pulled away and smiled devilishly at me. It was nice seeing that kind of smile on his face. I ran my fingertips across his neck as I placed my hands at the back of head and pulled him into a kiss. I couldn’t get enough.

We moved fluidly between meeting lips, parting mouths, and swirling tongues. In the meantime, I ran my hands all over Josh’s hot skin, eventually running my nails just firmly enough up his back to elicit a guttural moan. He pulled out of the kiss and slipped a leg between mine, and then I pulled my other leg from under him. When I wrapped them both around his waist, I definitely caused a chain reaction.

I ran my hands through Josh’s hair as we made out passionately, letting him know just how much I wanted him. I was fairing pretty well in his books too, as he began to press his arousal against my own sensitive parts, eventually working his way up to dry humping. I sucked his bottom lip; he ran his tongue over mine.

God, I needed him inside of me.

“Condom,” I gasped, pushing him away.

Josh was amused. “Keep it in your pants,” he said, smiling.

I let out a shaky breath. “Rather not,” I said. I was so damn horny.

But he leaned over and started to kiss my chest, this time making his way downward. As he reached my navel, he slid his hands between the mattress and I, trying Bostancı Escort to undo my sexy white bra. I lifted my back and when it unhooked, Josh fixed his mouth on a nipple, working up a knot of frustration in my breast that made me squirm under him. He sucked hard and ran his searching tongue over each of them thoroughly, and I wondered if he was trying to read Braille.

And I moaned. Again and again.

Josh took mercy and pulled away. “You’re delicious,” he confessed in his startlingly American accent.

And, tracing his body with my fingertips, I smiled.

“Fuck me,” I said.

Sitting up on his haunches, Josh yanked down his underwear and reached toward his nightstand, quickly recovering a condom. He tore the wrapper open and began the process of rolling the latex over his stiff, hot penis. I swore my nether regions were tingling with anticipation.

I sat up as I removed my panties and applied lube to Josh’s erection, relishing the job. Holding his cock — stroking its length — made me soaked. I concentrated on its bulbous head: it was so soft, and it made Josh buck. I noticed then just how wet I was between my legs, and damned if it didn’t make me even wetter. God, his erection was so hard. It would feel so good inside of me.

“You’re going to make me cum,” Josh gasped at length.

It was my turn to smile devilishly, but I took my hands off. “How about you make me cum?” I asked rhetorically, lying back down. Josh watched as my hands went straight down and I rubbed the excess lubricant on to my vulva, into my vagina. He was on me in a second.

Josh grabbed my wrists and pinned them playfully, trying to gain his own access to my wet, hot pussy. I giggled and he let go to lean on one arm, while the other grabbed his sheathed penis. I was ready for a ride.

He guided his hardened organ, but it was apparent immediately that it would be a tight fit. Josh was anything but deterred.

“Geez,” he breathed. He gripped his cock, held it at my entrance, and thrust only his tip in and out. He felt so good, and as I was able to envelop more and more of him, it felt even better. My under-used pussy widened only a little bit at a time — just enough to fit his cock. And the tight fit was fucking extraordinary: every nerve was being stroked by Josh’s gorgeous penis.

I opened my eyes when I realised I had closed them tight. Josh was still forcing his straining penis inside of me, looking down at where we connected, and I followed his eyes. I watched as his shaft slowly sunk into my meaty centre and I felt it go the deepest yet. Then, Josh slowly pulled out again, touching every last nerve in my tight pussy. I moaned subconsciously.

Josh squeezed his eyes as he pushed inside again, letting go of his rock tool now that he could go deep Anadolu Yakası Escort enough. He started working me faster now. In. Out. In and out. The last few inches were the best because my cunt finally opened right up to him, and now he pistoned in and out of me, probably feeling hornier than ever after that ordeal.

Our eyes met then. Josh was holding himself up; I had grabbed and was squeezing his sides, unsure if I could handle this much stimulation. He smiled reassuringly at me, and dropped down on to his forearms to be able to kiss my lips and fuck my pussy at the same time. His tempo slowed as our lips met and tongues danced — his mind was now elsewhere. I grabbed his face to steady his head and I ran my tongue over his lips again, eliciting a groan and spike in rhythm.

He pulled away from me and stopped altogether. “Fuck, you’re good,” he gushed, looking at me with new eyes. “I’m going to make this amazing for you,” he said, grinning.

I raised an eyebrow. “Yeah?” I asked, interested, although all too aware that his meat was resting inside of my hypersensitive pussy. It was hard to concentrate.

As though answering, the fellow college sophomore began to fuck me again. He started slow and ended up at full speed, just pounding into me, getting me to moan and gasp non-stop.

“You feel so good,” I told him breathlessly. “You’re so good,” I moaned. Although it meant I couldn’t touch him, I reached down and pulled my thighs further apart and up. I was so horny that no act seemed lewd anymore, and Josh loved it. He groaned and continued, looking down to watch us fuck.

Suddenly he stopped and lowered his face to my neck, running his tongue along my sensitive skin and stopping to suck it along the way. I swear that every electrical impulse in my body at that moment was moving in the direction of my nether regions and I couldn’t take it. I moaned and undulated my hips, making my pussy lips glide up and down Josh’s shaft. I needed release, but I loved the sexual pressure.

“I want you from behind,” Josh whispered in my ear then. My heart jumped. There was no way I couldn’t say ‘no’ to that.

I let go of my thighs and winced when Josh pulled out. I felt empty and my pussy was pulsing with arousal. I knew that as soon as he was inside of me again I wanted it to be the final stretch. I wanted to cum on his penis, and for him to cum inside of me.

I got up, turned around, and remained on my hands and knees as Josh positioned himself.

“Just do me until you cum,” I pleaded, moaning as he made his way in again.

Josh took his time though. He moved in and out of me at a slower pace now; hands on my hips, watching my thick lips part for his thick cock. He only began to speed up when he reached for my soft breasts, kneading and Pendik Escort moulding them in his hot hands — whichever one wasn’t holding him up over me.

Soon, Josh gave up on my breasts — playing with them was limiting his pace. But he didn’t need any more stimulation. He needed release as much as I. We were both approaching the final curve.

Josh placed his hands firmly on my hips once more and started to fuck me into oblivion. I bent down, hollowing my back and resting on my forearms, making Josh’s penis put pressure on entirely different areas in my cunt.

“Oh, god,” I moaned. There was so much feeling, so much pressure. But I was just short of an orgasm. I knew what I could do, but I held off still — I wanted to know Josh was close.

“Your fucking cock feels so good,” I gasped. “Are you going to cum in my hot, tight pussy?” I asked.

“Yes,” he gushed gutturally, fucking me harder. I could feel his tightened balls slap my thickened lips and I almost came.

“I’m so wet for you,” I said, urging him on. “I’m going to cum on your hard cock soon.”

I gave in to the moaning then; it was definitely time for me to get off. My right hand went straight for my clit — I was going to give myself a little extra push over the edge.

I just began rubbing it in a circle — I didn’t need anything else. Josh was plowing me, pulling me roughly on to his cock, hands on hips. He groaned more and more, losing himself in the sex. And then I lost myself.

I felt it coming and all I could do was cry out. I kept my hand on my clit and let Josh fuck the orgasm out of me. He was so hard and big inside of my tiny vagina that I couldn’t feel my pussy pulse, just the icy feeling in my gut and every nerve standing on end. I moaned over and over.

As I recovered, I set out to help Josh. “Please cum inside me,” I begged. Although I had climaxed, I was still horny for Josh to get off in me. I wanted him to so bad.

“Did you cum?” he managed, breathing hard.

“Yes,” I cried. “I came on your thick cock,” I continued. “You feel so fucking good pushing into me.”

Josh changed paces then and I knew he was really close. His heavy breathing fueled my arousal some more — he loved this and it made me feel sexy. I moaned some more as I wondered if I could orgasm twice, but I was having too much fun talking dirty.

“Tell me more,” Josh begged, getting a better grip on my hips. I grinned.

“Like how you had to force your way into my tight pussy?” I asked, reliving the moment. “No wonder you feel so good sliding in and out of me.” I said, trying to be as descriptive as possible. “Pounding my fucking cunt with your hands pulling on my hips, just pounding me and again and again,” I cried. “I can’t wait to feel your hot cum.”

That did it. Josh let out a surprised moan and pounded into me a couple more times before he froze. He was cumming. I moved myself back and forth on his pulsing penis, encouraging his orgasm.

“Oh god,” he said over and over. He finally held my hips steady as he came down.

‘Whoa’ was all he could muster.

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